It’s only May, yet it’s hard to keep count of the great albums released this year. As one of my favourite bands is King Salami, it’s no surprise that the debut from Martin Savage And The Jiggerz is up my street, featuring as it does the rhythm section of The Cumberland Three. The energy levels are similar, but this is twelve slices of barbed, garage rock.

‘Between The Lines’ races out of the starting blocks, like early Brian James. ‘On The Run’ doesn’t let up, veering close to the edge of the fretboard, complete with handclaps and police sirens. This, along with ‘Out Of This World’ is reminiscent of the great Larry Wallis, so, if that’s your bag, dive in. It sounds like the album was recorded in a day, a compliment in my opinion. “In, out, put the kettle on” as Monkfish used to say. And, indeed, much like ‘The Fast Show’, there’s no superfluous stuff here; fast, sharp, short songs that fly past.

‘Next In Line’ boogies at a now-expected frantic speed, and it’s on to ‘Eyes Of A Blind Man’ with no time to spare and some wailing harmonica. Put simply, if you like one song, you’ll like them all. ‘Fly By Night’ wouldn’t shame Johnny Thunders. Uncle Dom and I were saying only the other day that very few bands manage to pull off the ‘L.A.M.F’ sound convincingly, but this is an exception.

Single ‘Down The Line’ is slightly more laid back, before ‘Fast And Loose’ is exactly that. ‘On The Corner’ gives Wild Billy Childish a run for his money, and ‘Boomerang’ will hit you in the head.

What more do you want? If infectious, raucous garage rock is your thing, get your preorder in now.

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Author: Martin Chamarette

To celebrate the band’s 30th anniversary, the folks at Damaged Goods Records are releasing a double CD/vinyl compilation of dayglo, D.I.Y bubblegum punks, Helen Love. 30 years? I can’t remember where I first heard them, possibly Mark and Lard on the late shift. It’s like they’ve always been here.

From ‘Yeah, Yeah, We’re Helen Love’ onwards, it’s a reassuring trawl through their back catalogue. No one wants a drum n bass/free jazz Helen Love album. It was no wonder that Joey Ramone invited them to New York, they share similar DNA; instantly memorable tunes for sunny days, or when you need to pretend that the sun is shining. Most of them fly past in under three minutes, always guaranteed to raise a smile. Whether it’s ‘Beat Him Up’ or ‘King Of Kung Fu’, they put their Casio keyboard and Woolworths guitar to good use. Their hand made, primary colour record sleeves were designed by necessity, but perfectly suited the tunes.

‘So In Love With You’ would sit nicely in John Shuttleworth’s set, a real compliment in my book! Oof!

They even had the nerve to nick the title ‘Leader Of The Pack’ for one of their songs. ‘So Hot’ should be the theme to your summer holiday. This is ear worms a-go-go. There’s ‘Joey Ramoney’, of course, the perfect fan response song. I can even forgive their cut-up of ‘Wig Wam Bam’, and Joey himself appears on ‘Punk Boy’, a joyous duet.

As it’s looking like we’ll have a ‘Golden Summer’, this is the place to acquaint yourself with Helen Love. Over 30 songs. Tune into their own ‘Summer Pop Radio’, break out the ice pops and stop being so serious. Let’s go!

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Author: Martin Chamarette

Taking a break from his recent Bob Dylan obsession (phew), Billy Childish returns to bring us more raucous garage rock in his inimitable style with CTMF. Seeing this upcoming release, I realised that I’d missed a CTMF album in 2021, ‘Where The Wild Purple Iris Grows’, so that was a double bonus for me!

This takes up where that previous album left off, with a hectic version of Richard Hell’s ‘Love Comes In Spurts’, the second time that Billy has covered the song, but it fits well here. As does the band’s take on Hendrix’s ‘Fire’, with Nurse Julie’s backing vocals adding something extra.

That aside, we have ten new songs, three of which are instrumentals. Normally, that might ring alarm bells, but with Billy and company, it’s a treat. ‘Walk Of The Sasquatch’ is particularly fine, with the publicity spiel of Billy quoting “the North Kent Sasquatch program has gone a little quiet of late, but I believe they are still trying to get Cobham Woods – nearby across the river – to be designated as a reserve, though of course this poses some danger to the public during the spring breeding season”. I think some people haven’t noticed his sense of humour.

