CC Voltage – ‘Berliner Pilsner’ (Snap Records) Vancouver-based songwriter C.C. Voltage has just released his newest single ‘Berliner Pilsner’ b/w ‘Bummer Party’ on Ausländer Music and on 7-inch vinyl via Spain’s Snap Records. Voltage has a penchant for power pop. The song comes from when Voltage lived in Berlin and his favourite Beer company had a contest to write a theme song. Whats not to like I ask you? Beer and Rock n Roll its timeless and classic. Its Berliner Pilsners loss they never picked this one. It sounds like its been poured outta a can of cold 7.5 and you get carried away on the fizz and froth as it spits out of the can. A good time in a beer can what could possibly go wrong? Hang on a minute because the flip side is a slab of street fighting power pop with added 70s Lizzy happening for good measure. Go check it out and get involved CC knows how to pen a banging tune.

The Dahmers – ‘Ghouls In The Garage’ (Ghost Highway Records / Spaghetty Town Records) Gotta love some Horror Rock n Roll and nobody does it better then The Dahmers. Its a limited run so don’t muck about or you’ll miss out. Its sharp – to the point and packs a punch. I love ‘Bats Need Friends’ its a banger but thats not to say the others aren’t because they’re not.

With their back catalogue getting a reissue on various coloured vinyl this is a good time to get into The Dahmers. As for this EP its four tracks of glittery goth power pop and these tunes are excellent as an introduction to the band. Get on it kids you won’t regret it.

Civic – ‘End Of The Line’ (ATO Records) One of the most hotly anticipated albums of 2023 is ‘Taken By Force’ and if you’ve been paying any attention over the last few years they’ve been top of the pile outta Australia along with Stiff Richards, this is a slow burner that will wet your apetite for the album thats just been released. Hopefully this album will set the band on fire far and wide and everyone will sit up and pay attention. This and ‘Blood Rushes’ are smouldering classics. Get on with it and pre order, Civic are coming you wont be able to ignore them.

Civil Rats – ‘Your Dummest Friends’ (Bandcamp) Straight outta Philly this three piece of nerdowellers rock up with their EP of Ramones inspired Punk Rock. Its rough as a badgers arse but its a lotta fun as most of this kind of punk rock can be. They’ve grown up on Ramones melodies and Dee Dees style of playing. They’re aren’t going to change the world but they’re gonna have a good time as much as is humanly possible and thats always cool with us at RPM HQ.

‘Don’t Know Your Name’ is from the Undertones playbook who were all worshipers at the altar of da Brudders so you know the drill. ‘Party Mood’ if I was lazy (which I am) is in the ball park of Joan Jett and again thats always cool. There are an endless supply of riffs to write songs in this vein and bands like Civil Rats can geep mining those riff forever, so keep being you and keep going. 1-2-3-4 Go!

RILEY’S L.A. GUNS – ‘Rewind’ (Golden Robot Records) The other La Guns have also been in the studio it seems and kicking up a shit storm of hard rock n sleazy roll. Rileys version features Steve Riley, Kelly Nickels, Scott Griffin and Kurt Frohlich. Lifted from the forthcoming album ‘The Dark Horse’. You know the drill by now they play sleazy hard rock and to be fair they do it really well and the last album was impressive, not that we should be suprised. A tale as old as time ‘Rewind’ is about somethign so sweet turning sour according to Riley. Click the title to pre save on a streaming platform of your choice.

The Damned – ‘Invisible Man’ (Ear Music) The Damned releases the first single from their forthcoming album ‘Darkadelic’ and another reinvention of the finest band shit island has produced with Vanian in fine voice and Sensible knocking out his psycadelic Riff-a-rama throughout, it’s a bit of a grower and not a shower maybe if the Doors were from Sarf of the river and not San Fran and grew up in 70 England they’d sound a little like this. Hopefully the album will deliver yet more delights from the Damned.

Brock Pytel – ‘Anemic Heart’ (Scamindy Records) Sounding not a million miles from former Husker Du frontman Bob Mould on this dreamy slice of alt rock for ex Doughboys drummer Brock Pytel. Hit up this single and his previous release on Bandcamp hopefully, an album is somewhere down the tracks because this is a fine slice of music that gets better on each play. Its a real ear worm burrowing into your brain building as it meanders out of the speakers.

