Album number four from the sex bombs from down under and its more punk rockin – more filthy – more depraved – more coloured vinyl than ever before kids, but worry not,  Mick is still sporting the cape and speedos and as the cover artwork can testify he’s even gone for some sussies the dirty boy.  Covid hasn’t interfered with the bands’ depraved modus operandi and best of all vinyl junkies can pick up copies be it in the USA  or The UK and not have to weep at import fees and postage from Australia.


Grindhouse play hard and fast and with a nod and a wink to UK legends The Hip Priests they also write lyrics that’ll make yer nan blush and from behind the cape n speedos Mick ‘Two Fingers’ Simpson has the coin purse to pull off this rapid filthy slabs of Garage punk and by the sounds of it, they’ve spent their lockdown chomping on snags and bbq’s and rockin out hard!  They’ve taken the first three albums put them in a blender poured in some top strength lager and poured out their finest cocktail to date and taken the Grindhouse style & sound to the next level.  when you want your fix of depraved and sweary garage rock n roll and Turbonegro seem like a long distant dinosaur up step the boys from down under.


Hailing from the Gong, Melbourne and Geelong, Grindhouse has been prominent players on the bountiful Australian punk rock and garage scene setting the pace for others to follow and by releasing ‘Sex Punk Power’ its obvious they’ve taken it to the next level and set the bar for others to follow. ‘Sex Punk Power’  is mixed and mastered by the one and only Steven McDonald (Redd Kross, Melvins, OFF!) in Los Angeles and it’s given the band a bigger sound.

The dirty, punk-rock, garage sound is obviously still the mainstay but the overall sheen of the record is glossier.  sure, It still features the catchy filthy lyrics of front-man Mick ‘Two Fingers’ Simpson who knocks out some stunning riffs alongside guitarists Ricky ‘Pony Club’ Audsley and Shannon ‘Candy Cocaine’ Cannon who also provides excellent, female vocals throughout the album.  The lyrics are still the expletive-filled sweary kid from Viz style non-conformist Dwarves to the next level stuff I mean I was playing ‘Phone Sex’ in my headphones whilst walking down a canal path and felt I had to walk faster in case anyone was behind me it was unnerving stuff hearing the dual vocals whispering in my cans about kissing my hips.


Some of the riffs are exactly what’s needed – filthy hot rod stuff – take ‘Drive Straight’ is the pure rocket fuel that is an absolute punk-rock Banger. ‘Hello Hamburg’ is sleazy and like a soundtrack to Germanys Reeperbahn with added paranoia as the riff swirls round and round and on repeated play ever other words seemingly being the F-Bomb is exactly what’s needed – sure it’s not going to win any Pulitzer prize for poetry but fuck it just shake your shit and turn it up.

What you get for your bucks is twelve tracks of pure, heavy, Australian rock’n’roll that’s right up there with the best albums this year and why wouldn’t you love Mick whispering “Have You seen my mother fucking Pony” just before they riff on a bastardised Batman theme ‘Fathers On Bail’ an absolute classic. The chorus will stay in your head like a slow-release earworm.


There is variety as well mind from the vitriol and poisonous riff that is ‘Shit Together’ and the piano tonk of the album’s masterpiece ‘Do It All The Time’ a slow-burning Garage banger that slithers like a Bond theme they’d never have but should.


‘Teenage Heart’ blows off the cobwebs like a Stooges fueled stomper you wish Iggy would play again which makes way for the pure gold of the albums goodbye ‘Holden Goodbye’ with its Malcolm Young inspired slow groover that has those six-string wailing like a stray dog as Simpson sings his heart out on what is, without doubt, their best album yet.  Don’t snooze kids because this will become a modern-day garage punk classic Hot as fuck in many many ways – not afraid to stretch the boundaries of what they’ve done before even if it is marginal it’s the quality on display that wins the day.  Fantastic songs on ‘Sex Punk Power’ that deserve your ears so lend em and get involved.


Visit for more info
or email to order now!

Buy Here


Author: Dom Daley

So it’s that day again and the first Friday of the month and Bandcamp gives 100% of its fees to the artist so we want to give you a few pointers of what we would recommend you throw your pennies at. This month I’m heading down under for a trawl through the best music you might not have had the pleasure of hearing from Down Under.  Sure you’ve been spending your Smoko time with Amyl & The Sniffers and The Chats but we’re going deeper than a ditch dug by The Cosmic Psycos down on the farm. Never mind the classics like The Saints and Radio Birdman check these beuts out  Speed week are first up with their trashy punk rock Garage vibe and a release from September last year. ‘Hey Hey It’s Speed Week’ Available Here


Melbourne noise makers dish up a fantastic seven-track album. “Formed during a chance encounter at Carrick Speedway,  Fronted by part-time amateur clairvoyant and nail technician Brandt Domingos, former child actor Tarquin Les Smith III, Brad McDermott and some other cunt on the drums, Speed Week invites the listener on an auditory journey into a theoretical dimension where things often don’t seem as they appear.” Charming. But wait the tunes.  Starting off with the old school post-punk of the late seventies early 80s sound that Iggy was knocking out well, that’s the ‘Cost Of Living’ then from there it kicks off with ‘Echo Chamber’. Some great bass thumping and Numans Tubeway Army for inspiration on ‘Phishing’ it’s great stuff and every bit as fucked and essential as your Idles for the style of delivery on the vocals. the next few tunes are brief but who doesn’t like ‘Speed Week Theme’? sounds like Bullseye or Dusty bin right there the mad fuckers.  These reprobates are dipping their toes in the past and dragging the sound into the here and now and I like it – I like it a lot so check em out Here


