Denver’s Fast Eddy releases their sophomore album, and with a- dare I say it, more mature record (in as much as they are wiser in the songwriting department and have the recording and sound they want nailed!) 

From the moment the needle drops it’s a smoldering intro, no snotty kids making noise but one that says turn it up mother fucker Fast Eddy’s in the room. ‘Take A Look (The track is a slow burner) The title track grooves out of the speakers with a cooool guitar riff. 

Next up ‘Milwaukee’ is a supremely confident track that should be a radio hit for sure. With a cool backbeat, it’s a foot-stomper with a groove and you just want to move with that tambourine it first appears on the group’s “Toofer” 7” EP also released Spaghetty Town, in 2018. Complete with Thin-Lizzy Esque guitar duties shared between Morris and fellow six-stringer Lisandro Gutierrez, the track is the yin and yang of leading a full-tilt rock n’ roll lifestyle.

This being the first physical album Fast Eddy have released, the band have left noting in reserve and dished up a belter with songs like ‘Kill City’ (not to be confused with the Iggy classic) uptempo and rocking out with some cool riffing and good melodies helping rock out with some cool backing vocals straight out of the Hanoi Rock handbook. 

The album took three recording sessions to Atlanta from 2018-2021, even in the midst of a global pandemic. Thanks to the assistance of Dan Dixon and Biters Tuk Smith, these 10 tracks are far louder and more contagious than anything found at your familiar super-spreader. 

‘Dead Eyes’ is a radio-friendly slice of power pop with some great choppy guitar work. Adding another string to their impressive bow on the laid-back ‘Help Me’ that builds slowly like a bit of 70s glam mixed with some post-punk like Elvis and his attractions. They can still tear it up with the punchy ‘Hurricane Alley’ then they turn it up with a right ripper, ‘Lost’. It’s got some snotty punk rockin attitude mixed with Chuck Berrys rock n roll and a hint of an over-the-top Mott The Hoople for good measure. You can tell the band’s influences reach far and wide and whatever bleeds through is just left to keep on bleeding if the song needs it. An album that keeps on giving and one that with the right level of investment will reward play after play.

‘Game Of Love’ has touches of pomp rock and exaggerated larger-than-life thoughts with some glittery stack heels and huge flowing shirt sleeves but mixed with some tight leather trousers and a smoldering cigarette with a warm glass of single malt. The bridge is huge like Edwardian playhouse knees up or written after daydreaming about Oliver Twist dancing through the streets of sleazy London a few hundred years ago.

Before they sign off that Thin Lizzy dual guitar work is present on the upbeat handclapping ‘Frankie Died’ another tune that could and should be a huge hit. which only leaves the post-punk new wave-like ‘Sunflower’ yet another twist proving that the band won’t be pigeonholed into any particular Genre and just do Fast Eddy a little bit of this and more of that mixed together and poured out onto the turntable making a really impressive album that you really should invest in.

  Available in North America from Spaghetty Town Records and Boulevard Trash.  In Europe, on Dragstrip Riot Records Hell these cats released Killer HEarts last year as well so what are you waiting for?.

Author: Dom Daley

OK Rock n Rollers, the time is here, the time is now! Sleazy Punk Rock n Rollers Killer Hearts have teased us with their EP and a few compilation cuts but now they’ve dropped their bomb of a full-length record and it kicks like a mother fucking mule.  Imagine Cheetah Chrome and Stiv fronting a punk rock n roll band in 2021 with a history of sleazy rock and glam (no not the sunset strip glam – real glam) and they’ve gone and poured their molten sleaze on ten tracks on wax and then hit the explode button to supercharge this fucker with lipstick and a laced up iron fist – its full to the brim with Thunderbird fueled punk rock with the charm and borrowed gang vocal of The Boys, these cats can whip your ass if you throw them some shade and they’ll be the best damn party you’ve ever pushed a front door on.


