Here we are on day 2, sadly the beginning of the end of this lovely weekend. Sunday has hit some like a ton of bricks, the academy is not quite full of the lust for life today. Thank the lord for the Bank Holiday tomorrow or there could be tears before bedtime and some of these lovely makeup jobs would be ruined.

I kick off the day over at the second stage with Tremendous. Equal parts power pop to glam rock, easing us into a hungover Sunday afternoon. Our singer/guitarist frontman is clearly a great songwriter, hints of Wreckless Eric and even at times a tiny bit of Paul Westerberg. My criticism is he over extends himself, especially with trying to do lead guitar parts. Expand to a quartet, get some backing vocals in the mix and do these fantastic songs justice!
I head to the main stage to see what all the fuss is about with Confess. Without question these guys know what their audience is after, and that’s definitely a wake up call for Saturday night’s escapades. They effortlessly connect with the crowd and make a clear statement that they are ready to be headliners and ascend the bill. As slick as they are, for me they were lacking in charm to win me over completely.

Back over at the second stage if you want to talk about charm, Mercury Riots have it in spades! It’s gotta be five o’clock somewhere and we’re 51 minutes into drinking time here, a party is about to break out and this band is going to become the talk of the weekend. Bringing a good ole boy spirit and a much sought after Southern Rock swagger meets bar room boogie action, these guys know every trick in the book and use them well. Those who caught this hot act today will certainly spread the word and those who missed out will be bowing their heads.

The buzz I have just experienced sadly doesn’t carry over to the main stage. Electric Boys just aren’t igniting any enthusiasm in Sheffield tonight. They have the tunes and play them well. The audience seems to be willing and waiting to connect, but for whatever reason no one seems to be getting out of second gear.

As the evening goes on we hit what many in the crowd are considering to be the true headliner of the day, Pretty Boy Floyd. They treat us to pretty much the entirety of their 1989 debut, Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz. No one in the audience seems to be complaining one bit. The show is effortless, the only gaff being an overzealous member of the audience trying to have off with frontman, Steve ‘sex’ Summers’ bottle of Jack Daniels. Don’t worry he got it back. The lads of PBF spend the rest of the evening at the merch desk, tirelessly talking to fans, taking photos, giving autographs and selling out of their merch too. Good for them. If the line to meet the Floyd boys is anything to go by, HRH should be booking them as a straight up headliner.

As the stage guys start twanging acoustic guitars in preparation for the final act, it serves as a siren for a lot of today’s punters and causes a mass exodus. Without introduction or fanfare Eric Martin abruptly kicks into his set earlier than scheduled. Mr Big’s frontman is definitely making it seem that he feels out of place on this bill. The first part of the set he is primarily diving into songs headfirst, barely an introduction or a passing comment to the crowd. He eventually warms up to the occasion, makes some fond comments about his and the band’s legacy and actually seems to be enjoying himself by stark comparison to earlier on. Eric even makes a touching dedication to Mr Big’s now deceased drummer, Pat Torpey. Overall I think both Eric and the crowd had reservations about this being featured on the bill, and that is on the promoter more than anything. On paper an acoustic set to finish off a Sunday night looks dire and does not inspire. It wasn’t as bad as anticipated thankfully, by the end when the hits were cracked out (‘to be with you’ & ‘dancin’ with my devils’) there is a genuine feeling of nostalgia in the air and everyone is having a good time.

There we have it, HRH Sleaze V is put to bed for another year. Definitely a fun event if you leave your preconceptions at home and embrace the passion and nostalgia surrounding you. With the bill already announced for next year’s 6th installment things already look like they are going to get ‘naughty, naughty’.

Author: Dan Kasm

Our lifestyles are forged in rock, our world is changing and through changes in culture emerges new talent, new music and new scenes. Legends are great and hold a special place in all our lives, but it’s the fresh bands who will spearhead the future. This new exciting scene, typified by bands appearing on the New Wave of Classic Rock Facebook group and Hard Rock Hell Radio, needs to be brought to visibility and amplified on every platform worldwide to create a unique circle of talent which will forge the future in this new modern style n sound of classic rock.

