THE SCHIZOPHONICS – ‘Black To Comm’ (Pig Baby Records) Over the last few years, THE SCHIZOPHONICS have built up a formidable reputation around the world as an explosive live act and have just announced a 14 date US tour which kicks off in September 2021 with an appearance at Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas. The group has also just finished the final mixes on their forthcoming album entitled ‘Hoof It’ which is slated for release in early 2022 on Pig Baby Records.  Leaning on their Garage Rock roots and the MC5 heaving smokin guitar antics of the lead track this is on Fire Baby!  Love it large and the more fuzzed up and freaky this gets the better it sounds.  Amen you crazy mofos.



Los Santos – ‘On The Strip (Vegas Baby)’ (Los Santos Inc. Records / Cadiz Entertainment)  it’s a three-minute love song to 1970’s Las Vegas invoking the Rat Pack, gangster run casinos, cars as big as bars cruising the neon of sin city.

Wearing their influences proudly on their sleeves…  Iggy and The Stooges, MC5, Ramones, Pixies, Husker Du, Jane’s Addiction…  Nothing too new!  Los Santos bring loud guitars, angelic voices, melodic bass and drums played like a deranged Keith Moon.


Stacy Crowne ‘Radar Love / Dead of Night’ (Action Rock Jukebox 45 single)’  (Screaming Crow Records) Screaming Crow Records have gathered up some of the best Rock N Roll bands from all over the world to bring you an awesome new 45 series call Action Rock Jukebox.

Each band has submitted a rockin’ version of a song that would have been found on your local jukebox in the 70s & 80s backed with an original track from the band. These large holed 45s are perfect for that old jukebox in your basement. Each single comes with a jukebox title card and a custom 45 adapter in case you don’t have one of those cool old jukeboxes. Each release will feature 100 color vinyl  and 200 black vinyl versions. The first 50 copies sold will be autographed by the band. Right now the singles will only be available on Screaming Crow’s and the bands’ websites.

There are 8 band scheduled right now. Once all the singles are out, Screaming Crow will compile them into one killer double LP and CD and release them through our normal retail channels. Stacy Crowne do a top take on the Golden Earring track whilst it might have been done to death its still one of the better versions but the original track is all Action rock and fuckin’ roll and worthy of your attention. / Buy Here / Facebook


Bambies – ‘Dirty Taint’ (Spaghetty Town Records)  Wear it like a sheriff’s badge of honour.  If you’re on Spaghetty Town Records then you’re worth a fuck. With that seal of approval, we dive in with the volume turned up, it’s like a snotty bit of punk n roll along the lines of Star Spangles with added Briefs for good measure, and that kids is a pretty awesome place to start. There’s an album coming this August on Wanda and Spaghetty Town so stick that in your diary as a must-have slice of Rock and Roll. Record of the week? It might just be.  Buy Here





Drug Church – Tawny (Pure Noise Records)  The only disappointment is this is only a four-track 12″ record and not a full album of angry, full-on riff-a-rama punk rock n roll. PRessed on a lovely pink spalt it’s no-nonsense straight to your brain ear worm.

I can’t pick a favourite track because they’re all quality from the jangling hypnotic riff on ‘Head Off’ through the kick to the temple of the title track.

‘Bliss Out’ is heavy as a bouncing bomb mixing up the likes of Helmet with Husker Du some Therapy? and a whole lot besides before checking out with the mic drop of ‘Remember To Forget’ which is something different from the other three which are all different anyway.  Drug Church delivers yet another quality glimpse into the workings of a top band with a cheeky glance to the past yet plowing on into the future.  Check em out and get on board.

Buy Here


The Jailbirds – ‘The Jungle’ (Golden Robot Records) Ontario rockers The Jailbirds come on full force with ‘The Jungle’ with a riff from the Ozzy rulebook its big and rockin  check em out Here

Zoids – ‘Running Man b/w Crash Mind’ (Goodbye Boozy Records)  Lo-fi noisy punks rip through two bleak relentless romps with a buzzsaw guitar riff thrashing away over a Rolf Harris stylophone if that’s still even legal?  Then ‘Crash Mind’ is more of the same as the static far away sci-fi lo-fi goes gonzo as the Zoids check-in back home by the sounds of it.  Robotic punk is fired into space.  Put these cats in a time capsule and bury them on the moon.  with some guitars and a laptop obviously.  Sounds like they’ve just discovered dial-up and aren’t afraid to use it as an instrument instead of a bass guitar – Nutters!




