Ex-Beastmilk/Grave Pleasures guitarist Linnéa Olsson originally started Maggot Heart with two ex-members of (her then touring buddies) In Solitude (drummer Uno Bruniusson and bassist Gottfrid Åhman), and now seven years on from her/their debut ‘City Girls’ EP they find themselves within the bosom of Svart Records eclectic roster of bands.

‘Hunger’, is the name of their third album to date, and I’m not exactly sure how I’ve missed out on them until now, but better late than never eh? That’s because ‘Hunger’ is not only one of the most exciting records I’ve heard this year, but it also means I’ve not got their two previous records (‘Dusk to Dusk’ and ‘Mercy Machine’) to discover too. Now, that’s a result in my book!

In a year of strong releases (especially in the world of goth tinged music), declaring that ‘Hunger’ is one of the most exciting records I’ve heard to date is either a pretty bold, or dumb, statement to make, but after repeated listens there is always something new that grabs my attention and hooks me back in, and not unlike her old Sonic Ritual band mate (and now label buddy) Henrik Palm’s solo releases for Svart there is no single genre of music that you can pin Maggot Heart’s sound on, which in a world jam packed full of bands called Black Whisk(e)y Rivers or whatever, is what makes the record’s eight tracks so God damn exhilarating.

It’s the thunderous bass of Olivia Airey (who joined the band pre ‘Mercy Machine’) that propels the record into the stratosphere as Olsson rages “you are what you eat” and opener ‘Scandinavian Hunger’ flies off on some kind of off-kilter Voivod meets solo Henrik Palm three-minute musical maelstrom.

By contrast ‘Nil By Mouth’, whilst retaining that early days Ghost vibe that Palm brought to their music also has a poke in the eye simplicity about it. This is exceptional stuff and I’m amazed this wasn’t released as the album’s lead single instead of the far more “challenging” ‘Looking Back At You’, but then that’s the very essence of Maggot Heart I guess, nothing about this record is what you would expect, and if you want further proof of this just give the horn drenched ‘LBD’ a listen. It gives me goosebumps every time I hear that intro and when the brass section crops up again towards the end of the tune it’s almost like Nile Rodgers has been given a call to work his remix magic on this six minute plus giant.

That credit though must be afforded to Ben Greenberg and in particular the space his mix affords the musicians during tracks like ‘Archer’(something akin to PJ Harvey around the time of ‘To Bring You My Love’) and then also capturing the unyielding nature of the aforementioned ‘Looking Back At You’ whilst somehow still managing to retain a perfect balance across the record’s thirty seven plus runtime. This really is something that deserves a special mention.

Of the tunes themselves, it’s impossible for me to single out a favourite, but the one that instantly made me smile from ear to ear is ‘This Shadow’, a tune that has that distinctive Beastmilk guitar chime all over it and it could very easily sit alongside any of the tracks from that band’s classic ‘Climax’ record.

Hunger’s final duo of tunes ‘Concrete Soup’ and ‘Parasite’ pretty much square the creative circle on a record chock full of experimentation as Olsson, Bruniusson and Airey lock into some kind of gothic space rock groove that could easily be termed “progressive” (ahem), but here the trio never once lose the focus of their song. So, Maggot Heart are progressive without ever being prog if that’s at all possible?

Whatever your own take on ‘Hunger’ will be there is no arguing that this is indeed a unique record in an age when they are few and far between. It’s one that (as I said at the top of this review) defies genre pigeonholing and it is as fearless a record as you’ll hear anywhere in 2023.

If RPM actually scored records, ‘Hunger’ would be a ten out of ten without question.

‘Hunger’ is released via Svart Records on 29th September and is available to pre-order via Bandcamp HERE (you can also stream three songs here if you want to listen to the album) and from Svart Records HERE.



Author: Johnny Hayward

Well, this is timely. Having just finished reading Sami Yaffa’s excellent autobiography, and whilst waiting for his upcoming second solo album, Svart Records have reissued Mad Juana’s debut album. Originally released in 1997, this project by Sami and Karmen Guy is perhaps better suited to today’s more tolerant musical climate. It certainly had people puzzled on release, as Sami mixed influences from around the world, having spent most of his life on the road.

