Influenced by the punk and hardcore Norwegians THE MANSTERS have released a demo, three EPs and a full-length album since their inception in 2006.

Now in 2023, seven long years following that self-titled debut album, the five-piece group from Tønsberg are back with a new full-length album titled “The Lessons In Giving Up”, and it’s out on Loyal Blood Records. 

Recorded by Ruben Willem at Caliban Studio Storsjøen, ‘The Lessons In Giving Up’ is a high-octane blood brother to Fellow Northern Europeans The Good The Band And The Zugly. The band manages very nicely to harness that raw aggression of punk with the pummelling fury of hardcore and some speed metal thrown in for good measure. It’s been a style for decades now and trying to perfect it is hard many have tried and failed with some of the finest exponents of this style currently being Clowns from Australia and TGTBATZ.

Eight songs are on offer here kicking off with the frantic ‘Welcome To Hell’ with its pounding tempo and uncompromising style its a blinding opener and I love the stabs before the solo enters the frey like a chinook helicopter blade slashing and slicing. But hold onto yur strides kids because ‘Panic Boy’ turns up the pace and is off like a freakin rocket.

The bass grunt on ‘Underdogs’ gives you time to take a sharp intake of breathe before we speed off again in a flurry of drums bass and guitar. It’s a short but oh so sweet records with some variety – its not all thrash til you die they’re not savages for Gods sake. ‘Walls’ is a slower beast but is prowling round your speakers like some pissed off grisley bear weating to pounce. The melody on ‘Walls’ is an earworm you welcome. ‘Give Up’ is a frantic melodic slice of punk and again I love that bass sound they’ve hit on as it punches its way to your attention- ‘Give Up’ is a beast.

The final three offerings follow a pettern – pound – pound and pound again as the listener submits and throws themselves around to some mighty fine punk rock hardcore crossover. If you’re looking for some blood pumping top notch harn n heavy punk rock then The Mansters are your band. Get on it and give them some love and tell em the RPM boys sent you. They’re waiting

The sad news has reached us that one of his generation’s most iconic and influential musicians has passed away. the private man that was Alasdair Mackie “Algy” Ward is thought to have passed away in Hospital last Wednesday after a long illness. His contribution to music should never be underestimated. Having played with the iconic Australian punk rockers The Saints when he played on their single in 77 ‘This Perfect Day’ and also playing on the classic ‘Eternally Yours’ and its follow-up album before being replaced in the band it was in 79 he joined the mighty Damned.

Ward played on their iconic, classic post-James era album ‘Machine Gun Etiquette’. His formidable bass line intro on ‘Love Song’ cemented the album as many fans’ favourite thanks in no small part to his driving, take no prisoners, sound that fit in with the band’s MO at the time. Wards Lemmy-inspired attack made the album’s core sound and the second phase of the band’s many different genre-changing periods. His time however, didn’t last too long after internal wranglings and The Damned being The Damned, Algy left and went on to form the much underrated NWOBHM bands, Tank.

Tank was at the sharp end of NWOBHM and in 82 they released their iconic album ‘Filth Hounds of Hades’ again the band went through many lineup changes but did manage to make five albums of metal/punk but due to a lack of commercial success and the old faithful internal disputes then band fell apart and by the end of the 80s Algy wasn’t seen or heard of performing until the late 90s when he reformed Tank with Bruce Bisland on drums, and Tucker and Evans on guitars when they released one more LP ‘Still At War’ (of course they were) the band limped on into the naughties making several albums before Ward teamed up with fellow metal/punk legend Evo to record an EP ‘Damned Unto Death’ then his final record was released in 2018 the eighth studio album ‘Sturmpanzer’ and so it was done.

Rest In Peace Algy, that iconic intro on ‘Love Song’ will forever be etched into my brain where Algy with his leather jacket, cheeky grin and thumpingly effortlessly cool bass line led the way on one of the best albums ever made on this spinning rock. Alasdair Mackie “Algy” Ward your work here is done may you rest in peace.