With tried and tested titles like ‘Get Some’ and ‘Savage Heathen’ you just know instinctively what ‘Dead End Kid 4 Ever’ is going to sound like and if you’re still in doubt then maybe 24/7 Action’ and ‘Goodtime Motherfuckers’ should seal the deal.  Listen, if you’re looking for right on politically correct modern rock then you’ve opened the wrong review and we don’t cover Muse or Biffy Cliro this is Rock and Roll baby, with some cheap wine, a switchblade comb and a pack of lucky strike no filter. Marvel at the artwork and the fact it’s pressed on red-light district red vinyl.  It’s a late record for people who hanker after the Dead Boys, The Heartbreakers, and Hanoi on steroids these cats cut the crap and rock out using all the chords their heroes did and you’ll be damned if you think they’re going to apologise for it and why the fuck should they.

Right, the tunes. ‘Get Some’ is a thunderous downstroke killer of an opener.  Setting the tone with a rush of blood it’s kicking the door off the hinges and going for broke before the cops come. “Like a bad habit, use it take it” Get some indeed. From the bass throb in the breakdown to the tambourine joining in the rhythm to that killer solo that rips across your face it’s like when Guns and Roses burst on the scene with ‘Live Like a Suicide’ before they imploded and forgot their roots this is thunder and lightning in a bottle that’s been shaken and the top taken off.


I’ve been waiting for this album to get released for a while and I was hoping that the high expectations would be met and after the opening few tunes I’m loving it and those expectations have been reached and some. ‘Do Your Thing’ is full to bursting with Chuck Berry licks a plenty played at Dee Dee speed through fuck you speakers!  Take a breather kids because these punks are taking over the pit with the sonic reducer phaser and ‘Savage Heathen’ is having it both barrels and there ain’t nothing we can do about itas solos dive in through the speakers like bolts of lightning striking your ears and heart.


After ‘Dynamite Heart’ has muscled its way into the reckoning I was worried that they couldn’t maintain the standards but fuck me sideways this is the Sleazy Rock n Roll album the world has been waiting for its epic and exciting.  Sure it’s been done before but who really gives a fuck its Rock and Roll baby and I fuckin Like it!


You want punchy rockers then step up and take a swing at ‘Midnight Lucifer’ a thunderous powerhouse with an earworm chorus that will rip your ear off and throw up its rock down your canal straight to your pleasure receptors in that punch drunk brain of yours.  Hell, we’re only halfway through and this is showing no sign of letting up.


Play ‘Good Time Motherfucker’ to your nan she’d love it from the gang vocals through the verses and that piano tonk this is exceptional stuff.   Howling harmonica approaching in the name of ‘Scream and Shout’ now join in on those gang vocals kids you know you want to, hell they’ve even loaned The Boys gang ‘oh oh oh ohs’ and I’m sure Honest John and the lads would approve it would only get cooler if they had asked them to the recording and join the band to lend a hand.


If you’re asking for a favourite song then I’m at a loss really such is the quality of the album but if you held a gun to my head then maybe ’24/7 Action’ might get the nod for its dirty riff and sleazy vocals and the punch of the rhythm section.


Shit, we even had some acoustic guitars for the intro of ‘Dead End Kids 4 Ever’ but it was short-lived and the chorus is a killer (obviously) Damn we’re on the last track. ‘Buried In Leather’ is a dark romp that is full of harnessed feedback and has an aggressive punch.


Easily one of the finest records I’ve had the pleasure of hearing all year and one I’ve already played to death – on repeated plays (not something you can say these days) and there isn’t one single weakness I’ve heard thus far.  A beautiful noise if ever there was one and a crash and burn record if ever there was one, a vital, must-own if you’ve ever had a fire in your heart for loud, dirty, sleazy Punk Rock and Roll!  Buy it!  play Loud or else I’m sending the boys round.