The Cheats – ‘Rock N’ Roll Love Letter / Cussin, Crying N’ Carrying On’ (Action Rock Jukebox 45 single)’  (Screaming Crow Records)  A mighty fine slab of 70s inspired power pop n roll from The Cheats.  They nail the sappy harmonies and the melody is B-A-Y C-I-T-Y inspired and they nail the tone.  We all love to write Rock N Roll love letters and The Cheats are no different.  If you want something a little more bruising then hold onto your tartan scarves because the B side is a belter.  firing out of the traps like a hot rod in a hurry ‘Cussin, Crying N’ Carrying On’ is action rock with a heap of punk rock n roll attitude as it snarls and spits to the finish line.  Top single this one.  Crack on guys you rock!



Jizzy Pearl – ‘Soul Mama’ (Golden Robot Records)


THE CHECKERED HEARTS – ‘Joystick’  (Chicanery Chick Records)  Power Pop cover version of ‘My Best Friends Girl’ is a decent stab at a huge hit.  Los Angeles-based duo Hillary Burton and Lisa Mychols, who have many credits to their names, pride themselves on having a  sound that is a mixture of explosive power pop and reminiscent of long-lost favourites of the 80’s and 90’s.  ‘JOYSTICK’ is a collection of classic covers by The Cars, Housemartins, Phil Seymour, Kirsty MacColl, and The Knack. In addition, the release includes a bonus track – a special version of an original Lisa & Hillary song.  Stream/ Buy ‘Joystick’  Here


Real Sickies – ‘Love Is For Lovers’ (Stomp Records)  Edmonton’s preeminent power-pop, party-anthem punkers Real Sickies have just dropped their latest offering of tunage for your summertime listening pleasure. “Love is for Lovers” is the second single and title track of their forthcoming album on Stomp Records.  Claiming to straddle influences from The Ramones to the Strokes this tune is a banger plain and simple from the pounding rhythm to that razor-sharp riff its wedged in a heap of tuneage for your buck.  the swirling keys layering the sound like an anchor to its roots it’s well worth checking out.  Order New Color Vinyl LP “Love is for Lovers” Here

Pre-Save “Love is for Lovers” on all Streaming Services  Here

Andrew Cantwell – Lockdown Love (Self Release) Accomplished solo artist Andrew has released a couple of tracks and ‘Lockdown Love’ is a summers breeze and a laid back offering leaning on some of his influences with a really nice guitar break and arrangement check out his video and hit him up on social media.

Over the last few years, THE SCHIZOPHONICS have built up a formidable reputation around the world as an explosive live act and have just announced a 14 date US tour which kicks off in September 2021 with an appearance at Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas

The group has also just finished the final mixes on their forthcoming album entitled ‘Hoof It’ which is slated for release in early 2022 on Pig Baby Records.

Last summer during the pandemic, they quietly released a raucously fun limited edition 7″ single covering two tracks from their favorite bands Roxy Music and the MC5.

The Schizophonics plan on keeping very busy in 2022 with more tours in the works for Europe, Japan, Australia and North America.


9.8: Austin, TX @ Hotel Vegas
9.9: Dallas, TX @ Three Links
9.10: Houston, TX @ TBA
9.11: New Orleans, LA @ Santos Bar
9.12: Pensacola, FL @ TBA
9.13: Orlando, FL @ Will’s Pub
9.14: Jacksonville, FL @ Jack Rabbits
9.16: Atlanta, GA @ EARL
9.17: Memphis, TN @ Hi Tone
9.18: Nashville, TN @ 5 Spot
9.20: Louisville, KY @ Headliner’s Music Hall
9.21: Knoxville, TN @ TBA
9.22: Asheville, NC @ The Grey Eagle
9.26: Las Vegas, NV @ Punk Rock Bowling