Part of a short 3 gig sprint across Bristol and south Wales this 3-band bill comprising of Nottingham’s noisy as fuck hardcore mob Scene Killers, Newport’s Action Rock champions Deathtraps, and Abertillery’s melodic hardcore punkers System Reset, is the perfect solution for anyone pissed off with soaring gig ticket prices. 3 quality bands, all with new vinyl to promote, and its £5 on the door. What more could you want?

The Pit, which is downstairs at McCanns Rock Bar in Newport, is about 2/3 full for the arrival of System Reset, for what turns out to be, Stan, the band’s constantly bouncing frontman’s birthday celebrations. Having gigged like bastards throughout the summer their short 30 odd minute set packed with tunes from their recently released ‘Many Hands Make Lies Work’ EP literally flies by, and whilst the songs on the surface are full of melodies you can’t get out of your head, you only have to stop and listen to the subject matters being tackled to realise that the five-piece are one pissed off bunch. Playing ‘Big Business’ as a middle finger to what I alluded to in my intro above, System Reset are the perfect soundtrack for grey Britain, and as if to further reinforce that point it’s also pissing down outside tonight as I step out to get a quick breather between bands.

Taking the stage (or floor as is the case in The Pit) to the strains of Toto’s ‘Hold The Line’, Deathtraps are the Action Rock filling in this mini tour’s otherwise hardcore sandwich, and with album number 3 fresh out the box they waste no time in introducing the crowd to the delights of ‘Appetite For Prescription’ via a blistering ‘Red Eyes and Black Kisses’, and what follows is a lesson in foot to the floor punk rock ‘n’ roll. Vaughan and Fraser spitting out the lyrics to the likes of ‘Rip Em Off’ and ‘Press Darlings’ in venomous fashion, whilst peppering the set with tracks from their ‘Stole Your Rock N Roll’ album via ‘Cool Kids’ and ‘Let’s Fall Out Of Love’ and keeping the travelling fans (of which there are quite a few) very happy indeed. Closing things out with an impromptu cover of Turbonegro’s ‘Denim Demon’ during which Sutton from System Rest and Jesse from Scene Killers join them, Deathtraps are the true shitty sound of south Wales’ steel towns and they sound absolutely fucking glorious.

As the rock world waits with baited breath for the arrival of the next Hip Priests album, their band members have been keeping themselves busy with other musical adventures, frontman Nathan releasing his Hate EP whilst bassist Lee Love went back to his NWONW roots for the ‘Hold Me Down’ EP. Drummer Des popped up providing the backbeat to one of my favourite records of 2021 with Silent Like A Bomb, and guitarist Ben has been depping on second guitar for Swedish metallers Bullet across a series of summer festival shows. Meanwhile, his partner in six string crime, Austin Rocket has assembled a crack unit of musicians to give us Scene Killers, who in the process, have released 2 filthy dirty slabs of hardcore in the shape of 2020’s ‘Rev It Up’ and this year’s ‘Beat Beat Beat’ (an album seemingly so bowel shakingly disturbing in its ferocity that RPM gaffer Dom Daley even managed to get its title wrong in his recent review…ha!).

Joined by members of the awesome TV Crime and fronted by eccentric singer Jesse Luscious (ex of Blatz, The Criminals) Austin’s silhouette provides the only visual link to his other band as sonically speaking Scene Killers are a world away from the Priests’ black denim blitz. Instead, Scene Killers strike a discordant balance between punk and metal, producing short, sharp, 2-minute blasts of music that sound like they might just fall apart at any minute whilst also stabbing you in the eye in the process. Tonight, the initial sound mix in The Pit doesn’t really do the band any favours with ‘Rev It Up’ sounding more like ‘Reverb It Up’, however once that is sorted the tracks from the band’s all new 9 track platter sound absolutely stunning.  It’s impossible to avoid Luscious (who surely would be re-christened “lush hun” here in Newport) as he provokes the audience one on one to singalong to the likes of ‘Gimme Gimme’, ‘Immigrant Eyes’ and savage set closer ‘We’re All Decay’. It’s all over way to quickly in a blur of feedback, distortion and sweat, but it’s the only way we want our gigs to end here at RPM. “Leave them wanting more”, that’s what was say….and at just a deep sea to get in tonight I feel like I’ve just witnessed one of the gig bargains of the year. Result!!!

