Welsh Rocker Benji Webb joins forces with Mike Peter Alarm for a romp through the Massive Attack number ‘Safe From Harm’ from the ‘War’ album reviewed on RPM Here


Also hot off the press is this banger from Australians Blowers  with the anthemic ‘Waste Of A Man’ which got the thumbs up on RPM Onlne when we reviewed it Here

Finally staying down under we have the new video from the excellent Civic.  Taken from their awesome new album – ‘Tell The Papers’ is the second single from ‘Future Forecast’ available NOW Here

Let me introduce you to ‘Blowers’ from Melbourne, Australia they play down and dirty unproduced punk rock – they won’t apologise for being un PC and sing about drugs and consumption – violence and all things most bands don’t sing about.  Hell, Fat Mike would take a step back take ‘Cut Throat’ for example.  It’s a grinding noisy mid-paced stomper about doing coke and smack and coming to a sticky mess.  I guess that’s the MO here it’s not big or clever but I wouldn’t think Blower give two flying fucks what you or I think anyway. 

What they do is make a lot of noise and thrash about playing old-school snotty punk with a mix of throbbing basslines grinding away against a nail down a blackboard guitar sound that’s pumping out the riffs thick and fast.  They claim to be too old for this shit but you’re never too old, right?  ‘Eat It Up’ is infectious even if the mantra is “You make me fuckin sick” but hey it’s got a hook and you’ll find yourself toe-tapping along with the bass line.  From the sick minds of Kit Convict (Kit Convict & Thee Terrible Two/ The Kits/ The Spasms), Andrew Porter (The Bowers/ Cakefight/ Brat Farrar), Shannon Aswell (The Reprobettes/ Juliette Seizure & The Tremor-Dolls) and Pip McMullan (The Exotics/ Wrong Turn) it’s not hard to see where these peeps are coming from and obviously they would gravitate towards each other – birds of a feather and all that.

They do have pedigree though and live they must be doing something right seeing as they’ve snagged supports with the likes of fellow sickos The Cavemen and shared stages with Stiff Richards.  Punk has always been anti-social and certain bands do that so well and you can add Blowers to that list It’s loud – obnoxious – fun – catchy and in the moment.

‘Hitman’ is a romp through the swamp and whilst barking out the lyrics it’s weirdly enjoyable and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  ‘Chainsaw’ sounds like it was recorded in a shed using a 1980s Tascam 4 track and nothing else other than a steel bath to lay the vocals down  (oh shit on research that’s exactly what they did) no studio finery just a band with their instruments and an attitude. Be it fast punk or the slower more calculated ‘No One Cares’ it’s bloody good. ‘Hate That Shit’ no it’s one of the finer tunes on offer it’s like a 60s pop song sped up churned over and spat out.

Don’t take my word for it click the link and pick this shit up you won’t regret it!

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Author: Dom Daley