When an album begins with a howl of feedback the levels of anticipation are heightened.  Wring your hands with expectations and suppress you impending hypertension.  Woosh! we’re off, Dirty Cheetah is in the house with their dirty noisy punk rock played with reckless abandon.  Its big sloppy riffs crash bang wallop on those drums and shouty chanty vocals.  ‘Addicted’ hell yeah!  but it only gets better as ‘Dr. Jerkoff’ rattles out of the speakers like The Briefs riffin’ on The Stitches riffin’ on Devo.

Spread out over ten juicy tracks with twisted lyrics and no doubt a tongue firmly implanted in one’s cheek. It speeds along nicely with tracks like ‘Got Caught’ leaping out above the rest with its Ramones riff n rhythm but if you’re looking for an album to see you through the boredom of pandemics and lockdowns then this is it.  Turn it up leap around break stuff and who doesn’t like the slash riffs like ‘Dioxide’?  Not me kiddies I love it!

If an album cover ever summed up what hides beneath the sleeve then it’s this one.  Smoking, Swinging whilst the house burns probably caused by the individual depicted.  ‘After You’ sounds like classic Dead Boys if I’m being honest with added guitar lick.  Its got a hint of Black Halos in the verse and that’s always gonna win me over. pushing the running time to just under four minutes almost makes this one punk prog but fear not we’re back to the classic two minutes on ‘Psycho-Pat’ with its Agnostic Front like gang vocals.

The album signs off with a hint of Motorhead riffage on ‘I Need It’ and I do.  An album that gets lit up from the get-go and keeps on burning throughout and the more you play it the better it gets.  Go order it and order that baseball bat whilst you’re at it you will want to practice your swing.

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Author: Dom Daley