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Author: Johnny ‘ZooportHC’ Hayward!

Having initially seen large numbers of Charger T shirts at punk shows here in the UK, before checking out their debut 7 track EP/mini album released back in 2019, and thinking it was pretty damn decent,  I can honestly say that I never realised that Rancid’s Matt Freeman, along with Jason Willer (from Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine), and Andrew McGee (from Wired All Wrong) were the people responsible for conjuring up the no-nonsense metal onslaught that the band specialise in.

I mean, I know Lars Frederiksen has dabbled with the odd AC/DC/Rose Tattoo riff over the years with The Old Firm Casuals, but Charger are full-on “rock out, with your cock out” (if you know, you know) heavy metal, specialising in the type of metal Hell’s Headbangers would have (dismembered?) kittens over, so perhaps that’s what initially threw me. Although knowing who is behind the unholy (yet rather splendid) racket Charger produce is neither here nor there at the end of the day, because if you like early ‘80s metal (think Motorhead, think Anvil, think early Tank and think Chariot) then you are going to absolutely love the band’s 11 track full length debut album, ‘Warhorse’.

“Fast and frantic” is the default setting for Charger, and for most of this record I’m in serious danger of having the worst case of headbanger’s neck I’ve had since the Youth Club Discos of my early teens. Tracks like opener ‘Devastator’, ‘Will To Survive’ and ‘Running Out Of Time’ simply thunder along, middle finger in the air and taking no prisoners in the process. Elsewhere there’s a whiff of early ‘80s Saxon in the riff that introduces ‘Rolling Through the Night’ and just a hint of Nashville Pussy at their dirtiest during ‘Stand Fight or Die’, all custom built to soundtrack your wildest of parties.

Its only when Charger switch direction slightly, venturing more into the dungeons and dragons world of metal, via album closer ‘Sword Of Dio’ and (with the aid of the air raid siren guest vocals of Jake Nunn from Hell Fire) on ‘Summon The Demon’ that I find myself drifting off. It’s not that the tracks are bad you understand, it’s just I’m not really a huge fan of that metal sub-genre, and I’d much rather have preferred to have heard a few more four to the floor barnstormers along the lines of ‘Forsaken Soul’ or the Motorhead chug-a-thon of ‘Black Motor’ instead.

Released on multiple formats on 18th March 2022 via Pirate’s Press Records, ‘Warhorse’ is a fierce slice of metal and perhaps one of the most radical sounding Rancid associated side-projects to date. Now someone get Charger out on the road with Midnight and give us THE metal gig of 2022.       

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Author: Johnny Hayward

Dubbed “The most elegant-decadent rock n’ roll unit of the 21st century” and hailing from Montreal, Canada; DANGEREENS have signed a deal with burgeoning rock label Golden Robot Records.

Drawing comparisons to bands like The Strokes, DANGEREENS blend touches of 70s glam rock, punk, power pop, southern rock, 60s garage rock, 50s R&B and rock ’n’ roll all into one tasty soundscape. Their numerous influences shine, in what is a totally addictive rock smorgasbord.

RPM Introduced the band early this year when we interviewed them Here

Dangereens are the most elegantly decadent rock n’ roll unit of the 21st century, period. Their sound and aesthetic combine touches of 70s junkshop glam with sleazy, primal 50s rock n’ roll. Known locally as one of Montreal’s finest toe tapping acts, theses cats are guaranteed to make you scream and shout, while wearing your finest glitter and sequin blouse!
The band formed in the spring of 2017, and since then they have engaged in a feverish song writing streak that led them to put out their self-titled EP, their proudest and most accomplished release so far.
Since their formation, the band have toured restlessly around countless Canadian cities like Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec and Halifax, as well as American cities like New York and Boston. Their live performances include theatrical elements mixed with high energy, glitter punk attitude.

Now joining forces with Golden Robot Records, the band is ready, willing and able to take on the rest of the world!