The title track and ‘The Old, Long Bar’ are as good as any ‘Medway garage rock’ songs he’s ever written, with ‘Failure Not Success’ there is an autobiographical lyric, similar to those on the previous album; “at twelve years old, I walked the streets in my mother’s dress”.

There are some quieter moments, such as ‘Beneath The Flowers’ and ‘Becoming Unbecoming Me’, with its Velvets-like appeal. And even the reappearance of Mr Zimmerman with ‘Bob Dylan’s Got A Lot To Answer For’ can’t spoil proceedings; a list of potential pros and cons of Dylan’s influence on music, set to a ‘Stepping Stone’ riff. Masterful.

For us fans of Billy’s more abrasive tunes, this, like the previous ‘Where The Wild Purple Iris Grows’, is an essential purchase. An eccentric, a one-off, sometimes frustrating, always entertaining. We’re lucky to have him.

Author: Martin Chamarette

Jim Jones All Stars feat Nikki Hill – ‘It’s Your Voodoo Working’ (Ako Lite Records) Can I get an Amen brothers and sisters for the time has come to testify that Brother Jim Jones has released the first song from his All Stars line up and its a horn honking piano tonking slice of bloooze from outta the delta that features the enigmatic Nikki Hill which seems like a perfect fit for the All Stars just in case you were gonna ask. What a slice of smoldering rock n roll this is. Brother Jim is howling with the fever and on this one track alone is worthy of being the single of the month for the whole of this spooktacular Rocktober. Check it out Here

The Empty Page – ‘Dry Ice’ (Self Release) The band released a bunch of 7-inch singles in 2019 including the breakout track ‘When The Cloud Explodes’. they found themselves being spun on BBC 6 Music, chosen by Chvrches singer Lauren Mayberry from the BBC Introducing archives for airplay on BBC Radio 1 and stayed near the top of Spotify’s Punk List for months. this is the first dive into what’s to come from the band as Dry Ice is the first single to be released from The Empty Page’s as-yet-untitled (and long-awaited) second album, due in spring 2023. this is a weird mix of cold angular post-punk yet a warmth from Kels vocals the song grows like a shadow as it builds and falls back into the verse with some sweet guitar howls as Giz rinses his instrument of all it can give. The longer the song goes on the more is given up and soundscapes are happening – unfolding. It’s Epic, sweet, alluring, dark, light, things that shouldn’t work but most certainly do. An excellent introduction as to what is coming from The Empty Page – Bring it on! There is a video coming around the time of release in mid-November, so, we’ll be back with more Empty Pages to fill. Socials: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | TikTok

Polute – ‘Polute’ (Legless Records) If Lemmy had joined the Stooges then this is what it would have sounded like. Cheap whizz and some horrific homebrew results in this 100% proof fireball of a Rock and Roll record. Relentless and fucked up just the way rock and roll should be.

It even comes in a Sunday piss coloured vinyl. C.O.F.F.I.N, STIFF RICHARDS & CUTTERS combine to kick fuck out of your ear drums. single of the week and the fuckin month – Done! Buy Here

Key of Caustic’s – ‘Pretty Little Suicide’ (Code 213 Records) They’ve been referred to as sounding like Green Day fronted by the singer from Boston which is a stretch for most of us but once you hear em you can see where that comparison comes from I think. anyway hit the video up and decide for yourself.

Forgotten Sons – ‘Flipside’ (Self Release) Pop punk from this Shetland Isle trio in the mold of Gaslight Anthem and Hot Water Music this is a well-produced stab at pop punk or whatever label it goes under these days. It’s a sprightly mid-paced tune that isn’t a bad effort at all. It all sounds like they’ve kept the stabilisers on or just dipped their toes in rather than cutting loose and giving it some oomph. That I’m sure will come further down the line but for a debut its a step in the right direction.