Tickets and packages are available right now on

HRH are taking that leap of faith and bringing the cream of NWOCR bands together for one incredible weekend where they are the headliners within their own right. We want to kickstart 2021 with a new positive framework that’s all about the music and more importantly all about the fans. HRH NWOCR will be a 2-day, 2-arena affair with nothing but NWOCR artists. The event will take place on Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th January 2021 @ the 02 Academy Leicester where we call upon everyone to come and support the next generation. The event itself will be broadcast live on Hard Rock Hell Radio worldwide as it happens and we will be inviting all bands to get involved in an Amazon Rockumentary which will be getting shot over the weekend which will have one sole purpose – to amplify the scene worldwide and bring it all to visibility.

If you are as passionate as the bands and true NWOCR fans, and want to support putting the scene where it should be, then this is it – get involved, feel the community, enjoy the music and let’s protect the future of music together.

We are stoked to announce some of the top names in the genre – spearheading the future of rock at HRH NWOCR.

Ask the new wave of rock fans which band are leading the way for the new breed of classic rock – and you’ll hear the same name crop up over and over again – Massive Wagons. Piloted by one of the most charismatic frontmen in rock, Baz Mills, the 5-piece from Lancaster have kicked off their second decade as a band with a bang – their brand new album “House of Noise” is due out in July, and the latest single is, as everyone kinda expected, a stunning rock’n’roll earworm!

Although slow starters – they took until their 6th year as a band to release debut album “Half Way Home” to stunning reviews – Bad Touch have been making up for it ever since and have just released their 4th album in just 5 years.  “Kiss The Sky” is a masterclass in heavy swaggering blues-rock and firmly places the band in the leading pack of the NWOCR movement.  Having toured with the likes of The Quireboys, Skid Row, and FM the lads are one of the most active on the live circuit and are sure to shake the O2 Academy Leicester to its very core.

Success may have been a long time coming – but ozzies Massive are reaping the rewards for 8 years of recording and touring at full-throttle.  Brad and the lads see the UK as their second home and love nothing more than filling our ears with hard-hitting rock’n’roll.  They cemented their reputation by being hand-picked by The Quireboys as support for their 30th “A Bit of What You Fancy” 30th Anniversary UK Tour for 2021.  Checkout this cracker from Massive’s latest album “Rebuild Destroy”…

At the heavier end of the NWOCR spectrum, South Wales’ finest Florence Black have honed their original classic round sound into a power-house depth-charge no better showcased than on their collaboration with Skindred’s Benji Webbe with 2017’s Gunshot. With a reputation for incendiary live sets that take the alternative sensibilities of the grunge era and marry them with a no-nonsense heavy rock attack that leaves you in no doubt that this 3-piece take no prisoners, we can’t wait for them to take to the main stage on Saturday at HRH NWOCR.

Now a finely-tuned 4-piece, Ryders Creed have been at the forefront of the NWOCR ever since their triumph in HRH’s Highway to Hell in 2017 catapulted them to a wider audience – their reputation as a superb live band already sealed in their formative years.  Now 2 albums into their recording career, the lads from Staffordshire are looking forward to showcasing “Lost Souls” released earlier this year on the road – and where better than on the main stage at the very first HRH NWOCR.

Leicester based SKAM will play with home advantage as one of the local contingent of bands at HRH NWOCR.  The hard rock trio have cemented their place at the top table of the new wave of UK rock bands with 3 incredible studio albums to date plus stunning appearances at Wildfire, Steelhouse, Ramblin’ Man and of course our very own Hard Rock Hell.  Their 3rd album “The Amazing Memoirs of Geoffrey Goddard” is a masterpiece of conceptual hard rock that shows all other bands how to present and deliver a rock album – rightly being held in high esteem by outlets such as Planet Rock Radio and Classic Rock Magazine.

Another of the local brotherhood of bands to take to the main stage in January will be Hell’s Addiction.  10 years into their career, they describe themselves as “the bastard child of an illicit three-way between Skid Row, early Guns N’Roses and AC/DC” – which any fan will tell you is hard to argue with.  However, the band are much more than that – live they exude confidence professionalism and talent – but it’s on their latest recordings that their upward trajectory will be accelerated into orbit.  Latest EP V1.0 is simply mind-blowing, and we can’t wait to hear what the lads have in store for 2021!

Cambridgeshire based Hollowstar are the relative newcomers here, only being 5 years and one album into their short but explosive career.  Their self-titled debut long-player from 2019 caught the imagination and ears of the NWOCR community and has set the band up to hit heights that might even surpass the bigger names of the scene.  Fronted by the effervescent Joe Bonson, the guys take to the main stage on Sunday at the O2 Academy in Leicester for one of their biggest appearances yet.

