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Los Angeles, CA – Dynamic garage rock duo The Courettes are set to electrify audiences with their latest single, a bold and vibrant cover of Taylor Swift’s hit “Shake It Off.” Infused with the spirit of rock n’ roll and the timeless allure of a Phil Spector production, The Courettes’ rendition brings a fresh and invigorating twist to Swift’s chart-topping anthem.

Known for their high-energy performances and infectious sound, The Courettes, comprised of vocalist/guitarist Flavia Couri and drummer Martin Couri, have crafted a unique sonic identity that seamlessly blends the energy of garage rock with the classic vibes of ’60s rock n’ roll.

The decision to tackle Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” was a deliberate choice by The Courettes, aiming to showcase their versatility and pay homage to a modern pop sensation in a style that harkens back to the golden age of rock music. The result is a spirited, guitar-driven interpretation that captures the essence of a Phil Spector Wall of Sound production, transporting listeners to a bygone era while maintaining a contemporary edge.

She’s from Brazil, he’s from Denmark and they are collectively known as The Fabulous Courettes! Husband and wife duo Flavia & Martin Couri have been wowing crowds with their explosive high energy brand of 60’s girl pop & garage rock for nigh on 10 years. The stylish drum and guitar duo have released 3 long players and a string of cool 7 inchers, all recorded in mono with the coolest, collectable cover art a fan could desire. And the fuzzy, melody strong tunes back up the image tenfold. With more potential radio hits than their contemporaries could muster in a full career, and a live reputation to match, The Courettes should be on the tip of everyone’s tongue, yet they remain rooted firmly in the underground scene. Ssshh, don’t tell anybody though, as it’s our little secret!

Promoting new single ‘Tough Like That’ and with a new compilation record ‘Boom! Dynamite’ on the merch table, this is their first visit to Leeds and my first time witnessing the band, let’s see if they live up to the hype.

Before the main event we have a band who are not on my radar to warm us up. Nervous Twitch are a colourful Leeds based trio, a fiercely independent band with 5 albums under their collective belt. They combine a 60’s girl group sound with surf and punk, yet sound dynamically different to The Courettes. This is more British indie punk sound, like Fuzzbox or The Slits. What both bands do have in common though are great melodies, familiar riffs and hummable tunes that stick in the mind.

Singer/bassist Erin used to be the drummer, and in her quirky, coloured 60’s hat & dress combo and surf green Danelectro Longhorn bass, she sorta looks like a punk rock Paloma Faith, in stark contrast to guitarist Jay in his baseball cap and stripey t shirt. They sound great too, ‘The likes of ‘History Of The Wild West’ and ‘We Don’t Care’ are short, sharp and sweet blasts of nonchalant punk pop with hooks aplenty, and with plenty around me singing the words, it would seem they have the fanbase too.

I’ve not heard them before but now Nervous Twitch are on my radar I will be back for more. Very impressive stuff.

It’s the hottest day of the year and I was prepared for a sweat-fest in the notoriously humid Brudenell tonight. But you know what? It wasn’t that sweaty at all! One of the few good things to come out covid times was the addition of air con in venues, and while there was definitely no need for a coat tonight, the cool air was a welcome addition to one of the most energetic shows of the year.

Heartbeat of the band Martin Couri introduces his guitar slinging wife with a swish of the hand to great applause. The applause ceases as he takes to his minimalistic set of drums stage front, and reaches out his hand, his drumstick held tightly parallel to a stage that is about to be drenched in his own sweat and spit. His gaze is fixed firmly out to his audience who are silently waiting in anticipation, then the duo blast into a frantic ‘Hoodoo Hop’…. Holy shit! As he bashes seven shades of shit out of his kit with that iconic beat, Flavia immediately takes the attention. In a black and white 60’s go-go dress, matching make-up and her vintage red guitar strapped to her waist, she looks like the daughter Jack White and Olivia Jean would absolutely die for, and she has the energy and stage presence I was hoping for. With a gritty rasp like Lulu in her prime and a guitar tone to die for, she wows the crowd and pulls all the iconic rock star poses any photographer would hope. Pay attention all you bands out there, this is how you do it, ok?

The hits keep a comin’ and the energy levels do not drop for one second. ‘The Boy I Love’ is pure 60’s girl group goodness, with a garage rock riff you know you’ve heard before. It’s like the ghost of Phil Spector shines down on the duo. Everything is a bit familiar and it’s delivered with the raw, primal power you want from any live rock n’ roll band. ‘Hop The Twig’ with its Duane Eddy surf guitar and tambourine bashin’ is about as primal and flashy as I like my rock n roll, and I love it. Live, it’s extended and jammed out giving Flavia a chance to venture out into the audience.

