Ok, so the title is a lyric from a U2 song about October but thats the closest Dublins favourite son is gonna get to RPM singles club and to be fair he wouldn’t stand a chance with some of this months singles. from multi-platinum recording artists to some of our favourites paying homage to the gods of Metal none the less  its another mixed bag of genres but the standard is the usual high bar we like to set.  So without further waffle lets plug the jukebox in and do us all a favour…

Down N Outz – This Is How We Roll (UMC)  An uptempo rock and rolla from Joe and the boys sees some neat riffola on the verses courtesy of The Quireboys’ Paul Guerin and Guy Griffin. The band are nicely rounded off by Keith Weir (keyboards), Share Ross (Bass, ex Vixen) and Phil Martini (drums, Wayward Sons) Its the first track taken from the album of the same title and it doesn’t really sound too similar to any of the associated bands and is more in tune with Elliott’s love of ’70s glam rock and Mott The Hoople which is never going to be a bad thing. Buy Here



The Drowns – Hold Fast (Pirates Press) Heres the technical piece –  this 12“ one-sided record will leave just about any vinyl collector speechless. On first inspection, this may seem like it’s a picture disc, but it’s not! As the leaves in the wreath are actually transparent! This one-sided record is actually digitally printed on the non-groove side, with two separate passes through the machine, creating one very cool (and very limited!) brand new style of 12“ – pressed on real vinyl, sounding great, unlike actual picture discs.

The possibilities are endless for creating eye-catching and powerful releases using this new method of digitally printing on records… pairing this brand new format with a band garnering so much praise and generating so much excitement right now is the perfect fit; and best way to spread the word about both things, fast! Right, got that?  Wow it looks cool I’m sure you’ll agree but its no good if its joust going to be a wall hanger but The Drowns Hold Fast is a fuckin’ blinding slice of uplifting punk rock. The video for Hold Fast is below so you can check it out for yourself bu t’Demons’ is gang vocals and air pumping fist raised anthems and if this is a sample of what’s to come then the album is going to be something special.


Prohibition Dead – ‘Let Me Live Or Die’ (Why A Bassist Production) Clearly influenced by Queens Of The Stone Age this French two-piece make enough noise for a whole traditional four-piece band – its catchy has a solid foundation and will appeal to a lot of Jack White fans as well as the more grungy types.  Its the second track off their soon to be released EP set for November. Its a decent loud slice of Fuzzy alt-rock so if that’s yer bag and you are partial to some Black Keys and QOTSA then fill yer boots this will please ya.   Buy ‘Let Me Live Or Die’ Here




The Hip Priests / Spaceforce – Split (Speedowax) With shit island heading for implosion and the last 45 round-up not having a Hip Priests single included I was beginning to give up hope and was thinking whats the chuffin point then this bad boy turns up.  With the finest sleeve to date, it was down to the boyz makin all the noiz to offer up a reason for continuing and they not only give us one track but two and drag along Spaceforce with one for good measure. ‘My Damnation’ and ‘Play It Loud’ are not so much passable little ditties but the latter is a fuckin’ order Play it loud is like Iggy and Ron joining Biff and the boys and kicking out the jams. ‘Play It Loud’ In your neighborhood! too damn right. as for ‘My Damnation’ its total potty mouth and like a heavyweight boxer punching you on the sly right below the belt love the bridge BVs and the solo rips (of course it does).  It never gets boring saying it but they simply have no peers in the 45s stakes and there isn’t anyone making records as consistently good as these reprobates.

As for Spaceforce it’s a thankless task really but they hammer away like Maiden when DiAnno was da man (and when they had something to say) on ‘Ignition’ and their take on the Venom classic ‘Black Metal’ has my respect, you gentlemen, are all Hellbound. Black metal and little green men?  I fuckin love this shit? Stonker of a single and the artwork is pure fuckin genius. Single of the month and might well be single of the year! How’s that!


