The band’s three Eps pulled together, shifted the track listing round and added a pair of live tracks for what is effectively the band’s first full length album on No Front Teeth. 

You know the drill by now, if it’s on NFT it’s got every chance of being pretty bloody good, and not having come across the band’s eps I’m delighted to have the opportunity to play catch up from the opening ‘GTA’ its energetic tuneful punk rock with a raw delivery from the previous members of the superb Ten o Sevens and NFT legends The Gaggers. This North London three-piece knock-out bright energetic punk rock n roll. You can pogo and join in on the gang vocals of ‘GTA’ with its no-nonsense delivery. ‘1984’ has the same skank that some of Strummer’s work used to have on the verse before breaking out for the chorus its got a strong melody and the lyrics will draw you in. ‘The Answer’ offers some Buzzcocks abrasive guitar attack wrapped up in a solid beat. It’s a really enjoyable run-through with some poignant guitar soloing but I love the feel of ‘Boring People Get Bored’ It’s totally ’77 London punk but enough distance between then and now and kids need to get their heart rate up to songs like this especially when it’s done this well. I went days just listening to the Ten O Sevens album and missed what they could have done next but hearing these songs I’m delighted with the next phase and Mapache music. It’s not rocket science it is punk rock and Mapache does it really well. ‘Mind Changing’ lightens the mood and sails quite close to the ragged style of The Libertines which is another great place to be. ‘Fomo’ is a rapid romp with some traditional Chuck Berry licks thrown in for good measure as the band just get on with business. A throughly enjoyable punk rock DIY record.

Not to be confused with about half a dozen other very different styles who share the same name this mob but none of those bands have got that DNA of early Clash and a heap of other garage punk coursing through their tunes and the sneering vocals hit the spot every time. Hell if you get on their Facebook page or via the link below they’ll send you a CD copy for Free, how punk is that? What are you waiting for get on with it you wasters and freeloaders. Get some ‘Battery Powered’ punk rock in your life you’ll love it and thank me later.

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