Headlining the second stage each day are Ethyrfield and Trident Waters, and we are extremely proud to be able to bring you The City Kids – a modern take on punk ‘n’ roll from members of The Main Grains, Warrior Soul, Falling Red and Tigertailz.

Also appearing at HRH NWOCR are Matt Mitchell and The Coldhearts, Empyre, Gorilla Riot, Molly Karloff, DeVience, Liberty Lies, Dig Lazarus, Blind River, Twister, Thirteen Stars, Old Glory and The Black Riviera, Weston Rd, Cloverhill and last but not least Fires of Freya.

Early bird tickets are on sale at the unbelievable rate of only 25 GBP per person with no booking fee for the whole weekend where we will see 30 bands giving it their all. 2-day hotel packages are also available at killer rates for both Classic packages and Royalty if you fancy the extras of an upstairs seated balcony, private bar, security and toilets as well as access into the private HRH NWOCR Unplugged sessions.

HRH Punk II, Anarchy in Sheffield 2020 just went live with the first 18 bands and a 30 quid killer deal!

This is just the first bang – there are plenty more bands to come very shortly!

HRH PUNK I sold out in record time and looks to be an absolute belter, next years will go up a gear and to make it all work we have some incredible early bird deals for the next 4 days.

The first tranche of bands next year include UK Subs – one of the pioneers of UK punk – formed in London in 1976 as UK Subversives.  They had hit singles such as “Stranglehold” including a classic performance on Top of the Pops featuring the ever-present frontman Charlie Harper.

Also confirmed for HRH Punk II are Ruts DC – perhaps best known for their 1979 hit “Babylon’s Burning”, they bring their reggae-infused punk to Sheffield’s O2 Academy next September.  Since their reformation in 2007 Ruts DC have kept busy with gigs alongside Alabama 3, Rancid, Buzzcocks, Public Image Ltd and many more.

Another alumn of the original UK punk scene, The Boys bring us their power-pop-punk which has influenced the likes of Die Toten Hosen and The Exploding Hearts. The Boys also enjoyed a new-found spike in popularity in Japan thanks to Japanese garage rock band Thee Michelle Gun Elephant covering their song Soda Pressing.

Here’s the deal : For 4 days only, all standard weekend passes will be 30 GBP no booking fee and Royalty passes 50 GBP no booking fee as they last.

Now listen up because this is really Killer… The HRH Hotels (gotta love ’em) have provided a real Killer Early Bird Incentive too. There are only 50 rooms per hotel that never last long, but for 4 days only (or until they sell out – as this will fly) this is how it rolls…

Standard HRH Hotel with breakfast & standard weekend ticket will be 95 GBP a person & Royalty HRH Hotel with breakfast & weekend Royalty ticket will 120 GBP per person.

Remember 2 minimum sharing, but what a friggin’ deal! This is only available until the end of the event, but please remember there are only 50 rooms per hotel which won’t last long, especially at this price!

HRH PUNK 2 goes on sale Thursday 3rd October @ 11.00am UK time, but only lasts until the end of the event 4 days later (midnight Sunday 6th October to be exact). Link to the online store here:

Everything is subject to availability and as you’ve seen HRH PUNK is one of the hottest, fastest-selling city events HRH put on. It will be a scream as usual, so get on board. Attendees have early picking until Friday 4th October then it’s on general sale over the weekend.

Book online @ – if you need any assistance, grab the Live Chat service on the website.

After 35 years of Pure Rock n Roll, The Quireboys are now ready for a new challenge. We bounced a lot of ideas about, but unanimously came up with something rather special that will allow fans to experience and immerse in a totally new side of The Quireboys, with a full Orchestra behind them. This special project aptly named, Orchestral Quireboys will be created, rehearsed and staged as a double header, ONLY @ the 02 Forum Kentish Town UK on the 4th & 5th September 2020. This is not a cheap project but something the band feels will create something live on stage that has never been witnessed before.

The whole set will be recorded Live for an exclusive Limited Edition Double Vinyl & Double CD pack that can only be bought here. We had a bad experience with Pledge recently, hence why, when we heard our label was creating a new Fan Funded platform called Hell Raiser, we knew we could possibly pull this off with our loyal fans support. This album will not be available anywhere else apart from this Hell Raiser Platform, A timeless piece from a magical adventure

All Royalty & VIP tickets for both Live nights @ the Forum next September, Signed Black & Coloured Double Vinyl Packs, Signed CD packs  plus a few other specials can only be bought from our new fan funding platform Hell Raiser giving our Label and management team, full control of this whole campaign.

