Got in a bit too late tonight to catch Raw Bones open up, for which I can only apologise. From the bit I caught and what heard from the other punters I certainly need to pull my socks up next time they’re on. 

What I would like to say before continuing my review, in relation to a different night’s event. What an amazing venue Outpost is. Tonight’s event is a prime example of it’s smooth running and how it’s a beacon for DIY touring bands. This place was my last gig before we went into Lockdown and my first one back when we came out of (one of the many) Lockdown(s). Fiercely independent and very welcoming. It’s a challenging time for all places of hospitality right across the board. No one needs spurious and childish retorts online that can hamper a business. Please treat staff and facilities with respect. Keep our venues busy. Keep our venues open. Thanks.

Birkenhead stalwarts the Dry Retch, take us through their usual tour de force, throwing heavy artillery our way and lobbing the occasional grenade of quips and wordplay. Treating us to favourites such as ‘12,000 miles from new’ and the truely pulsating ‘hate the young’. We’re also treated to a new track, that is absolute seismic garage terror. Definitely one to keep an eye out for.

Human Toys hit the stage and introduce us to their brand of theremin infused Parisian punk rock fury. Excellent guitar chops married with energetic and chaotic mic work. This duo engage with the crowd at all opportunities and show nothing but enthusiasm throughout. In a couple of years these pair could have the potential to be a cult live act that everyone will seek out, such as Bob Log III, Messer Chups and the Courettes. But they’re not quite there yet, at times, coupled with unnecessary feedback it can be a little all over the place. Perhaps I caught these guys on a bad night, but it definitely hasn’t put me off in the future. Judging by their new 45 that has just dropped, ‘go go alco’/’generation shit’, the material is only getting better.

Author: Dan Kasm

The Merseyside Garage punks are getting out the starting gates early for 2021 with yet another solid mini-album release, fleshing out the previous single ‘12,000 miles from new’ with five new tracks. 2020’s ‘12,000….’ is a grinding ordeal with an L7-esque bassline that will seep into your subconscious, a welcomed guest that will never leave.

Like previous releases the lads have cranked out the Big Muff in spades, delivering their sonic assault of Proto-Punk. The second track ‘I never washed it’, sounding as dirty as it’s proclaiming all while channeling a masterful Lux Interior.

Stand out track here undoubtedly ‘condition 19’, painting a picture all too familiar for everyone in the past year. Whether you’re hitting the bottle or trying to appease yourself by learning Spanish, cabin fever is setting for all of us. The Covid theme continues with the fantastic Mudhoney tongue in cheek number ‘(Don’t) touch me, you’re sick!’.

Thrown into the mix, as if a cherry was even needed on the cake, a stripped-down cover of New York Doll’s ‘Vietnamese baby’. A much starker version delivered here with a little cheeky riff from other Dolls classic ‘Jet Boy’ tacked on at the end, a great tribute to the recently departed Dolls guitarist Sylvan Sylvan. Go get yourself a copy.

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Author: Dan Kasm

I had the pleasure of attending the first of what’s planned to be a new series of nights in Liverpool showcasing a mixture of local bands and those on tour. There is a strange atmosphere tonight as one may expect during the unprecedented times, we are all currently enduring. I am left retrospectively questioning my passion for supporting a local promoter’s fresh outing and the need for a night of entertainment, time will tell how great a decision it was.

Outpost (formally Maguires Pizza Bar) is a fantastic DIY venue offering an impressive array of beers, pizza and punk rock, what more is needed eh? I have had over the years the pleasure of seeing numerous great bands here notably The Cavemen and tonight is no different.

First up is Manchester based three-piece Tio Rico self-described as Noise Grunk, a very apt way of describing their in limbo style on this bill. Tio Rico definitely benefitted from having the best sound of the night, allowing the frontman’s lead guitar and vocals to shine through sitting on top of a faultless foundation laid down by the rhythm section. Mixing elements of New Day Rising era Husker Du and Nirvana’s Bleach, the band deliver a sound reminiscent of the harder edge of late 90’s Brit Rock. Think of Cable and heavier Six by Seven.

Local garage stalwarts Dry Retch kick off the next instalment, less Stooges but more reminiscent of the Sonic Rendezvous Band. The frontman gives the crowd between song banter, quipping on the current crisis in reliable Australian fashion. The sound is a bit rough for the guys tonight, despite this the solid four-piece still hold court and the crowd’s attention. Clearly the band of the night, persuading everyone to brave a small but busy venue. My only criticism would be to turn the lead guitar up in future as what wasn’t drowned out by the bass lines was absolutely Ron Ashton mind blowing shit! Certainly, check these guys out on their Bandcamp page, a great catalogue of material if you’re fan of guitar scuzz such as Mudhoney and Radio Birdman.

And finally, the Headliner Witchpunks Rites of Hadda. A very likable and animated band, engaging with the crowd at every opportunity. The make up of the band makes me think of parts of The Pop Group mixed with X-ray Spex, a post punk tour de force whether you want it or not… On paper I love this band, it ticks many boxes, in the flesh though I just can’t get past the vocalist. It takes real guts to front a band without any natural vocal ability or ferocity (I sincerely mean that), but unfortunately it does turn into a chore tonight. With art school none-vocals that would make Eddie Argos blush, I’m afraid I will not be going out of my way to catch Rites of Hadda again.

I spend my downtime currently anticipating a second Funhouse installment, or indeed any gig in the foreseeable future in hope of breaking life’s current monotony and to be safe in doing so. I hope you all stay safe too.

Tio Rico Bandcamp

The Dry Retch Bandcamp

Rites Of Hadda Bandcamp

Author: Dan Kasm