Next up the delights of Private Function and a live recording they did for PBS (Available Here)  Its available for free or give what you want and considering these nine tracks were Recorded for the annual 2019 PBS 106.7FM Melbourne Drive Live program, Private Function’s set captured everything involved in the band’s reckless performances and broadcast it live across the airwaves of Melbourne. It’s all killer and certainly no filler and post-Covid these guys need to get over to Europe for some sweaty fun in the dive bars of the UK.  It would be awesome to sip a cold beer and bang your head to ‘Duct Tape’.  Don’t believe me?  Turn it up and get it on these guys are fantastic and imagine filling out the small clubs for a night in with these, Grindhouse and Clowns.  Now drink that in for a moment…there I told you. They have two albums available and some singles you can thank us later for helping empty your bank account with more imports. Originally this was on hipster format of choice or one for the ladies as us UK people knew cassette tapes.  But it’s 2021 and anyone can play so fill yer boots with their all energy punk rocking tunes.

If that wasn’t enough for you try out C.O.F.F.I.N. and their album ‘Children Of Finland Fighting In Norway’ (Best not ask I guess)  whilst its more of a refined taste with the vocals being less of a vehicle for melody and more a pissed off grizzly bear sat up with its paws drawn waiting for pray.

Came out in September of 2020 these hairy bears might be responsible for chasing Covid into the sea and banishing it from the island of Australia because any Man Woman or virus would be a little apprehensive when confronted by some loud obnoxious Punk Rock and Rollers charging outta the speakers yelling like you stole their Top Cat DVD.  It’s fast it’s frantic and at times it’s filthy and it’s certainly pissed off.  Monster riffs, relentless beats it’s not for the faint-hearted but once you get it you just get it. ‘Average Death’ is anything but whilst having three guitarists is just showing off and fair play to vocalist and drummer Ben Portnoy kicking the shit out of the drums isn’t enough I love it and so should you   head over to their page Here



Grindhouse – Can I Drive Your Commodore’ Of course, I had to include Grindhouse.  They should be no secret to a lot of RPM readers we’ve interviewed them and they’ve been to Europe and we’re just about to head overseas when Covid hit.  Melbourne is their yard and playing as fast and as furiously as possible is the name of their game. Mick ‘2 Fingers’ Simpson is the caped speedo wearing leader of the pack and beer drinking, hard rockin motherfuckers is the name of their game.  They’ve stood toe to toe with some of our other favourite garage punk rockers on the Demolition Derby volume two but ‘Can I Drive Your Commodore’ is where we’d like to send you.  Its got songs about Hot rods ‘Shit Cocaine’, ‘Cheese’, ‘Gary’ and the death of the Australian Car Industry.  Grindhouse kick-ass everyone knows it and if you’ve not investigated then this is your chance to play catch up.  Get involved Here



Civic – ‘Radiant Eye’. Another favourite of mine from Melbourne is Civic.  How about a single from them entitled ‘Radiant Eye’  and a really impressive couple of songs. With the lead track being a really punchy proto-punk number that soars.  I love the horns that enter the game before making way for that glorious wah solo.  The B Side sees them cover The Creation, as they shake off the trebley grit for a really excellent version of the 1966 hit, ‘Making Time’ that was also splendidly covered by Stiv and the Lords.

You can take from that what you like but I think it’s fair to say that’s the calibre of artist were dealing with.  Don’t be a dummy dive in and get some Civic Here



The Unknowns – ‘Nothing Will Ever Stop’ We head up to the sunshine coast where you’ll find The Unknowns. After releasing some demos which are available on Bandcamp this trio got their act together to record a raw as fuck album late 2020.  Its got melodies over the top of some loud punk rock and they leave nothing behind as they speed off with the mixtape being the album ‘Nothing Will Ever Stop’ it’s just some loud Rock and Roll.  There is no studio trickery going on here it’s not big and it’s not clever but it is Rock and Roll and we certainly like it.  They pinch plenty of licks and scales from the good and the great and rattle the floor toms as they kick up a storm sounding like they’re having the best of times.  I love ‘Dressed To Kill’ its carefree noisy Rock n Roll.  Check em out Here




Pist Idiots – ‘Ticker’ Mixing it up a bit let me introduce Pist Idiots and you might think they are just another runaway train of a boozy punk rock band from Australia.  Well, you’d be wrong.  sure they look like they enjoy a beer or two and the name isn’t big or clever (to some) but the tunes on this album we recommend is big boys Rock and Roll.  With a really punchy bassline its got a phat sound and they lean from genre to genre but not in a lost sort of way just listen to ‘Roundhouse’ which sounds like Bruce Foxton has joined Thin Lizzy. ‘Sweet Headache’ is melodic as is the rapid ‘Is That What You Want’. Whilst the title track is a twisted fucked up number that veers from some Nirvana style acoustic song with some emotional vocals before kicking right off,  top tune indeed.  Sydney is where these cats sleep and these seven tracks are varied and a really enjoyable ride.  Check em out Here



