Full steam ahead they said as the good ship RPM Online Podcast sails into treasure-filled waters. This Episode is positively overflowing with new tracks as well as an exclusive Live cover from Ravagers that will never be on streaming services or CD and is limited to 100 copies of White Vinyl. Spaghetty Town Records have kindly let us play the Ravager’s cover of ‘Goin Downtown’ by the Lords Of The New Church. That’s only one of the reasons why you should check the Podcast out.

Sweden’s First Boy On The Moon Kick off this Episode with the opening track of their new album ‘Dreamer’. Hot on the heels comes a new track off the Final Cock Sparrer Album ‘Hand On Heart’ out on April 5th. ‘I Belong To You’ is classic Sparrer and an album that sees the band get better and better.

Now co-host Hotshot likes nothing more than fantasising about Sex Pistol and Radio broadcasting inspiration and role model Steve Jones so we’ve dug deep for a sparkling live rendition of his classic ‘Silly Thing’.

Gareth ‘Hotshot’ Hooper

Hotshot wanted to change the mood by introducing a track from Garbage who penciled in a re-release of the album ‘Bleed Like Me’ with his favourite track off the album. How about Japan’s finest glam punks Angel Face with a brand new track off their Slovenly Records self-titled album. A new track from Bullets And Octane, and Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard before Hotshot plays Suede with a track off their latest album ‘Autofiction’.

Ravagers are a glam punk n roll band outta The USA and they have a brand new LP released through Spaghetty Town Records as pointed out in the intro above. 100 copies pressed no streaming and no downloading. This will be a must-own record and rare as rocking horse shit. We’ve got an exclusive don’t miss it.

Desperate Measures have been playing support to Cheetah Chromes Dead Boys around the UK and currently in Europe and getting great reviews so having heard the new Desperate Measures album it’s only fair we play ‘Sublime Destruction’ the title track of their soon-to-be-released Cadiz records album. Staying with Cheetahs how about a new track off The Streetwalkin Cheetahs and a wonderful track ‘Call The Dogs’ being released on Poland’s awesome Heavy Medication Records. While we’re playing the label’s newest releases we also have one from Jonesy the potty-mouthed Canadians 10″ release on HMR but not before Californians Crymwav pop by with ‘Mars Fever’ and Mala Vista get aired with a single off their soon to be released album coming out on Spaghetty Town and Beluga Records in Europe.

Marc Valentine is set to release his second album on Wicked Cool Records in the next few months, so, no time like the present to play a track off it, and having had the privilege to hear the album I can tell you it was tough which one to play seeing as the whole record is fantastic power popping Rock n Roll. Gareth drops in one of his favourite songs from Powerkeg before a fine track from The Mysterines who we reviewed recently when they played support on the Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes tour of the UK.

If you’re still with us then stick around for a banger from The Empty Page who announced this week that they have a new album coming out on their own label if this is anything to go by it promises to be excellent and the first Empty Page track we’ll be playing. With just a couple of tracks to play Sweet Tooth blast away any fatigue with their banger ‘So Gone’ from their epic Lövely Records release ‘Split Image’. This leaves River City Rebels to wipe the floor with us as they blow the fuckin doors off the show with ‘Unless Your White’ out on Screaming Crow Records.

That boys and girls is one hell of a playlist from top to bottom we doubt you’ll hear a running order with as much quality as that. Keep it RPM Online Podcast – It’s A Revolution!

Formed in the winter of 2001 from the ashes of Silver Tongued Devil, The Cheats decided to create the kind of band that was lacking in their hometown of Pittsburgh, PA – an old-fashioned, late-70’s-style punk rock ‘n roll band. Led by vocalist Todd Porter, aka Todd Cheat – former frontman of Silver Tongued Devil (People Like You/Century Media) and Eviction (Metal Blade), the ever-evolving line-up logged many miles on tour, adopting the DIY punk attitude that is crucial to the scene.  
2022 marks The Cheats 21st year as a band and they are celebrating with this compilation of 21 cover tunes. Some of these fun tunes have been released on early albums, compilations, 7”s, some were recorded and haven’t seen the light of day and some are fresh out of the studio. ‘XXI’ is not available in stores and is being released as a limited edition, fan club-only album.

