Kicking off the release with track ‘get ya on’ with the “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” punk rock formula. Ensuing pogoing is guaranteed! Things turn dramatically by the next number, ‘baby’. Almost as if we have taken a shortcut down a dark alley in the wrong side of town. Creepy and haunting in all the right ways. This first recording is a great testament to the group.

What I love about this EP is that it seems to get more and more aggressive with each passing track without losing any of their style and mystique. The ladies seemingly have the ability to be intimidating without losing any character and credibility and leaving the listener wanting more. 

This five track release is nothing if not consistent, every track is a stomper and leaves you unable to isolate any track as a stand out. Repeat listening is a natural side effect and the material keeps it strength every time. There is a run of the mill tradition when reviewing powerful releases from those of the feminine persuasion, to play some sort of “riot grrl bingo”. Name checking artists, whether they are actually all that similar to our subjects. I don’t want to go down that route as it’s over travelled already. All I will say is if you like Punk Rock and Alternative Rock from the past 40 years, check out this release because these three individuals rock the fuck out! 

I’m pleased to say that the first lot of physical copies of Greatest Tits has sold out already. A great achievement and the band has announced that they will try and get some more copies reissued soon. Keep an eye on their social media and their Bandcamp and also check out the live dates that are coming through for 2022. 

Buy Here

Author: Dan Kasm

I’m fortunate enough tonight to be back at the exquisite Albert Hall in Manchester, a beautiful venue lacking almost all commercial trappings that become all too customary these days. I’m catching the Jesus and Mary Chain performing the classic album Darklands in full. 

Inevitably delayed like most tours and outings, finally it has arrived in the calendar. Making their way on the stage, the distance between the brothers is almost comical and feeds into the legend of indifference and distrust between the Reid siblings. 

The band is to put it simply, effortless yet commanding, casual but also captivating. They have complete control and excellent delivery in regards to the late 80s Goth/Indie tinged Darklands sound, and with almost no visual change over of guitars perform the more Alternative Rock 90s material without missing a beat.

Launching into opening track and title track ‘Darklands’, it’s a euphoric moment for everyone here who has been waiting for these dates to be rescheduled and perhaps haven’t been to a live show for a long period of time. The euphoria doesn’t stop there, the crowd is at fever pitch throughout the first half of the record, reminding you how strong the album tracks are right up to classic single ‘happy when it rains’ and the equally tempestuous ‘nine million rainy days’. 

The storm hasn’t quite passed yet, as the band treat us to the epic and incendiary ‘April skies’ and onwards completing the album retrospective. After the little obligatory break we are treated to a ‘best of the rest’ set, touching primarily on mid and late 90s material but with some Darklands era B-sides thrown in to boot. There is a real lack of singles in the set but for the hardcore audience, this must be the obsessive completist’s wet dream. Stand out tracks have to be ‘Moe Tucker’ from Munki and fan favourite B-side ‘kill surf city’. The night is finished off with ‘never understand’ delivered in full with the feedback it deserves, sadly the only taste of Psychocandy we get tonight. 

Overall it was well worth traipsing out on a cold, wet Wednesday evening. Being the first time I’ve seen the Mary Chain I’m a little disappointed I didn’t get certain tracks from my personal wishlist but certainly not put off. The only way to remedy this is to see them again at the earliest opportunity.