Sick Thoughts – ‘Poor Boys’ b/w ‘Drug Rock’ (Goodbye Boozy Records)   Punk as fuck! ‘Poor Boys’ is a roller coaster ride of buzzsaw guitar riffs that are sharp and in yer face and a guitar solo that would rival Angus Young at his best. Sick Thoughts’ massive discography – easily amassing to 20-something records is as impressive as it looks for this one man band and if you’re looking for sleazy, spit-riddled punk rock ‘n’ roll then my work here is done.  Awesome adrenaline rush Punk Rock and Roll. BUY THE RECORD: Bandcamp Here / Big cartel Here  



The Hip Priests / The Good The Bad And The Zugly – Split (Fysisk format)  ‘Can’t Abide With Me’ is offered up to the Gods Of Rock and Roll from the champions of the 7″ single The Hip Priests.  But this is no ordinary 7″ for it is a split with those Loons from Scandinavia who offer up the equally good ‘Going Postal’.

It’s been a while but having The Hip Priests deliver a single is when you know we can do this and the world is in a good (bad) place. I think Von Cruz speaks for us all in these fucked up times. When bands do split releases then The Hip Priests are a sure-fire benchmark of quality releasing new tunes every time and usually better than the last.  Teaming up with Zugly for what will be a must-own collectors nugget of the future as both bands deliver absolute bangers. the single of the Week?  The single of the Fuckin’ month more like – snooze you lose.  Pick it up via The Spasm Gang if you join that is or from the label Here Or Bandcamp from the Zuglys Here


Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters – Been Waiting’ (Legless)  When a band is getting released on LEgless such is their reputation for delivering top notch Rock N Roll it’s a no brainer we’re going to dig deep. Never heard of them until now but this Melbourne punk rock band have got a right earworm on their hands.  IT buries itself in and like an attitude-drenched Fall track it takes a few plays to take hold but once in it’s safe to investigate further see what else they offer.  Exactly what a single supposed to do right? Right!   Buy Here





 Indonesian Junk – ‘One More Try’ (Rum Bar Records)  Taken from the forthcoming new album  ‘Living In A Nightmare’ due out March 19th on Rum Bar Records CDs & Spiderbite Records Vinyl LPs & Digital!!   Its power pop with some rocking guitars and sharp lyrics from Indonesian Junks songsmith Daniel James, for added inspiration they’ve recruited the awesome friend and member of the family, the one and only Kurt Baker who brings some additional vocals.

It’s got a great hook and chartable melody yet from these glam-punks, who have now added a fourth member. Guitarist Adam Turetzky gives it some welly on ‘One More Try’.

If there was such a thing as decent chart music this would be it. You know the drill it’s Indonesian Junk they write great tunes and this is another one and a brief taster of what’s to come on the new album and it’s on Rum Bar Records what else do you need to know.  Gedoutta here and check it out.


Killer Ken – ‘Sonic Love’ / ‘Narrow Mind’ (Pig Baby Records) Wow! Love this bad boy,  this is the sleaziest, dirtiest slice of protopunk I’ve heard in a long long time.  They’ve obviously done a deal with the devil and summoned up the soul of The Stooges and MC5 and thrown it in the pot with some fucked up blues and beautifully chaotic Rock n Roll added a dash of The Cramps for good measure and Kerpow! ‘Sonic Love’ and the epic Dolls strut ‘n’ stomp of ‘Narrow Mind’, It come flying outta the speakers to steal your heart away and stomp you in the trash for good measure.  It’s a real blast and a pair of tracks that we fuckin’ love, after some diggin’ off the back of their first EP, these cats and The Cavemen are injecting some excitement back into the Garage Punk Rock n Roll sound. It’s off the wall and sonically awesome – Buy this record or forever miss the boat.  Bandcamp / Facebook 


 Eddie Mooney & The Grave – ‘Telephones’ (still-unbeatable-records)  ‘Telephones’ has just been released digitally at the start of this month.  Later this year there will also be a vinyl release together with another unreleased track from 1979. This one has been buried since the late ’70s and is a snappy melodic slice of power pop from Manchesters Eddie Mooney.