BATS –  The Call Of Cthulhu (Self Release)   With the forthcoming release of their third studio album ‘ALTER NATURE’, this is the first video off the record.  A dark as fuck take to be fair noisy, yup we like noisy. Messed up – yup again we like messed up.  Twisted, ok you get the picture.  It’s their first piece of new music in seven years.  I’m still trying to work it out = nutters’.


 The Empty Page –  ‘You’re Tame'(Punk Fox records) Cats! but wait before we get carried away with the fluffy creatures we do need to tell you this single is available digitally everywhere and also on limited edition splatter 7″ vinyl from Rough Trade and other select indie record stores. The band stated it was an unashamed slice of 90s alt rock in the vein of Veruca Salt or Hole and we say theres nothing to be ashamed of there guys it might indeed have that retro outsider feel to it and the video is rather Terry Christian The Word about it but thats cool.  Don’t smother your wild side you Empty Pages just keep being you doing what you do and when it’s as good as this and the previous singles then we’ll keep listening and telling others to follow suit. Do it and aren’t they cuddly?  and those cats! (*No musicians were harmed in the making of this video) it’ll be on limited splatter vinyl and have the previous single on the flip side.  Cool as.

oso oso “Basking In The Glow” (Counter-Intuitive Records) About to embark on his first UK tour here’s our introduction to Oso Oso with a great piece of guitar pop – power pop if you like it’s catchy and full of that raw guitar-driven pop not a million miles from some of the stuff Butch Walker puts out hows that for a none too shabby name check? . Check it out via the medium of video and just in case you’re curious here are the tour dates for this week coming around England –  Oct 16 MARGATE, Elsewhere, Oct 17 BRIGHTON, Green Door Store, Oct 18 MANCHESTER, Deaf Institute, Oct 19 LEEDS, The Key Club, Oct 20 GLASGOW, The Hug & Pint, Oct 22 BIRMINGHAM, Sunflower Lounge, Oct 23 NOTTINGHAM, The Bodega,
Oct 24 LONDON, Boston Music Room, and Oct 25 BRISTOL, Louisiana 
All tickets are on sale now HERE

Oso Oso: Facebook | Twitter Spotify

Mono In Stereo – ‘Different Kind Of Man’ (Rum Bar Records) Taken from their second album ‘Can’t Stop The Bleeding’ this uplifting honest slice of Heartland rock n roll with attitude it’s infectious like a bit of Springsteen if he recorded after a night on the dark fruits and a fistfight.  Great rock n roll is always a good place to be and these cats nail it.

45 Rally – Tweets For My Sweet (Rum Bar Records) Tank tops and ties.  Ok, its a first but we’re a broad church.  45 Rally are swinging their pants for sure it’s like some hip house party house band from the swinging ’60s with authentic tambourine backbeat sloppy backing vocals and awesome keyboards. ‘Bigly’ is up first and don’t take too long settling down or you’ll miss it.  Like the Fuzztones chirpy brother theres nothing dark here it’s bubblegum garage done very well indeed and all the song titles come from Trump tweets! could have covered an album full from that bulb but an EP will do for starters Garage Rock from Switzerland who’d have thought it?


The Urban Voodoo Machine – Johnny Foreigner (Gypsy Hotel Records) Taken from the compilation album, ‘The Urban Voodoo Machine’s Friends And Family Album Vol 1’ it’s  the band’s riposte to the xenophobia and rise in the UK of all things English nationalism and a rise by right-wing extremists that’s indeed been stinking up the place since Brexshit.  We love ya Paul-Ronney Angel and of course you can stay, our home is your home, we don’t own this shit island. The Urban Voodoo Machine are as magnificent as ever with their sleazy booze-soaked bop n stroll and yet another must-have track gets added to their repertoire. Facebook 

Dirty Sound Magnet – Skull Drawing Rose (Hummus Records) Swiss Psychedelic Rockers Dirty Sound Magnet the latest single from the Album due this week ‘Transgenic’ it isn’t even the longest single we’ve ever had on the 45rpm round-up that title goes to those pesky Hip Priests but this is the first psychedelic progressive Hard Rock song we’ve had entered our charts.  Go fill yer boots ya pixie loving flute wielding prog rats.

