If anyone deserved a break due to their hard work, high standards, and passion it was or should I say is Billy Liar. Signing to Pirates Press is proof that hard work can and will pay off – with a determination and unwavering belief in what he does is his just deserts. Billy has been gaining well-deserved praise from high places such as Tim Armstrong and we’ve always seen the talent and great songs he’s written and on ‘Crisis Actor’ he’s indeed taken it to the next level from the tub-thumping chest beating opener ‘Oblivion’ through the organ swirling rampant beast that is ‘Baltimore’ Billy has the sound that can and should break through big time Stateside. Its no accident Pirates Press recognised that talent and have released this new record.

Billy’s songs detail some outstanding storytelling, where every lyric has you hanging on his every breath its like turning the pages of a great book you simply can’t put down and you’re wondering where it’s heading next. The energy of ‘Negroni’ is superb (With added Frank Turner). The sound is arena-filling and also a breath of fresh air if you were in say the Black Heart in Camden watching him rip through these songs on his acoustic guitar it would still sound huge.

‘Phantom Limb’ is thunderous but then again the energy bursting through the speakers from the likes of ‘Osterich’ it’s no surprise to hear mr Frank Turner join Billy on this LP because I’m sure Turner will be looking over his shoulder at Liar as he steams up on the inside track. ‘Starlight On Main’ is more of the same but the highlight is ‘Cheyne Stoking’ with its chest-beating brilliance with a broken-hearted melody sung with vim and vigor Billy is stepping up here.

But hold on its not all thunder and attack there are also softer songs for tough guys like the jarring ‘Don’t Trust Anyone’ that wakes from its harsh abrasive into into a heaving monster. This is one of the finest half hours I’ve heard all year and the hoe down that is ‘Hogmanay’ if The Pogues had written never mind the bollocks and turned up the guitars instead of whistles. Simply a stunning record and one that should propel Billy Liar to being a household name in punk rock circles. Be it leading a raucous band or standing in the spotlight with just his acoustic guitar Billy Liar has hit paydirt with ‘Crisis Actor’ Man I thought ‘Some Legacy’ was good but this is on another level. Buy It!

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Author: Dom Daley

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This month we’ve either reviewed – seen or reported on new music heading our way from some of our favourite artists and this month is no exception beginning with Manchester The Empty Page who has a new track out that we feature this month.

Then Poison Boys have just released their blistering debut album we reviewed here but the album isn’t on Spotify yet so we delved into their back catalogue for this months playlist. But buy the album its a belter (Here).

We also welcome back The Hives with their new single.

The living end were awesome supporting the mighty Stray Cats recently so we included one off their last studio album.

One of my favourite albums this year has been the much-anticipated solo record from Billy Liar.  One of my favourite tracks off the album is added to our playlist – simple – beautiful – ‘Independent People’ is awesome and one of the best tunes this month.

Supporting Billy at his album launch is Rich Ragany & The Digressions so why not include the fantastic ‘Your Distance’ from the superb ‘…Like We’ll Never Make It…’

There are also some superb tunes on our playlist from the likes of Duncan Reid, Joey Cape, Razorbats and more.  go check us out and spread the word.


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Billy Liar has been threatening this album for such a long time having teased us for years with songs and electric acoustic shows (that makes sense to me) His music is a ball of energy his lyrics are uplifting and you want to follow and listen intently and the pay off is hearing a bunch of songs that aren’t throw away –  that really means something Billy Liar in a just world would be a household name such is his talent.

The production is big the songs sound well fed and ready to blow your speakers. The beauty is when you see one guy and his acoustic guitar you can imagine exactly how these would sound recorded well with a bang on production and hey presto here it is.  Exactly how I imagined it – treated with the respect these tunes deserve and not over-egged.

‘The View From Here’ is sparkling its a ball of energy and is absolutely spot on for not being too long or too short and for not going overboard with the instruments.  The energy is from the tempo and the fire in those guitar strings.  the songs tell a story of living on Shit Island in 2019 yet as bleak as it gets these songs are uplifting ‘Independent People’ nails it with a melancholy wrapped in some fine lyrics then to follow it on with ‘Noose’ is a beautiful thing.

The charm and ragged beauty is a fine balancing act that Billy manages with consummate ease. If you want uptempo punk rock and roll then ‘Change’ will service your needs with a rapid beat it’s on fire. My biggest criticism is its only eleven songs and it’s over in under thirty minutes.  But I love me some acoustic punk rock played with soul and passion and Billy has both in spades.  I guess I can always take a deep breath and get back in there for some more but make sure you make it all the way through to get the full experience. ‘Less Vegas’ is a beautiful perspective and a wonderful way to end a thoroughly charming and quite exceptional album.


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Author: Dom Daley

Billy Liar’s “The Righteous & The Rats” comes from his debut album, “Some Legacy” out on Red Scare. This long-anticipated release is almost here and first up this Monday morning take a peek at this excellent tune from that very album.

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