 Next, we op over to Byron Bay to check out Skegss who have one preview track from their up and coming album ‘Rehearsal’ and judging by ‘Valhalla’ its got a lot going for it and with a really catchy melody I love the five-track EP ’50 Push Ups For A Dollar’.  they remind me of one of my favourite bands out of New Jersey – Crazy And The Brains but without the xylophone.  Carefree rock and roll played with a variety of instruments but loudly and with verve. Check out ‘Hell’ off the ’50 Dollars’ album then ‘Heart Attack’ with its laid back feel.  Just a bunch of top tunes and I’m sure the new one will be at the very least more of the same.  Check em out at the link





Mini Skirt – ‘Casino’ I was tempted to investigate Meth Leppard just for the name but was so disappointed that they were a growly grindcore band, shame that. So instead let us introduce Mini Skirt again residents of Byron Bay.  they released the ‘Casino’ album back in May of 2020 and from the off, it was an album that drew me in as ‘Pressure’ leaned on some of the alt post-punk of Husker Du.  ‘Give It Up’ rattles along with a hypnotic rhythmic driving beat. But as it hots up it’s captivating stuff.  ‘With Your Hands’ is one from the Stooges handbook and when it’s done as well as this what’s not to like? Don’t be fooled by the laid back nature this is a furious raw and rockin’ album seriously give it some volume and tell me ‘Face Of The Future’ doesn’t hit you right in the guts in a good way but leave enough to get you through ‘Tissue’ but the six minutes of ‘Animals’ is epic and a cracking way to finish off the album – simply awesome. top record.



Zig Zag – ‘Do Better’ An epic 7″ single from Zig Zag with a song that has an ebb and flow that is every bit as emotional as the back story of the singer Kelly. Melbourne is where they’re at and both tracks are excellently produced slabs of epic post-punk.  The band are perfectly described as  Half garage rock extremists, half disco junkie night cats, careless and free and flaming with pride – and that’s exactly how they sound go check it out.

Right then. I’m gonna listen to this bad boy blind, just burn it to CD and let it rip a couple of times and fill in the bands and bullshit later. Six bands, twelve tracks, two each. Off we go…


The Drippers – ‘Stuck with You’: Overkill to the max. Full-on no-compromise rock & roll. Motorhead-tastic. I like it a lot!


The Hip Priests – ‘666 Sister’: Okay, I recognise Cruz’s voice straight away. Short sweet and with wah-wah frenzy soloing filling ever bit of breathing space.


Stacy Crown – ‘Heavy Rain’: Kind of reminds me of The Almighty and throws me right back to the dawn of nighties. This lot aren’t wah-wah shy either. You even get a Black Diamond build up at the end. Cool stuff.


Black Gremlin – ‘Cosmic Death’: Doomy riffing that kind of hits me with a seventies sounding Metallica flavour.


Grindhouse – ‘City High’: Yeah Grindhouse straight off the bat. A band I need to see so I can buy their records. Straight down the line rock & roll with and edge of mental.


The Empire Strikes – ‘Not in Toulouse’: This is a sleazy beast. Very different from the tunes so far. It’s a laid back and dirty affair, kind of Hanoi plays Fleetwood Mac. Ooooh, nice but naughty.


So I guess I’m half way through now and have heard each of the bands once. Retro Vox have really pulled it off again, there’s not a stinker amongst them. Honest !!


The Empire Strikes –  ‘No Action, Non Rock’: Ah ha, this is the last band again. More riffed up and rockin’ than before. Kind of like a decent Reckless Love. I bet they’re from Finland !!! (Yup, I was right)


Grindhouse – ‘Shit Together’: Another slice of Grindhouse. Hooky as fuck. Proper black magic from the earth’s under carriage.


Black Gremlin – ‘Quiver’: I recognise that this must be the “doomy band” from side 1. More metal than the other bands on offer here but with some great chug going on. I definitely need to check this lot out.


The Drippers – ‘The Monetary Selection’: Okay, so this is The Drippers?!? I haven’t seen the track listing at this point so I’m still flying blind. Yeah this is right up there with the best Gothenburg has to offer. Proper good.


The Hip Priests – ‘Head Over Heels’: Back to the Priests with a cool Motherfucker Superior kind of tune. This one is right up there with their best tunes. Wah-tastic mates.


Stacey Crowne – ‘Fool Hearted’: This is Hellacopters enough to melt the hearts of any closet Scandi-rocker. Yeah…. you gotta love it.