KOMBI KILLERS – ‘Don’t Start’  (Riot Records)  Brisbane’s Old School Punk Rockers KOMBI KILLERS are set to release their new single Don’t Start via Riot Records on February 22nd. It is a classic punk anthem that delivers just the right amount of original old school punk attitude that will no doubt satisfy the most rabid Punk fan. Influences of Anit-Nowere League, Sex Pistols, GBH and The Misfitsecho throughout the track. With the Whealdstone Raider offering up the intro there’s only one place this quick steppin punk anthem is going.  Shouty in yer face punk rock ave it! 

Don’t Start – When everyday life gets in the way ‘Don’t Start!’  

Pre-order/save Don’t Start HERE


Johny Skullknuckles – ‘Happier Days’ (self Release)  A dreamy acoustic number as some ode to lockdown after lockdown and the inept Government that tried to be populist over saving lives and Skullknuckles hits the nail on the head.  Sad but true and another essential song for you to invest in from the talented Johny Skullknuckles. Pick it up  Here






Slander Tongue – ‘Ride’  (Slovenly Records) Berlin’s greasy glam stompers SLANDER TONGUE reenter the frey with a stonking 7″ of rock’n’roll with loud guitars and a great groove  (not a million miles away from a certain mr Gilespie and his Primal Scream dish up).

It’s unfortunate that 2021’s first fist-shaking anthem has to be about screaming at one’s own walls, but here we are: “Now it’s May and I should be far away, But I do the same thing as yesterday, This shit goes all year long, And I keep playing that song.“ At least they managed to squeeze these two bangers out while stuck at home, and fortunately not stuck in a rut!  Pick it up Here




Rest Easy – ‘Sick Day EP’ (Mutant League Records)  Rest Easy is a newly formed punk rock band from Vancouver, consisting of members of Daggermouth and Shook Ones. This here four-track is rapid in your face punk rock.  It’s got that thumping snare snap with the clicky bass and they’re fond of the in yer face screaming melodic vocals.  The songs are short sharp and to the point.  there isn’t really time for solos as such and all four tunes are over before you can get too comfortable.  Decent effort especially when played loud! Remind me of Taking back Sunday at times Try the video for ‘Bad Idea’ which as it goes is a top video and the more I hear the songs the more I enjoyed them.


Dom Daley.

Strangely named band of Floridians and not Australians from the middle of nowhere and strange title for their record but these boys rock out with a blues-based psych-out that straddles generations of rock and roll and to be fair they do it ever so well.

From the opening ‘Something New’ they lay their cards on the table and it neatly leads into a Cramps tinged rock and roller that kicks back to the name of ‘Hangin Blue’ sure it’s unoriginal sound and style but you can’t deny its a bloody good time coming out of those speakers? Besides these guys reach back – way back into the depths of this business to draw inspiration and they have the chops to pull this damn thing right off.

This record could only have been grafted from the past fifty years of records and plonked right here right now.  So we’re a little late to the party but that doesn’t matter.  The fact we’ve found the party and we’re turning up carrying a bottle or two is what’s important.  ‘I Don’t Want You’ opens with a great big organ (woof woof) and the sort of echo chamber vocals whilst the drums shuffle towards the chorus its veered into Fuzztones territory. but this garage rock lark isn’t something you can just throw together you have to be in it to win it and Woolley Bushmen are certainly winning.  They might look like lab assistants and Geography teachers but looks can certainly be deceiving as no Geography teacher of mine ever rocked out like these boys do on ‘Don’t Let Him In’ or the 60’s flavoured ‘Too Much Love’.

It’s like a trip into the 50’s doo-wop for the heartbreaking ‘I’d Rather Die’ but you know what it only needs to be one minute and thirty and that’s exactly what you get. they clearly have a sense of humour as ‘Medicated’ just kicked my backside and the lyrics are great it’s like a B Movie in sound and who can deny that keyboard. It makes me want to dance like the swinging 60’s were back in vogue and everyone wanted to go to the rock and roll show and just have a great time. Never too late to the party and never to old to enjoy rock and Roll and never out of step with the general population it’s just others that need to catch up and catch on.  The Woolley Bushmen get on it folks! I think you’ll dig it.


The band are touring Europe this Winter so be sure to check em out