Automatics – ‘I Swear’ (Self Release) A dreamy ballad from punk survivor Dave Philip who has kept the Automatics band name alive and kicking over the last few years with a string of releases. Dave has covered the spectrum of rock n roll and this more gentle and dreamy number will resonate with a lot of power pop fans far and wide. Hit em up at the link.

Les Lullies – ‘ Dernier Soir’ (Belugar Records) Belugar don’t release bad records (look at their roster) this slice of European power pop is a wonderful terrace chanting slice of bop – n – power pop. I haven’t a clue what their singing about but it doesn’t matter because it makes me happy to hear an uptempo bit of loud pop with fist pumping chorus sing a longs. Les Lullies, hail from Montpellier France, they play with passion and style and make great tour partners with th elikes of the Speedways from the UK or Guida from Italy. They have the chops alright – get on it and turn the collar up on your jacket and suck on your lucky strike Les Lullies are coming and a full album will be here springtime on the wonderful Slovenly Records.

Catholic Guilt – ‘Live For The Rush’ (Wiretap Records) Melbourne alt-rockers Catholic Guilt mark their return with the new banger “Live For The Rush,” off their upcoming sophomore LP due out later this year on Wiretap Records.


The world is no stranger to anxiety after the shitstorm 2020 threw at us. And though the light at the end of the tunnel draws nearer in 2021, we’re still in need of some serious de-stressors.

Canadian indie rockers Autogramm found the classic comic strip Garfield perfect to sum up the overwhelming emotions we’ve all felt recently. That little orange cat gives zero fucks and encourages you to laze around. Autogramm’s track “Anxiety” is a melodic indie rock thrasher that makes you want to dance around in a relatable I’ve-been-stressed-out-of-my-mind-and-need-a-release kind of way.

“I like to think that it was more that I felt akin to [Garfield’s] give-no-fucks disdain for the 9-to-5,” Autogramm guitarist/vocalist Jiffy Marx says. “It’s not that I want to focus on the bad and/or complain about my own anxieties, but I honestly believe it could help others with their own manic worries and irrational fears to know that they are not alone—like, for me, all these many years later, it still helps to know Garfield and I are very alike in that we both hate Mondays and we both love the Ramones.”

The video shows the tragic life of a teddy bear as he keeps being hit with bad luck. Though it seems like the end for Teddy, the ripping guitar riffs and pop-punk-esque choruses end this fluffy badass on a note that keeps him going strong.

“While the song is not specifically about the global pandemic, it is about the feelings we collectively share as we navigate our way toward an uncertain future,” bassist CC Voltage adds. “Especially those of us, or those we know, who are connected to the live music industry.”

From their upcoming sophomore LP ‘No Rules’ (out April 16),  watch “Anxiety”

‘No Rules’ keeps with the band’s tradition of crafting singalong pop-anthems, while adding angular elements that are reminiscent of Ghost in the Machine-era Police. For the band, the album title refers less to a no-gods-no-masters set of rules as it does to a no boundaries aspiration. Instead of building walls, they want to build bridges.



New York, NY (February 24, 2021) – Autogramm, the synth-driven, power-pop trio from Vancouver premiered a video to the title-track single off their upcoming sophomore album, ‘No Rules’, due out April 16 via Nevado Records. 

Featuring lead vocals from the currently Chicago-based drummer The Silo (Destroyer, Spun Out, Black Mountain, Lightning Dust), he notes regarding the track’s inspiration… “I’m an enthusiastic dancer. Skilled? No. But I love to dance, and this song is an ode to my relationship with dancing: Flex abandon, enter the void!

It’s one of my favourite things to do. I don’t believe there are any rules in dance, apart from not hurting anyone else or infringing upon their personal space. It might seem weird to begin a song called “No Rules” with two rules, but it’s kind of like a snake eating its tail, no? No rules for no rules, including the absence of rules…”

Discussing recreation of a Billy Joel classic video, bassist CC Voltage (Dysnea Boys, Loyalties, Black Halos, Spitfires) adds, “we email videos around to each other all the time. Sometimes to inspire us, sometimes to discover something new, or sometimes just to have a laugh at a ridiculous music video. In this case it was the latter.”