From ‘6 Inch Ditch’ onwards, with its sparse, Bo Diddley rhythm and percussion, it is a hypnotic ride. If you like The Urban Voodoo Machine, you’ll want hear this. ‘Festival Of Dreams’ introduces fretless bass to the sound, another left-turn; Sami was keen to make music without the boundaries of his past, and this remains one of his proudest moments. With hindsight, you can understand why. Recorded on a shoestring budget between Mallorca and Finland, ably assisted by percussionist Affe Forsman, they successfully merged Hispanic, European and Arabic chords and scales; ‘Stronghand Mo’ creating a mantra-like riff.

The percussion on ‘Flesh’ is reminiscent of ‘Tin Drum’ era Japan, and Karmen has a vocal not unlike P J Harvey on ‘1000 x More’ and ‘No End’, the latter turning up the volume. It demands your attention. ‘Red Sea’ has a more traditional acoustic rhythm that could be The Waterboys, while closer ‘Spell’ is atmospheric enough to be a film soundtrack starring Harry Dean Stanton. If you understand what I’m blathering on about, search this out now. Remastered, and with 5 previously unreleased demos, this showed the world that Sami Yaffa was much more than “just a bassist”. We’re only just catching up with him now.

Buy Here

Author: Martin Chamarette

Sonny Vincent, perhaps the ultimate Punk Rock’n’Roll survivor. He may not be a household name or even show up on your atypical ‘punk’ Spotify algorithm playlist, but he has led a life and acquired a CV that cannot be overlooked or dismissed. Having worked with an array of different musicians deep inside the pop culture subconscious from the Stooges to the Damned, from the Velvets to the Replacements, and seemingly everyone in between.
With all this and his countless solo offerings, you would be knee-deep for months trying to do an inventory of his Discogs page in order to ascertain what number we are at with the current release ‘Snake Pit Therapy’. Kicking off with a couple of solid alt-rock and garage punk-tinged tracks, it’s the third song on this record, ‘The End Of The Light’, that really picks you up and starts brawling off of the speakers. Bob Mould esque in all the right places (this guy really truly knows how to get the right guitar sound). Minneapolis certainly rubbed off on this guy. And the same can be said straight after on ‘The Rain Is Black Again’, less of a brawler and more of a fun, upbeat anthem drenched in Californian or Frisco sunshine. Catchy as hell.
It’s hard not to admire Sonny’s honest, weather-worn lyrics. Songs like ‘Never Tired’ hitting you full throttle, revealing to the listener what it’s like walking in his shoes on a seemingly endless journey, yet showing us almost endless optimism in the next breath. Listening to the lines in ‘Another Land’; not looking back because of the hurt but still dusting yourself off and moving forward. ‘Ruby Diamond’ is a freight train hitting a borrowed riff of ‘Train Kept A Rolling’ but amped up and spat out.  Sonny may never be nominated to be poet laureate but what he says is beautiful yet rough around every last edge, like a rock’n’roll Mickey Rourke.
A great attribute for this record is that it’s a good starting point for those, like me, who are uninitiated with the majority of Sonny’s work. The record itself is an all-rounder for showing off his wears but builds a fire inside and a desire to seek out the rest. We all know too often how intimidating it can be to break into an artist’s substantial body of work. You needn’t worry in this case, ‘Snake Pit Therapy’ will slip into your record collection, as comfy as an old pair of Converse offering the listener the best jumping-off point to deep dive further.
Sonny is the legend in your lifetime with a heart as big as a bass drum pounding out tunes with relentless quality and craft, grab it now rather than reading up on it 30+ years from now full of envy for the past.
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Author: Dan Kasm

There are plenty of things the world needs now like a way out of a Global pandemic, less Trump and Johnson, and more considerate and caring society. Less selfish social media hungry liars and self-centered oxygen thieves.  We need a return to live shows and people being kind not so much a return to normal because it was the normal that got us into this shit show in the first place.


First-world problems like big businesses not forcing independent artists and labels to wait whilst the plants press up a bazillion more Fleetwood mac and Coldplay reissues.  One thing we certainly need is another Sonny Vincent album and hey presto as if by magic those fine people at Svart have delivered ‘Snake Pit Therapy’  same title as his recent book release this is unbridled Sonny Vincent at his finest.  Launched over fifteen tracks ‘Snake Pit Therapy enters the ether with the abrasive sweet and sour ‘Stick’ with its trademark scathing sawblade six-string attack but it’s a measured opening with melody and cool as rhythm section building up to an explosive solo al be it brief and to the point. In less than two minutes I’m sitting comfortably waiting for the avalanche of earworms courtesy of Vincent and he doesn’t disappoint.