Flavia is a charismatic and energetic leader and her husband is a powerhouse drummer. They are both engaging, push for crowd interaction and make it way more than just a gig, this is The Fabulous Courettes and it’s a rock n’ roll show delivered in the tradition of how bands used to entertain their audience. Their mission is to make you leave your phone in your pocket, cease talking to your mates, and pay attention. The Courettes want you to get lost in the moment and dance like no one is watching. And that is exactly what happens. A few songs in, Flavia invites all the girls to the safe space down the front, she wants them all dancing, and the ladies do just that. ‘Want You like A Cigarette’ gets the biggest reaction, and fair play, so it should. All handclaps and pop-tastic melodies, how could you not sing and dance your little socks off!

For all their pop goodness The Courettes have an equal amount of garage rock goodness going on. ‘Boom Dynamite’ is a killer slice of punk rock energy. With Martin’s primal beats and cool hollering mixed with Flavia’s fuzzy guitar and sexy rasp, it is a high energy set highlight. There ain’t no encore, the band just keep playing their glorious tunes. “Let’s have a party, it’s the end of the world” is Flavia’s invitation in ‘Misfits & Freaks” and yeah, I’m with her tonight.

Live music should be something that transcends your daily life. An escape from whatever troubles and tribulations we find ourselves in. When it’s stripped back, raw and primal and when a band gives it 110% there truly is nothing better in my mind. And if there is a party to be had at the end of the world, I would want The Courettes to open proceedings. Do not miss them if they come your way, you can thank me later.

Author: Ben Hughes

Taken from their fantastic new record out now on Damaged Goods Records ‘Back In Mono – B-Sides & Outtakes’ available on 10” and CD which is out now on Damaged Goods

The Courettes continue their tour tonight at The Moth Club, Hackney with support from The Shadracks.

The remaining dates are….

8 June London The Moth
9 June Brighton The Albert
10 June Middlesbrough Westgarth Social Club
11 June Glasgow McChuills
12 June Edinburgh Voodoo Rooms Ballroom
14 June Newcastle The Cluny
15 June Liverpool Zanzibar
16 June Manchester Night & Day
17 June Folkestone Chambers
18 June Southend The Moonraker

Tickets available here.

The Courettes are hot hot hot! at the moment and rightly so. Heading over to the UK in June for an extensive tour this 10″ record brings together a whole bunch of B sides and outtakes. Striking whilst the iron is hot is a good thing and this duo are knocking out quality records and drawing these together in one convenient place is a bargain. They ask that you play this record loudly and through shite speakers but that’s not an exclusive request because it’s also available on CD as well.

You know the drill with this pair, they’re retro in a wall of sound way and bang up to date current as well. It’s not just a cobbled-together compilation because there are non-album B sides, and three tracks that have added instrumentation on them it also has the Japanese-only split ‘So What’ available right here, right now.

Their brand of pop smart melodies wrapped up in a Rock and Roll sound was perfectly described as not playing Rock and Roll because they are Rock and Roll, if you know – you know! At times you have to concentrate hard on the record because you think it is a four-piece and some making that wall of sound and not just two musicians, it’s got that warm Fuzz on the guitar and a shimmering smokey mix over the top of the whole sound. Surely it’s only a matter of time before everyone gets down with The Courettes and their music maybe one DJ who knows their music will get smart or a Jools Holland to champion this pair and whoosh! away they’ll fly. ‘Tough Like That’ is a bruiser with it’s punchy riff and then the cool smoldering ‘Talking About My Baby’ before it just takes off for the chorus before switching vocals and dropping back into that cool smolder.

Try them – buy this 10″ you won’t regret it they write and perform wonderful music that let you leave all your real-world woes at the door because for the next half an hour your gonna dream and pretend you’re onto the best-kept secret in music – The Fabulous Courettes Schh! or everyone will cotton on. Bop shawaddy bop baby! Eight tracks to tide us over. Perfecto!


Buy Here

Author: Dom Daley

The Courettes are an explosive garage rock duo from Denmark and Brazil who blend an exciting concoction of garage, surf, 60s girlie pop and riot grrrl attitude. Completed by the husband-and-wife partnership of vocalist/guitarist Flavia Couri (from Brazil) and drummer/backing vocalist Martin Couri (from Denmark, where they are based), following the critically acclaimed release of 2021’s ‘Back In Mono’ album and a hugely successful UK tour in October of that year, the very fabulous Courettes return with a brand new single and news of a UK in June later this year.