Featuring guitars and vocals from Jiffy Marx (Hard Drugs, Blood Meridian), Autogramm draw on influences from The Cars, The Go Go’s, Gary Numan, 20/20 and Devo. Along with calling Canada, the U.S., UK and Germany home at various points, the band also has a long standing connection to the art, punk, and skateboarding communities world-wide.

“No Rules” out April 16th, 2021 on Nevado Records: Here

Connect with Autogramm

Website / /

Once upon a time, it was cool to be a full-tilt Rock and Roll band and get in a van with your mates and drive around continents plugging in goofin’ round and playing it like your life depended on it night after night putting in the hard yards – earning those Rock and Roll stripes without much fuss just doin’ it because you had to it where your heart was taking you for little reward except to find like-minded people around this globe digging what it was you were playing and the records you were writing and releasing.  Well, guess what.  It’s still cool and those guys who were in the trenches back then are still in the trenches fighting for their cause in the name of entertainment some Brothers fell by the wayside like The Dragons but some kept at it and still have records coming out like the recent ‘Live At The Pic’ set on Yeah Right! Records so I thought Id give CC a call and find out what it was like playing in cool rock and roll band and let him tell the story of The Spitfires.  So here goes folks sit back relax and enjoy…


Tell us about The Spitfires how did the band come about where did you guys meet?

The original line up of the band grew up in the ‘burbs outside of Vancouver. We’d been jamming for a couple years under different names, not being very serious about anything. Being from a small town, anyone who had an instrument, or a place to jam, was someone you knew. The later members were friends we made in Vancouver.



That debut CD how did it come about?


C.C. We had a record finished and ready to release with Vancouver’s Mint Records before they suddenly dropped us. I think we were too trashy for them. I sent around the recordings (on cassette tape and in the mail!) to a bunch of labels I’d seen in Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll or Flipside. Mike at Sonic Swirl in Cleveland loved it, and he had released some stuff from Jason Solyom’s other garage rock band, The Fiends. Somehow Brian at TSB in Scotland got a hold of the album too, and he released the UK/Euro version.


Was the late 90s a good time for Rock and Roll bands in your district?  Who else was out at the time? That you’d meet on the road?

Yeah, it was a blast. We had a really amazing group of friends up and down the West Coast. The Dragons, Murder City Devils, Humpers, Black Halo, Catheters etc. We’d gone to NYC a few times and never really made any tight friends. In Columbus we had the New Bomb Turks, and up in Montreal and Toronto we had The Spaceshits and The Deadly Snakes. It was a fun time. People made phone calls to book tours, and connect with people. We’d drive into some new city and hope the promoter would pick up the phone. Otherwise we’d sometimes be stuck at a coin phone at some gas station. Compton was a particularly interesting gas station phone booth to wait at.


What bands were inspiring you guys at the time?

We were really into Crypt Records bands and Sympathy for the Record Industry. A lot of the “Glunk Punk” as Eric Davidson would later coin it. But we were all suburban kids, who weren’t afraid to say we liked Alice Cooper, Kiss, Aerosmith and all the other great arena rock bands of our youth.


You managed to get Junk to press the new album on Vinyl.  That must have been so uncool at the time hardly anyone was pressing vinyl at the time what kinda deal were labels like Junk offering at the time was there the opportunity to hit Europe on tour?

Haha, that’s a different perspective. Over here vinyl was totally cool at that time, at least with the scene we were in. Labels like Junk, Estrus, Sympathy, Crypt, were all putting out loads of good stuff. On CD too of course, but we had been hoping to get some real vinyl out. It was actually Estrus who put out our first vinyl single, “Cut Me Some Slack”. Junk was a really good label at the time. Lou Carus, the owner, was working as an engineer with Boeing. I’m pretty sure he spent every penny he earned on his bands. He’s still a really good friend, and every time I’m in California I make sure to see him. Junk was a sub label to Nitro at the time, so we really had great press and distribution. We didn’t get to Europe until the third album though.