Demolition Derby Volume 2 is released on Retro Vox Records on October 23. Give it a listen and pre-order it on all kinds of sexy vinyl: Here

Author: Fraser Munro


Another week comes to a crashing end and another week of pretty impressive singles get dumped on the RPM Singles Club dancefloor. The finest in wax, digital and video are here to tickle your taste buds and hopefully inspire you into finding your new favourite band.  From all corners and alleyways of the world we search

Jenny – ‘Same’ (Wanda Records) When we saw that this band was fronted by LA Drugz Justin Maurer we had to go and crack it open and crank up the volume and from the first clashing chords of the harmonious ‘Stupid Band’ we smiled knowing we were in the presence of a power pop genius. But with five tunes on this release, it could only get better as the dreamy ‘Rose City’ took us in an upwards trajectory as far as moods go towards that layered vocal chorus it was already a must-have new record. ‘Cockroach Tea’ is more power-pop goodies leaning more towards the pop and then the 60s infused acoustic Thunders melodic ‘Alright With Me’ it has a really early Who mod like quality if it’s possible to mash up some Thunders, meets The Who if it’s not possible then it has just been invented.

To round it off there’s the acoustic ‘Song For Sadie’ an old Suspect PArts track but redone here making this a more eclectic offering than Maurers LA Drugz or Suspect Parts but none the less desirable.  Don’t dilly dally as they say in the olden days  get it here or on one sided vinyl 12″ from Wanda Records Here

Stiff Richards – ‘Going Numb’ (Legless Records) With two albums in the bag Australias Stiff Richards are hot property.  If you managed to get a hold of their debut album first time around then you’re good if you managed to pick up a repress then, well-done pat yourself on the back.  Then came ‘Dig’ which was also pretty spectacular to be fair and seemingly unable to do any wrong they sneak out this digital single to let us all know they’re still alive and ready to go (hopefully) with album number three due in October it looks like a winter assault from Melbourne’s finest and we can’t get enough from the southern hemisphere who are leading the way with some awesome punk rock.

Buy Here  / Facebook



Death By Unga Bunga – ‘Trouble’ (Jansen Records) The second in a series of new singles set to be released in the coming months.  These Norweigan Nutters have got a slice of summer sunshine in the shape of ‘Trouble’ With a great hook over that steady beat its catchier than a global pandemic.  once this one lodges itself into your head it’s not coming out and you’ll be muttering the lyrics for days wondering just who the hell it is.  That’s Death By Unga Bunga that is and with the news of more to come there is light at the end of this pandemic that’s for sure and it’s coming from Norway and not some lab in England it might be power pop it might be death metal but one thing for sure it’ll have the DBUB logo on it.  Get it here

Killer Hearts – ‘Get Some’ (Spaghetty Town Records) Houston we have a problem.  We’re not getting enough Rock and Fucking Roll and that’s a problem.  What isn’t a problem is when Killer Hearts this is the first glimpse of what’s coming on their long player ‘Skintight Electric’.  Lots of loose riffs and oohs and arghs and some of the best sleazy Rock and Roll since Flash Boys and The Adjusters were about.  Go Get some high octane Rock and Roll if you know what’s good for you! Buy Here





Guerrilla Teens – ‘Tell Me What To Do’ (Self Release) Another day another Guerrilla Teens record gets released via Bandcamp.  This week’s offering is a right thumper by the name of ‘Tell Me What To Do’ backed by ‘Hurry Up’. One is in your face and bouncing on its toes like a young hooligan the other is a more laid back confident slow burner but both ooze quality and will make for awesome tracks when these weekly offerings finally get pressed by some awesome record label onto a slab of plastic to nestle alongside Those Humpers, Lovesores records you’ve got.  buy Here





14 Units – ‘Listen’ (Self Release) This is the lockdown-busting debut release from 14 Units who cram five tunes into this debut EP, Five songs about drinking, getting old, murder, regret, not drinking and Brexit (possibly). opening with a neat uptempo twelve-bar with melody and somewhere between Frank Turner vocally and a cowpunk Quo.  They get their jig on from a sprightly ‘Can’t Unlike You’ its melodic and uptempo and carries a decent melody.  They certainly like to boogie and then they turn down for a more mellow knocking on heavens door progression for ‘Looks Like Rain’ which heads off down a Buffalo Tom wormhole and its probably the best track on offer with the sparse verse with just percussion before the guitars rejoin for the build-up to the chorus which is a catchy sing-along. A decent EP and first offering from 14 Units.  Buy Here


Grindhouse – ‘Ramma Damma’ (Tuff Cuff Records) Melbourne must have something in the water because over the last couple of years its turning up some smoking hot records and this summer has seen that continue with those purveyors of pounding Rock and Roll Grindhouse are back in the room with some sweaty flesh pressing high octane Rock and Roll. in the shape of ‘Ramma Damma’ and ‘City High’ with its bruising riff-a-rama and moon the loon like drumming this is the dogs bollocks. If there ever was a sleeve that best described what was going on in the grooves before you ever played it then it’s this bad boy. or should that be bad girl? Rock and Roll can get you high so fuckin high and Grindhouse has the goods baby!