Its something we know we can pull off, it will take an incredibly long time, not to mention patience, perfecting the arrangements, rehearsing the songs, however in every way possible it will be totally worth it, whats more all Fans who help us reach our Raise can also get the only copies in the World of the show on Vinyl or CD.

This means a lot to all of us and we really want to make it a show like no other. If you feel you can help us make it a reality, please feel free to get involved

God Bless

Spike, Guy, Paul & Keith


For standard tickets to both shows you can visit



Bands – Bikes – Beers – Boats – Brotherhood: The 5 cornerstones of HRH Road Trips– the ultimate rock’n’roll holiday.

Held annually on the world-famous holiday island of Ibiza, the HRH RoadTrip has grown from its humble beginnings 10 years ago to become one of rock and metals most celebrated events.

The event attracts world famous rock and metal artists – such as HawkwindWhitesnake’s Bernie MarsdenMotorhead’s Phil CampbellReefRainbow’s Joe Lynn TurnerSkindredGirlschoolLA Guns and The Quireboys – to play and soak up the sun and unique atmosphere of the Spanish leg of Hard Rock Hell.

Over 4000 rock fans attended this year’s event making it the biggest yet – and next year is shaping up to be even bigger and better.


Doesn’t matter if it’s lazing by the pool with banging tunes in the background, making shapes on the most famous dancefloors in the world such as Eden or taking in the spectacular sunsets on the beach … there’s something for everyone.

HRH Magazine’s Adam Kennedy had this to say about this year’s event “With the unpredictable nature of British summertime weather, a five-day hard rock festival located on the Balearic Island of Ibiza doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. You can leave those wellies at home, put your tent away, and comfortably enjoy the diverse bill of entertainment on display without worrying about having to dredge through muddy fields or being washed away by the rain.

As the White Isle awakens from its annual winter hibernation, flocks of revellers will arrive at the party capital of the world as HRH takes over San Antonio’s hotels, bars, and legendary night spots. The event itself once again offers a comprehensive bill of both established and emerging talent whilst encompassing acts that represent many of HRH festival’s different brands. There will also be the chance to take part in Ibiza traditions such as the customary HRH bike ride, pool and boat parties, or take the opportunity to experience the island’s world-famous sunsets with an early evening boat trip.

When Axl Rose penned the lyrics to Paradise City, he could well have been thinking about a location not too dissimilar to San Antonio. At the heart of Ibiza’s Rock n Roll paradise is one of the island’s most beloved super clubs “Eden”. Every year HRH Road Trip will take-over the famed night club and its many different rooms for the duration of the event. Nestled away between San Antonio Bay and the world-famous nightlife of San Antonio town, the 5,000 capacity club is the perfect spot to host an event such as HRH RTX.

Described by one festival punter as being like ‘Download with a pool’ HRH RTX entails several music filled days and plenty of sun, sea and San Miguel plus of course a healthy mix of rock, blues, metal, stoner and prog that will keep the party going until the wee hours during four music-filled club nights.”

HRH Road Trip XI is being held on 6th to 13th May 2020.  For all the details and packages visit or call 044+ 207 193 1164.

‘Primitive Man’ is the third single to be taken from the band’s widely acclaimed fourth album 13th Floor Renegades which was released this Spring through Ray Records.

The album is available Here

It’s been a busy year for the band, kicking off with their first ever Spanish tour, followed by numerous gigs and festivals throughout the Spring and Summer.

More recently they’ve come to the attention of legendary West Coast powerpop and rock maven Rodney Bingenheimer, enabling them to secure a US booking agent. The band is now planning their first ever US dates for 2019.

In the meantime, the band plays Planet Rock Stock on 2 December, followed by dates around the country, including a London date at the Black Heart, where they’ll be joined by special guest, former Cherry Bombz frontwoman Anita Chellamah. Full dates are…

Sun 2nd December      PLANET ROCK STOCK Festival (Trecco Bay, S.Wales) – SOLD OUT

Fri 7th December         BIRMINGHAM Asylum 2 – TICKETS

Sat 8th December        GLASGOW Nice ‘n’ Sleazy – TICKETS

Sun 9th December       SHEFFIELD Corporation – TICKETS

Sat 15th December      LONDON Camden Black Heart – TICKETS

Sun 16th December     SOUTHAMPTON Heartbreakers – TICKETS

Last Great Dreamers Socials