Available on 7” (with one thousand copies on white vinyl), ‘Misfits & Freaks’ is a new recording of a stand-out track from ‘Back In Mono’, coupled with a brand-new song called ‘Killer Eyes’ on the flipside, available February 25th via Damaged Goods Records.

“Misfits & Freaks” is a song about a bittersweet concert we played on the very evening France went into its first lockdown in 2020,” explains Flavia Couri. “The pandemic broke loose in the middle of our tour and uncertainty was in the air. It felt a bit like being in a kind of science fiction film. People were partying that day as if there was no tomorrow. And it was indeed the end of the world as we knew it.
We tried to capture this feeling in the video featuring some old b-movie apocalyptic scenes, while we keep on partying, singing, and dancing at the end of the world. We´ve all been struggling to keep ourselves sane, safe, strong, and sweet in the last two years. And we did it. Cheer up!”

Hot on the heels of the excitement The Courettes created last October as the UK welcomed back live music with open arms, The Courettes return in June 2022 for a full UK tour.

Our last tour in the UK in October was really a blast. The world was opening again, the venues were packed, many shows were sold out and we had such a great time. We are looking so much forward to being back this Summer. We´ll be promoting our latest album “Back in Mono”, our new single “Misfits & Freaks” and a very special new release that is due to come out on Damaged Goods Records by the beginning of the tour. Cheer up, cheer up!”

Catch The Courettes live at the following dates:

1 June Bristol The Louisiana

2 June Portsmouth The Wedgewood Rooms

3 June Margate Margate Mod/Sixties Weekender @ Olby’s

4 June Thetford Red Rooster Festival

5 June Stourbridge Katie Fitzgeralds

7 June Bedford Esquires

8 June London The Moth

9 June Brighton The Albert

10 June Middlesbrough Westgarth Social Club

11 June Glasgow McChuills

12 June Edinburgh Voodoo Rooms Ballroom

13 June Manchester Marc Riley BBC 6Music Session

14 June Newcastle The Cluny

15 June Liverpool Zanzibar

16 June Manchester Night & Day

17 June Folkestone Chambers

18 June Southend The Moonraker

Tickets available HERE:


Cyanide Pills ‘The Kids Can’t Be Trusted With Rock N Roll (Damaged Goods Records) Don’t know bout you but this pandemic seems to have gone on longer than expected and in its wake, it’s delayed the new Cyanide Pills album so for that reason alone it should fuck off pronto along with the Tory Government.

Two new tracks landed in the Singles Club jukebox and are like a breath of fresh air and right up to speed with the expected standard of tunage from these Yorkshire lads with the lead track. Mashing up The Beatles with the guitar break and some on-point cheeky lyrics all tacked down with a Ramones Undertones riff that doesn’t leave your head for days. But wait, ‘Do You Wanna Know’ is just as good as the A-side with an insanely catchy chorus. I love Cyanide Pills and on this evidence, the new album will rule, the only downside is it’s only two songs and not more. Still brilliant Record of the Month? Maybe. Buy Here

Steve E Nix & The Famous Lizards – ‘Motorcade EP’ (Damaged Goods Records) Holy Shit! I thought that Cyanide Pills having a new single out was a nailed on no brainer for record of the week, month, year and then This arrived! Steve E Nix has penned four new tunes (more is good) and they are trefuckinmendous. The lead track ‘Motorcade’ is an epic earworm and as it seeped into my brain I was grinning from ear to ear and punching the air like Rocky. What a stunning tune. It infectious, power pop with a bit of a rockin edge and the hook is to die for.

We all know who Steve E Nix is but the Lizards are bassist Kicks (also from The Briefs), guitarist Emi Pop and drummer Miles Freeborn and they deserve a tip of the hat because this band is awesome. ‘Hallways’ is slightly dreamy and very laid back almost Johnny Thunders meets Hanoi Rocks like in arrangement and delivery and that excites me big time. ‘Nite life’ is a retro thumper with a great riff and some top BV’s. Before this EP cuts and runs, there’s time for a bit of a rock and roller in the shape of ‘Avenue Child’. Cool hook and some punchy guitar licks all wrapped in some cool Chuck Berry twelve-bar not sounding a million miles from Toilet Boys. Nix and the band nail it and off the back of this, I hope there’s a long-player involved? because SEN&TFL are dredging some seriously good ground here.Record of the week/month? You bet! Buy Here

The Courettes – ‘Misfits & Freaks’ (Damaged Goods) What a hattrick this is from Damaged Goods or are they just showing off their roster of acts that are as diverse as this and yet still churn out banger after banger. ‘Misfits & Freaks’ is a brand new version of one of the standout tracks from the third killer album, Back In Mono. It comes backed with an exclusive new song ‘Killer Eyes‘.