‘Messed Up In Blue’ is a smokey North West San Fran melody stuck to an upbeat rhythm.  Jangly acoustic guitars adding a sweet layer. ‘The End Of Light’ punches in like Bob Mould fronting an undiscovered RFTC tune.  Another great song as Vincent lays it out there lyrically.  By the time we’re only four songs deep into this voyage and there is a subtle difference here with some really cool melodies jostling front and center over the whiplash guitar work (which is still evident but not overbearing).


‘Can’t Absorb’ is laid back almost horizontal with a gentle strum on the electric guitar and pushing Vincents vocal to the fore and one compliments the other really well. Something I’ve always found when playing a Sonny Vincent album is the detail paid to the arrangement and this is all of that but there’s something else here maybe a maturity or the extended break has given Sonny the time to shake things up musically,  whatever it is its clearly paying dividends because he’s produced a really great piece of work here.


‘Higher Than Charlie’ is a hip-shaking garage romp that’s bursting with energy a real tour de force and we’re only at the midpoint.  The record takes a slight detour at this point with some really impressive Garage Rock and Roll pouring out of the speakers ‘Get Out’ is on a huge groove and exits on some awesome dueling guitar work. ‘Japan Mofo’ on the other hand is a slice of rapid Rock and Roll that a real beauty, fast and furious from a – z.

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Author: Dom Daley

Brand new album from living legend Sonny Vincent (Testors/The Limit). Vincent’s new album “Snake Pit Therapy” is raw, real-deal blazing Protopunk with lashings of Psychedelia and Hard Rock, all taken to the edge with Sonny’s Vincent’s secret weapons, the naked aggression in his passionate voice and his trademark caustic guitar. 15 tracks of electrifying shock-treatment, with catchy, primal screams and searing melody, “Snake Pit Therapy” is just what the doctor ordered. Songs like “The End of Light” and “Never Tired” with their heart-ripped open choruses are visceral, vital and urgent.

Pre Order Here

Vincent’s new album “Snake Pit Therapy” is raw, real-deal blazing Protopunk with lashings of Psychedelia and Hard Rock, all taken to the edge with Sonny’s Vincent’s secret weapons, the naked aggression in his passionate voice and his trademark caustic guitar. If there is an honesty which runs through the bones in “Snake Pit Therapy” it’s because Sonny Vincent’s life and antics are more than legend, they are real, as documented in his recent book bearing the same title as this very album. In and out of homes for bad kids, committed to the Psych Ward for observation and forcibly conscripted into a tour of duty in Vietnam courtesy of the U.S. Marine Corp, Sonny Vincent’s experience of wild and tough living has awarded his songs hardness with humanity. Sincerity without mawkishness, “Snake Pit Therapy” is a glorious testament to real Rock ‘n’ Roll.

15 tracks of electrifying shock-treatment, with catchy, primal screams and searing melody, “Snake Pit Therapy” is just what the doctor ordered. Songs like “The End of Light” and “Never Tired” with their heart-ripped open choruses are visceral, vital and urgent. Sonny Vincent has venom in his fangs, and his song-writing is razor sharp.

Burning with underground spirit, never standing still, Sonny Vincent is the ultimate undestroyable outsider, most recently exploding the airwaves with his new heavy Punk Metal band The Limit, featuring Bobby Liebling of Pentagram, and garnering glowing reviews worldwide. While playing with some of the genre’s most influential names during a career which has spanned over 3 decades and 28 albums without compromise, Vincent’s music remains die hard, high octane, high voltage and high class.

“Snake Pit Therapy” rocks with a heart-heavy passion, savage smarts, and tunes that can reunite you with your own bastard youth. Are you ready to get your head rearranged by a man whose music mixes irresistible melody with a powerful and raw sound that’s more potent than a cornered king cobra? If so, you’re in urgent need of “Snake Pit Therapy”!

If you like your rock in a mysterious ceremonial circle with a load of other rocks then ‘Vertigo’, the new album from Savonian occultists, Jess and the Ancient Ones, is for you.