Kicking off with an excellent sloppy party anthemic take on the Joneses classic ‘Pillbox’ and to be fair they absolutely nail it with the gang vocals and the punk n roll tones it has energy and the tune rings out loud and proud. To be fair The Cheats selection is stunning from Demolition 23 and The Joneses through Backstreet Girls and The Dogs D’Amour they also take ownership of the Quireboys classic ‘7 O’clock’ and who wouldn’t cover the Dead Boys?

‘Hammersmith Palais’ is snotty as fuck whilst their sprightly take on Cheap Tricks ‘Surrender’ is rapid and a heap of fun. ‘Hanging On The Telephone’ is excellent and these guys clearly just get it you know the whole punk n roll vibe they clearly love it and live it and I love that. It would be so easy to miss the point and deliver these songs (as good as they are) in a weak going through the motions but I’m delighted to report that the Cheats could never be accused of falling into that trap because there is nothing lame or going through the motions here they pretty mcuh nail every single track and take ownership of some pretty iconic tunes.

The fact they didn’t go for the most popular songs by these influential bands is a credit to The Cheats ‘I Don’t Want You To Go’ sounds joyous and they’re having the best of times running through such classics. ‘All this And More’ is a blinding tune anyway and they nail it. I didn’t know the Quireboys could sound so sleazy and punky and they hit their peak on those backing vocals. Hell, I’ll get the beers in if you come over to the UK and we’ll have the best house party ever. Sure songs like ‘Born To Run’ have been done and done really well before (Frankie Goes To Hollywood) but why not? you have to drop some big bombs every now and they it makes the lesser-known classic stand tall next to the big hitters.

Hearing Love and Rockets or Oasis next to The Dogs D’Amour and Demolition 23 is superb the Cheats I bow down to your exquisite taste in Rock and Roll and the fact you’ve been slogging it for over two decades is superb and I and RPM Online salute you. you deserve this moment and its fair to say you nailed it! Rock on brothers, Rock on!!


Author: Dom Daley

Lee Love Affair – EP (Lux Noise Records) A man that doesn’t need any introduction other than to say Brother Lee Love has gone Rogue on those Hip Priests and knocked up a four-track EP and got Lux Noise to snap it up and release the bad boy.

Like an explosion of Garage Rock and Roll through the medium of Northern Soul as the guitars then bass line kicks in on ‘Hold Me Down’ a big rumbling hip swinging foot twisting slab of is kicking through my speakers. It’s Detroit Baby but UK Style. What a choon this is. Of course, it isn’t a wall of noise like the day job but it’s got swing and a catchy chorus and weighs in like equal measures of International Noise Conspiracy and some of that 80s alternative underground post-punk rock n roll courtesy of the likes of 60 ft Dolls. ‘Better Man’ has a choppy dry electric guitar riff that is a straight-down-the-line Rock n Rolla heading to the chorus with some sweet guitar licks along the way – excellent stuff.

‘Real Cool Time’ is of course self-explanatory the clue is in the title garage rock, it’s got the beating heart of Ann Arbour and a honking rhythm of Detroit. Wrapping up this four-track dalliance is ‘AAA’ which has some “Greebo” scene going on with yet another strong melody and some wicked playing, all that’s missing is some honking horns and that one-finger piano roll and this would be perfect. EP of the month? Fucking right it is

The Penetrators – ‘Skateboard Girl’ (code 213 records) Another fantastic 7″ this time from New Yorks The Penetrators. With a laid back New York Groove thats handed down from Lou Reed and David Johannsen this single has it going on from the NYC licks to the sweet handclaps The Penetrators have penned a super summer seven inch. Claiming to be the kings of Basement Rock wont be too far away from the truth if they keep releasign records this good. Check out the dynamic duo on Facebook

