Floridian Freeloaders like to rock.  Make no mistake in that their twin-guitar attack is 70s centric and a celebration of who they are and what it is that made them pick up instruments and rock the fuck out!

They do things old school and have an old school touring schedule that’s had them frequenting the roadhouses, truck stops and Waffle Houses of the South. They’ve earned their stripes and have done it the hard way they pride themselves on their irresistible attraction (allegedly), and can’t pass a woman sitting alone at the bar without trying their luck…(so their biog says)

Sadly, all bullshit. Freeloader is four old-timers from the Boston music scene who have recombined in endless band permutations. Nat Freedberg is the singer, songwriter and guitarist. Jim Janota is the drummer (Nat and Jim played together in the Upper Crust), Charles Hansen is the lead guitar player, and Jim Haggerty plays bass. Damn, they had me sold.

Freedberg released a solo album last February called ‘Better Late Than Never’. It shows how prolific he is and with this coming out hot on its heels he is overflowing with tunes. But this Freeloader is more “Rock” with capital R Nat felt he needed a vehicle for these harder tunes so hence we have this band and this record.

There are two covers on the record, ‘Rag Doll’  A Four Seasons number, and Billy Preston’s funk classic “Will It Go Round In Circles,” which the band took and Rocked the shit out of. That leaves eight originals…  Nat only had seven. So its believed he wrote ‘Ten Songs Make an Album’  the day before it was due to be recorded.

Of the Ten songs, its strictly in Bon era DC territory with a clean overdriven guitar played loudly with a melodic tone its sharp and very clean distortion if you know what I mean there’s no way you could say this was swampy muddy sounding rock and roll that’s for sure.

‘Nobody Gives A Fuck’ is melodic in a Thin Lizzy ballpark as it stomps through the verse towards the chorus it’s timeless in a PAt Todd kinda way and I like that. Man, ‘Rag Doll’ sounds good they’ve really taken ownership of this one and given it a real bad boy boogie.  It might have the worst title on the record (hell the worst title I’ve seen all year but) ‘Chick A Boom Boom’ has a great riff and the solo would make Angus blush.  the only tune I’m not so sure of is the Scottishness of ‘The Highland Fling’ its almost piraty and the lyrics aren’t for me.

Thank God for ‘Round In Circles’ and we’re back on track with a neat groove the band are rocking again which only leaves the Jags or Cars kinda skank on ‘Ten Songs Make An Album’.  Now where is the party because I’ve got the tunes. Bloody Freeloaders.

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Author: Dom Daley