Who decided on the third album title?  I guess you were firing on all cylinders at the time? You also added a second guitarist.  What was the reason for that?  and by the time you made it back into the studio, you were back to a four-piece for the ‘Aim Low’ album.

I think that “Three” was a band decision? We love classic rock, and that seemed like a cool classic rock kind of thing to do. And yeah, we were on fire at that time. We did add Dave Paterson for that album, who was a lot of fun and a great player, but he only lasted a year. We replaced him with Jay Millette from the Black Halos, because Rich had just quit their band and moved to L.A.. “Aim Low” was a few years after the band had actually broken up. Jay Millette wasn’t in the band by then, he had moved to Toronto. It was actually a 5-piece recording with Marcel LaFluer and Deano on guitars. Deano, the last of the originals besides me and Solyom, was still in the band but he quit after the recording. That’s when Graham Tuson joined. We recorded a few songs with that line-up that are still in the vaults.


Did you ever get any heat from other bands called the Spitfires?

Good question. At the time that we started we had found out that “Pooch” from Flipside Magazine had a band in L.A. called the Spitfires. So I wrote him a letter and sent a demo tape. I said we’d happily chnge the name if they wanted us to. He wrote back to say, in fact, they would change their name! They became The Condors, and I’ve remained friends with Pooch to this day.


What were some of the tours like?

That’s funny, Marty (drummer) and I were talking about this just the other day. I’ve forgotten a lot of the stuff we did. We were a rolling disaster. I mean, we had a lot of fun, but I wouldn’t be able to tell my colleagues at work any of those stories! Haha. One of my best memories though was the U.K. tour we did in 2002. We had so much fun and so many laughs. The highlight was playing the Astoria in London with the Rezillos! We also played the Dirty Water Club which was packed and super fun.


What with hindsight was the best Spitfires album?

I’m partial to “Three”. I think the production and songs are really the best we had. Howard Redekopp recorded and produced it at a really great studio (Mushroom RIP), and that made a big difference. A lot of people thought we had recorded that on Pro Tools (which people thought was lame at the time) but it’s all analogue 24 channel board to 2-inch tape.





On the Yeah right! Bandcamp page they say to hide the fire extinguisher.  Care to expand?

Well, this goes back to The Dirty Water Club in London. We had set an extinguisher off on stage, and it was awesome. Looked totally cool and it was a mellow shot of water that misted the whole room. But when we did it at the Horseshoe, it ruined our career and got us banned in Toronto. The build-up to the ban in Toronto was signing on with a bigwig agent, Ralph James at the Agency Group and touring with the Headstones (and getting them back on the sauce). When our agent got us a show at the Horseshoe Tavern for Canadian Music Week we were blown away. Then we ended up being Now Magazine’s pick of the week and headlining the show with Robbie Robertson, Chad Kroeger, Brittany Murphy, etc. in attendance. Ralph was fast tracking us at the time. Then our singer shot off a chemical fire extinguisher on stage which choked the crowd and created a panic and rush to the exit. This was shortly after the Great White fire in Rhode Island, so people were on edge. Anyway, it effectively ruined our career and probably rightly so! haha.

Who’s idea was the ‘Live at the Pic’ album? just released after some 17 years,  It’s a bit tasty.  How well did it capture the band live?  Recorded in 2003 the line up had two guitars again, did the dynamic change when the band went from 4 to 5? What memorable shows stand out and why? Was the pic a one-off show for the recording or were you recording shows most nights and this is the pic(K)  sorry couldn’t resist it 🙂

The album has been sitting collecting (digital) dust for more than 17 years now! It was the pinnacle of our career I’d say. We were totally on fire, and this might be the only recording that truly captures what the band sounded like. It was recorded by Howard Redekopp before he became well known (Tegan and Sara, Mother Mother, New Pornographers). The live footage that will accompany it was shot by Danny Nowack and his crew (Hard Core Logo etc.), so there’s some Canadiana there. The video was lost in our Jason’s basement until this spring! It is, however, not just a digital release. Yeah Right! Records is releasing the vinyl LP before Xmas this year!


When you hit the UK for some shows how did that come about?