‘Misfits & Freaks’ was penned after a bittersweet concert in France in 2020, on the last tour in the pre-pandemic world. They played at 9 pm then lockdown at midnight. What was a pandemic? and what the hell we were getting into, so people that day really partied as if there was no tomorrow. If you missed The Courettes latest album then you were well and truly locked down and in a bunker. It’s Rock and Roll baby and it’s got style and swing and is a fabulous song that really does sum up that bittersweet feeling the duo spoke of. On the B side its,- well more of the same really just a bit less focussed and perhaps a little hazy but a great arrangement and perfect delivery. another top single. Buy Here

Lammping – ‘Everlasting Moor’ (We Are Busy Bodies) purveyors of psych-rock, release the first single from their forthcoming album due out this March on We Are Busy Bodies. The highly anticipated EP Stars We Lost is a collection of 70’s soaked space-rock bangers that’ll surely win the hearts of fans of Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Spacemen 3, Stereolab, De La Soul, Kraftwerk, and Eels. It’s an infectious track that burrows into the ear canal and takes hold as it swirls around your head. It’s a headfuck of sounds alright and this track is the lead off of this five-track EP ‘Stars We Lost’ Buy Here

Drug Church – ‘Detective Lieutenant’ (Pure Noise Records) Lifted from the new album ‘Hygiene’ it’s a quirky track that builds into a wall of noise before falling back into a dreamy riff with a pavement-like vocal leading the way. Its an understated lead track off the new album but it does take time and if you invest you’ll be rewarded big time from a band I’ve got a lot of time for. Buy Here

Split System – ‘Hit Me’ (Legless Records) Melbourne punks Split System had only one jam together before lockdowns kicked in in Melbourne in 2021. 5 songs were written and with rehearsals and gigs on the back foot once again the only option was to record remotely via email. Everyone recorded their parts at home and Split System’s self-titled EP was recorded, ‘Hit Me’ is the first released and what a banger it is.  The band is fronted by Jackson Reid Briggs on Vocals and members of Stiff Richards, Speed Week, No Zu and The Black Heart Death Cult.

Buy Here

Vulture Lord – ‘Hark! The Hymns Of War’ (Odium Records) We don’t get to cover some old-school black metal in the singles club very often but today’s our lucky day. Harking back to some Venom like Black MEtal Vulture Lord knock it out the park with this track lifted from their split (we love a split) with Black Altar ‘Deathiah Manifesto’. All Hail Vulture Lord because this is a banger. with four tracks each on the split, it’s VFM all day long. C’moooooooooooooon! As it stands I know fuck all about Vulture Lord but if there’s more like this then bring it on top-notch old-school black metal and the packaging is on point and extreme, brilliant. Hark! is almost as good as the stuff Midnight is knocking out and this is after an 18 year break. Welcome back Vulture Lord how can you not like a band that has a track called ‘Bloodstained Ritualknives’ – Brutal.

Buy Here

The Hollywood Stars -‘The Bottom’ (Golden Robot Records) After more than 40 years apart, they are performing together again and making new music and ‘The Bottom’ is the start of a new chapter as we move into 2022. It’s a rolling heavy distorted lick is akin to the likes of ZZ Top and tenuously Aerosmith (maybe) the band gets their groove on and jam out the tune.

It’s not the strongest track this session of the singles club but there are plenty of meaty notes beign bent out of shape on them there six strings.

Suicide Notes – ‘Trampstamp EP’ (Self Released) Opening this four track EP with the thumping bass line that signals a rollocking tune ‘Rolling With The Punches’ thats as good as anything the LA Guns street sleazy bands write. this Oxfordshire five piece kick up a shit storm on the opener with a really good tune that has all the chops and attitude youd expect. The only thing missing is some honking horns under the chorus but the breakdown is timely and I’d imagine this would go down a storm live. ‘Snake Skin Blues’ is more of the same with a more laid back less intense rhythm than the opener.