The Crookeds – Sucker For Pain (Golden Robot Records) Some classic rock leanings add yet more textures to this month’s 45 RPM round up.  Australian rockers The Crookeds bring their riff laden rock to the club where they mix up some alt rock with a more classic rock sound.  With loud guitars and a Buckley esk soaring vocal.  check it out rockers! 





Lazybones – Trash Talk  (Say Something Records) Inspired by the likes of Black Sabbath, Sex Pistols and Chas & Dave, using a fuzzy bass guitar, an amplified organ and drums, Lazybones create a trashy, unapologetic, to-the-point British sound. and ‘Trash Talk’ is a loud and unapologetic romp. All the way to the chorus its a bumpy ride but when you get there it’s like screaming on top of a mountain like PJ Harvey riding a rocket.  You can stream this along with other Lazybones songs on Spotify  the band head out around the UK later this month and early next to bosh gig goers over the head with their fuzzed up alt pop – check em out. Here – Website Facebook Twitter Instagram



A Bunch OF Jerks – Dirt Nap (Rum Bar Records) The first track off their second album has the neat lead single ‘Dirt Nap’ – A snotty spikey slice of Garage punk.  Where the gang vocals are young, loud and snotty and they mix up some B52s with a raw punk rock old school.  It’s in yer face and will follow you around all night as you find your self shouting “Dirt Nap” at random intervals.  This Boston awesome foursome come armed with a full-length (ooh er Mrs.)  album where ‘Dirt Nap’ is lifted from and if this is anything to go by we’ll be all over some more of that. Check it out ya punks! Besides they had a song called ’70s Euro Minge’ for fuck’s sake what’s not to like.  They obviously have all the right credentials  Facebook


The Good The Bad And The Zugly – Staying With the Trouble ( Fysisk Format) What nice guys GBZ are. Offering to hold ones hand whilst we navigate these troubled times.  Always great to hear what these loons are up to and they’ve not made a bad record yet. With this being the first peek at what’s to come on the new album ‘Algorithm & Blues’ it sounds a little restrained if I’m honest (in a good way obviously) Its anthemic and will make for a wonderful experience live I’m sure of that. Norway is delivering some fantastic bands and music at the minute and These bad boys are at the top of the pile now get your ears around this and pre-order the album because they’re touring early next year.  I’m staying with the trouble and they can hold my hand any day. Facebook


Territories – Quit This City/Defender (Pirates Press Records) Wow, what a stunner this is to wrap up this singles Club.  Hailing from Calgary and following on from their debut long-player last summer these two songs just blew me away.  Its heartfelt chest-beating punk rock these longtime friends have been cutting their teeth for quite a while around Western Canada and since that debut album they’ve been building up a head of steam to this point and from the quiet intro of electric guitar and voice we then break out and deliver a stunning rousing single in ‘Quit This City’.

As the band gear up for their first jaunt to play Rock The Boat this will more than confirm their qualities and worthy place for being on that ship and kicking ass.  I hope it won’t be a case of man overboard as the audience won’t be able to stay still when this erupts. The B side might be more solid paced with its thumping, driving bass line its so good I couldn’t resist digging into the bands back catalogue. Exciting times ahead.  Go check em out and tell em RPM sent ya! Facebook 

Man the opening track on this EP had me longing for some Role Models and Replacements because that’s exactly where Mono In Stereo are pitching this EP.

Hell, it’s on Rum Bar Records so it was going to be a no brainer for me and from the first play I couldn’t not be into this.  It’s ragged – honest – anthemic without being cheesy and wholesome without being sappy its got grit and dirt under its fingernails it’s wearing its Replacements patch on its chest next to its Mellencamp one as the keys swirl and the distorted guitar chords ring out over the steady beat this is a winner in every which way.  The only fault I have is its not a full-length album and only half of one.