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With his Portland based band The Cry on hiatus, singer/songwriter Tommy Ray has been busy channeling his music into various projects over the last couple of years. Following an album release from his street punk side project The Decayed, and his most excellent 2020 long player ‘First Hits Free’, Tommy wastes no time delivering his sophomore solo album ‘Handful Of Hits’ to the rock n’ roll world.

Seen as a companion album to the aforementioned ‘First Hits Free’, this new collection of songs is as honest, gritty and 4 real as you wanna get.


So what does our leather clad, feather-haired rock n’ roll singer offer this time around?  Well, these are simple songs from the heart, with themes that cover his ongoing mental health struggles, and the trials and tribulations of modern life, and how to lose the girl you wanna love.

‘Handful Of Hits’ is a solo album in every respect. Tommy wrote everything, played everything and self-produced this album. And what a gloriously ramshackle collection of songs we have here. Going by his “Don’t bore us, get to the chorus” mantra, Tommy references The Exploding Hearts, Ramones and The Beach Boys as influences in his songwriting, and his love of 3-minute pop songs is always evident. You see Tommy Ray has a knack for penning a melody or two and understands the fine art of a catchy chorus.


Opener ‘In Love Again’ is a jangly, power pop anthem straight outta ‘77. It has an instant chorus and a sense of immediacy to it. There’s a sense of euphoria that goes perfectly with the lyrical theme of falling in love feeling like the first time every time.

The honest lyricism throughout the album is to the point. Getting laid (sometimes failing) and getting fucked up (never seeming to fail at that one!). You see like Johnny Thunders before him, Tommy Ray exudes the self-destruction blues, but you can tell he is just a soppy romantic at heart.

Rebelling with teenage kicks and trying to win the girl that is out of your league are the order of the day. The likes of ‘Closer To You’ and lead single ‘No, No, No, No’ are testament to that.

Tommy channels the likes of Hanoi Rocks and the New York Dolls to perfection on the likes of ‘On My Wall’, a Johnny Thunders inspired tale of wasting days and wasted love. Again, on the punky ‘Loser’s Anthem’ and the ode to one-night stands that is ‘Beer, Wine and Whiskey’. Urgent beats, one finger piano prowess and glam rock goodness are the order of the day.


‘Feel The Pain’ is killer power pop fodder, make no mistake. This is the sorta thing Tommy knocked out in The Cry day after day, no problemo. Instant, catchy and euphoric, this is a radio friendly hit that should be. You will be singing along wondering how you lived without this song in your life. Likewise, ‘Always Running’ will make you realise you needed someone to mash up the glorious retro sound of The Knack and XTC into one 3-minute pop song. We end with Tommy running from the law on ‘I Didn’t Do It’, one glitter boot stomping in front of the other. He tells us he didn’t do it in his wicked vocal drawl to an accompaniment of bombastic drums and handclaps and general 70’s retro glam rock vibes all over, what’s not to like here?


With a DIY ethos, power pop sensibilities and a punk rock attitude, Tommy Ray delivers another fine collection of songs that will fit nicely in your record collection alongside your heroes and possibly some of his too.

If songs about chasing love and getting fucked up from a guy who looks and sounds like he’s been dragged through the hedge of life backwards in his creepers, then look no further than ‘Handful Of Hits’. Like I said, a gloriously, ramshackle collection of tunes available on vinyl from the Bandcamp link below. Go fill yer boots!

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Author: Ben Hughes


From the opening guitar roll and just from the tone I knew Mom was a band I wanted to hear and as the song opened up with some nice riff-o-la and a happy-go-lucky hook on the melody things were looking up.  It’s summer with the soft top down kinda Rock and Roll.  The solo soars and another power pop drop of goodness is released into the ether.  Mom nailed it. ‘Pleasure Island is the sound of a band who love their Rock and Roll and appreciates what it takes to pen a rounded slice of ear candy, take ‘Ordinary Girl’ for example.  its got duelling guitar solos – handclaps – a chorus that sounds like it fell outta a US sitcom from the early 70s’ it would no doubt get the Fonz turning his collar up and putting another dime in the jukebox baby.