Theres time for a decent cover of ‘Dead Flowers’ that has some nice guitar breaks and a suitably sleazy tempo but if I’m being picky I’d rather have an original song than anothe rcover of this Stones classic even if it is very well executed. Wrapping things up with a very sweet acoustic song ‘Black Dog Howlin’, Suicide Notes offer plenty of variety in these four tracks on this here EP and three very varied original songs. the band shows they have talent aplenty and can craft some really good songs as well as being able to go through the gears if they need to. Very impressive EP indeed. I look forward to hearing more more more! Facebook

Feeder – ‘The Healing’ (Big Teeth) Nice to have the Welsh boys back making music this their first new music since 2019s ‘Tallulah’. Before the new album ‘Torpedo’ is released they offer up ‘The Healing’ via this rather cool video. the song is classic Feeder and builds as the three piece dish up an epic sounding slice of alternative rock.

Torpedo is released on March 18th and will be available on digital, CD and vinyl. Pre-order here.

Diplomatic Immunity – ‘The Hunt (Golden Robot Records), Hailing from Denmark they play big sounding rock’n’roll – and to be fair its catchy! The band successfully fuse the best elements of both U.S. and British rock to create one big sound. ‘The Hunt will be released on February 15th via Golden Robot Records on all digital platforms.  Facebook

X-Plicit – The Party Is Hot’ (Sneakout Records) Sounding like Cock Rock was never wiped out by Grunge this rocking four piece are defying time and partying like its 1998. throwing out shaes not seen since skid row toured with white lion and Diamond Dave. oh hang on, the eighties called and they want their party dancers and jack daniels back and yes there is a lot of cowbell happening and it is called ‘The Party Is Hot’. Wow! Cowboy boots on and lets rock! Facebook

Pat Todd & The Rank Outsiders – ‘Tell Us All Story’ (I-94 Recordings) We had to end this sitting of the singles club on a high and what way to do that than with the most excellent PAt Todd & his rank Outsiders with ‘Tell Us All a Story’ an uptempo thigh slapping, harmonica honking slice of good times. It thunders along and leaves you wanting more. The guy simply doesn’t write bad songs so these two are most welcome with the B side ‘Prison Of Love’ being a smouldering rocker originally recorded by 60s band Frut.

Its not reinventing the wheel its just rolling along with plenty of rock to accompany that roll. Sounding as good as ever its in the vein on a cracking maincourse of Dave Edmunds meets Nick Lowe for some Rockpile with a side of Georgia Satellites – whats not to like? Always going to be a winner with those ingredients. pick it up Here

Rock n Roll doesn’t have to be groundbreaking nor does it have to be complicated.  Sometimes it can be a cathartic experience to hear a pair of purists just writing beautiful pop songs and having the skill and craft to articulate that through primarily bass, drums, and vocals.  Ladies & Gentlemen I give you The Fabulous Courettes starring Flavia & Martin Couri.

Sure it’s steeped in 60s pop and the look is retro but the production is here and now and this sound is timeless.  ‘Want You Like A Cigarette’ and ‘I Can Hardly Wait’ might open up this latest offering but I’m in love with ‘Hey Boy’ and its backbeat and lush vocals it’s supreme retro Rock and Roll for sure but, it’s always a blast to hear it done this well.


The speakers rattles as ‘R.I.N.G.O’ pays tribute to..Mr Starkey of course. with a cheeky grin and a slink of the snake hips, this is a hoot. These cats really do understand their roots and have got the chops to pull it off without the faintest hint of irony or cabaret. Sure it sounds like you’ve heard it all before but who cares this doo wap retro garage vibe is killer and The Courettes are on top of their game and they know it.  Damaged goods don’t sign rubbish and like a seal of approval they’ve reissued the band’s first two records as well such is the faith in this band.


C’mon, how damn good is ‘Trash Can Honey’?  Coming on like a drug-free Cramps it’s got to put a smile on the listener’s face.  Then bring in the Garagetastic ‘Hop The Twig’,  whatever the fuck that is I want to give it a try like right now.

Fourteen songs are flying by and the variety is great.  ‘Misfits & Freaks’ is excellent with so much texture coming out of the pair whilst it’s not the Spector wall of fuzz it’s tempered and just enough dirt is let in making for a great sound and the spooktacular keyboard solo is a blast! Before they bow out they really turn up the fuzz on the excellent ‘Edge Of My Nerves’ but wait you knew it was coming – The finale is ‘Cry Cry Cry’ and a mirror ball dance-off is ushered in and the indisputable winner of the rosette for the 60s influenced garage rock and roll goes to The Courettes who deliver an epic and comforting sound that is absolutely nailed on as the best in its field for 2021. Now grab your partner and shake those snake hips one more time take it away Flavia & Martin.


Buy Here

Author: Dom Daley