Relentlessly good band and with a new album on the way these are good times for fans of high octane Rock and Fuckin’ Roll Grindhouse Style.  Bring it on. Buy it here


Girls In Synthesis – ‘They’re Not Listening’ (Harbinger Sound) Taken from the debut album ‘Now Here’s An Echo From Your Future’ this video will guarantee you a head fuck from the Jesus and mary chain feedback and the repetitive pounding to the strobe on the video GIS are fucking with you and that’s always a good thing. turn it up and then some more and get lost in that caustic guitar riff before the bass rumble nails you to the floor.  Extreme music for extreme times uncompromising and uncomfortable just like punk rock should be.  Like crass for the 2020s the album is due the end of the month.  Let’s hope this isn’t the soundtrack to the apocalypse like my neighbours think it is.

Website /  Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

Cutters – ‘Cutters’ (Legless Records)   Another day another slice of punk rock from Down under.  This time labelmates of Stiff Richards Cutters are here with this tasty three-track EP.  With howls of feedback and a frantic hoof around your ears, this is relentless. ‘Chewed Up Fortune’ is first up and lead throat Al insists he wants to fuck and sleep in that order I guess.  Cutters aren’t fucking around either with their Lo-‘Fi take it to the edge of reason and give it a good fuckin’ thrashing.  If you think they would be spent after that opener then you’d obviously be wrong. ‘Robo Debt Blues’ is like Motorhead in their late 70s heyday knocking out some ANL and uk82 anthems and dragging through the Melbourne back streets before dropping them off at the studio. Nice!

But then they get all proggy on the five-minute headfuck frenzy of Twister’.  Only yanking your chain the intro is painless before they go fuckin’ ape-like Venom meets the Exploited. Its frantic, Nasty, out of control and fuckin’ champion – Buy it here


Zip Gun Bomber – ‘Paper Aeroplanes EP’ (Rum Bar Records) Outta Cambridge, Massachusetts Zip Gun Bombers have been a thing since 2011 and with this being a revisited yup, you guessed it its a new improved take on that EP. Sure its a Nostalgic trip for that early 90’s era Lookout! Records and all things Green Day.  ZipGun Bomber’s  ‘Paper Airplanes’ EP embraces and embodies all of that.  From the opening of ‘Chase That Feeling’ to the acoustic closing of ‘Paper Airplanes’, its easy on the ear pop-punk where the lyrics are easy to embrace and before you know it you’ll be singing the songs like they’ve always been on your playlist. Well worth checking out if any of the previous words ever meant anything to you jump in and lose yourself in the tunes.  Sure there is a familiarity here but it’s only pop-punk Rock and Roll and I like it! Oh and if you like you can download the EP for free or name your price.  Pick it up Here


Science Man – ‘Match Game’ (Swimming Faith Records)  Punk as fuck – a 7″ single with not 2 or 3 songs on it but nine slabs of uncompromising head mashing industrial hardcore. Science Man from Buffalo NY isn’t here to compromise he’s here to lay out his manifesto and from the opening repetitive thump of ‘Tiny Tower’ it’s game on through the frantic thirty-two seconds of ‘Steal The Street’. Don’t leave the fuckin room for gawds sake.

‘Surge’ sounds like the cassette on a Commadore 64 or finally, the aliens are coming. At times it sounds like out of control chaos but I suspect it’s far from that and the almost prog length of the final track ‘Cursed’ clocking in at almost two minutes is a challenge but industrial hardcore isn’t meant to be easy listening, I’m sure only the hearty punk amongst us will endure or even get this straight off.  But its certainly interesting as well as a challenging listen.

Pick it up here


S V & the Eruptions – ‘Tomorrows Promises’ (Avenue Recordz) An altogether more sombre and thoughtful SV & The Eruptions, It’s not all cheeky chappies and a bit of slap and tickle it can’t be. Here SV busts out a mid-paced thoughtful number with a big catchy chorus that drops back into the muted guitar work and into another tuneful verse.  A most excellent twist and shows how versatile and downright bloody good these gents are.  I have told him myself the tunes you aren’t expecting are some of his best work and this will grow and grow and in time will be one of those late in the set anthems you look forward to.  Excellent song with great vocals.

 Website / Facebook / Twitter / Youtube


Ryan Hamilton & Kay Hanley – ‘Oh No’  This dropped last minute so we thought we’d include it in the singles Club because we love some Ryan Hamilton.

The Fuzzstainz – ‘Sick! Sick! Sick!'(Beluga Records)  How could we sign off this week’s singles Club without dropping in on Scandinavia Again.  Always reliable, Always churning out quality Rock and Roll from all the corners of the world Beluga Records have released this banging 7″ platter with two tracks of sizzling Garage Punk courtesy of The Fuzzstainz. The lead track is sick – no it literally is sick! those guitars sound like razor blades trying to cut through some barbed wire.  But it’s catchy and easy to sing along to but the best is yet to come in the shape of ‘Thinkin’ ‘Bout Me’ again the same standards are set but with added floor tom and is that a buzzsaw? Gawd knows but its got swagger and I love it.  Pick it up here