Scumbag Millionaires – ‘So Long’ (Screaming Crow Records) From Gothenburg, Sweden, Scumbag Millionaire have offered up a killer track for Screaming Crow Records Action Rock Jukebox 45 series. These dirty bastards took ABBA’s 70’s hit “So Long” and injected it with a whole heap of Scumbag Rock n Fuckin’ Roll and a little attitude and a heap of swing. It’s given a make under not over and sounds terrific. The B side is their own “Gluehead!” which just about makes this the record of the week in my eyes. A fantastic slab of wax and just what a 45 should be. What a killer 45rpm, it’s even a large holed 7″ pressed on regular black vinyl and limited orange vinyl with a custom 45 adapter,  sticker, and jukebox title card. YES, these are made to go on a 45 playing jukebox!. Beautiful workScumbags and those at Screaming Crow – Top of the class!

RMBLR – ‘Breakin’ It Off’ (Self Release) RMBLR are one of those bands that have pedigree and history that dictates that it’s impossible to release a bad record. This new track was released without fanfare via Bandcamp and just oozes quality. What else can I say? It’s a banger of a Rock and Roll tune and RMBLR just get “IT” whatever “IT” is.

You’ll be singing along before the end of the first chorus and fist punching the air in your cut-off battle jacket wondering where the party is. It’s only Rock and Roll and I like it RMBLR just delivers…again Check it out Here

Andy McCoy – ‘Take Me I’m Yours’ (Cleopatra Records) Lifted from his brand new covers album Andy takes on this classic Squeeze track and being one of the finer tracks off the album, He nails it McCoy style. It maintains the original groove and melody but Andy gives it the McCoy treatment and twists it before draping it as only he can. It’s a grower of a tune and discarding the video that is a bit bizarre but so McCoy it’s well worth checking out ‘Jukebox Junkies’ is exactly that full of mystery, intrigue, and quality from one of the undergrounds greatest ever talents

Tropical Fuck Storm – ‘Ann’ (Joyful Noise Rexcordings) What a twisted take on The Stooges but the video is pure genius. Lifted from the EP. Bassist Fiona Kitschin steps up to the microphone on a cover that swaps Ron Asheton‘s scorching guitar part for a deranged sound collage of guitar freakouts, siren noises, and electronics. The EP also has a Talking Heads cover to twist your mellon. Will the EP be up their with their satanic slumber party who knows but covering the Stooges is a great starting point.

Wolf Rd – ‘Burn All Of Your Bridges’ Noisy shouty kids mixing up melodic metal and hardcore sludgy riffs. Might be good in a tiny club at ear shattering volume but in my liounge on a laptop it just doesn’t cut through to be fair its got tones of Chester Benningtons Linkin Park tip but its not for everyone but it does have an energy. Make your own mind up. Chicago noise bringers can be found on Facebook Here

Belushi Speed Ball – ‘Magic Conch’ (sonaBlast Records) Great name for a band and releasing it on Nintendo 64 sort of tells you where this arty goofy combo are coming from with their super fast punk rock with full on goofyness and wacko solos from the Berkley school of music speed licks – check out the video and it should all make sense or not either way its made the cut

THE GASÖLINES – ‘Rum Runner 500’ (Speed Club Records) described as high octane rockers is just about on the money. Loud guitars oily injection fueled Rock n Roll. The song is well constructed and I’m sure the guy live it like they love it and walk the walk. If they have some variety in the songwriting then they could be onto a winner with it. I look forward to what they serve up on this evidence.

As a follow up to their debut album ‘Rum Runner 500’ is the perfect take on Cars, booze and hellraising whats not to like? Facebook

Gun – ‘Word Up’ (Cherry Red Records) Glaswegian rockers GUN are back with their latest release from the forthcoming album, ‘The Calton Songs’ and finally it’s the turn of ‘Word Up’ TODAY, 28 July. So tell all the boys and girls, Tell your brother, your sister, And mama too…  This massive track was originally covered by GUN in 1994, winning an MTV Europe Music Award for Best Cover and featuring on the Top 5 album ‘Swagger’. The song itself is of course a retooled version of the evergreen Cameo hit from 1986, but now in 2022 it has been reimagined and revived and sounds amazing. This new version is a totally different beast to the one that the fans know. The track now also boasts the vocal talents of  Beverley Skeete & The Sisterhood [ Noel Gallagher, The Chemical Brothers, Mick Jagger] and The Selecter provide some phenomenal Brass. The band are describing it as the ‘Word Up Summer Jam’ and it has all the energy that implies!