They could be close relatives of bands like The Speedways and what’s not to like about ‘Suzie (Use Me)’ as they tick off another power pop room 101 essential as that cowbell gets tapped in time with the beat as the couplets fall out of the speakers.  ‘Don’t Leave With My Heart’ has the wonderfully named Annie Stesia playing the synthesizer and lending her vocals to proceedings adding another texture to the already dreamy power-pop on offer.


‘Waste My Time’ is Exploding Hearts territory whilst ‘Soda Pop’ is something you’d imagine Tuk Smith penning. ‘Pleasure Island’ is in that ballpark and the reference points I’ve made are the kind of bands Mom would go on a never-ending tour with and fans would lap it up.  It’s eleven songs of high quality fairly similarly paced except for ‘Talk To Me’ which closes off the album with its acoustic-electric mood.  Possibly more laid back but no step back in the quality of the songs on offer.  Hell if I found more information about the band I’d help you out but Mom seem to be quite private and let the album do their talking and it doesn’t shut up.  Power pop fans need to check these out asap.

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Garage, Punk, Glam, Greaser, Power-Pop, Paisley Rock, Heartland-Punk, Blue Collar Pub Rock, Twang, Dirty Blues, Cow Punk, Surf’s Up!!

Rum Bar Records presents the soundtrack of Summer.  Just click the link, stream, download, share, crank to your hearts and ears content, all songs available in one easy download for Social Distanced Beach Blanket Bingos, Surf Parties, BBQ’s, Tiki Bars, Dive Bars, Radio Play, Reviews, Podcasts, Streamers, Bloggers and Screamers, we hope you enjoy as much as we have working with all of these awesome and amazing bands & artists.

Somebody Out There Is Having a Party Vol 2 ‘FREE Download‘ Summer 2020 Sampler from the Rum Bar Records Family including: new releases, unreleased material, catalogue, upcoming projects, and more.

𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗥𝗲𝗽𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗹𝗲𝘀𝘀 𝗞𝗶𝗹𝗹𝗼𝗴𝘆 – 𝗜𝗻 𝗧𝗵𝗲𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗿𝘀 𝗢𝗻 𝗡𝗼𝘃𝗲𝗺𝗯𝗲𝗿 𝟲𝘁𝗵 – Uncompromising and unmissable, this one-night-only event features the short film paired with a full concert performance and a cinema-exclusive welcome from the band.

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For nearly four decades, Slayer’s onslaught has proven them to be the supreme thrash-metal band on the planet – the band that other heavy acts are measured against and aspire to. With their place in music history secure, Slayer – Tom Araya, Kerry King, Gary Holt and Paul Bostaph – in conjunction with Trafalgar Releasing, Nuclear Blast Records and Prime Zero Productions, will unleash the Slaytanic offensive on the big screen when “Slayer: The Repentless Killogy” debuts in movie theatres around the world on November 6, 2019. Uncompromising and unmissable, this one-night-only event will feature the short film paired with Slayer’s entire performance filmed at its August 5, 2017 concert at the Los Angeles Forum.

Revenge, murder, bloodshed and retribution. “Slayer: The Repentless Killogy” short film was written and directed by BJ McDonnell, who conceived and directed the three brutal music videos – “You Against You,” “Repentless,” and “Pride in Prejudice”- for Slayer’s final studio album Repentless (2015).

The “Repentless Killogy” motion picture begins with the powerful short narrative film that brings together the music of Slayer and the grisly story they wanted to tell. Opening with the trilogy of music videos assembled as one chronological storyline, we are introduced to the narrative’s main character Wyatt, a former Neo Nazi associated with “The Hand Brotherhood,” a gang whose signature mark was a bloody handprint left after a murder had taken place. Prior to the first music video, Wyatt had left the gang after he fell in love with Gina. The two had gone into hiding to escape his gruesome past and start a family, but The Hand Brotherhood was not going to allow that to happen, and Gina, pregnant with their first child, was savagely murdered as Wyatt was forced to look on. The film then segues into the present-time narrative that sees Wyatt on the run from law enforcement and the Nazi gang, but now dedicated to eliminating The Hand Brotherhood and seeking retribution wherever he can.

