The latest release from Bristol noise mongers Grand Collapse is an important one. The anger being expressed here is a direct response to the Black Lives Matters protests in their home city last summer, where the statue of the 17th century slave trader Edward Colston ended up in the harbour after protesters pushed it in. The album was written at a time where civil unrest around the world was extremely high. The eleven tracks on the album are all short, sharp shocks to the system (the entire album clocks in at just over twenty-six minutes), with a message to the world that discrimination of any kind can no longer be tolerated.

The production from Lewis Johns is crystal clear and the musicianship is superb. Drummer Glenn Tew plays an absolute blinder. The cover art is excellent with depictions of martyrdom of eras that have long outstayed their welcome. The band’s sound harks back to the nineties hardcore (think Scratch the Surface era Sick of It All and you won’t be far away). It’s not an easy listen by any means, but it’s an essential one.

The band are back out there touring very shortly, I for one will be checking them out. You should do the same!

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Author: Kenny Kendrick