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Billy Idol – ‘The Cage’ EP (Dark Horse Records) To coincide with his return to the UK stages Idol releases this EP and lead track ‘Running From The Ghost’ with its melancholy intro before the guitars crash in and that sneering vocal fires up. Very polished and slick and accompanied by his long time comrade Steve Stevens Idol does what Idol does best. Radio friendly Rock is the name of the game and selling it to the masses is what he does. Listen Here

The Courettes – ‘Bye Bye Mon Amour’ (Damaged Goods Records) What you have here is a French version of the ‘Want You! Like a Cigarette’ which features in its English language version on the B Side. It’s been a fantastic time for this dynamic duo with rave review after rave review for both live and studio performances and it shows no sign of relenting. retro Rock n roll or whatever you fancy calling it. They do it pretty much better than anyone else out there. Flavio had this to say on the single –

“We are big fans of ’60s French pop – Gainsbourg, Sylvie Vartan, Jacques Dutronc, France Gall and many more. We love the versions made in France of the British and American hits back them, like Marie Laforet’s version of Stones’ ‘Paint it Black’ (‘Marie Douceur’) and Petula Clark’s version of The Kinks’ ‘A Well Respected Man’ (‘A Jeune Homme Bien’). So we decided to have our own Frenchy pop hit! Please welcome ‘Bye Bye, mon amour’! Because nous desirons les francophone fans comme a un cigarette! Hope the French, the Canadians, the English, the Danes, the Brazilian, the whole planet, the whole galaxy enjoy it. Turn up your volume and allez-y!” It’s available now on Pink 7″ Website

Saxon – Black Is The Night’ (BMG) What Saxon release a new single and RPM aren’t having it. Biff and the gang are back, firing on all cylinders ahead of their tour to support their recent album. There is nobody more metal than Biff and to hear his pipes billowing out is a warm reassuring thing and he’s still got it.

Taken from their fantastic new record out now on Damaged Goods Records ‘Back In Mono – B-Sides & Outtakes’ available on 10” and CD which is out now on Damaged Goods

The Courettes continue their tour tonight at The Moth Club, Hackney with support from The Shadracks.

The remaining dates are….

8 June London The Moth
9 June Brighton The Albert
10 June Middlesbrough Westgarth Social Club
11 June Glasgow McChuills
12 June Edinburgh Voodoo Rooms Ballroom
14 June Newcastle The Cluny
15 June Liverpool Zanzibar
16 June Manchester Night & Day
17 June Folkestone Chambers
18 June Southend The Moonraker

Tickets available here.

The Courettes are hot hot hot! at the moment and rightly so. Heading over to the UK in June for an extensive tour this 10″ record brings together a whole bunch of B sides and outtakes. Striking whilst the iron is hot is a good thing and this duo are knocking out quality records and drawing these together in one convenient place is a bargain. They ask that you play this record loudly and through shite speakers but that’s not an exclusive request because it’s also available on CD as well.

You know the drill with this pair, they’re retro in a wall of sound way and bang up to date current as well. It’s not just a cobbled-together compilation because there are non-album B sides, and three tracks that have added instrumentation on them it also has the Japanese-only split ‘So What’ available right here, right now.

Their brand of pop smart melodies wrapped up in a Rock and Roll sound was perfectly described as not playing Rock and Roll because they are Rock and Roll, if you know – you know! At times you have to concentrate hard on the record because you think it is a four-piece and some making that wall of sound and not just two musicians, it’s got that warm Fuzz on the guitar and a shimmering smokey mix over the top of the whole sound. Surely it’s only a matter of time before everyone gets down with The Courettes and their music maybe one DJ who knows their music will get smart or a Jools Holland to champion this pair and whoosh! away they’ll fly. ‘Tough Like That’ is a bruiser with it’s punchy riff and then the cool smoldering ‘Talking About My Baby’ before it just takes off for the chorus before switching vocals and dropping back into that cool smolder.

Try them – buy this 10″ you won’t regret it they write and perform wonderful music that let you leave all your real-world woes at the door because for the next half an hour your gonna dream and pretend you’re onto the best-kept secret in music – The Fabulous Courettes Schh! or everyone will cotton on. Bop shawaddy bop baby! Eight tracks to tide us over. Perfecto!