The follow-up to previous album, ‘The Horse & Other Weird Tales’, ‘Vertigo’ may be seemingly simpler-titled but it is certainly not a simple rock record. This eight-track curio from the Finnish psych rock outfit is one of those rare albums that comprises solely of deep cuts, yet is strangely essential and vibrant.


The band’s previous brand of twin-guitar-led metal has mutated into organ-drenched heavy psych oddity rock that feels almost as old and certainly as ominous as the hooded figure that listeners will surely see in the corners of their eyes when listening to this audio excursion into ghostlore.


Wrapped in suitably jolly artwork – a crude, vintage photograph of a tornado laying waste to some mortals – ‘Vertigo’ features haunting, brooding tracks that could be the soundtrack to episodes of Hammer House of Horror, hauntings, or night terrors – possibly all three… and possibly within the same song.


Pop culture permeates the grooves at various intervals here: ‘Talking Board’ points its planchette in the direction of The Exorcist via the infamous “Captain Howdy” dialogue; ‘Summer Tripping Man’ steals a ‘Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb’ sample to great effect; while ‘Love Zombi’ could accompany an action montage in an episode of Space: 1999.


This is folk horror rock, not to be mistaken with folk rock; in fact, situated towards the end of the album is a pair of tracks – ‘Born To Kill’ and ‘What’s On Your Mind’ – that threaten to rock out in a more familiar fashion. They only threaten it, mind; normal for this band is still as off-kilter as the most curious thing you’ll see, and be troubled by, all year.


Recreating a soulful garage psychedelia from the late Sixties was the aim of Jess and the Ancient Ones on this album and, yes, the band members’ aim is true… even if they have paired those desired sounds with occult rock sonics of a certain vintage that are sure to give those of us from the haunted generation scare flashbacks and cold sweats.


The recreation of a bygone era’s sound and folklore exhibited here is quite remarkable, it has to be noted; inspiration found on woodcut, the ritual and ceremony faithfully recreated. This is the lysergic doom album that you were looking for. In the corner of your room. At 2am. It’ll be there again tonight. Watching. As you sleep. Fucking hell. Facebook / Bandcamp

Buy ‘Vertigo’ Here

Author: Gaz Tidey


I have been spinning this album off and on for a little while now. When I first went to write my review, I wasn’t feeling it as much and then we had the great freeze in Texas where we lost our power and just tried to stay warm. The album clicked soon after that, and, while I don’t quite see it being in my top 10 at the end of the year, I am really enjoying the album more with every listen.


The Flaming Sideburns first came onto my radar when they did their split album with the Hellacopters many many years ago which I loved, with the band itself tracing its roots back over 25 years now. After many years, they have returned with this new album that finds the band staying true to their roots.

‘Silver Flame’ has proven to really be a grower as an opener. For whatever reason, it took me more time to really connect with this slice of action rock. The chorus contains a solid hook, and that guitar refrain does get lodged in the head. Follow up ‘Perfect Storm’ feels slightly more subdued until the chorus grabs you by the neck and pours itself into your head. Musically, this one swims in the same musical pool as the Hellacopters around the ‘High Visibility’ and ‘By the Grace of God’ period. The slow opener of ‘A Song for Robert’ hits the heart hard with the band turning the energy up as a celebration of life before settling back into a somber ending that just really works well for all the song is capturing.

Up next, ‘Cast Out My Demons’ has a beat that I really enjoy, but the song overall is not one of my favorites from the album. With the way the album has grown on me, I might be feeling different in the future. ‘Reverberation (Doubt)’ oozes out of the speakers with a slow groove that remains one of my favorites from my first listen. The vocal hook is simple but works incredibly well. Musically, it lives up to its title as it will take your mind and soul on a journey if you close your eyes and give into the music. Closing out the first half of the album, the guys channel some straight forward classic rock with ‘Lighthouse Keeper.’ The chorus is a grower while the musical hook will sink its teeth into the listener first, with the break in the song serving to make the end of the first half of the album rather special.

Kicking off the second half of the album, ‘Soulshaking’ explodes out of the speakers with a shot od adrenaline. The chorus induces everyone listening to sing, and I have found myself on occasion wondering if this album would have grabbed me right away if this were swapped with the album opener. The action rock continues with ‘Searching Like a Hyena’ keeping the musical urgency at a high level, even if I have found myself pondering how a hyena actually does search for things. It would be a cool world though to hear teenage boys dedicating this to girls on radio stations around the world. ‘Freak Out’ does not stay around long with its awesome groove making it another one of my favorites.