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Hard-Ons – ‘Lite As A Feather’ (Cheersquad Records)  From the album ‘I’m Sorry Sir, That Riff’s Been Taken’ HArd-Ons 2021 are right on the money and killing it with this new single and if this an indication of the album then bring it on.  Tim Rogers joining the Hard-Ons wasn’t mind-boggling enough – plenty of fans of both parties thought it was a prank when initially announced – the group’s new video, for the rousing “Lite As A Feather”, will no doubt cause more confusion. Featuring footage of the four band members playing along to the song in isolation but mixing up their roles.  The albums out October 8th write it in your diary.  Pre order the album Here



Frvits – ‘Stupid Era’ (Slovenly Recordings)  Hardcore punk rockers kicking the shit out of some poor defenseless instruments with the treble turned up and the twang on the bass set to pierce your head. An important part of your diet is punk rock music and this 7″ will nourish and give sustenance that’s a given.

This “Stupid Era” platter is a relentless attack, fronted by Shit Vicious on a radioactive vox, and featuring Wind of Change (associate of PRIORS & DUCHESS SAYS), Krispy Karl, Alexander Ortiz, and Blag Dahlia/Jesus (DWARVES) with a vocal appearance on the penultimate track “Abortion Hoops.” This one is awesome, fun, and as abstract as a frvit salad served in a urinal haha perfect I hear you say or heave.

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The Dirty Denims – ‘Rock and Roll All Night’ (Screaming Crow Records) What’s not to like? It’s a decent effort and most people like a summery Kiss cover and this ticks all the boxes.


Bitch Queens – ‘Burn It Down’ (Lux Noise Records) Call it Deathpunk call it Action Rock call it what you like we’ll just call it Quality.  This one is a Banger no question about it.  They’ve never let us down before and by the sounds of it they are still raging and writing excellent pissed-off loud punk n roll.  That my friends is unquestionable and a fact.   It is the third single off the upcoming album “Custom Dystopia” which will be released on November 5th. so mark that in your diary!


Killer Hearts – ‘Savage Heathen’ (Spaghetty Town Records (USA) / Dragstrip Riot Records (Europe) )  Looking every inch the Rock and Roll superstars that the world is crying out for Killer Hearts have got the chops to back up the leather and are hellbound with all the devils best riffs.  ‘Savage Heathens’ is a perfect introduction for anyone looking for their next bunch of pin-ups to go on their wall like their Ziggy and Iggy pics alongside Stiv and Alice.  Loud, fast, unruly and fuckin dynamite.  Just wait until you hear the whole album it’s a guaranteed no-brainer and must-own record.  Buy It!


ACID BLOOD – ‘Tombstone World’ (janml-records)  Trying to break the world record with the number of videos taken from one single album Acid Blood take this one to the altar and knock out a performance for the banger that is ‘Tombstone World’.  Now they’re out of isolation maybe they can get on with that follow up album. Top tune though

Dead Dirty Dinosaurs – ‘Catalyst’ (Riot Records) Brisbane icons in the making are back with a new tune with A love of 90’s alt rock, punk, post punk and post rock it’s engaging and full on – check it out.


The Chords UK’s  ‘ Hey Kids! Come The Revolution’ (EPOP Records)  A three-track CD from the forthcoming album ‘ Big City Dreams’ is a cool slice of punk rock with hints of the mighty Clash.  Chris Pope isn’t interested in remaining frozen in time and his aim has always been to push forward to develop a new identity, a new sound and new songs with a contemporary harder edge. ‘Big City Dreams’ does exactly that. And then some and this single is proof that he’s achieved his goal.


DANGEREENS – ‘Thieves’  (Golden Robot Records)  We raved about Dangereens during lockdown and their most excellent debut album.  After signing to Golden Robot Records theve picked the excellent rocker ‘Thieves’ to get the band back out there.  Harking back to a time in the 70s when Rock and Roll really mattered and hitting the pop charts was a big deal.  This is the kind of track that deserves to be seen and heard.  Check it out.


