Sydney Northern Beaches’ very own hard-biting rockers C.O.F.F.I.N have announced their fifth full-length entitled ‘Australia Stops’, the highly anticipated follow-up to their monumental ‘Children In Finland Fighting In Norway’ album from 2020. Due for release this coming September 15th via Bad Vibrations in Europe, the new album comes off the back of the band’s tour with Amyl and the Sniffers in 2022, and their recent UK tour dates in May.


To come down from down under and C.O.F.F.I.N. how about some Glam stomping Rock n Roll from the Clone Band.

Vancouver’s CLONE have just announced the release of their latest single on ZeroTrophy Records with an accompanying video for the song “Queen.” CLONE is a lush rock ’n’ roll collage that fuses the sequined swagger of 70’s glam with the DIY gut punch of early punk and polishes it all off with the audacious vocals of contemporary pop. Familiar yet totally unique, CLONE revitalizes the glory days, reminding us what rock and roll is all about. Their new single “Queen” was inspired by Catherine the Great as well as many other powerful women of history. Written during the pandemic, the band binge watched shows like Game of Thrones and The Crown as well as documentaries about Catherine the Great for inspiration. Lead singer Juniper Watters explained, “This was my way of honoring those daring women who fought and won in a world dominated by men.” Watters says she is extremely inspired by drag culture and is a huge supporter of the drag community. She identifies as a bio queen and the single “Queen” is also a celebration of her drag character, “Rocket Science.”

The video for “Queen” was directed and edited by guitarist Kelly Zombor and lead singer Juniper Watters. The video focuses on the band performing in a featureless white environment with each member dressed in white while playing white instruments. This limited palate is juxtaposed against wildly colorful scenes of Rocket Science playing two different Queens: the Virgin Mary and the Red Queen. Zombor says of the process, “We are a DIY band. We built the main set in our garage at our home in Vancouver and based the entire video around it.” It was photographed by Zombor, with production, design and costumes all being created and handcrafted by Watters. The entire video took 4 months to finish and the band has been documenting the process from beginning to end with BTS Time lapse footage that they plan to release to show their process in making the video. “Queen” was recorded at The Warehouse Studios in Vancouver over 3 days, engineered by Eric Mosher and mixed by Kelly Zombor in March 2023.