Author: Dan Kasm

Sonny Vincent, perhaps the ultimate Punk Rock’n’Roll survivor. He may not be a household name or even show up on your atypical ‘punk’ Spotify algorithm playlist, but he has led a life and acquired a CV that cannot be overlooked or dismissed. Having worked with an array of different musicians deep inside the pop culture subconscious from the Stooges to the Damned, from the Velvets to the Replacements, and seemingly everyone in between.
With all this and his countless solo offerings, you would be knee-deep for months trying to do an inventory of his Discogs page in order to ascertain what number we are at with the current release ‘Snake Pit Therapy’. Kicking off with a couple of solid alt-rock and garage punk-tinged tracks, it’s the third song on this record, ‘The End Of The Light’, that really picks you up and starts brawling off of the speakers. Bob Mould esque in all the right places (this guy really truly knows how to get the right guitar sound). Minneapolis certainly rubbed off on this guy. And the same can be said straight after on ‘The Rain Is Black Again’, less of a brawler and more of a fun, upbeat anthem drenched in Californian or Frisco sunshine. Catchy as hell.
It’s hard not to admire Sonny’s honest, weather-worn lyrics. Songs like ‘Never Tired’ hitting you full throttle, revealing to the listener what it’s like walking in his shoes on a seemingly endless journey, yet showing us almost endless optimism in the next breath. Listening to the lines in ‘Another Land’; not looking back because of the hurt but still dusting yourself off and moving forward. ‘Ruby Diamond’ is a freight train hitting a borrowed riff of ‘Train Kept A Rolling’ but amped up and spat out.  Sonny may never be nominated to be poet laureate but what he says is beautiful yet rough around every last edge, like a rock’n’roll Mickey Rourke.
A great attribute for this record is that it’s a good starting point for those, like me, who are uninitiated with the majority of Sonny’s work. The record itself is an all-rounder for showing off his wears but builds a fire inside and a desire to seek out the rest. We all know too often how intimidating it can be to break into an artist’s substantial body of work. You needn’t worry in this case, ‘Snake Pit Therapy’ will slip into your record collection, as comfy as an old pair of Converse offering the listener the best jumping-off point to deep dive further.
Sonny is the legend in your lifetime with a heart as big as a bass drum pounding out tunes with relentless quality and craft, grab it now rather than reading up on it 30+ years from now full of envy for the past.
Buy Here
Author: Dan Kasm

My first live music as a punter since March 2020 and back to the scene of the crime at Liverpool’s best DIY venue Outpost! If you aren’t acquainted with this establishment, please do check them out.

First up on tonight’s bill are the mysterious Zetra. Blending elements of Goth, Shoegaze and savage parts of Black Metal in it’s nucleus. The sound isn’t perfect at times but the riffs, the synths and the vocals certainly shine through. Sabbath throbbing guitar chops with an 80s keyboard dirge overload with an almost beautiful feedback crescendo hooking the set together. The vocals are sometimes painful, but in a good way; at times leading into a meld with the guitar effects akin to early era deftones.
The headliners of this two band lineup hit the stage with vigour. A much missed sweaty throng. 14 months of frustration, let out in an incredible force. These lads deliver an impressive performance tonight, one that will hold them in great company at Bloodstock 2021 and on European stages when given the chance. On record they showcase their love of John Carpenter esque synths, samples and b-movie love, but live, it is all about the riffs…. riff after blood curdling riff! Please make sure to check them out on their upcoming winter tour!
It’s good to be back at live gigs again, feeling hopeful about the future and this can be maintained and be safe for everyone going forward. If you can, get vaxed, get loaded and check out these bands!
Author: Dan Kasm

There is a lot to be angry with in the world today, particularly the last 14 months, 2 weeks, and 6 days…… But hey! Who’s counting? Although, saying that, sometimes the things that you really want might actually be there if you just reach out and grab them (no this isn’t pyramided selling). Do you want Raw Power? You got it! Do you want something Young, Loud & Snotty? You got it! Do you need something raging with the strength of a bag of amphetimin to keep you up with Lemmy on a weekend binge? You got that too! If Iron Lizards are ‘Hungry For Action’, all I can say is that it must be a pandemic in itself as I too have picked the metallic reptile’s insatiable appetite.