The Hip Priests / Grindhouse – Split (Savage Magic) It just wouldn’t be a singles round-up without a Hip Priests 45 so here you go, boys and girls, the undisputed kings of UK garage punk rock ‘n’ roll are back in the ring and this time they’re tag-teaming with the down under divas Grindhouse. It’s a no brainer that we’re gonna be all over this slice of noise firstly the two tracks offered up by The Hip Priests are ‘Stand For Nothing’ from the album of the same title and ‘I Hate The City’ that just scorches like a dragster on the Bonneville Salt Flats.  Fair play to the buggers it doesn’t matter what year who they play with and who ignores them and their tunes They know and I know that the Hip Priests are da bomb and always kick serious backside and there is no other band with their volume of quality singles under their collective bullet belts peerless dirty filthy rock and fucking roll.  Get on it before they are all gone.  As for the flip.  Australia has always been strong in the fucked up loud Rock and Roll stakes and there’s no denying that Grindhouse have probably eaten their way through a fair few.  the perfect split partners as their contribution is a Lemmy inspired romp through ‘All Washed Up’ followed by ‘Cum Punch’  I won’t even begin to ask but I do know I like it no I love it (not Cum punching but the tune) Dirty Boys. Single of the month?  What do you think? Of course it is.


The Snivelling Shits – Bring Me The Head Of Yukio Mishima (Damaged Goods) Sounding like classic late 70’s punk rock The Snivelling Shits spit n snarl their way through this rather splendid single.  Having made a comeback some 40 years after the last time the band played this single celebrates the life and death of the actor, model, poet film director Mishima who ended up losing his head quite literally.  It’s backed by a cover of  ‘Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi’ which is more of the same to be fair and a bloody good couple of vintage punk rock tunes. Head over to Damaged Goods to pick up your copy.




Wilmette – Anxious Body (Mutant League Records)  a 4-piece from the Chicago suburbs that combines pop-punk and hardcore with a fresh style that relies on pop hooks, honest lyrics, and strong musicianship the band’s opener sounds like a load of Taking back Sunday tunes wrapped into one from the quiet opening to the crashing chorus. The EP spread over five tracks covers all bases from the tight chord changes of ‘Carol From HR’ to the video track featured below.  Big sounds from the newcomers.


TAROT RATS – Only The Brave (Will Remain) (WDFD Records) Big – Dirty guitar riffs are the order of the day for Tarot Rats who release this new single and video. Tarot Rats offer up a unique and contemporary take on indie blues-rock. With a critically acclaimed eclectic mix of filthy riffs and soulful melodies, the Rats can be found free from the flock of generic sounds, playing all over the UK.


The Survival Code – Crosses To Carry, Coffins To Fill (Good Deeds Music) The band are a London-based rock duo with an unabashed passion for riffs, soaring melodies and thunderous drums. Long admired for their driven and energetic live performances, the two-piece serve up intense and brawny rock cuts that lodge deep into your senses. To date, the duo have racked up rampant support from many industry tastemakers, picking up exposure from Kerrang!, Classic Rock, Powerplay, Fireworks Magazine, and Rock Sound Magazine, as well as widespread radio support from Kerrang! Radio and Planet Rock.  Formed in 2012 THE SURVIVAL CODE will continue their ascent with the release of a series of videos to coincide with the EP, as well as a string tour dates:

August 15th – Big Red – London (EP LAUNCH); October 23rd – Bunkhouse – Swansea; 24th – Fuel – Cardiff; 25th – Slaughtered Lamb – London; 26th – The Hope & Ruin – Brighton; 28th – The Tin At The Coal Vaults; 29th Chameleon – Nottingham; 30th – Castle Hotel – Manchester; 31st – Outpost – Liverpool; November 2nd – Old England – Bristol; 3rd – Suburbia – Southampton.


THE FANTASTIC TERRORS – Empty Refrigerator Sunday (Ikaros Records) The Fantastic Terrors released their 7″ debut record, including two songs titled “The Yodeler ” and “Empty Refrigerator Sunday”.  Coming out of Greece The band release a rather strange video to accompany this single.  Loud guitars being the order of the day and a pretty decent introduction.


Scumbag Millionaire – Rolling Heavy (Suburban Records) The fourth single taken from the bands pretty awesome album sees ‘Rolling Heavy’ on one side and ‘Rolling Heavy’ (live) on the other. To be fair if you don’t already own the album then this will give you a pretty decent indication of what to expect but its not rocket science here it’s Swedish Action Rock and Roll played to excess and with a truck full of passion. If you want our advice then pick this up and do a deal to get hold of the long-player this is taken from ‘Speed’ as well you won’t regret it at all.




Glitter Machine – Take The Pain From their debut album, ‘Hanging Out For Fame’. It’s a feral love song and who am I to disagree.  Its got a great groove and some neat guitar-slinging.check out the video

Roxy Girls – ‘Spanners For Hands’ (Moshi Moshi Records) Sunderlands Roxy Girls are sparse power pop punk rock angular sharp guitar chords and licks (not dissimilar to the mighty Buzzcocks) The track is taken from the forthcoming mini-album (remember them?), not unlike the first track released of the record ‘Trials And Tribulations’ which reminded me of vintage louder XTC – I’d wager these cats kick up a shitstorm in a sweaty club with the volume turned up. I look forward to hearing the complete record and not just a single or two – exciting times for new wave fans.FACEBOOK – TWITTER – SPOTIFY – MOSHI MOSHI RECORDS


Tidal Babes – ‘OMG’ Do I Like it? Fuck knows its got a great big funky bassline and a lush chorus but infectious pop melodies, described as bubblegum goth summer fun! is about right.  Potty mouth lyrics that come out of the blue won’t see it on BBC but who gives a shite about that?