‘Different Kind Of Man’ is anthemic but not cheesy as the band sound loose enough to have enjoyed a few pre-recording beers to celebrate such am impressive few tunes.  Damn, they know it, Rum Bar knows it and I know it and if you have any sense you’ll be getting hold of this. ‘Not Your Fault’ has a great melody but its not any single part but the sum of all its parts that makes this record so listenable.

‘Fores’ amps it up and lets in its inner punk rock with neat gang vocals and a fiery tempo part misfits part Gaslight Anthem if there such a thing. (there is now)  To take this home the title track brings up the rear and just puts a big exclamation make on proceedings Records like this should come with a health warning – This Rock and Roll will put a serious strain on your smile and fist pumping the air can be dangerous.  Open another beer and turn it up!


Rum Bar Records at Facebook

Author: Dom Daley

Roll up, roll up one and all as the 45RPM Club is in session and this month we bring you a whole bunch of singles to mull over and for those who love the 7″ format we have a couple of pure gold must haves whilst it seems a lot of bands prefer to release a video as part of their press kit to promote a single which is cool we’re a broad church and we’ll check out old school wax as well as digital-only singles and video singles just get em into us and leave it with us.  So here we go.


The Hip Priests/ Electric Frankenstein – Split (Speedowax Records) It just wouldn’t be a 45RPM round up if The Hip Priests weren’t in town so thank fuck for Speedowax and this delicious split with the North American kings of Action Rock Electric Frankenstein.  Side A sees EF knock out ‘Generation Void’ with its beautiful riff-ola that takes us to the chorus that we can all join in on and throw our fists in the air – Amen to that motherfucker’s EF are in the house. The second offering is ‘I’ll Be The One’ which is a stronger tune with its Dead Boys vibe in the verse to that gang vocal chorus this is a wonderful opening side to any single.  Bring it on I say let’s see or rather hear a new full-length EF album that would be tremendous wouldn’t it? Flip it over and Shit Islands bad boys offer the excellent ‘Deja FU’ taken from their outstanding album of the year contender ‘Stand For Nothing’ and the second track is one that didn’t even make the cut on the album – imagine that, you have tunes you can save for a single that would be the first choice on pretty much any other bands album in this field ‘Nihilist Twist’ is a banger  and has a magic guitar break.  Record of the month? What do you think you silly billys. Join the Spasm Gang and get a limited edition press with a Hip Priests tote Bag  ooooh! Still winning at life!


Spirit In The Room – EP (Neon Garage Records, Black House) Fucked up spat out rock from Los Angeles featuring the headwork of Dennis R. Sanders aided and abetted by Darren Howard, Phillip Bailey, and Kevin Bombay the three songs are somewhere between Bowie meets NiN (‘U R My Religion’) full-on freak out that is the epic ‘the Future Is Immediate’ Motorhead meets Cave and some of everything else thrown in for good measure.  Menacing and thrashing about is the name of the game please don’t play neat a strobe light or you’re fucked. ‘Monetary Prayer’ is Jim Jones meets Gun Club meets birthday Party and Gallon Drunk not so much of a stretch for sure but quality a plenty and a most excellent listen besides Rock and Roll is meant to be a bit dangerous and foreboding and SITR is all that and more. Pick it up on their Bandcamp page Here Facebook


The Turbo AC’s / V8 Wankers – Split (Savage Magic Records) New York City’s The Turbo A.C.’s and Offenbach, Germany’s V8 Wankers come together for a 4-song split 7″ EP of high octane punk ‘n’ roll. Each band brings a stand-out track from their latest album plus an exclusive track just for this release. ‘fuckin Up Big Time’ is classic turbo AC’s big chorus and chugging riffs its a no brainer action rockers go fill yer boots.  a band made for split 7″ records (they’ve had more than most) Whereas V8 Wankers have been plying their action Rock for a decade and a half out of Germany and have stayed true to loud Punk Rock and Roll

Turbo Website  V8 Facebook or email: info@savagemagicrecords.com to pre-order now!



