Dom Daley.

Strangely named band of Floridians and not Australians from the middle of nowhere and strange title for their record but these boys rock out with a blues-based psych-out that straddles generations of rock and roll and to be fair they do it ever so well.

From the opening ‘Something New’ they lay their cards on the table and it neatly leads into a Cramps tinged rock and roller that kicks back to the name of ‘Hangin Blue’ sure it’s unoriginal sound and style but you can’t deny its a bloody good time coming out of those speakers? Besides these guys reach back – way back into the depths of this business to draw inspiration and they have the chops to pull this damn thing right off.

This record could only have been grafted from the past fifty years of records and plonked right here right now.  So we’re a little late to the party but that doesn’t matter.  The fact we’ve found the party and we’re turning up carrying a bottle or two is what’s important.  ‘I Don’t Want You’ opens with a great big organ (woof woof) and the sort of echo chamber vocals whilst the drums shuffle towards the chorus its veered into Fuzztones territory. but this garage rock lark isn’t something you can just throw together you have to be in it to win it and Woolley Bushmen are certainly winning.  They might look like lab assistants and Geography teachers but looks can certainly be deceiving as no Geography teacher of mine ever rocked out like these boys do on ‘Don’t Let Him In’ or the 60’s flavoured ‘Too Much Love’.

It’s like a trip into the 50’s doo-wop for the heartbreaking ‘I’d Rather Die’ but you know what it only needs to be one minute and thirty and that’s exactly what you get. they clearly have a sense of humour as ‘Medicated’ just kicked my backside and the lyrics are great it’s like a B Movie in sound and who can deny that keyboard. It makes me want to dance like the swinging 60’s were back in vogue and everyone wanted to go to the rock and roll show and just have a great time. Never too late to the party and never to old to enjoy rock and Roll and never out of step with the general population it’s just others that need to catch up and catch on.  The Woolley Bushmen get on it folks! I think you’ll dig it.


The band are touring Europe this Winter so be sure to check em out