‘Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres’ will have many rushing for the exit and some will stick around and check it out whilst others are true believers that Doherty was handed the baton of real rock and rollers who always find what they’re looking for even if they don’t quite know what it is they are looking for.  They manage to write with great talents to interpret what’s coming out of their mind and who just click and make all the madness sound cohesive and at times quite beautiful,  it’s fair to say the record at times is intimate with tales of love, loss, happiness, tragedy, addiction and work on many levels. The album was recorded live to capture the essence and spirit of the Puta Madres at a family home overlooking a fishing village in Étretat, Normandy, over four days in the summer of 2018. so as the needle drops we are gently led into ‘All At Sea’ with the unmistakable wavering vocals of Doherty. The band are given the room to breathe and at times I’m reminded of albums like Dylans ‘Blood On the Tracks’ and Velvet Underground for the loose arrangments and use of instruments (ok so this might not stack up to those two albums but you get the gist).

‘Whose Been Having You Over’ has a galic flavour and once you lock into the groove its a majestic thing with some fine guitar work from Jones and Doherty and as the first track the violin of Miki Beavis is exceptional and add eastern flavours. ‘Paradise Is Under Your Nose’ is Dohertys finest five minutes and his duet with Jack Jones is on another level for a quite beautiful song.

The autobiographical ‘Narcissistic Teen Makes First XI ‘ is classic dreamy Doherty.  I promise the payback from this album is massive if you invest a bit of time and energy into it.  sure I can see how people will play it once and call it a shambles I get that but give it a chance.  There’s a gentle hand at work here and Doherty sounds content and comfortable with the musicians he’s assembled around him for this record as they play around his relaxed skiffle on tracks like ‘A Fool There Was’ as that gypsy violin leads a merry dance.

It’s not The Libertines and its not his loudest record but it might just be his best.

Author: Dom Daley

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Rolling into the old school surroundings of Swansea’s Sin City Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres with Marc Eden in tow seems wholly appropriate and a wonderful aligning of the stars for this Travelling circus.  Eden takes the stage fashionably late and his very short yet to the point set entertains the audience with his minstrel musings.  ‘Debt Collector’ was up first and to be fair it sounded wonderful with just his voice and an acoustic guitar oddly its one of the standout tracks on the Peckham Cowboys ’10 Tales From The Gin Palace’ album but rather a different beast live with just a guitar and a voice.  Doherty’s audience didn’t quite know how to take Eden at first but with ‘Crackhouse Blues’ and a stunning version of Dylans One More Cup Of Coffee’ under his belt and the sold-out audience was certainly warming to the singer. Sadly as soon as it had begun Eden was introducing the final number or numbers as he ran through a brief medley to warm up this audience with ‘Wild Rover’ and ‘Dirty Old Town’ which seemed quite fitting under the circumstances. Nice to see Eden out amongst it as its been a while since he last rode through town with his Cowboys maybe next time?

Right after a fairly long interval, the room was about ready to burst as the band ambled onstage and broke into the set and whilst the band sounded tight I can’t help but smile with the feeling that they spend the entire set flying by the seat of their undergarments as Doherty does tend to adlib shall we say and wander off on a tangent.  I do however feel that  he is as sharp as a tack as he cottoned on to the Audiences tribal chants of You Jack Bastard aimed at young Jones wearing his local teams football shirt with Peter renaming ‘Last Of The Englsih Roses’ to ‘Last Of The Jack Bastards’.


The set was predominantly made up of tracks the band played the previous few nights of the tour with the likes of ‘Travelling Tinker’, ‘Albion’ all going down really well.  The first new song from the album to be aired ‘Who’s Been Having You Over’  sounded magnificent and it really captured the moment. Whilst I love hearing songs like ‘You’re My Waterloo’ and the jazzy ‘Always Something There To Remind Me’ was inspired it wasn’t until the encore that the audience was really able to cut loose during ‘Fuck Forever’ maybe had the set been peppered with a couple more uptempo rockers if you like this might have been elevated from a really good gig to a memorable I was there performance. Having said that ‘Paradise Is Under Your Nose’ was spectacular and a youthful and energetic audience was as quiet as Doherty was ever going to get them no matter how many times he would have asked for hush.

It was however great to see Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres end their tour on the sunny sands of Swansea Bay and I love the fact it could fall off the edge of a cliff at any given moment or be the tightest magical night of Rock ‘n’ Roll ever, (isn’t that what makes this Rock n Roll business so diverse and magical?)  Now if only he could bring his other band down for a show that would be a right treat. In the meantime I look forward to the album coming out in April and whatever happens next.

Author: Dom Daley

Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres release their eponymously titled debut album on Friday 26th April though Strap Originals/Cargo Records. A single, mixed by Cenzo Townshend, ‘Who’s Been Having You Over’is available now when you preorder the album from: Here

‘Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres’ will be available on Vinyl in a gatefold sleeve (SOLP1), CD (SOCD1), Cassette (SOCASS1), Deluxe CD (SOCD1X) & Deluxe Vinyl (SOLP1X) (including live album and film)and digital download.
The full track-listing is:
  • All At Sea
  • Who’s Been Having You Over
  • Paradise Is Under Your Nose
  • Narcissistic Teen Makes First XI
  • Someone Else To Be
  • The Steam
  • Travelling Tinker
  • Lamentable Ballad of Gascony Avenue
  • A Fool There Was
  • Shoreleave
  • Punk Buck Bonafide
‘Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres’ was recorded live to beautifully capture the essence and spirit of the Puta Madres at a family home overlooking a fishing village in Étretat Normandy, over 4 days last summer and mixed at Urchin Studios (East London). The album is engineered by Dan Cox (Laura Marling, Thurston Moore, Florence & The Machine)and produced by Jai Stanley (longtime friend and manager).
‘Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres’ is a devastatingly intimate portrait of love, loss, being lost, happiness, tragedy, addiction and the power of the human soul to transcend its darker levels. All the songs from the album were road-tested over the last 18 months across Europe at Festivals and headline shows.
Songs include the reflective ‘All At Sea,’ the raw ‘Punk Buck Bonafide,’ the upbeat and playful ‘Shoreleave,’ the joyous hymn of liberation ‘Paradise Is Under Your Nose’ and ‘Who’s Been Having You Over’ with dialogue from the 1948 film adaption of Graham Greene’s ‘Brighton Rock’ and the cheeky poke at his own notoriety…or is it? “You so rock ’n’roll.”
As previously announced Peter is currently on a sold-out solo tour of the UK, followed by six shows, the ‘Who’s Been Having You Over Tour,’ with The Puta Madres in February:

FEBRUARY(Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres)
Wednesday  13th  York – Fibbers 
Thursday  14th  Margate – Fort Road Yard SOLD OUT
Friday  15th  Derby – The Venue
Saturday  16th  Northwich – The Plaza
Monday  18th  Swindon – Level 3 
Tuesday  19th  Swansea – Sin City
Tickets are available from albionrooms.com/live