That was through the help of Brian at TSB records in Scotland. He hooked it up with Ian at Hidden Talent over in the UK who booked everything and set up the gear/van/driver. Unfortunately, it was The Spitfires only trip off the North American continent. Our other bands have all toured Europe, but we never quite managed. It was an incredible tour tough, and we loved it. We got as far North as Glasgow and as far South as Brighton. Met a load of great people. Mark (RIP) up in Nottingham, Baz and the Punker Bunker, Dave Kerr and the Chery Kicks up in Scotland at the time. It was so fun.



Neil Leyton tried hard to put on a few tours of these shores for bands like The Pariahs as well as his own band.  How cool was the scene back where you are because of all the Canadian bands I saw him bring over they were all excellent and there has always been a really healthy underground that I’ve been aware of especially power pop and alternative rock n roll bands.  Is it still a cool place for bands and shows?

Yeah, it’s a cold country, what else are we gonna do? Haha. I think there are probably a few advantages we have here like Sweden, with a good education system that supports arts and music, as well as government assistance programs to support and develop Canadian talent. Which translates into free money for wild rock and rollers to take expensive trips around the world. You’re right though, this last decade has seen a hell of a lot of great Canadian music from all genres.

What’s next for the Spitfires post-pandemic?

There’s still all that new and unreleased stuff we recorded in 2009 sitting in Jason’s basement. At this rate we’ll have a new album done by 2030 hopefully!


You guys will win the record for the most bands within a band tell us about some of the projects you guys are working on that you think the readers should check out??

I really like the Dysnea Boys stuff I did while living in Berlin, but I’m in a New Wave/Power Pop trio now called Autogramm. I’m also working on an album with Rich Jones (Michael Monroe/Loyalties/Black Halos) called “Dangercans”. It’s an epic project that I hope we actually finish. Jason Solyom is drumming and mixing the record too. Jason is in a great 70’s inspired boogie rock band called La Chinga. They’ve done a bunch of touring. Jay Millette in the reformed Black Halos (who I am managing!) and recording his own solo stuff under the name Silver Receiver. Jay Solyom also has a recording studio and Graham has also been recording a bunch of new stuff. Shock, the newest Spitfire, has a band going called The Slip Ons.


Buy ‘Live At The Pic’ Here

Facebook  / Yeah Right Records

Author: Dom Daley

Well, British Summertime is in full swing.  Cold Wet Miserable one minute, sunny the next. but hey, Worry not let RPM introduce you to a few new videos that will blow away any blues first up are these nutballs hailing from Switzerland with their Garage noise better known as The Jackets with ‘Loser Lullaby’


Next up we turn the plane around and head East to Canada to be precise and your in-flight entertainment is courtesy of this new video from Autogramm who tell us all about ‘The Cool Kids’. “Cool Kids Radio” was originally written by C.C. in Berlin with Rich Jones (Michael Monroe, Loyalties, YoYo’s, Ginger Wildheart etc.) Hey just check this bad boy out and then if you happen to be in the area why not catch them live here –

July 19 @ Yoko, Hamburg DE

July 20 @ VEB, Lübeck DE

July 23 @ Kap Tormentoso, Stuttgart DE

July 24 @ Geschichtswerkstatt Altes Volksbad, Mannheim DE

July 26 @ Charlatan Café, Gent BE

July 27 @ The Pipeline, Brighton UK

July 28 @ The Lexington, London UK

Aug 1 @ Zwille, Leipzig DE

Aug 2 @ Wild At Heart, Berlin DE

Aug 3 @ Chemiefabrik, Dresden DE

Aug 4 @ Kult 41, Bonn DE

Website Bandcamp Facebook Instagram Twitter Spotify

Finally, one taken from the recently reviewed album ‘The Down South Spaghetty Accident (reviewed Here) RMBLR is their name and ‘Next Time’ is the track so until next time take it away RMBLR  and remember kids play fair and Stay Sick!

Seeing as four is the new three we thought we’d throw this Rock and Roll hand grenade into the mix and add some Rainy Days & Mondays extra time.  Hot off the press Wet Dreams drop brand new video for ‘Boogie’ check it out here