Owner of a raspy voice and a battered acoustic guitar, a writer of words and a singer of songs, Matty James Cassidy started plying his trade at an early age in the bars and clubs of his native Northern Ireland. Years of banging the skins for Cadaver Club, and then more recently playing bass for Tyla’s Dogs D’amour have seen him gain a higher profile in the UK. Up until recently, you would most likely see him doing a set of his own material opening for his boss at many a gig in the bars and clubs of the UK.

Following the unexpected and well-received ‘The Isolation Tapes’ acoustic album, recorded and released during the lockdown, the man in black releases his new album proper ‘Old Souls’.


There’s a heart-warming familiarity to the laidback rock ‘n’ roll sound that Matty creates. He straddles outlaw country, folk and blues with confidence and ease. Simple structures and chord progressions are the name of the game, the emphasis on melody, feel and telling a story or two.

The recent singles are present and correct, showing a snapshot of the troubadour’s sound. The raucous, rogue rock of album opener ‘Said & Done’ sets the scene nicely. It’s always good to open with a fast one, innit? The brooding, folk-rock of ‘Rosary’ hits the spot, and the upbeat and balladic ‘Anodyne’ floats by on a summer breeze.

There is more than a passing nod to The Dogs D’amour, which is to be expected and is never a bad thing. But Matty adds his own inimitable style to the heartfelt tunes on offer. The mix of harmonica and stabs of piano give ‘Contradiction In Terms’ a barroom boogie feel, and he soothes the soul with the late-night smoky blues that is ‘The Art Of Falling Down’, a standout cut for sure.

Being a multi-instrumentalist, Matty handles all instruments, although his Dogs bandmate Gary Pennick adds some guitars, as does former Main Grains/Spangles guitar slinger Ben Marsden.


Upbeat rockers such as ‘Leave Your Heart At Home’ mix well with the sentimental ballads, but there are a couple of tracks that stand out from the crowd instantly for me. The title track comes on like The Specials meets Hanoi Rocks doing a Tarantino movie soundtrack. A killer, ska-styled groove skulks along at a deathly pace, as emotive sax wails away in the background behind Matty’s distinctive raspy tones. You gotta love it. You also have to love the album closer ‘Born Ancient’. A gloriously folk-tinged’, foot-stomper that will have you hitting the repeat button and swinging the bottle until the sun comes up!


For those that dig lullabies for tough guys or those that desire a little romance in their rock ‘n’ roll, Matty James Cassidy has a song or two for ya! Lyrics that are reflective and observational, set to tunes you will have heard before but can’t quite place, and it’s all drenched in sweet guitars, bluesy harmonica and soulful sax. Music that will appeal to fans of The Dogs D’Amour, lovers of rock ‘n’ roll or just the pirates, vampires and the outlaws of this crazy world we live in.

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Author: Ben Hughes

Ahead of his new album the talented Matty James Cassidy releases ‘Said & Done’ ahead of the album release later this month.  This follows on from his lockdown release of  ‘The Isolation Tapes‘. Check out the video below and hit up the pre sales.

Taken from the forthcoming album ‘Old Souls’ – Out 28.08.20 – PRE-ORDER NOW

In a bid to stay sane, entertain and hopefully stay afloat in these uncertain times Matty James decided to make a brand new 10 track acoustic CD avaialble.
Obviously, Matty James being the good guy we all know he is and how the current situation is affecting us all he has decided to not leave anyone behind here so you can simply ‘pay what you like’ for the digital download pre-order and everyone will receive email updates on how the project is coming along and evolving if you sign up to the mailing list.  A bit Like a Pledge campaign Should have run its operation but without anyone stealing the money and Matty keeping it in house. There will be CDs available, plus exclusive Lyric Art (just one of each song).
Matty also wants to clarify, this is Not the new ‘album proper’ he’s been working on. He will now wait until the pandemic is in the rearview mirror before that gets done.
The songs are flowing and if you are in a position to get involved then Matty James is looking forward to seeing where it goes. To run along with this he will also do a celebratory live stream online gig.  So whats going on with these here Isolation #tape recordings then I hear you ask? Well, Matt being the multi-instrumentalist and all-round one-man-band we know and love has also got his fellow Dogs partner Gary Pennick in to play some Guitars and add another flavour to the backing vocals.  Whilst its a snapshot into how a guy works when writing this is well above what one might call a bedroom demo there’s no Tascam four-track going on here as ‘Dangerous To Myself’ displays as the opener in a really upbeat talk of the times with big acoustic open chords boxcar style drums and a howling harmonica.
There’s a change of pace for the Americana and gentle almost balladry of ‘Stop Cryin’ (It’s Only The End Of The World)’ which has a really good chorus that leads to Mr Pennicks (cough cough) soulful guitar picking (great arrangement).
Of course, this will appeal to Dogs fans and people who have a passing interest in the likes of Classic Quireboys as ‘Uncertain Times’ borrows of the good and the greats that have paved this path long before Matty  His fellow Irish roots rocker Ricky Warwick did his best work when he picked up the acoustic guitar and did his thing and there is some of that here.  Matty doesn’t just lean on the past he just pours a touch in his own mix and no doubt appreciated their offerings and learnt from those great records if it’s in yer DNA its in yer DNA. Love the simplicity of just writing a good bloody tune and ‘Say Nothing’ is just that.
‘Top Of The Hill’ heads down to the delta for some cotton picking Stonesy blues Americana. It’s a great mix of styles but ultimately the fit is totally cohesive and the songs flow really nicely with songs like ‘Someone’ reminding me of when Rod the Mod used to be able to play Rock and Roll in the late 70s when he was Atlantic crossing its got that vibe and Matty has nailed those Bass guitar fills and runs.  But to wrap it all up its a return to the ’50s and ’60s and just writing a simple song but making it as good as it can be just like the Everleys or Buddy Holly did.  Great work Mr Cassidy these songs are some of the best you’ve done ever and I can’t wait to hear the album proper.  Top songwriter, top performer and Topman.  Go check it out!
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Author: Dom Daley

Following on from ‘Rosary’, the brooding folk rock stomper released at the end of last year, this latest offering from the Northern Irish singer-songwriter is an acoustic led, upbeat ballad that swings. Featuring an infectious sax-served hook, on a bed of mandolin and guitar jangle, with a little country honk keys thrown in for good measure. While the breezy feel to the music is guaranteed to have you clapping along, it’s juxtaposed by the melancholic, reflective verse, delivered by a distinctive croon. It’s this classic contradiction that never fails to pull those heartstrings and MJC unapologetically carries on the tradition in his own style for the modern day, with echoes of Faces and ‘Exile’ era Stones.


Anodyne’ is available to stream/download on SpotifyApple Music and all good digital platforms from Friday 29th March. Also featured on the limited edition 7” vinyl single ‘Rosary / Anodyne’ available exclusively from Pirate Heart Records.

Catch Matty James Cassidy and the band live:

04/05 – Outlaw Rock N’ Roll Weekend, Glossop UK

01/06 – Camden Rocks Festival, London UK

13/06 – Trillians, Newcastle UK

14/06 – The Ice Box, Glasgow UK

15/06 – The Fulford Arms, York UK