Seven Days and Doesn’t Die – ‘No Restitution’ – The unmistakable pipes of Kit Swing on lead vocals as her band thump through this unrelenting rocker ‘No Restitution’.  This thumping rocker is lifted from the bands debut album due in November and one you should consider highlighting in your diary for your ears attention. Pre Order it here

MEMBRANES – ‘Borders Blurred’ The track that should have been on the band’s comeback album from 2019 but just couldn’t finish it. After a radical re-haul it now feels fresh and new and reflects these times where cultural borders are truly blurred, whilst also being a song about dislocation and being an astronaut floating in space looking back at the end of times of the planet Earth..  It’s contemporary and pretty bloody good – more please Mr Robb and co.

Membranes have just re-issued a double-LP vinyl set of “What Nature Gives, Nature Takes Away”, available from their Bandcamp store 
Riskee & The Ridicule – Too Young To Be Old’ (Bomber Music) Excellent take on the  Lana Del Rey tune and two others besides.  The band released the songs individually throughout 2020 and have got Bomber Music to package them together as the band take the tunes out on the rad now that things are openng up.  Hit them up for the dates you wont be disappointed.  BUY/PLAY THE EP HEREWATCH THE VIDEOS HERE: 


Dead Furies came to my attention a few years ago when they released their second album ‘Rock City a Go Go’ which utilized a font reminiscent of the Hellacopters.  With their 4th album, the band continue to expand their sound while maintaining the heart of the band. This finds them continuing to turn the corner into a classic rock band with the tempos a little slower. That may turn a few people away, but the band has continued to develop as songwriters, and the diversity makes it a rewarding listen without the band going through the motions of repeating themselves. The album title even gives a nice nod of the hat to the Rolling Stones. With all that in mind, let’s get into what makes ‘Midnight Ramble’ the next excellent release for the Dead Furies.

Kicking off with ‘Let’s Get Loaded’ really works for the album as the guitar and tempo feel a bit restrained and set up an engaging and catchy chorus. Ardo Fury (vocals/ guitars) has a really distinct voice that makes the band immediately identifiable for me. Increasing the tempo with ‘Follow You,’ the band channels some great 70’s style hard rock with a straight forward chorus that gives way back to the catchy riff that starts the song. The vocals in the verses are sang over just the bass (Robert Fury) and drums (Erik Fury). ‘Mesozoic Rock’ continues the classic rock attack with a chorus that kind of goes back to the stone age in its simplicity. I personally love how the tempo increases after the second chorus and allows Robert’s bass to get some time to shine during the break.

Approaching the middle of the album, the band is firing on all cylinders with ‘Gold Digger.’ The musical intro gives plenty of space in the mix which sets up the first verse where Ardo takes control. Musically, this is one where I can feel the band channeling great bits from the likes of Jetboy and L.A. Guns. Closing out the first half of the album is the hard rocking ‘9 to 5’ where I am reminded of the likes of late 80’s L.A. band the Little Kings crossed with a bit of punk n roll.

Flipping the figurative vinyl over to side b, we are presented with the uniquely titled ‘Candlewax on a 7.’’ The band slow it back down with the focus on a groove that works extremely well. The breakdown in the song works its way into the guitar solo. At over four and a half minutes, the band doesn’t rush anything here and is more powerful because of it. ‘She Said, She Said’ comes to life sounding like Johnny Thunders crossed with a bit of the U.K. Subs. The worst thing about this song is that it is only about two minutes long. In these early listens, this one might be my favorite across the album. It gives way to the acoustic ‘Lady Jane’ that again reminds me of Thunders with touches of the Velvet Underground. It serves as a reminder that the Furies are really settled into the classic rock stylings of the 70’s here with this song sounding different from anything they have done.