The record kicks off with lead single ‘It’s About Time’; I don’t know what the speed limit is in France but the pace of the tracklisting is relentless and I am here for every breakneck second of it! The seamless, relentless, and hi-octane from song to song with powerful garage punk laced riffs, the pneumatic rhythm section, all combined with the vocal delivery of James William Oesterburg giving a sermon on the mount. This rock’n’roll Jim, but not as we know it.
Four songs in we’re finally given the chance to catch our collective breath in the form of the incendiary breakdown towards the end of the ironically titled ‘no escape’. Effortlessly guiding us into the next track ‘obey/annihilate’; the band really displays its chops here in the form of their songwriting sensibilities, showing the fire and intensity of previous material but with an overall more grandiose setting and effects. From this, we’re lead even further down the genre rabbit hole with ‘death ride’, Cramped to the rafters with Lux Interior swagger.
‘Confusion blues’ takes us back on the straight and narrow of speed laced Punk’n’Roll, barely giving the punters a chance to recoup their cognitive thoughts of a world that doesn’t beat to the drum of Iron Lizard’s brutal yet beautiful onslaught.
You may have gathered whilst reading that I’m quite fond of this record, do yourselves, your friends, and your family a favour; buy this record, keep your eye on potential tour dates, and basically spend your time and money on this band. They definitely deserve it.
Buy Here
Connect with Iron Lizards: Facebook / Instagram
Author: Dan Kasm
Checking out what feels like the my first listen of an AFI album in over fifteen years, it seems this Warped Tour caterpillar has come out of the cocoon a full on goth death’s head moth with layers of lush 80s pop to boot. Finally completing the inevitable metamorphosis they began at the turn of this century.
AFI always seem to have a bit of a mixed legacy, somewhat down to their Hardcore roots and their association with Dexter Holland’s Nitro label. The band has come a long way since then and doesn’t get the credit which is due to them a lot of the time. The group has a strong stakehold in the dark 80s revival of the early noughties, making waves long before Emo raised it’s fringed head. Perhaps a classic problem for this bands place in the world: Too young and fresh for the original Misfits fiends and too much like the old guard for the younger Emotionally Melodic Hardcore ones.
Album number 11 kicks off with Banshees tinged number ‘twisted tongues’ with everything from the urgent drum beats to the stirring guitar lines, setting up the listener for this tour de force of goth emblazoned post punk. If there were any trepidation in the groups genuineness, track two completely kicks the doors down. Sounding like a forgotten relic from the Modern English back catalogue coupled with the irresistible singalong vocal delivery of frontman Davey Havok.

The band manages to dip it’s toe into more mainstream waters whilst maintaining their integrity, particularly with some cleaner production and electronic beats. Imagine the Killers during their more respectable runs had a creative epiphany when listening to a shit load of Bauhaus.
The main takeaway from this record is that the band has clearly shown growth without losing identity. The album is accessible without compromise and the band has shown different angles of their sound without falling into pitfalls or being pigeonholed. The strength of songs such as ‘no eyes’ and ‘looking tragic’, the brooding of tracks ‘back from the flesh’ and ‘tied to a tree’ show the potential to reach a whole new audience who may have put AFI in a box a long time ago without considering the groups ability to adapt within their skill set.
I for one have been pleasantly surprised by Bodies and cannot wait to coerce my friends into rolling the dice on this not so hidden gem. Give it a listen and surprise yourself. You’ve got nothing to lose.
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Author: Dan Kasm

I came across the band purely by accident on one of your typical ‘social media’ conglomerates. Merely described as a “straightforward punk number”, normally I would move on with such an uninspiring description but decided to give it a click all the same. Being so impressed with the track ‘headlong’ I quickly discovered that this is the first track off their debut album and I am yet to be dissatisfied taking a chance on the ominous description. A very mature sounding punk record, Bob Mould Husker Du era guitars with stark post-punk vocals.