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Author: Dom Daley

The Courettes are an explosive garage rock duo from Denmark and Brazil who blend an exciting concoction of garage, surf, 60s girlie pop and riot grrrl attitude. Completed by the husband-and-wife partnership of vocalist/guitarist Flavia Couri (from Brazil) and drummer/backing vocalist Martin Couri (from Denmark, where they are based), following the critically acclaimed release of 2021’s ‘Back In Mono’ album and a hugely successful UK tour in October of that year, the very fabulous Courettes return with a brand new single and news of a UK in June later this year.

Available on 7” (with one thousand copies on white vinyl), ‘Misfits & Freaks’ is a new recording of a stand-out track from ‘Back In Mono’, coupled with a brand-new song called ‘Killer Eyes’ on the flipside, available February 25th via Damaged Goods Records.

“Misfits & Freaks” is a song about a bittersweet concert we played on the very evening France went into its first lockdown in 2020,” explains Flavia Couri. “The pandemic broke loose in the middle of our tour and uncertainty was in the air. It felt a bit like being in a kind of science fiction film. People were partying that day as if there was no tomorrow. And it was indeed the end of the world as we knew it.
We tried to capture this feeling in the video featuring some old b-movie apocalyptic scenes, while we keep on partying, singing, and dancing at the end of the world. We´ve all been struggling to keep ourselves sane, safe, strong, and sweet in the last two years. And we did it. Cheer up!”

Hot on the heels of the excitement The Courettes created last October as the UK welcomed back live music with open arms, The Courettes return in June 2022 for a full UK tour.

Our last tour in the UK in October was really a blast. The world was opening again, the venues were packed, many shows were sold out and we had such a great time. We are looking so much forward to being back this Summer. We´ll be promoting our latest album “Back in Mono”, our new single “Misfits & Freaks” and a very special new release that is due to come out on Damaged Goods Records by the beginning of the tour. Cheer up, cheer up!”

Catch The Courettes live at the following dates:

1 June Bristol The Louisiana

2 June Portsmouth The Wedgewood Rooms

3 June Margate Margate Mod/Sixties Weekender @ Olby’s

4 June Thetford Red Rooster Festival

5 June Stourbridge Katie Fitzgeralds

7 June Bedford Esquires

8 June London The Moth

9 June Brighton The Albert

10 June Middlesbrough Westgarth Social Club

11 June Glasgow McChuills

12 June Edinburgh Voodoo Rooms Ballroom

13 June Manchester Marc Riley BBC 6Music Session

14 June Newcastle The Cluny

15 June Liverpool Zanzibar

16 June Manchester Night & Day

17 June Folkestone Chambers

18 June Southend The Moonraker

Tickets available HERE:


Rock n Roll doesn’t have to be groundbreaking nor does it have to be complicated.  Sometimes it can be a cathartic experience to hear a pair of purists just writing beautiful pop songs and having the skill and craft to articulate that through primarily bass, drums, and vocals.  Ladies & Gentlemen I give you The Fabulous Courettes starring Flavia & Martin Couri.

Sure it’s steeped in 60s pop and the look is retro but the production is here and now and this sound is timeless.  ‘Want You Like A Cigarette’ and ‘I Can Hardly Wait’ might open up this latest offering but I’m in love with ‘Hey Boy’ and its backbeat and lush vocals it’s supreme retro Rock and Roll for sure but, it’s always a blast to hear it done this well.


The speakers rattles as ‘R.I.N.G.O’ pays tribute to..Mr Starkey of course. with a cheeky grin and a slink of the snake hips, this is a hoot. These cats really do understand their roots and have got the chops to pull it off without the faintest hint of irony or cabaret. Sure it sounds like you’ve heard it all before but who cares this doo wap retro garage vibe is killer and The Courettes are on top of their game and they know it.  Damaged goods don’t sign rubbish and like a seal of approval they’ve reissued the band’s first two records as well such is the faith in this band.