Dead City Ruins – ‘The Sorcerer’ (AFM Records) Melbourne’s DEAD CITY RUINS new single & video ‘The Sorcerer’, lifted from their new album ‘Shockwave’ out on 19th August. Its a big phat slice of Rock hailing back to the likes of Zepplin and Sabbath influences with big grooves and musicianship.

Splitter was the first song that I wrote for the new album. The one where I thought “Oh fuck, I can hear us playing that, it’s gonna be filthy, especially live”.
I sent the riff to Ritch straight away, as I always do when I get an idea I’m excited about, and he was into it right off the bat. That’s the thing with new Wildhearts songs, until there’s a big, dirty riff in the bag you can’t move on and write the rest of the album. It all starts with a righteous riff and some shouting. And I hope it always begins that way. If you ain’t got the riffs then you ain’t got shit.” explains Ginger Wildheart.

With The Wildhearts classic line up of Ginger, CJ, Ritchie and Danny still holding strong, this creatively brilliant band who helped change the landscape of British rock through the 90’s are showing no sign of slowing down.
21st Century Love Songs is the follow up to Renaissance Men, their highest charting album since 1994’s P.H.U.Q, which debuted at number 11
To order and stream 21st Century Love Songs go to: https://ffm.to/21stcenturylovesongs 

Seconds out round two its the magnificent Bronx and a track off the new album.

Listen + Pre-order our new album ‘Bronx VI’ out August 27 here: https://thebronx.lnk.to/bronxvi



The new Dirty Denims video for their Action Rock Jukebox single “Rock N Roll All Night”

Screaming Crow Records have gathered up some of the best Rock N Roll bands from all over the world to bring you an awesome new 45 series call Action Rock Jukebox. Each band has submitted a rockin’ version of a song that would have been found on your local jukebox in the 70s & 80s backed with an original track from the band. These large holed 45s are perfect for that old jukebox in your basement. Each single comes with a jukebox title card and a custom 45 adapter in case you don’t have one of those cool old jukeboxes. Each release will feature 100 color vinyl  and 200 black vinyl versions. The first 50 copies sold will be autographed by the band. Right now the singles will only be available on Screaming Crow’s and the bands’ websites. (links below) There are 8 band scheduled right now. Once all the singles are out, Screaming Crow will compile them into one killer double LP and CD and release them through our normal retail channels.

THE SCHIZOPHONICS – ‘Black To Comm’ (Pig Baby Records) Over the last few years, THE SCHIZOPHONICS have built up a formidable reputation around the world as an explosive live act and have just announced a 14 date US tour which kicks off in September 2021 with an appearance at Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas. The group has also just finished the final mixes on their forthcoming album entitled ‘Hoof It’ which is slated for release in early 2022 on Pig Baby Records.  Leaning on their Garage Rock roots and the MC5 heaving smokin guitar antics of the lead track this is on Fire Baby!  Love it large and the more fuzzed up and freaky this gets the better it sounds.  Amen you crazy mofos.



Los Santos – ‘On The Strip (Vegas Baby)’ (Los Santos Inc. Records / Cadiz Entertainment)  it’s a three-minute love song to 1970’s Las Vegas invoking the Rat Pack, gangster run casinos, cars as big as bars cruising the neon of sin city.

Wearing their influences proudly on their sleeves…  Iggy and The Stooges, MC5, Ramones, Pixies, Husker Du, Jane’s Addiction…  Nothing too new!  Los Santos bring loud guitars, angelic voices, melodic bass and drums played like a deranged Keith Moon.


Stacy Crowne ‘Radar Love / Dead of Night’ (Action Rock Jukebox 45 single)’  (Screaming Crow Records) Screaming Crow Records have gathered up some of the best Rock N Roll bands from all over the world to bring you an awesome new 45 series call Action Rock Jukebox.