“The Repentless Killogy” stars many of the actors who appeared in the original video series: Jason Trost (“Beats of Rage,” “Hatchet III”) as Wyatt, Danny Trejo (“Machete,” “From Dusk Til Dawn”), Richard Speight (“Band of Brothers,” “Supernatural”), Derek Mears (“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”), Jessica Pimentel (“Orange Is The New Black”), Tyler Mane (“X-Men,” “Halloween !!”), Bill Moseley (“The Devil’s Rejects,” “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2”), Caroline Williams (“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2,” “Sharknado 4”), and Sean Whalen (“Twister,” “The People Under The Stairs”).

Part two of “The Repentless Killogy” features Slayer’s entire live set performed at the Los Angeles Forum on August 5, 2017, and was directed by Wayne Isham who has directed videos for artists including Metallica, Foo Fighters, Michael Jackson, Kelly Clarkson, and Britney Spears. Presented in front of one of the most striking stage productions of the band’s career, Slayer performs fan-favorites including “South of Heaven,” “War Ensemble,” “Mandatory Suicide,” “Dead Skin Mask,” “Raining Blood,” and “Angel of Death.”

Released to coincide with their recent appearance on the Pavilion stage at Rebellion 2019 ‘Singing Our Souls’ is the second EP from Kid Klumsy the Coalville based five-piece who like to mix metal with punk and feature Weab ex-singer with Dirtbox Disco on lead vocals.

It still doesn’t feel quite right writing “ex singer with Dirtbox Disco” after Weab’s name but having seemingly not been happy fronting the band for quite some time at least here on the six tracks that make up ‘Singing Our Souls’ he sounds much more comfortable singing songs he’s written with his new bandmates.

I’d actually only heard a few older tracks by Kid Klumsy ahead of the recent Rebellion show and to be honest live they seemed to be much more metal than punk, but here on ‘Singing Our Souls’ the balance does switch back more in favour of the punky side of the street.

Lead track ‘Mr. Right Man’ is built on the type of thunderous uptempo guitar riff Dirtbox made their trademark and rumour has it is apparently autobiographical with Weab telling the story of how his larger than life clown figure became something he grew to hate, and true to that ethos Kid Klumsy are very much a jeans and T-Shirt band.

‘Slob’ is up next and this track is much more metal tinged especially on the double bass drum driven chorus breakdowns. ‘Dislexic Monkyz’ meanwhile is perhaps the most Dirtbox sounding track of the six on offer, largely because of Weab’s singing and even given the wacky subject matter it still manages to contain a really catchy hook.

‘Love Is a Battery Field’ is another tune that sticks in the head this time due to the infectious gang backing vocal whilst ‘She’s A Fuck’ is ostensibly a song about a stalker that is built on a thumping Krist Novoselic bass foundation which then adds huge slabs of 90s metal guitar to build its overall structure. Weab is also pushing himself into new areas vocally on this track and I for one certainly like this almost Ricky Warwick meets Dave Gahan style he has developed.

‘Singing Our Souls’ closes up with ‘Maisey’s Song’ a mid-tempo rocker that doesn’t really go anywhere and for me it’s the weakest track here.

Having been a fan of Dirtbox Disco since the days of their first EP at first I wasn’t exactly sure what to make of Kid Klumsy, in fact even after a good few plays of ‘Singing Our Souls’ I’m still not entirely sure. The EP does have the odd flash of brilliance and it certainly is great to hear Weab singing in styles he wants to sing in; it’s just I can’t help but miss that larger than life clown of old you know.

However, with extensive tours already booked both here in the UK and internationally and Kid Klumsy seemingly growing as songwriters the more they are together, I think I’ll reserve full judgement for when the debut album drops, in the meantime though ‘Singing Our Souls’ is certainly an interesting appetiser if you don’t mind a bit of metal mixed in with your punk that is.

Author: Johnny Hayward