There’s a whole lotta shaking going on down on Neverland Ranch as this three-piece explosion of the blues, Rock n Roll, Experimental Rock, Post Punk and whatever else they decide to throw into the pot.

Guitarist/singer Tex Mosley: one-time alumnus of Philly’s legendary Afro-punks Pure Hell is driving the bus at NRD There’s a healthy dose of minimalist R & B happening on ‘Fat Back’ that reminds me of Vintage Trouble when they weren’t performing ballads mixed with a shade of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. ‘Aqua Velveteen’ carries on this journey with the sparseness growing and getting more trippy. Pat Todd cited Suicide as an influence when describing the band’s sound and I hear that here its certainly not frantic like Jon Spenser but the use of feedback and the blues is all here. It’s like the morning after the night before – you can’t remember much but you sure as hell know you had a good time.

The band can also rock it up, ‘Liquor Store’ has some street-wise attitude that sounds like they’re riding the local bucking bronco with a beer in one hand and the other hitting a snare drum without a care in the world. It’s a simple time-honored formula this Rock and Roll when done right. Knocking out a rhythm and putting some words down before breaking it up with a whacked-out solo that’s trying to tame that fuzz n feedback before it’s too late.

The guys in the band are just rolling with it and kicking out the jams on ‘Solid Monkey Blues’ playing it straight no bullshit I’m sure Iggy would approve.

The band operates without a bass player and figured The Cramps didn’t need one (most of the time) and neither did the Gories so NRD gave it a miss as well.

Side two kicks off with an instrumental jig before ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ brings in layered gang vocals over some big melody and some cool lyrics to reflect the laid-back tempo that is almost horizontal. ‘Hen House’ gets a little funky and loose and has the same vibe early Lenny Kravitz once possessed when he was letting love rule. These cats have got the chops to pull this off you know, the album grows when you let it breathe and drip into your brain.

‘Stigmata’ has the feel that you’ve heard this before laying down some ’80s Keith Richard chops on that riff if he floated down a different path. ‘Knee On My Neck’ is heavy and is one of the highlights of the album that to be fair has plenty of highs. The record signs off with ‘I Believe To My Soul’ which is a brooding number with some excellent vocals and harmonising on top of a really strong arrangement that again doesn’t overcook the instruments and keeps it to a minimum or just enough to deliver the goods something Neverland Ranch Davidians do over and over again on this excellent album. If you’re looking for a pointer then I’d suggest you look no further than the Buy Here button below you won’t regret it.

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Author: Dom Daley

After receiving the inevitable Fashionably late singles we had to reconvene the Singles Club and pull the virtual dust sheet off the Jukebox and spin the black circles before we shut down for the year. It’s lean but its an oh so talented bunch of bangers. Check out this lot…

IDLES – ‘WHITE PRIVILEGE’ (Partisan) Lifted from the album “Five Years of Brutalism” out from the 9th December 2022 on Partisan Records. you can pick it up here: A pretty vital and exciting performance from Idles is added to the debut album. A proper intense banger. #fuckthetories

Sister Morphine – ‘Ghost Of Heartbreak City’ (Self Release) The highly anticipated release (16th of December if you’re asking) sees Sister Morphine Axl dance through your devices and out of your speakers – a couple of decades later than it should have been released but who cares? Like a fine wine it’s been left to mature over time and now is the right time to unleash this bad boy.