‘Neverending’ slows the pace a bit and feels like a slower brilliant nugget from the 60’s that ramps up more intensity as it progresses. It provides some great musical depth to the album as well. ‘Nibiru’ arises with a killer guitar riff and some backing vocals that perfectly set the tone. This is another of my favorites from the album, and I love how it leads into closer ‘Trance-Noche.’ If your body is not moving during the last two, I really don’t know what to tell you. My Spanish is rusty, but it doesn’t stop me from badly singing along while breaking out my air guitar.

As I said at the beginning, this one has been a grower of an album for me. Each listen brings out more and more from the album which is awesome for the listener. To borrow from the closing song- listen, listen now, give this album a few spins to worm its way into your musical world. You will be glad you did.



Buy ‘Silver Flames Here


Author: Gerald Stansbury


It’s Time to Testify (1999, Bad Afro Records, compilation)
Hallelujah Rock’n’Rollah (2001, Bad Afro Records)
Save Rock’n’Roll (2002, Ranch Records/Jetset, US version of Hallelujah Rock’n’Rollah)
Sky Pilots (2003, Ranch/Jetset; 2004 Bitzcore)
Keys to the Highway (2007, Ranch/Bitzcore)
Silver Flames (2021, Svart Records)

The Flaming Sideburns on social media:
Instagram / Facebook

He cried More More More.  Once again this month we just had to open the singles club due to some of our favourite bands knocking out a 7″.

We begin with a single reviewed by Kenny Kendrick…


Madysin Hatter – Wild & Strange (Self Release)

The latest single from New Jersey rocker Madysin Hatter is called Wild & Strange. It’s a heady mix of 80s sleaze, rap & pop. Madysin has a unique voice and the song really showcases her talent. She has assembled an all star cast on the song, Tyler Bryant (frontman of Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown), Frank Ferrer (of Guns N’ Roses), Rob Bailey (David Johansen), and Brett Bass (Gregg Allman). The song was co-written by Madysin Hatter and Rob Bailey, who also produced. Wild & Strange is a strong track and the accompanying video is a lot of fun with Madysin showing off her kickboxing skills!

Madysin has built up a strong reputation in the US and has played live with such luminaries as Winger, Faster Pussycat, Tom Keifer and Lita Ford to name a few. After checking out some live performances online, it’s obvious that Madysin is a formidable force live. After playing Wild & Strange a few times, it’s been stuck in my head all day! I’ll look forward to hearing more from Madysin Hatter, and hopefully, she can grace some stages in the UK when the madness of the pandemic is over.

Madysin Hatter is definitely an artist to keep an eye on!

“Wild & Strange” is available on all digital & streaming platforms. Here www.MadysinHatter.com / Facebook


Los Pepes – ‘Want You Back’ (Self Release)  Coming out on various coloured variants it’s Londons very own music machine Los Pepe.  Man, I love this band never less than 100% they manage to capture their Rock and Roll like a rocket in a bottle they have awesome melodies and a sharp sense of arrangement and usually at Ramones levels of speed and drive.

‘Want You Back’ has added harmonica as it motors along with crisp riff-a-rama and a great big hook its terrific.  ‘Never Get It Right’ turns it up a notch or two as Ban and the boys just nail it. It’s like they’ve shaved off a little of the early Damned attitude.  Adding a third track just for luck is the massive sing a long of ‘Tell Me’.  Another thoroughly enjoyable trio from Los Pepes and it only helps whet my appetite for another album so come on guys get it on.  Pick it up Here


Prima Donna – ‘Atomic Love’ (Wicked Cool Records) Christmas single aside it seems like an age since we had a record from the awesome Prima Donna.  The wait is over as ‘Atomic Love’ comes exploding out of the distance and the radio-friendly handclapping singalong comes bursting out of the speakers.  Sure it’s cool, Sure it’s stylish, sure it’s great. From those handclaps to the slide solo its an awesome 7″  and if there was a top of the pops this was made to be on the show. Preston knows that a perfect single is 3:10 seconds which is why ‘Atomic Love’ is exactly that and you’ll be singing along before the final chorus. The flip side is a bright and breezy cover of Gene Pitney’s  ‘He’s A Rebel’ Perfect. Buy Here



