Turn up the stereo! Quazimofo are on the player and they’re bringing the noise – pure unadulterated punk n fuckin roll. the baton has been handed down from the likes of EF, Gluecifer, and The Dragons. The cats out of the bag and Quazimofo are carrying the blazing torch forward with their no-bullshit, amps to 11 Rock n Fuckin’ Roll.

Orange County, California’s the base for these punk rockers. It’s ten tracks of zero fucks given Punk n Roll played from low-slung guitars with the required amount of spit and sweat that bands who do this shit properly need. From the opening chords of ‘Five Times A Day’.

The songs rock and the tempo is generally high octane. Some strong melodies throughout and there are some stand out tracks. ‘It’s Broken’ has a cool meandering intro that breaks out into a juggernaut of a swashbuckling guitar lick where the vocals soar and the rhythm is kept solid as a rock towards the chorus of sorts like prime Velvet Revolver (if I might be so bold) they then turn up the pace for ‘It’s For The Best’ that just thrashes about rebounding of a cool vocal not a million miles from Bad Religion or some Bob Mould with brutal guitars over a cool subtle melody.

The title track ups the tempo and pours petrol on the fire that’s been smouldering in the engine room again a subtle vocal with some well-placed backing vocals. This is an album that didn’t register when I first started playing it – sure, some tunes were instantly gratifying but as a whole it was definitely a slow burner but when it clicked it has been the album that keeps giving something extra on each play.

‘Leave Me Alone’ eases into the verse with some cool gang vocals and a rollicking riffs. This band isn’t fucking about as ‘Pay It Back’ demonstrates – no fucks given on any level. be it an all-out punk rocker like ‘Pour One More’ or the harder rock songs it’s a no brainer that this record benefits from being played loudly. ‘Suffer’ and the quite brilliant ‘Why Do I Care’ are real highlights of this album.

If you’re looking for a new band who rocks like fuck then Quazimofo might just hit the spot. Riff after Motherfuckin Riff all the way baby! Buy it!


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Author: Dom Daley