I loved their debut album ‘Let’s Go’ when I heard it through No Front Teeth being of the glamorous rabid punk rockers variety These Baltimore Glam Punks were exactly what I like to hear and coming on like a Joan Jett with a velvet glove hiding a knuckle duster riding a Ramones Rocket To Russia. BBQT  takes the simple yet effective approach to punk rock – write a pop song play it hard and fast and always do it with a melody and a hefty dose of attitude. Mix in some classic Glam from the likes of Debbie Harry the Dolls because That’s BBQT that is. It’s snotty pop songs played hard and fast with distorted guitars and a heap of swing.

You’ll be all in before you get to the end of the second track ‘Crashin’ with its bluster and bombastic thuggish vocals it’ll draw you in then hack n Slash you like a cat fighting with all claws on view with some sharp solos and rampant riffage just to ware you down. If that didn’t convince you then title track will, its rapid but a lot of fun and bristling with energy (much like the rest of this record) to be fair.

How good is ‘king of scum’ or ‘stranded’? Man, these cats have the attitude to back up the energy they put into the songs. One thing you won’t do is ‘Nod Out’, what a thumping slab of punk rock that is. Like the Dead Boys with dabbling with Texas Terri leading the charge through a whole-hearted set of tunes. Taking no prisoners and doing what the fuck they like, on their terms, just how punk rock n roll should sound – Dangerous Dames indeed.

Ten songs in twenty minutes – Bosh, Adios Amigos and thanks for the good time see you later, were done live fast and all that. I fuckin love it. Saving the fastest most snarling til the last Bbqt has produced an absolute cracker. Fill yer stilleto boots ye dirty punks. I can’t believe its taken me all Summer and Fall to get round to fully appreciating this album but its fashionably late and better late than never and it fully deserves to be exposed for the quality punk n roll it is. Quite simply buy it! Stream it or however you play your rock n roll music, just dont ignore it.

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Author: Dom Daley

For those not familiar with Italy’s Faz Waltz, they formed in 2007 as the solo project of songwriter, singer and guitarist Faz La Rocca. As long as he can remember he has always been influenced by early Rock’N’Roll, Glam Rock and Punk.  Since their first release in 2008 they have gone on to release numerous singles and are now releasing their 8th album, “On The Ball”.  They have had worldwide releases in countries like the United States, Canada, Italy, Spain, and Germany to name a few.  They have played over 300 concerts worldwide, with Punk Rock Bowling (Las Vegas) as one of the last great Faz Waltz shows before the worldwide pandemic.  There they were able to play alongside The Hives, Rancid, The Specials, Descendents, The Damned, The Undertones and many more. In fact, on that US tour Rodney Bingenheimer came out to see them in Los Angeles before they made their way to Las Vegas.

Now they are back with their eighth album “On The Ball”.   This album pays homage to their love of the early days of American Rock and Roll..  You’ll hear hints of Eddie Cochran, Chuck Berry and Little Richard along with that classic Faz Waltz rock and roll sound.

Spaghetty Town Records has partnered with Surfin’ Ki (Italy) and Snap Records (Spain) to bring you the vinyl release of “On The Ball” to North America and Europe. Also available on all major streaming/download sites.