Whilst this isn’t going to be the longest review I’ve ever penned (for reasons I’ll soon get into) I just had to get something down on (virtual) paper, simply because tonight is the reason that I still love going to see live bands so much.

Rewind a few weeks then, and completely out of the blue Fraser from Deathtraps/SLAB sends me a video clip of a band he’s discovered called The Atom Age asking if I’d go and see them when they play Newport, I play the song a couple of times, think it’s pretty decent but then I somehow forget about it. In fact, it’s only a few hours before doors tonight that I suddenly remember the gig is still very much happening and we then find ourselves having a proper old man stroll through Commercial St reminiscing about all the old shops we used to frequent (and in fact work in) as we make our way up to Le Pub handing over the King’s ransom of £7 to get in.

It’s at this point I do have to wonder where all those lockdown social media warriors are – you know the ones demanding they should be able to go see live bands when it really wasn’t safe to – yet now it is safe, they seem to be still in the house, on the internet. Ah well….

Thankfully any Bad News in Grantham style crowd worries are immediately waylaid though due to the fact that local crossover me(n)talists Pizzatramp are also on the bill and they bring with them not only the usual set of razor-sharp witted hardcore tunes, but also a very healthy number of fans who seemingly still can’t get enough of them. Me, it’s the first time I’ve seen them in quite some time, certainly since bassist Sam has left their ranks, and last-minute stand in bassist Rhys once again helps dig Jimbob and Dan out of the proverbial doo doo. Not that you would know it’s all last-minute mind. Not until Jimbob lets the cat out the bag straight after a frantic blast through ‘Millions Of Dead Goths’ early on. Admittedly there’s a Sam sized hole on the stage (as he’s stood behind me watching), and if you’ve grown up with the band from the ‘Two Quid/War Or Nothing’ days then you’re obviously going to notice that, but what the guys really need to do right now is to get someone like Rhys in fulltime and hopefully not lose any of the fantastic momentum they’ve gained so far. That task might have just got a whole lot harder to fulfil mind after Jimbob admits he actually likes the theme song to ‘In The Name Of The Father’ (tongue firmly placed in cheek) before the band close their set down with, what else but, ‘Bono’s A Cunt’. And that right there folks is why I will always love me a slice of live Pizzatramp.

And so, we come to the reason this review isn’t really that long. That’s because in spite of the fact that The Atom Age (all the way from Oakland California I might add) have recorded four albums since they formed back in 2009, I’ve heard the grand total of one song before they hit the stage, and that song they play straight off, so where I’d normally go track by track through a band’s set, this time I just think “fuck it – lets enjoy the racket”, and boy what a joyous racket it is. Imagine if you will a band drenched in the essence of Rocket From The Crypt, but with the odd hint of Dick Dale or The Cramps whilst also laying down some mighty fine Dirtbombs style rock n soul riffs flavoured with just the merest hint of Fuzztones psychedelia, and that brothers and sisters, is The Atom Age. 

The six piece deliver their set like they are headlining a packed arena not a pub with about 50 odd people in it, and dripping in sweat they also manage to get a well-deserved encore out of their newly acquired Newport fanbase….and this, this is what I meant right at the start of the review. This is what going to see live music is all about. I left with 2 LPs and a T-shirt and a huge smile on my face (and so did a fair few others). This is what live music is all about and The Atom Age are a band just waiting for you to discover. Get on it!!!!!  

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Author: Johnny Hayward

When you profess to have crawled from the depths of Surf garage punk Rock n Roll and then you get Blag to co-produce you, of course, we’re gonna be all over that like a cheap suit, yes sir. this being the band’s fourth album I have given myself extra homework because I’m disappointed with myself for not hearing these cats sooner –  going almost a decade, they’ve done well to hide their talents for so long. You naughty boys.

As soon as ‘Love Is A Numbers Game’ has finished slinking its hips out of the gate with some cool shakers and organ wheeze we’re off! the vocals are spat out in a Jim Jones kinda way.  Its gonna be a journey for sure, from the laid back cool it’s into the wild and reckless and back around again for a really impressive introduction to the Atom Age. ‘Cry Til You Die’ is up and running folks and its promising to be a wonderful surprise that’s just give, give, give.

‘We Disappear In The Night’ has got that surf reverb but a healthy dose of The Cramps being put through a pissed-off garage punk rock mixer and I like it – a lot! Oh, and another thing ‘Never Looking’ reminds me of Rocket From The Crypt sure that might be due to the surf guitar and dueling saxophone but I’m happy with that comparison and its the second single off the album and one that in a just world would do really well – damn its even got handclaps on it for fucks sake!