Getting into the end of the album, ‘Please Tell Me Now’ gets us back into full rock mode with the electric guitars coming to life. This one reminds me more of their past albums with a slightly cleaner production.       ‘Red Wine & Alone Time’ serves as a the perfect six minute finale as it truly takes us on a journey from its slower beat at the start to the noisy end. It serves as another great example of a band that continues to naturally evolve their sound. The groove here ends the album on an absolute high.

The Dead Furies are now four albums into a career where they have continued an ongoing evolution and given us fans something new to enjoy with every album. Ardo and I chatted about some of the influences for this album after I wrote this review, and I have to say they are not obvious as those influences sometimes come across through subtle nuances. Right now, I am enjoying this album on a whole more than ‘Stay Gold’ even if there isn’t a song here that connects with me quite as much as ‘Cowboys and Indians’ from that album.

‘Midnight Ramble’ is available now.


Facebook / Bandcamp


Author: Gerald Stansbury




Wow-what a fantastic record.  That’s it I could leave the review right there that’s all you need to know.  It’s nothing new – they’re not reinventing the wheel – just cruising around with the hood down supping on a few beers with the best eight-track sitting in their retro rocket-fueled hot rod.  Dead Furies just play Rock and Roll and play it loud and loose and that’s all you need to know. Oh Yeah, incase you need it spelling out they write Great Songs!


Ok, so its not really all you need to know but you get the picture.  I’m not really up on what’s hot and what’s not in in Tallinn, Estonia but I do know that it has one of Europes finest Rock and Roller bands out there making Solid Gold Rock and Roll right here right now. They mix up some classic ’70s rock n Roll and stand it next to some Classic Rock n Roll from the likes of Iggy or the Stones and the whole Scandi scene and let it all melt into one. What’s not to like on the blistering ‘Good God Damn’ it’s like Bolan Jammin with Iggy – everybody on your feet because this pre-chorus needs a standing ovation its that good.  If I had to reward a tune ‘Tune of the month’ then this is it. Then, to follow it up with a slab of Motorhead inspired heads down Action Rock of ‘Holy Nothing’ these boys are having it and strutting their stuff like a Rock and Roll peacock and looking good doing it as well.

From the Stooges piano on the title track its feel-good Rock and Roll and seeing as Rockin is their business then I should declare right here right now that business is not just good its awesome.  With more than their fair share of excellent songs, this record should, in a just world, see the band kick open plenty of doors and hear ‘Stay Gold’ blasting out of bedroom all over this globe.  But they’ll have to work hard for it and tour the guts out of this record just to make a tiny dent I guess.  It deserves to be heard because they don’t just have one or two good ideas they have a record bursting with very good songs.

‘Death Of A Comedian’ is coolness personified cruising along towards the understated chorus and we go again. There are fourteen tracks on this album so they’ve shoed in plenty of bang for your bucks. ‘A couple OF Winos’ could be about a few people I know and from the heavy lick it cools down into a good groove for the verse this should appeal to classic old school rockers for its arrangement but its got style and is nestled in well in the middle of the record next to the MC5 hip shake of ‘Sweet Lovin’ Body’ with a great chorus and maybe candidate for my favourite track on the album.

Oh, wait, ‘The More things Change’ howls in on a cool as fuck saxophone honk wearing an old Bowie jacket and a little heavy eye makeup.  Such a good song.  ‘(I’m Not Gonna) Go Down’ is straight out of the early Hellacopters and Total 13 handbook and why the fuck not?  ‘Same Same But Different’ reminds me of The Heartbreakers ‘I Wanna Be Loved’ but it’s same same but different- you’ll get it.  As we head into the homestraight the boys just cut loose with rockers ‘Cowboys And Indians’ before taking you up a side street for the closer ‘I Get A  Kick From You’.  I get akick from hearing records this good and would happily endorse this bad boy there is a lot of music and it has variety yet keeps its identity and they’re not afraid to tread outside their comfort zone now and again either.

try it!




Author: Dom Daley