C’mon, how damn good is ‘Trash Can Honey’?  Coming on like a drug-free Cramps it’s got to put a smile on the listener’s face.  Then bring in the Garagetastic ‘Hop The Twig’,  whatever the fuck that is I want to give it a try like right now.

Fourteen songs are flying by and the variety is great.  ‘Misfits & Freaks’ is excellent with so much texture coming out of the pair whilst it’s not the Spector wall of fuzz it’s tempered and just enough dirt is let in making for a great sound and the spooktacular keyboard solo is a blast! Before they bow out they really turn up the fuzz on the excellent ‘Edge Of My Nerves’ but wait you knew it was coming – The finale is ‘Cry Cry Cry’ and a mirror ball dance-off is ushered in and the indisputable winner of the rosette for the 60s influenced garage rock and roll goes to The Courettes who deliver an epic and comforting sound that is absolutely nailed on as the best in its field for 2021. Now grab your partner and shake those snake hips one more time take it away Flavia & Martin.


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Author: Dom Daley

Again its another week and another bunch of brand new, hot off the press singles.  A few debutants and some seasoned vets of these pages get covered. I’m always impressed by the quality of some bands and labels and the lengths they go to to make the little records and this bunch of singles we’ve gotten hold of is no exception. If there was a prize for record of the week, month, the year there was only ever going to be one winner and that honour goes to the new one from The Black Halos.  So good it is and so passionate that we drafted in  Rich Rags to put pen to paper and pour his thoughts over the page on the release. It’s fair to say he does justice and some to such an awesome song. Now I’ll step aside so you can check out this weeks 7″ singles…


The Black Halos – ‘Ain’t No Good Time To Say Goodbye’ (Yeah Right! Records) Vancouver, Canada’s punk heroes The Black Halos pen impassioned tribute single for inspiration, legend and friend, SNFU’s Mr. Chi Pig.

After the critically lauded 2019 single “Geisterbahn II” and the sold-out shows that followed, many people were hoping that the new line-up of the Halos would continue as a going concern. And for now, it is. At its rock ‘n’ roll heart are the original members, frontman Billy Hopeless and the guitar team of Rich Jones and Jay Millette, joined by pals John Kerns (Age Of Electric) and Danni Action (ACIIDZ) on bass and drums respectively.


When the world’s plans changed due to the pandemic, traditional ways of creating and working had to change along with it.

This single was recorded in isolation. And you couldn’t tell if ya tried. Its rich deep sound and empathetic interplay of guitars, the ragged and street-sure confidence of the rhythm section… well…  it all gives a supportive encouraging shoulder for Billy’s aching anthemic send-off. Like the friends who embrace you while still donning their knuckledusters.

The boys surely have his back on this one.


The storied public life and works of Mr. Chi Pig (Earth Name: Ken Chinn) started with the formation of SNFU in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada in the ‘80s. I personally was from a couple of hours south, so let me impart to you the influence and huge amount of PMA that their explosive early existence created.  The shockwave was thus… You (yes YOU!) too can come from a city trapped within the mind-numbing cotton wool of hundreds of kilometres of prairie boredom and tragedy and still stand up, be counted and heard. He and his band let ya know you could reach out and connect… you just had to be willing to work. Hard.

Many amazing songs came from the greatest titled albums (“Something Green And Leafy This Way Comes” anyone?). From the “get yer hands off the waitress, asshole!” hardcore skirmish of “She’s Not On The Menu” to the achingly beautiful “Painful Reminder”, they showed everyone you don’t need to be a one-trick kid. Just yourself. Your humour, your heart, your anger… they all can have a chance. Get on that road and let ‘em live.


So I think it’s fitting this song was written and recorded by The Black Halos. The bleeding sunsets they themselves chased lit fires and branded hearts and minds across North America and Europe. All along the miles of matchbook stages, hotel beds and floors… looking at the same neon lights blinking through the drapes that SNFU had.

There’s a family-like connection in that, and it shows.


Billy and Ken were close friends, seeing each other regularly in Vancouver over the years. Hopeless’s love and pain are evident in the song’s lyrics. “If you’re hearing these words, one of us ain’t alive”… writing after the fact a common knowledge or pact they both carried. That whoever remained would surely remember. “I never wanted to sing these words…” pouring out of his perfectly poised poison heart.