Each band has submitted a rockin’ version of a song that would have been found on your local jukebox in the 70s & 80s backed with an original track from the band. These large holed 45s are perfect for that old jukebox in your basement. Each single comes with a jukebox title card and a custom 45 adapter in case you don’t have one of those cool old jukeboxes. Each release will feature 100 color vinyl  and 200 black vinyl versions. The first 50 copies sold will be autographed by the band. Right now the singles will only be available on Screaming Crow’s and the bands’ websites.

There are 8 band scheduled right now. Once all the singles are out, Screaming Crow will compile them into one killer double LP and CD and release them through our normal retail channels. Stacy Crowne do a top take on the Golden Earring track whilst it might have been done to death its still one of the better versions but the original track is all Action rock and fuckin’ roll and worthy of your attention.

https://www.facebook.com/stacycrowne / Buy Here / Facebook


Bambies – ‘Dirty Taint’ (Spaghetty Town Records)  Wear it like a sheriff’s badge of honour.  If you’re on Spaghetty Town Records then you’re worth a fuck. With that seal of approval, we dive in with the volume turned up, it’s like a snotty bit of punk n roll along the lines of Star Spangles with added Briefs for good measure, and that kids is a pretty awesome place to start. There’s an album coming this August on Wanda and Spaghetty Town so stick that in your diary as a must-have slice of Rock and Roll. Record of the week? It might just be.  Buy Here





Drug Church – Tawny (Pure Noise Records)  The only disappointment is this is only a four-track 12″ record and not a full album of angry, full-on riff-a-rama punk rock n roll. PRessed on a lovely pink spalt it’s no-nonsense straight to your brain ear worm.

I can’t pick a favourite track because they’re all quality from the jangling hypnotic riff on ‘Head Off’ through the kick to the temple of the title track.

‘Bliss Out’ is heavy as a bouncing bomb mixing up the likes of Helmet with Husker Du some Therapy? and a whole lot besides before checking out with the mic drop of ‘Remember To Forget’ which is something different from the other three which are all different anyway.  Drug Church delivers yet another quality glimpse into the workings of a top band with a cheeky glance to the past yet plowing on into the future.  Check em out and get on board.

Buy Here


The Jailbirds – ‘The Jungle’ (Golden Robot Records) Ontario rockers The Jailbirds come on full force with ‘The Jungle’ with a riff from the Ozzy rulebook its big and rockin  check em out Here

Zoids – ‘Running Man b/w Crash Mind’ (Goodbye Boozy Records)  Lo-fi noisy punks rip through two bleak relentless romps with a buzzsaw guitar riff thrashing away over a Rolf Harris stylophone if that’s still even legal?  Then ‘Crash Mind’ is more of the same as the static far away sci-fi lo-fi goes gonzo as the Zoids check-in back home by the sounds of it.  Robotic punk is fired into space.  Put these cats in a time capsule and bury them on the moon.  with some guitars and a laptop obviously.  Sounds like they’ve just discovered dial-up and aren’t afraid to use it as an instrument instead of a bass guitar – Nutters!




The Cheats – ‘Rock N’ Roll Love Letter / Cussin, Crying N’ Carrying On’ (Action Rock Jukebox 45 single)’  (Screaming Crow Records)  A mighty fine slab of 70s inspired power pop n roll from The Cheats.  They nail the sappy harmonies and the melody is B-A-Y C-I-T-Y inspired and they nail the tone.  We all love to write Rock N Roll love letters and The Cheats are no different.  If you want something a little more bruising then hold onto your tartan scarves because the B side is a belter.  firing out of the traps like a hot rod in a hurry ‘Cussin, Crying N’ Carrying On’ is action rock with a heap of punk rock n roll attitude as it snarls and spits to the finish line.  Top single this one.  Crack on guys you rock!



