The indelible Jon Spencer (Blues Explosion, Boss Hog, Pussy Galore, Heavy Trash, etc) is back in the room and this time he’s brought The Hit Makers whilst the Blues Explosion takes a break.

Well, What does it sound like man? Is it a departure for Jon has he gone pop? First off you get plenty of bang for your buck as this bad boy contains Thirteen phat beating, fuzzed up, Groovy Rock n Roll baby, and that right where you want to be. Hell, it’s Jon Spencer god damn it. ‘Junk Man’ is like the beastie boys got transported into Spencer’s head and he poured out that hustling groovy vibe with a paper thin synth lick on top of a big beat with added howling from your main man, Perfick innit!

Spencer sure does get things lit as he delivers his fucked up sounds and if you’re not on board by the time ‘Get It Right Now’ is in full flight your head is rumbling to the backbeat and Spencer’s whack vocals and lyrics. Gets It Lit delivers in spades, it’s exciting, Fucked up, depraved, and all in his inimitable gonzo style. It sure is a head fuck and ‘Death Ray’ is only the third track on offer. As the guitar flickers to life via a paper thin lick its a shuffle and some tweaking blinking synths as Spencer dishes out his sermon about God knows what (a second inside his head would terrify 99.9% of the population Who knows how he manages to get that shit out and onto tape at the best of times but I can’t help but feel that he’s got a cheeky grin in the booth when recording this record. It’s messed up for sure it’s a melting pot like no other but damn it’s good. fuzz guitar, fat synths, rhapsodises, Wild guitar breaks, and lyrics intended to mess with the most stable mind. Spencer Gets It Lit for sure. Whilst there is a lot going down it sounds like the best of times and a lot of fun melted into the plastic on this disc.

I’m loving ‘Primary Baby’ for its solid groove and great vocals. Playing this on jaw vibrating volumes takes it to the next level and is a lot of fun, even the neighbours would agree. I’d love to hear Jon do a collaboration with Bobby Gillespie I think they could make some sweet sweet music and ‘Bruise’ is what made me think of that musical marriage. “All I Want Is Everything” he shouts out but I think he’s already got everything, well, except the kitchen sink – This I know because I’ve been playing this record for days and to be fair it’s probably got the kitchen sink in here somewhere.

By the time we get to ‘Push Comes To Shove’ I need a time out and to sit in a field to gather myself before I dive back in for the rest of this beautiful noise. ‘My Hit Parade’ is about the straightest song on here just a twisted pop song with some twang on that guitar.

‘Strike 3’ is a stonker with a sharp guitar lick and some garage beats for good measure. The record signs off with ‘Get Up And Do It’ which is like he’s brought up the ghost of Lux and walks off into the sunset with a touch of Cramp. I hope the next offering isn’t too far off because this was a blast! Now lets all go get Lit!

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Author: Dom Daley