Singer Lyndsi Austin and songwriter/producer Chris Qualls (Concord Music Publishing/Cutcraft Music Group) were attending a concert in Hollywood when they started discussing a potential new project together. Both grew up playing in rock bands but had switched over to making pop music for years. That night, inspired by the rock show they had just seen (and a little bit of whiskey), the two began brainstorming the foundation for a new band that combined all the things they loved about Southern California and it’s musical history; Surf rock guitars; The energy of Orange County punk rock; Beach Boys harmonies; The sassiness of the east LA socialites and fashionistas; Cruising down Sunset Boulevard.   FacebookTwitter – Instagram

The Atom Age – Never Looking (Tiger Dream/Asian Man Records.)  The second single off their soon to be released album ‘Cry Til You Die’  mixing up some Rocket From The Crypt for sure (I never understand why more bands don’t invest in some saxophone)  Hailing from Oakland these guys are kicking out the jams for sure.  With a lineage hailing from The Sonics to the Hives they’re channeling some great shit into their own music and it’s paying dividends because if the single is anything to go by then the album is gonna burn. Facebook

City Under Siege – Freaking Out (Third String Records) Straight out of Buffalo NY City Under Siege.  this single precedes their debut album that the band are working on with Weezer producer Marc McClusky.  Its a big pop punk sound and one that will no doubt do rather well for the band who also head out on tour with Mark Rose (Spitalfield) and Ryan Dunson (Rookie of The Year) all across the good ole US of A.


We got in touch with Mick from Grindhouse when we saw they were going to go on an overseas excursion and we wanted to get up to speed with what they had planned and for the uninitiated, it was a chance for Mick to set out the Grindhouse stall so to speak.  Here with the chatter that matters about all things down under and Grindhouse is Mick ‘Two Fingers’ Simpson. 

Its always been a hotbed of Punk Rock and Roll down under – sure it might have taken a while for us snobs in the Northern Hemisphere to cotton on to some of the bands but the UK can’t get enough of Australian bands at the moment and the trail blazed by the likes of Radio Birdman, The Saints, Cosmic Psycos and Rose Tattoo has recently been reignited by the likes of Amyl & The Sniffers, Grindhouse, The Chats (to name just a few – I Could go on) all making a dent in the scene halfway around the world.  We wanted to get a hold of Grindhouse and see what’s up so we contacted Mick to get the inside track on all things Grindhouse.

G’day Mick. You say you were listening to bootleg albums of your rock and roll heroes hoping one day to imitate them. who and what albums were Grindhouse listening to in the back of that XD?

Ah I see you have done your homework, yeah I grew up on a lot of Australian independent rock kind of by accident. Not that I’m an old fucker but we didn’t have the internet back then so it was a case of finding bands by word of mouth or stumbling across them on peoples stereos at parties or riding around in cars looking for cheap booze and good times. That’s where I discovered Radio Birdman( Radios appear), The Saints, Tumbleweed( Galactaphonic) and Aasteriod B6182. Then wed go out on a Saturday night with a fake ID and watching these bands in the flesh. Ok now I feel a little older ha, ha


Tell us a brief history of the band where did you guys meet?

We all grew up in a seaside city called Wollongong but ended up in Melbourne, our drummer had unprotected sex and had to leave the band. We all warned him but he didn’t listen.

The nucleus of the band came from another garage band called the Wardens but I wanted an avenue to really play punk rock, sing about dirty shit and not give a fuck, that’s how Grindhouse came about.


You say you’re interested in vintage porn and Mosrite guitars. when you say vintage porn what are we talking here? John Holmes? and the guitars why the Mosrites?

Fuck me I probably wrote that when I first started the band and totally forgot to be honest. Pony plays a 64 Mosrite Ventures that sounds nasty as cat shit but very cool and I used to have a great vintage 70,s porn mag collection in the 90,s so maybe its art imitating life.


What does Melbourne make of Grindhouse? will you be welcomed back after your European excursion like prodigal sons or will they close the borders and pretend they’re out so you cant get back in?

We have a loyal bunch of misfits, part-time alcoholics, fare evaders, bum sniffers, serial masturbaters, Lube lovers, weed smokers, vintage porn collectors, speed creeps, and sex freaks we lovingly call Grindhouse fans and that’s just the members of the band.

Hopefully we just clear customs without a strip search( happy for a pat-down), other than that anything else is a bonus.

I’ve always loved me some Australian rock and roll but at the moment there seems to be a real demand for it over here in the UK. We recently had the Chats over as well as Cosmic Psycos and Amyl And The Sniffers and Radio Birdman always manage to play London or at least for the past few years. You guys are coming so what can or should we expect?

Its definitely taken off in the UK lately which is great, I think mainland Europe has always been the main staple of o/s touring for Australian bands so its great for bands to have the UK as another option. Historically the UK has always had a strong connection with Australian music from The Saints to The Birthday Party so its no real surprise. As for the mentioned bands, Birdman will always be Birdman but the next generation of younger bands coming through is great even for us as it creates interest in Aussie Independent bands. Amyl and the sniffers are a great live show, the Psychos seem to just find another gear and get better with age and The Chats just supported Iggy Pop in Melbourne so am I jealous? You better fucking believe it.