Hot on the (Cuban) heels of the Gunfire Dance debut vinyl album seeing the light of day or the debut vinyl press of Demolition 23, Sister Morphine have gone one step further by going into a studio to record their old tunes (and some new tunes), to give them a modern and fresh feel and what we have here is the lead track off that album, literally hot off the press – ‘Ghost Of Heartbreak City’ is a barnstormer a real shot of energy. It’s a good time wedged into the modern world complete with howling good time guitars, rollicking piano and some great gang vocals on the chorus. Clinging onto the ethos that Rock and Roll is indeed timeless and the fact that this band went on their hiatus in the early 90s, cryogenically preserved Rock n Roll will warm your heart on a cold South Walian night. Rock ‘n’ Roll never sounded so good and up for it – Get on it kids and keep your eye peeled for the full makonkee. We’ll keep you posted on all things Sister Morphine because you deserve it. Facebook

Neil Leyton – ‘(I Got A Call From) Michael Maker’ (Self Release) My heart beats faster when I get news from someone I love listening to is making a record and one of those artists happens to be a guy called Neil Leyton some will be familiar others not so. Let me tell you if you happen to be in the dark about his past then I suggest you catch up after you put this on your playlist and work backward. The man has talent oozing from every pore and has written dozens of excellent songs and you can add this to that list. It’ll burrow into your ear and cling to your brain making everything feel right and proper for the four minutes it’s ringing out into the world. Neil Leyton releasing Rock and Roll music makes me so happy – it’s been long overdue. Available from Monday 11th December Here / Neil Leyton discography Here

Status Quo – ‘It’s Christmas time’ (earMUSIC) A Strictly Limited Collector’s Single of their festive anthem ‘It’s Christmas Time’. The song has been freshly remastered this year and will be released on earMUSIC on 16 December 2022. ‘It’s Christmas Time’ will be available in two strictly limited physical formats: Dark Green 10” Vinyl Single featuring two tracks, and a five song “Freestyle” Maxi-CD.
As well as the evergreen ‘It’s Christmas Time’ this release will also feature brand new 2022 studio versions of the band’s timeless classics ‘Caroline’, ‘Paper Plane’ & ‘Rockin’ All Over The World’. ‘It’s Christmas Time’ was originally released in 2008 and was written by the late great Rick Parfitt and Wayne Morris.

Black Star Riders – ‘Riding Out the Storm’ (Earache Records) Following the announcement of new guitarist Sam Wood, Black Star Riders, the Anglo American rockers featuring Ricky Warwick (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Robert Crane (Bass Guitar) and drummer Zak St. John, are excited to release their new single ‘Riding Out The Storm’, which is accompanied by a video, directed and produced by famed video maker Tony Aguilera (Jerry Cantrell, Killer Be Killed, Orianthi) in Los Angeles. 


10th ANNIVERSARY UK TOUR IN FEBRUARY 2023 Tickets are on sale now from

Scumbag Millionaire – ‘Strike Me Down’ (Suburban Records) Swedish action punk band Scumbag Millionaire releases ‘Strike Me Down’ Ho HO Ho what a banger! A Christmas Cracker if you like. From the rumbling bassline to the howling distorted vocals these guys are delivering the goods big time. Get on it kids this is a blast! Taken from the B Sides and oddities album set for release early in 2023 entitled ‘Barely Alive!’ Get on it only available on wax! Website

Brian Ray – ‘On My Way To You’ b/w ‘The Story of Bonnie And Clyde’ (feat. Orianthi) Brian Ray is back with a brand new single.  Fresh off of a tour as guitarist/bassist with Paul McCartney, Brian is returning to releasing solo music with this single.  The b-side, The Story of Bonnie And Clyde, is a duet with Orianthi.  In addition to his solo career, Brian has also worked with Etta James, Smokey Robinson, Willy DeVille, and many more.  These experiences give him a unique style, which is evident in this new release.

Lucifer Star Machine – ‘I Wanted Everything’ (The Sign Records) The second single from Lucifer Star Machine’s forthcoming 5th studio album. A song about whether you’re living life to the fullest or you’re looking back at lost opportunities. Raw twin guitars and melodic vocals in perfect balance. Punk rock with a huge pop sensibility and great potential for radio plays. The single release is followed by tour dates in Germany, Czech Republic and the UK.

Neverland Ranch Davidians – ‘Rat Patrol’ (Heavy Medication Records) The first single from the debut album by L.A.’s Neverland Ranch Davidians, the missing link between The Blues Explosion, Suicide and Stax Records.