Plastic Tears – Dark Passenger (City of Lights Records)
– Taken from their last long player ‘Angels With Attitude’ Another band who’ve held fast on their trademark sleazy Punk n Roll – Plastic Tears have and will endure. Check out the video below. Facebook

ANC4 – ‘You´re the one’ (Beluga Records)  Digital Release from Beluga of the track ‘you’re The One’.  ANC4 (Arvidson & Nilsson Combo Four) is a newly formed Swedish band that will be releasing their first Long Player this Year.  The band consists of 4 members of the Swedish music scene, Roger Arvidson (Vocals & Guitar) who featured in Arvidson and Butterflies, Remains and Sonic Walthers, Tomas Nilsson (Vocals & Guitar) who fronted Mop Tops and Flying cow, the two songwriters are complimented by a strong rhythm section who also have great musical form, Janne Borgh (Bass & Backing vocals) who has played bass with both Strindbergs and Moderns, last but no means least, completing the line up is Niclas “Tidaholms Ringo” Österberg (Drums), The Front Line Band, Moa Blucher Blues Band among many others.

The band breathes new life into the sixties styled nuggets with strong melodies and sweet harmonies. as ‘You’re The One Will attain. Facebook


Daddy Long Legs – ‘Pink Lemonade’ (Yep Rock Records) Lead track for the band’s long-players is released in the shape of ‘Pink Lemonade’ Facebook

TV Coma – Have A Party (Wiretap Records) one that caused us some intrigue was TC Coma and their ‘Have A Party’citing the likes of Pup and Weezer as influences are always going to get our interest.  not the most immediate of tracks even if the video is a bit odd and there is too much facial hair for our liking the song is a grower no doubt about that. Facebook

Royal Republic – Anna Leigh (Nuclear Blast, Arising Empire) The first track off the new long player ‘Club Magic’ is with us and again pushing boundaries is the name of the game for Royal Republic. Looks like they had a ball making the video at least but again a grower and not the most immediate of singles. Facebook

Mono In Stereo ‘The Conversation’ (Rum Bar Records) Taken from the Album ‘Can’t Stop The Bleeding’ this is a really well-crafted tune full of good ole Rock and Roll with great barroom sing-a-long chorus and enough ragged edges to warm the cockles of the coldest heart.  simple (or at least they make it sound), Honest (as the day is long) wholesome alt rock with a punk rock heart like Huser Du or the Replacements or even more recent artists like Role Models check em out – Facebook


Geoff Palmer – ‘All The Hits’ (Rum Bar Records) Another new Rum Bar release sees The Connections songwriter or 50% of the team Connections release his solo record ‘Pulling Out All The Stops’  out soon on Stardumb Records / Rum Bar Records (dual label release) and this is the hook being used to reel us in and what a hook too. Geoff Palmer continues to destroy us with his songwriting skills once it hits your ears you can’t shake it.  It sounds like The Ramones have been on heavy rotation during the writing sessions and what’s not to love about that? 1-2-3-4 let’s go its dumb fun and bubble gum catchy as hell and music with a smile. why don’t more band kick up a shit storm of pop-punk rock like this – it’s beautiful! RumBar Bandcamp
Spread Eagle – ‘Sound Of Speed’ (Frontiers Music)  Its cock Rock O’clock folks wind back those clocks or get in a time machine marked late 80’s  for Spread Eagle without a hint of irony sing about Birds, speed (as in fast cars) no wait, they’re playing at a go-cart track which we all know is cool as so all is forgiven now where are my high tops and wrist bands and its great that Spread Eagle take safety seriously and everyone is wearing crash helmets.  Well done guys you Rock!