Any other recommendations you could tip us off with. Who would Grindhouse like to drag around Australia with them?

I love a band from Melbourne called Stiff Richards who id call the best garage band in Australia at the moment other than Grindhouse, there,s also a great Ramones inspired garage doo-wop band from Adelaide called Jullitte seizure and the tremor dolls who we love too.

Its been a year since ‘Can I Drive Your Commodore?’ came out. Are we near a follow-up? Tell us about any new music?

We have a plan to record a new album later this year with a working title of “ Sex, Punk, Power” and well be testing some of the new songs on the road which will be cool.


The titles on the record made me instantly smile and from those titles, I was buzzin’ to hear the songs and I knew exactly how they were going to sound. What’s the best title you’ve come up with so far? and why don’t more bands sing about Cheese and their love for friends like Gary? Isn’t shit cocaine dangerous? and is the Australian Car industry really dead?

I’ve always loved ‘Wild sex and machine guns” on our first album as its about a woman I worked with who loved those two things which cracked me up. Our titles are inspired by growing up in the suburbs of 80,s Australia so a lot of people connect to the songs. We don’t make cars in Australia anymore and we also have a lot of shit cocaine in this country so I’ve been told.

As for Peter Russel Clarkle, every band should have a song about a celebrity chef who loves tasty cheese.

Are you guys in shape now ready for a hot and sweaty tour of Europe? Can we have a bunch of shows in the UK, please

I don’t know if were hot but were sweaty and ready, id love to do the Uk so fingers crossed we can get there sooner than later. We have a band we love from Nottingham called The Hip Priests who wed love to do it with plus the beer in the UK is always ice cold.(it’s actually fucken very tasty).

Mick did say that they were looking to coming to Shit Island sometime next year hopefully with a brand new album under the hood so its our (and your) duty to demand it and make it happen by showing bands like Grindhouse that the UK loves them and wants to bring them here for some live dates.


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8 sticky tracks of moist sexual punk rock action.  Not my words, of course, the work of Micky ‘Two Fingers’ Simpson the guitar and voice of Australias Grindhouse who just happen to have snuck out a mini album recorded live and in the raw. There is no studio trickery or pro tools involved nor is autotune a feature of Grindhouse live.
Literally kicking things off with ‘Sleeping At The Peeps’, ‘You say so’ this lethal concoction of human flesh and bones gathers momentum and by the time they hit the ramshackle breakdown and solo things are cooking and that’s continued with a frantic ‘Wild Sex And Machine Guns’.
‘Throbbing Eye’ is pure filth and the riff is even faster live as the boys in the band channel their inner MC5 and Stooges mojo and just piss out rock n roll excellence.  I’m not sure there is a finer Australian band out there at the moment sure Amyl & The Sniffers are about to unleash a mighty fine long player and Cosmic Psycos are back in the saddle but these big boys have got the chops and are just kicking out the jams at every turn.  Seems like they can do no wrong. Whether it’s Shit Cocaine’ or calling out a ‘Demolition Dirtbag’ they are having it.
Over the course of this mini album, you get treated to songs from all three long players included a false start to ‘Can I Drive Your Commodore’ before it goes off like a brawling mob hocked up on cheap whiskey and even cheaper speed. but boy does their racket sound pretty. Hell yeah! Micky, Rick, Neil, and Adrian have donned their shit kickers and aren’t content with kicking the shit they are dancing on its grave – digging it up and going again. by the time ‘SLR 5000’ Comes to its abrupt end I’m a bit gutted there aren’t more songs because even us big bones guys can throw ourselves around when the mood takes us and the filthy fuckers in Grindhouse have the chops to get us on our dancing feet and throwing some shapes to the steady beat they are throwing out.
Eight songs in twenty minutes is about spot on and a snack-sized portion of filthy Garage Rock n Roll that contains enough meat for everyone sure I’d have loved to hear ‘Peter Brock’ or ‘Eric Estrada’, Hell I’d have taken ‘I Fucking Love You Gary’ Christ I wouldn’t know where to stop so I guess eight is as good a place as any.  Now for five Australian $$ you can own this digital wet dream and impress your friends and repulse your neighbours.
Come and join the cool kids and fill yer boots with Grindhouse ya filthy punks! It’s like the best bits of Turbonegro, The Stooges, The Hip Priests and Radio Birdman rolled into one giant ball of Rock and Roll fun.  Get it, don’t think about it just do it!
Live At Goatsound is available Here 
Author: Dom Daley

Monday. Raining get out of bed grab a shower and think about leaving the house… take these videos with you when you do they’ll make the journey 100% more enjoyable.  First up The Spangles. ‘Growing Up’ is taken off their reet smart new debut long player available Here

Next up is a golden oldie from New Yorks Star Spangles and the missing link between the Dolls and The Replacements –

To cap this lot off how about this bad boy from Grindhouse  now settle down ladies (and Gentlemen) this’ll get your working week off to a blinder.