Jizzy Pearl – ‘Soul Mama’ (Golden Robot Records)


THE CHECKERED HEARTS – ‘Joystick’  (Chicanery Chick Records)  Power Pop cover version of ‘My Best Friends Girl’ is a decent stab at a huge hit.  Los Angeles-based duo Hillary Burton and Lisa Mychols, who have many credits to their names, pride themselves on having a  sound that is a mixture of explosive power pop and reminiscent of long-lost favourites of the 80’s and 90’s.  ‘JOYSTICK’ is a collection of classic covers by The Cars, Housemartins, Phil Seymour, Kirsty MacColl, and The Knack. In addition, the release includes a bonus track – a special version of an original Lisa & Hillary song.  Stream/ Buy ‘Joystick’  Here


Real Sickies – ‘Love Is For Lovers’ (Stomp Records)  Edmonton’s preeminent power-pop, party-anthem punkers Real Sickies have just dropped their latest offering of tunage for your summertime listening pleasure. “Love is for Lovers” is the second single and title track of their forthcoming album on Stomp Records.  Claiming to straddle influences from The Ramones to the Strokes this tune is a banger plain and simple from the pounding rhythm to that razor-sharp riff its wedged in a heap of tuneage for your buck.  the swirling keys layering the sound like an anchor to its roots it’s well worth checking out.  Order New Color Vinyl LP “Love is for Lovers” Here

Pre-Save “Love is for Lovers” on all Streaming Services  Here

Andrew Cantwell – Lockdown Love (Self Release) Accomplished solo artist Andrew has released a couple of tracks and ‘Lockdown Love’ is a summers breeze and a laid back offering leaning on some of his influences with a really nice guitar break and arrangement check out his video and hit him up on social media.

What do we want?  Dinosaurs.  When do we want them? Now, What do we want? Action rock! When do we want it? Now! with a side of werewolves please waitress.  Thanks kindly. 

Formed in the winter of 2001, The Cheats decided to create the kind of band that just wasn’t happening in their hometown of Pittsburgh, PA – an old-fashioned, late-70’s-style punk rock ‘n roll band. 

Around 2017 the “Pussyfootin/Rockamania” line-up started falling apart as some band members grew tired of living in a van and playing the dive bars and probably getting paid peanuts. Instead of cashing in his chips and getting a real job Todd decided to put together a band of like-minded musicians that loved to tour and play live. Since the band now had some national notoriety, he didn’t necessarily have to recruit local musicians. The band now features guitarists from two well know rock towns, Devin Holiday from Atlanta, GA and Rob Senomar from Cleveland, OH.

The new line-up immediately started playing shows and writing songs for a new record. After a few short tours, the band hit the studio in the fall of 2019 to create the new album, “Cussin, Crying N’ Carrying On.” Originally slated for a spring release, but due to the pandemic it had to be put on hold for a little while. But at long last, it’s ready to go.

Straight from the off the sleazy loud rock and Roll crashes in as ‘Give Up The Ghost’ signals just what’s to come.  It’s thirteen slabs of hard n heavy punk n roll or fourteen if you pick up the Cd as it has a bonus cover of ‘Juniors Bar’ Todds deep too many smokes and bourbon baritone vocals are suited to a tee.

It’s a record full of Steve Jones crunchy guitar licks and solid rhythms and when they hit the groove they do it really well like on ‘Got Lucky’.  Its got a clear production and songs that contemplate the whys and wherefores like ‘FDF’ or (Fight Drink Fuck) must have taken an age pouring over the deep lyrics not.  It’s in yer face and fist in the air not a million miles from the UK’s very own Anti-Nowhere League to be fair in sound and attitude.

If yer looking for highlights then the dirty sleazy ‘Too Much Too Late’ is good as is ‘Stabbed In The Heart’ in all it mischievous glory from the bass rumble to the gang vocals.  If yer looking for a slow late-night love song or even a street ballad then you’re looking at the wrong band.  The Cheats just play loudly and live it like they love it and tomorrow’s another day – today they shall play and do it at 100 miles an hour – live fast n all that.  Get on it action rockers before they’re gone. 

Pre-orders and limited edition pink vinyl available exclusively…Here 


Author: Dom Daley