The songs hit you thick and fast and little rhythms or sequences jump out every listen from the Hives tempo-n-stomp on ‘Blink Twice’.  Damn, by the time we’re only halfway through this record I’m impressed from the first play right up to the umpteenth play the Organ stabs and saxophone tootin’ interplay on the first single ‘Walk Through Walls’ is infectious and bloody addictive. OK, so we’re onto side two already (time flys when you’re having this much fun)  and that garage Rock and Roll is taking hold ‘Bloodletting’ is cool then we’re into some groovy Rock and Roll with the excellent ‘Lost On Me’ where the howling loony blues distortion on those vocals work a treat.

These Oakland boys are taking us for a day down by the beach with the garage surf of ‘Bad Seeds’ is a wild ride into the raucous ‘When I Crawl Back’ which then leaves just one last hurrah and the bass throbbing ‘Nobody knows You (When You’re Blacking Out)’   and the curtain is brought down on a mighty fine record.  One I had no expectations for but I’m gonna shout from the rooftops using a loud hailer if you love rock and Roll with some horns and a bit of Organ and plenty of attitude ‘n’ rock and roll scuzz then get in here and fill yer fuckin boots ‘Cry Til You Die’ is a modern-day masterpiece of how to do the whole garage surf rock n roll thang and do it with as much cool as possible. Pick up your copy without delay its a banger (as the kids say)


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Author: Dom Daley






The Hip Priests / Grindhouse – Split (Savage Magic) It just wouldn’t be a singles round-up without a Hip Priests 45 so here you go, boys and girls, the undisputed kings of UK garage punk rock ‘n’ roll are back in the ring and this time they’re tag-teaming with the down under divas Grindhouse. It’s a no brainer that we’re gonna be all over this slice of noise firstly the two tracks offered up by The Hip Priests are ‘Stand For Nothing’ from the album of the same title and ‘I Hate The City’ that just scorches like a dragster on the Bonneville Salt Flats.  Fair play to the buggers it doesn’t matter what year who they play with and who ignores them and their tunes They know and I know that the Hip Priests are da bomb and always kick serious backside and there is no other band with their volume of quality singles under their collective bullet belts peerless dirty filthy rock and fucking roll.  Get on it before they are all gone.  As for the flip.  Australia has always been strong in the fucked up loud Rock and Roll stakes and there’s no denying that Grindhouse have probably eaten their way through a fair few.  the perfect split partners as their contribution is a Lemmy inspired romp through ‘All Washed Up’ followed by ‘Cum Punch’  I won’t even begin to ask but I do know I like it no I love it (not Cum punching but the tune) Dirty Boys. Single of the month?  What do you think? Of course it is.


The Snivelling Shits – Bring Me The Head Of Yukio Mishima (Damaged Goods) Sounding like classic late 70’s punk rock The Snivelling Shits spit n snarl their way through this rather splendid single.  Having made a comeback some 40 years after the last time the band played this single celebrates the life and death of the actor, model, poet film director Mishima who ended up losing his head quite literally.  It’s backed by a cover of  ‘Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi’ which is more of the same to be fair and a bloody good couple of vintage punk rock tunes. Head over to Damaged Goods to pick up your copy.




Wilmette – Anxious Body (Mutant League Records)  a 4-piece from the Chicago suburbs that combines pop-punk and hardcore with a fresh style that relies on pop hooks, honest lyrics, and strong musicianship the band’s opener sounds like a load of Taking back Sunday tunes wrapped into one from the quiet opening to the crashing chorus. The EP spread over five tracks covers all bases from the tight chord changes of ‘Carol From HR’ to the video track featured below.  Big sounds from the newcomers.


TAROT RATS – Only The Brave (Will Remain) (WDFD Records) Big – Dirty guitar riffs are the order of the day for Tarot Rats who release this new single and video. Tarot Rats offer up a unique and contemporary take on indie blues-rock. With a critically acclaimed eclectic mix of filthy riffs and soulful melodies, the Rats can be found free from the flock of generic sounds, playing all over the UK.