He does sing them, though.

The great singers are obituary writers in their own way. They take the thoughts and feelings we didn’t say or find hard to share, no matter how difficult to face, and make sense of them for us. Billy has taken his personal loss and made it into something universal that we can all carry with us to help us through our own experience.


All of this is guided by the perfect touch of Rich Jones’ late-night beer-light to guide us songwriting. This is one of the very best and most emotionally realised works of their long partnership.


Getting better after all this time. Still inspired and inspiring.


The excellent cover of SNFU’s “Rusty Rake” rounds this off nicely, taking their song and giving it a respectful and energised spin back home.


I’ll leave you with the words of Billy Hopeless himself…


“Just know this; whether you cry or smile when you think of him, it’s because he reached you. And you should never let go of that.”


All proceeds of the single will be going to the Chi Pig Mural Fund, for a tribute to be displayed in Edmonton, Canada.

Author: Rich Ragany

In true Halos style and a touch of class, they have pledged to donate all profits from the sale of vinyl and digital copies of the single to the Chi Pig Mural fund and as such, the songs will not be available on any streaming services.  You know what to do, you good people, you always do. Pick it up Here


Adam West – ‘Hi-Ball’ 7″ EP (Savage Magic Records)  Savage Magic Records is turning 10! …and what better way to bookend the first ten years than to release an Adam West record! Their first release was the live Adam West EP ‘Merci, Bon Soir!’. Ten years and over 50 records later, They dish up this little gem.

These three tracks were originally intended to make up half of a split 10″ EP on Munster Records in Spain, but something happened (as things often do) and this entire recording session from 1998 was shelved and remained unreleased in any form until now. Celebrating ten years of doing the record label, Savage Magic wanted to do something special with one of their all-time favorite here it is kids – Adam West’s “Hi-Ball” EP! The opening track is a high octane rocket ride that’s running on pure adrenaline and is of the finest vintage and being left for a decade to ferment has done it no harm as it sounds like it was penned yesterday and fired onto the wax or bludgeoned by a hefty les paul. ‘Hi-Ball’ might be a blast but the bass line of utter filthy proportions on ‘For All I Care’ is a real rush and as the song rattles along its nasty and snarling like a rabid dog.  Adam West and Savage Magic you spoil us with these tunes. If these two weren’t enough there is a third, ‘Something Wicked’ is a rolling riff of gargantuan proportions and it’s making my tweeters and woofers rattle like some old man’s dentures. If this isn’t a slice of supreme Rock and Roll of the action kind then I don’t know what is.  Awesome!

Pre-order it now Here but be quick they’re limited in colour and quantity

Check out Adam West here: Official / Bandcamp



Manne Olander Following – ‘The Misanthrope EP’ (Savage Magic Records) First solo effort from Deadheads frontman. Some classic garage rock anyone? Manne Olander comes outta the blocks like his backside is on fire and only gets more intense as the track unfolds.  The EP only gets better as the second track ‘Dystopia’ has plenty of thump from the lower end as the bass absolutely rattles my speakers.  Flip this bad boy over and there’s a stonking Rocker ‘Backstabber’.  Uncompromising Loud Rock and Roll just the way it should be.  Outlaws dancing with the devil and playing all the best tunes. Oh and Manne Plays everything himself! let that sink in as you spin his single!

Very limited number here – 100 on solid red wax, 100 on white wax, 100 on black wax.  Buy It Here


Guerrilla Teens – ‘Mad Love’ (self Release)  Well, fuck all for an age then all of a sudden you put ’em on lockdown and they want to monkey around making new music.  Recorded remotely our new favourite noisemakers from the mean streets of Portland, Guerrilla Teens are back in the house and this time they’re bringing some ‘Mad Love’ and of course, it’s a fuckin’ banger, what did you expect?