It would appear that the Melbourne 5 piece are the latest Antipodean arrival of enviable punk/alt-rock to hit our shores. And a most welcome addition. Sonically the guitars lean towards the heavier end of eighties college rock, not looking out of place on the classic rosters of Sub Pop or SST. Title track ‘cheers for the future’ even hits brain bleeding Sonic Youth levels of noise but still managing to sound really accessible for the listener.
The album is a well thought out release, just when you think you have it all figured out and can place it in a box, it steps sideways adding synths, electronic beats and even throwing in feminine backing vocals as you make your way through the record. All adding different layers and textures without taking anything away from the overall product. Blending dirgey guitar lines with more divine sounding Dinosaur Jr harmonic fuzz.
Available to buy on Bandcamp and to stream on Spotify, make Zombeaches your band of 2021!
Buy ‘Cheers To The Future’ Here
The re-release of this overlooked early noughties debut, that wouldn’t look out of place alongside the rougher more streetwise garage rock that littered the era, imagine Eighties Matchbox after the acid trip or Black Rebel Motorcycle Club if they were inclined to get into more bar fights.
The Los Angeles group certainly know their stuff, this record is a brutal melting pot of garage, psych and cow punk from the getgo. ‘Too far down’ kicks off the affair with a classic psychobilly rhythm and vocals full of hypnotic drones. ‘She’s trouble’ lives up to it’s mantra with savage Cramps style guitar lines but with a pumped up bass line laced with steroids.
The album ticks all the boxes for me like a winning bingo card, the guitars are scuzzy, the organ sounds are plentiful and the only real downer is that some of the songs pass by too quickly but there is the real genius where it leaves you wanting more!
Whether you are a revival fan of the genres represented here or a sixties purist it’s hard to deny that this is a treasure trove of Nuggets from any era. If you’re like me and this debut is a new discovery for you, make up for lost time and get it on heavy rotation straight away.
Buy The Guilty Hearts Here
Author: Dan Kasm

For those wanting a distraction from the news and the world in general, Bandcamp Friday is a welcome addition to lockdown life. For those not familiar, these monthly events are a great opportunity for music fans to spend whilst being safe in the knowledge that 100% of the cash goes straight to the artists. This is achieved thanks to Bandcamp forgoing their cut for 24 hours and allowing acts to maximise their income. At present Spotify, Amazon, Apple etc do not offer anything similar to this scheme…….