BBQT/ Appaloosa – ‘Jump Outs / Nod Out’ – ‘Seasons Of Change’ (No Front Teeth Records) Glam Stomping Punk Rockin Rock and Roll from Austins BBQT.  Its trash tastic as ‘Jump Outs’ is like the perfect tribute to the Dolls and everything that followed. A new band on me is Appaloosa who also ploughs a glam trashy punk rock furrow and I like it a lot.  Perhaps it’s a close runner up to BBQT but it’s the width of an eyeliner stroke in it. 100% of proceeds earned from both bands on Bandcamp from this release will go directly to the Sex Workers Outreach Project (www.swopbehindbars.org). Another great single  pick it up here



Black River Delta – ‘Californian Sun’ (Sofaburn Records)  Black River Delta is blues-rock band originating from Bollnäs, Sweden. The foursome have released two studio albums – Devil on the Loose (2016) and Vol. II (2018), and are poised to drop their latest heavy-hitting full-length effort Shakin’ this spring.  I’m hearing the likes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and even some INXS, especially in the voice. A fairly refreshing take on modern blues and rock.  Check em out on their Bandcamp Page


Beastwood – The Long Road To Ho (Coffin & Bolt Records) Possibly the most disturbing sleeve I’ve seen in a long time but then I clicked play and after the big rolling guitar lick and solid rhythm the gravel and whisky vocals kicked in and off we went on some dirty greasy hard rockin tip and I fuckin liked it.  ‘Electric Gangbang’ is a dirty rockin noise that certainly had my attention. Can anyone come?  I’ll bring a bottle.

I’m not going to Salt Lake City by the Dwarves springs to mind every time I hear the place and that’s where Rock and Roll gave birth to these degenerates.  Not all bad then. All four tracks are loud and proud I’d imagine its SG’s and Rickenbackers all the way with these guys and the engineer left the session with a banging headache because these have to have been recorded loudly.  Quality check it out Here

Facebook / Instagram / Website

The Flaming Sideburns – ‘A Song For Robert’ (Svart Records) A fitting tribute to Strings from The Flaming Sideburns.  Lifted from their brand new album released later this week its a really fitting tribute and a great tune long overdue from The Flaming Sideburns its been a while but it’s great to have them back.  (Album review coming this week)  get on it Here


Teenage Fanclub – ‘In Our Dreams’ (PeMe And Murge) From the forthcoming album ‘Endless Arcade’ with its 60s dreamy verse and fuzzy guitar break it’s always a good day for the Fannies to be making records. The video was filmed in Motherwell – not something you hear every day when discussing pop videos.   Pre Order it Here


Poison Heart – Sailors Stories’ (Heavy Medication Records) Poison Heart delivers two new songs, their first new material since 2018’s “Heart of Black City” album. Only 150 copies pressed so will sell out its a classic slice of garage Rock and Roll with some hard rockin guitar stylings.  With a new six stringer on board the two new tracks rock like fuck as these Warsaw boys show that Poland can rock out with the best of them. ‘Good Times’ could just about be the size of it as Poison Heart have the chops to step up to the plate and take on Europes finest and head further afield on this evidence.  Really strong single offering can’t wait to hear more.





Hot Laundry – ‘Shake Slide Twist’ (Die Laughing Records)  Rock and Roll with attitude and a tonne of energy.  The 12 bar of ‘Shake’ is infectious as San Francisco based Garage Rockers HOT LAUNDRY released their new EP ‘Shake Slide Twist’ I didn’t see that solo coming but I love it. To be fair all four tracks are bangers whilst ‘What Would I Do’ is more measured and more akin to The grooves The Bellrays get into.  There is variety throughout the four tracks on offer with ‘Glitter And Gold’ which has a real swagger about it.  Quality EP  check it out

Facebook  /Website / Instagram



Danko Jones – ‘Flaunt It’ (SPV Records)  Motormouth Danko Jones always seems to have a plan and on his social media he’s generally spot on as he is with his band and their Rock and Roll.  ‘Flaunt It’ is a top tune lifted from their new album due late summer ‘Power Trio’. If this is a taste of what we can expect then bring it on what a rocket ride rip-snorting track it is.  turn it up and Rock!