The Survival Code – Crosses To Carry, Coffins To Fill (Good Deeds Music) The band are a London-based rock duo with an unabashed passion for riffs, soaring melodies and thunderous drums. Long admired for their driven and energetic live performances, the two-piece serve up intense and brawny rock cuts that lodge deep into your senses. To date, the duo have racked up rampant support from many industry tastemakers, picking up exposure from Kerrang!, Classic Rock, Powerplay, Fireworks Magazine, and Rock Sound Magazine, as well as widespread radio support from Kerrang! Radio and Planet Rock.  Formed in 2012 THE SURVIVAL CODE will continue their ascent with the release of a series of videos to coincide with the EP, as well as a string tour dates:

August 15th – Big Red – London (EP LAUNCH); October 23rd – Bunkhouse – Swansea; 24th – Fuel – Cardiff; 25th – Slaughtered Lamb – London; 26th – The Hope & Ruin – Brighton; 28th – The Tin At The Coal Vaults; 29th Chameleon – Nottingham; 30th – Castle Hotel – Manchester; 31st – Outpost – Liverpool; November 2nd – Old England – Bristol; 3rd – Suburbia – Southampton.

www.thesurvivalcode.co.uk  www.facebook.com/thesurvivalcode/
www.twitter.com/thesurvivalcode  www.soundcloud.com/thesurvivalcode


THE FANTASTIC TERRORS – Empty Refrigerator Sunday (Ikaros Records) The Fantastic Terrors released their 7″ debut record, including two songs titled “The Yodeler ” and “Empty Refrigerator Sunday”.  Coming out of Greece The band release a rather strange video to accompany this single.  Loud guitars being the order of the day and a pretty decent introduction.


Scumbag Millionaire – Rolling Heavy (Suburban Records) The fourth single taken from the bands pretty awesome album sees ‘Rolling Heavy’ on one side and ‘Rolling Heavy’ (live) on the other. To be fair if you don’t already own the album then this will give you a pretty decent indication of what to expect but its not rocket science here it’s Swedish Action Rock and Roll played to excess and with a truck full of passion. If you want our advice then pick this up and do a deal to get hold of the long-player this is taken from ‘Speed’ as well you won’t regret it at all.




Glitter Machine – Take The Pain From their debut album, ‘Hanging Out For Fame’. It’s a feral love song and who am I to disagree.  Its got a great groove and some neat guitar-slinging.check out the video

Roxy Girls – ‘Spanners For Hands’ (Moshi Moshi Records) Sunderlands Roxy Girls are sparse power pop punk rock angular sharp guitar chords and licks (not dissimilar to the mighty Buzzcocks) The track is taken from the forthcoming mini-album (remember them?), not unlike the first track released of the record ‘Trials And Tribulations’ which reminded me of vintage louder XTC – I’d wager these cats kick up a shitstorm in a sweaty club with the volume turned up. I look forward to hearing the complete record and not just a single or two – exciting times for new wave fans.FACEBOOK – TWITTER – SPOTIFY – MOSHI MOSHI RECORDS


Tidal Babes – ‘OMG’ Do I Like it? Fuck knows its got a great big funky bassline and a lush chorus but infectious pop melodies, described as bubblegum goth summer fun! is about right.  Potty mouth lyrics that come out of the blue won’t see it on BBC but who gives a shite about that?

Singer Lyndsi Austin and songwriter/producer Chris Qualls (Concord Music Publishing/Cutcraft Music Group) were attending a concert in Hollywood when they started discussing a potential new project together. Both grew up playing in rock bands but had switched over to making pop music for years. That night, inspired by the rock show they had just seen (and a little bit of whiskey), the two began brainstorming the foundation for a new band that combined all the things they loved about Southern California and it’s musical history; Surf rock guitars; The energy of Orange County punk rock; Beach Boys harmonies; The sassiness of the east LA socialites and fashionistas; Cruising down Sunset Boulevard.   FacebookTwitter – Instagram

The Atom Age – Never Looking (Tiger Dream/Asian Man Records.)  The second single off their soon to be released album ‘Cry Til You Die’  mixing up some Rocket From The Crypt for sure (I never understand why more bands don’t invest in some saxophone)  Hailing from Oakland these guys are kicking out the jams for sure.  With a lineage hailing from The Sonics to the Hives they’re channeling some great shit into their own music and it’s paying dividends because if the single is anything to go by then the album is gonna burn. Facebook

City Under Siege – Freaking Out (Third String Records) Straight out of Buffalo NY City Under Siege.  this single precedes their debut album that the band are working on with Weezer producer Marc McClusky.  Its a big pop punk sound and one that will no doubt do rather well for the band who also head out on tour with Mark Rose (Spitalfield) and Ryan Dunson (Rookie of The Year) all across the good ole US of A.