This month I’m putting forward 10 new releases, all of which are absolute bangers! This is how I plan on spending my cash this Friday, check out these releases and all your favourite artists Bandcamp pages and support them in these trying times.
The Dry Retch – 12,000 miles from new
The new single from Scouse/Antipodean garage punk rockers the Dry Retch. A crunchy slab of psyched out proto punk channelling all the best parts of Mudhoney, with vocals reminiscent of SY Thurston Moore. This for me is rounding out to be their best track so far. All of this for the more than reasonable sum of £1. The guys have a selection of stellar albums available also.
Buy Here
Graveyard Party – Lady Lazarus
A special Halloween release here from Tulsa’s own Graveyard Party. A tranquil yet scuzzy single with a wonderfully slow and drawn out bass intro sounding like a dark post punk tinged Pavement. The single is available for download for the very agreeable price of $1 as well as a range of other solid material to purchase.
Buy Here
Mom – Pleasure Island
For those of you looking for something on the sweeter side, check out power pop swedes Mom. This album release will take you back instantly to your carefree youth, a much needed endless summer as winter sets in. This record is a must for bubblegum fans of Cheap Trick, Warm Soda etc. The full album is at a recession proof price of $6.
Buy Here
Taffee – Have taste in your own bad faith
This stripped back EP is the latest work by the Berlin post punkers. Hypnotically simple with an approach sounding like a Siouxie led Fall. Made available generously at name your price, this EP is well worth parting with your money.
Buy Here
Lee Bains & the Glory Fires –  2-4-6-8 Motorway EP
The new EP from Americana tinged punks LB & the Glory Fires is headed off by Tom Robinson Band classic Motorway but the rest of the release is a much softer and more poignant affair. Although all acoustic numbers on the 3 remaining tracks, the songs certainly don’t lose their lyrical bite. All yours for $3.99.
Buy Here
The Lotts – we are the Lotts
Debut EP from Warrington’s own garage punk rockers the Lotts, released back in July but definitely worth a mention on this list. With a sound leaning towards the cleverer side of the early 00s garage revival, the Lotts have great lofi swagger reminding me of D4 and the Black Lips. This EP has a lush sounding production and is certainly worth £4 for the privilege.
Buy Here
Black Country New Road – Science Fair
This is the latest track and taster for the debut album from the London post rockers. Please be warned that this is definitely not to everyone’s taste, and to be honest not always to mine but the sheer frenetic verousity of the vocals and the melding of the horns and distorted guitars hit a jazz like crescendo that you really have to admire. This quasi single is out now and available for $1.30.
Buy Here
Lowlives – Gravity
This track dropped last month from the LA based quartet and further showcases their hard yet accessible alternative rock sound. Lowlives have been bubbling under for a while now thanks to some solid releases and a few well placed support slots. Gravity is a straightforward ballsy 3 minute rock song that will definitely be enjoyed by 3 Colours Red fans but the B-side Hate, Greed, Liars, Thieves expands their sound further with very epic post grunge meets Deftones feel. This release is $1.99. Buy it, these guys are going to be massive.
Buy Here
Static Fur – Sorry Future
Brand new release from the West Virginian post punks. With an almost Birthday Party tribilistic sound with bleak dystopian synths thrown in for good measure. This first outing is a strong collection of songs and at $6 this mini album is a steal.
Buy Here
SUA – You Don’t Care
And finally we have Spanish alternative rockers SUA blending a poppier side of post punk with riot grrl swagger, reminiscent of mid to late 90s British indie girl groups Fluffy, Kenickie and Elastica. Great lyrics and great price of 1 Euro this track is definitely worth checking out.
Buy Here
Author: Dan Kasm
One of the few good things to come out of Lockdown is Bandcamp standing by their toiled artists and offering the consumer a day to purchase to their heart’s content knowing that their money is going straight into the artist’s pocket. These events have been highly successful and a much needed financial assistance to musicians whose income has taken a potentially massive dent. There is a lot of content on Bandcamp and this can intimidate all of us, not knowing where to invest our hard-earned cash. Here are a few of my recommendations to consider if you are looking to get involved.. 
‘Exile Parlour’ – the latest release from Merseyside’s Post Punk rising stars Eyesore & The Jinx. Hypnotic basslines, beautifully distorted guitars and targeted concise lyrics giving them the make-up of a coherent Fall. Released on Eggy records. Currently, on Bandcamp, the bands discography is available on digital format for the bargain price of £6.19. What are you waiting for?


Neonic Sunrise
‘Lies Paradise’ – Debut LP from Moscow based Neonic Sunrise. Very hard to categorise this group with the sound changing and adapting track to track, with influences coming in the form of Garage Rock, Post Punk and Shoegaze. Stand out tracks for me being Heal and single Taste Your Lips being my favourite single of the year so far.






Stray(Wharf Cat Records) – Finally we have the third outing by the Southern gothic trio Bambara. This LP came out in February and was criminally overlooked but its not too late to get it on your album of the year list. Often compared to Nick Cave, although I feel they are an intimidating mix of both the Bad Seeds and the harsher Birthday Party with excellent Cow Punk chops giving a nod to the Gun Club at the same time.





Author: Dan Kasm


JSK & The Lockdown Lovers – ‘Lockdown Lover’  A late call up comes in the shape of Johny Skull Knuckles and his Kopek Millionaires who’ve recorded a special track for this special Friday on Bandcamp.  He’s also promised a special video to accompany it as well so get stuck in ya rock and rollers. Of course it’s good. Its got plenty of heart and exactly what you’d expect from Johny, great chorus and all the sleazy Rock and Roll chops you could want. the second track sees Skull Knuckles reach lofty notes he’s not reached in a while I’d guess? but he’s riffin like a good un here and turning up the Rock! go Johny and go good people of RPM Online world and support these artists on this Friday seeing as Bandcamp have done the right thing and given a bit more back to the artists who underpin their success.  (Take note Spotify and other streaming sites) Bandcamp