Millie Manders and The Shutup – ‘Broken Record’ (, taken from their debut album ‘Telling Truths, Breaking Ties’ released in August of last year. Its a break-up tune with attitude Millie has a thoroughly engaging powerful voice and who doesn’t love some saxophone with their rock and roll?  It’s released to coincide with the bands run of shows starting this summer that was originally pencilled in for last year.  Facebook

In more sane times perhaps the world at large wouldn’t be sat at home losing their shit on social media about which no hope celebrity it is singing autotuned bollocks whilst dressed up as some comic creature. No, maybe, just maybe they’d all be sat at home losing their shit over the fact that legendary punk rocker Sonny Vincent and doom metal pioneer Bobby Liebling have somehow managed to record perhaps one of the best albums of their careers in ‘Caveman Logic’, the soon to be released debut album from their supergroup The Limit.


Also along for the thrill in this perhaps most unlikely of unions are guitarist Hugo Conim and drummer João Pedro Ventura from Portuguese band Dawnrider plus on bass Jimmy Recca once of the Stooges and Ron Asheton’s New Order, and together, boy oh boy do these guys kick up one hell of a glorious racket.


Opening track ‘Over Rover’ perfectly sets the scene for what’s on offer here, somehow seamlessly blending doom laden Sabbath-y guitars with Liebling spitting out a soulful variation on his distinctive vocal style and in turn sounding not a million miles away from the singer’s singer, Scott Morgan. It’s exciting stuff that’s for sure, the band sounding very much like it’s on a mission to prove that great rock music really should have no boundaries, or in fact genres, and in ‘Black Sea’ the lead single from the record, they somehow also manage to add to a tinge of gothic attitude to the type of amazing music that should have made the likes of Radio Birdman (other great garage punk bands are available) superstars a hundred times over.


‘These Days’ and ‘Human Vs Nature’ continue with the frantic in your face born in a garage style that The Limit quickly adopts as their own before ‘Fleeting Thoughts’ slows things down to let Vincent shine on a guitar chug that Steve ‘Guitar Hero’ Jones would have been proud to have penned.


Elsewhere the album’s title track sees The Limit pushing the button marked Stooges on the control desk, whilst ‘Sir Lancelot’ sees Liebling deliver yet another fantastic soul charged vocal that wouldn’t seem out of place amongst The Hydromatics or The Sonics back catalogues.


At one minute thirty five seconds in length ‘Life’s Last Night’ is perhaps the band’s defining musical statement, a total middle finger to convention, and a joyous celebration of everything great about this band. Likewise ‘When Life Gets Scorched’ and ‘Kitty’s Gone’ are tunes set to take the eyebrows off anyone who might be sitting too close to their speakers at the time, and it’s only during the more pensive ‘Death Of My Soul’ and the swaggering album closer ‘Enough’s Enough’ where you finally get a chance to draw breath and reflect on what has gone before.


Album-wise 2021 has certainly got off to a fantastic start and with the thirty six minutes of music The Limit are about to gift us all with ‘Caveman Logic’ it’s definitely reached one of its most interesting and surprising points yet.  Make a date in your diary for 9th of April 2021, get your copy of ‘Caveman Logic’ via the links below, then on the date in question pour yourself a well-deserved libation, drop this bad boy on the stereo, and then prepare to fall in love with great rock ‘n’ roll music all over again.  Essential!!!!

Buy ‘Caveman Logic’ Here

Svart / Facebook

Author: Johnny Hayward


It might’ve taken 20 years but here it is: the original line-up of The Flaming Sideburns unleashes a brand new album “Silver Flames”. It can be seen as a follow-up to their now legendary debut “Hallelujah Rock’n’Rollah”, which was released two decades prior in 2001.

“Silver Flames” is an album nobody expected to happen. Most certainly it’s out of time and out of place in 2021 but that has never stopped the Flaming Sideburns on their mission. Instead, they launch a rock’n’roll assault at full throttle.

It’s all there from straight-ahead rockers (“Silver Flame”, “Searching Like a Hyena”) to deep psychedelia (“Niburu”, “Reverberation”) and from classic rock (“A Song for Robert”) to pop-tinged choruses (“Perfect Storm”, “Cast out my Demons”). The album is wrapped up by “Trance-Noché” and its unusual combination of Latin American madness and Arctic hysteria — topped with the lyrics en Español.



Pre-orders have started. Digipak CDs, regular black vinyl, and limited crystal clear vinyl edition available HERE