Catchy, sharp and shorter than an orangutang not one more track but two. How about some snotty Steve Jones inspired punk rock and roll riffage entitled ‘Gateway’? what a tune this is.  Possibly the best this fledgling band have offered thus far.  I only hope some fair-minded label picks these up and when they don’t have to social distance they get into a studio and record an album full of these songs.  It’ll be in my top ten for the year no question about that.  Go pick em up without delay – Here


The Lurkers – ‘Fits You Like A Glove’ (Damaged Goods Records) Yeah you read that right it’s the fuckin’ Lurkers! Stride, Moore, Esso are back swinging with this catchy little ditty. With a great big dirty riff with plenty of Chugg all the way to that chorus with its understated melody.  We might be a bit early here but we couldn’t wait in giving you the heads up.  The B Side ‘ When You Are Borderline’ is a bruising encounter from the thuggish riff to the chorus it means business and is pretty damn good. The A-Side is taken from the new long-player ‘Sex Crazy’  oh didn’t I mention there’s a new long-player?  Well, there is and if its got better songs than the b side which is exclusive to this single then I can’t wait to get an ear full. Catchy and a bit nasty – perfect! Limited to 500 copies on Yellow vinyl keep your eyes peeled Facebook


Young Francis Hi-Fi – ‘I Wanna Hold You Tight (Tonight)’ (Self Release)  Young Brighton punks kicking up a bit of a storm on this up-tempo Banger.  They claim to pen two-minute pop songs about love and getting high, well, it is what it is and these guys have the chops with a confident melodic slice of energy which we like a lot round these parts and I guess they walk the walk as well as talk the talk seeing as its less than two minutes long, about Love but we can’t corroborate if they were high when recording so two out of three ain’t bad. To add some context here this Berlin-born Brighton based punk hooked up with those Rotten Foxes which might be why we love it so much and probably why we can confirm that their mission statements must be true and he does indeed love to get high and if it wasn’t for The Black Halos this would be our pick of the pile no doubt about that. – now can we have an album full of songs like this, please? thank you kindly.       Check it out Here    Social media – Facebook Instagram / Twitter

The Jailbirds – ‘Dull My Brain’ (Golden Robot Records) Some classic hard rockin riff-a-rama from Canadian Hard rockin trio. With big riffs, big hooks and big vocals The Jailbirds turn the clock back to cock rock o’clock.  Man this band sound like they were born several decades too late and had this been the late ’80s they’d be contenders with the big boys. Warrant and Dokken or on a technical side Mr Big fans should be all over this.

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The Slackers – ‘Nobody’s Listening / Sleep Outside’ (Pirates Press Records) The Slackers are a band that shouldn’t need any introduction. They fuse the best elements of Ska and reggae.  Here they release two brand new songs that showcase what they’re all about and should put a big fat smile across your face. To be fair they’re poignant and send out a timely message when they are so desperately needed.  Evoking a sense of nostalgia and sending a message to your feet to not stand still and whilst you’re taking in the lyrics (and Grinning from ear to ear) remember to dance like there’s no tomorrow oh, that sax break on ‘Nobody’s Listening’ is awesome.  Check it out.  Facebook



Borracho with Jake Starr – ‘Borracho with Jake Starr’ (Savage Magic Records) In the not too distant past well 2015 to be exact at the  Strange Magic Showcase Night #1 in Pomona, Jake Starr took the stage with Borracho and knock out two amazing versions of Adam West classics. I’m reliable informed it sounded incredible, So much so that plans were made about getting these two songs recorded in the studio and releasing a 7-inch. Lo and behold, and almost five years later it is actually happening!

‘Sixth Son of a Seventh Son’ from Adam West’s 2002 single of the same name, and ‘Bulletproof’ from Adam West’s 2005 album ‘Power to the People’ are reconstructed Borracho-style! Again super limited amounts of this available with 100 on solid purple wax, 100 on solid green wax, 105 on traditional black wax. The A-side is loud and fair play to Borracho they are fucking loud even when the volume is on low its LOUD! Stoner Rock whatever you’d call it a good tune will always be a good tune and this is proof no matter how its reimagined it’s still a banger As for ‘Bulletproof’ it sounds like something Lemmy would have recorded around ’79 – heavy fuckers . Available Here


Nekrokraft – ‘Witches Funeral / Return of the Kvlt’ (The Sign Records) From Ska to classic Black Metal complete with church organ intro anyone who knows me knows I’m quite partial to a bit of Black Metal and the likes of Venom and Midnight will always have a space in my Black Heart and classic noisemakers like early Mayhem and Hellhammer too. so, Nerokraft (top name obviously) manage to cram in as many cliches as possible from the gruff scary vocals to the double bass thump and spooky scooby doo intro I only hope they wear Monks robes to the supermarket and corpse paint 24/7 and their favourite tipple is a vintage bottle of virgins blood.  Anyway, the first track even ends with a clap of thunder so far plays to that whilst ‘Return’ has a thrashing metal riff that goes for broke and is easily the pick of the two on offer here. this Swedish five-piece have re-recorded these tunes and still thrash like satanic mofos so job done.  Horns up motherfuckers Nekrocraft are in da house and it’s rather splendid and I’m delighted that they resisted going into Danni Filth territory with the vocals. Nice one gents Facebook

Throwing Stuff – ‘ACIYHAB’  (TNS Records) With a take on the classic Black Flag artwork Throwing Stuff are here to raise some money for Black Lives Matter UK and Food Not Bombs Myanmar so we’re always going to get behind good causes through music.  The band themselves will match the donations which is a fantastic gesture. The single was recorded across the locked down cities of Manchester, UK, and Yangon, Myanmar, where vocalist Ben now lives.ACIYHAB, which stands for “all coppers inside your head are bastards”, is about how police forces serve to both consciously and unconsciously control those considered a “threat” to the status quo. In your face punk rock is the order of the day and it should be supported. Buy Here       Facebook / Twitter

Volcanova – ‘Super Duper Van’ (The Sign Records) With their stoner heavy fuzzed-out rock riffs Volcanova Its the third single taken from their debut album ‘Radical Waves’ its got a big harmonic chorus wrapped up in an even bigger riff that is true to its fuzzed-out roots and God damn it I hear a cowbell! Never will there be a point where I don’t smile upon hearing a song with a cowbell in it and this is no exception. These Icelandic Rockers are cool as a polar bear sitting on an ice cube and they know it.  Wear those Kaftans with pride gents you deserve it.

Ah, the blues. There are generally two kinds; the slick, middle-aged, carpet slippers variety, and the real deal. If you have a passing acquaintance with Damaged Goods records, you will know that Billy Childish, in all his various guises, is one of Britain’s most prolific musicians. You will also know that he is the real deal. As far as it is possible for an artist to be the real deal; he is all too aware of the dichotomy.


While I am a fan, I am nowhere near owning his back catalogue. It is simply immense. Any given year, blink, and you’ll miss several of his albums. This, the third album by The Chatham Singers, is “less country, no poetry” and full of primal, dirty blues riffs. Simple, to the point of cave-dwelling, as is the production. Perfect.


The trio of Billy, Julie and Wolf are joined here by Jim Riley; a harmonica player of no small talent. The twelve songs, originals and covers, are like hearing the nascent, blues hungry Stones first practices in a scout hall, minus the glossy sheen. Yes, this is skeletal blues from the deeply odd Medway delta.


‘The Good Times Are Killing Me’, and Slim Harpo’s ‘Got Love If You Want It’ put the harmonica to good use, the guitar taking a back seat. ‘Ranscombe Farm Boogie’ evokes a rhythm of ‘Shake Your Hips’. There is a stark version of his classic ‘All My Feelings Denied’, and ‘Wiley Coyote’ is at ‘Little Red Rooster’ tempo.


‘Why Did I Destroy Our Love?’ ups the pace, before the album’s dark jewel that is ‘My Love For You’. Sinister and brooding, it stands apart from the other songs, for me. A great case of “I really wish I’d written that”.


‘What’s Wrong With Me’ and ‘You Wonder Why I’m Hurting’ bring it all to a swampy ending. It’s safe to say I listened to far too much blues at a young age, so I’m fussy now about what I’ll risk listening to. Where can you go after Slim Harpo and Little Walter? But, if you’re in the mood, this is the stuff.


Buy ‘King Of The Medway Delta’ Here