“Its hard to hold a candle in the cold November Rain”


November was truly the month for live shows as the scribes got their gig legs and ventured far and wide for our fix of live rock n roll. With RPM in full swing, we were getting the hang of this as the albums poured in to keep us out of trouble and keep the air full of excellent Rock n Roll.

We brought you interviews with some up and coming talent in the shape of Jack Jones from Trampolene who have been prolific both in the studio and on the road.  Earning their stripes by hitting the road zigzagging across the country Jack also found time to travel to Japan and just completed another round of dates as recently as December. As mentioned yesterday Jeff Dahl dropped by to tell us about his plans for the new mini album and that he was currently busy recording a new album that will be out in 2019.

Then Gerald caught up with Vienas Reverend Backflash for a great interview about the band and their grand plans for the future and it was an opportunity for those of us unfamiliar with the band to get acquainted and we were glad we did as Gerald has said the new album is easily one of his highlights of the year.

we also scoured the globe as you would expect to uncover some of the best music currently available like Black Heart Breakers who were ‘Rotting Out’.  We welcomed The Erotics and Beechwood from the East coast. Canada’s Sick Things were in the house before we headed North to Norway for a few words about the most excellent Death By Unga Bunga then as we headed south Leigh was mightily impressed with Thomas Silvers solo album headed back to the big smoke for the years biggest turkey that was Billy Idols remixed revisited rejected disco versions of classic Idol. Dear dear, what was he thinking?

however One of the brightest albums of the month was easily that belonging to Glen Matlock who was ‘Good To Go’ and along with his star-studded list of special guests, he turned in a mightily impressive record – again!

Right we’ll break the album list up with a quick rundown of some of the best shows writers went to in November where better to start than when Martin and Rags popped into London town to see a newly reformed for one night only Jony Cola & The A-Grades and Martin described it as a bit of an experience and a show he was delighted to have witnessed for himself whilst Rags was equally impressed, man I think its fair to say that there are several amongst us who thought Jony Cola put out the flame way too soon but it was nice to have been reminded of tracks as good as ‘Halo’ once again.

Craggy took in a couple of shows over on mainland Europe notably in the shape of TV Smith in Viena but he raved about the Levellers in Prague and best of all was finally catching up with Buffalo Tom in Berlin I haven’t read the reviews either so does that mean that they didn’t happen? Fortunately, they did happen because I’ve seen the pictures of Craggy swapping singles with Buffalo Tom.

As for us lot still on this island well we weren’t forgotten because there was the Damned tour dates to catch up with as Armitage caught their performance down in Brighton as they went around shit island for a second time this year. There were several sightings of Nashville Pussy as Martin ventured across the channel to see them in France but Johnny and Fraser took in their performance at the Globe in Cardiff which didn’t disappoint either. MC50 played some great shows but the daddy of all live shows in November just had to be the incredible line up that was put on in Holland under the banner Helldorado.  Boy, what a tremendous lineup.  There were many discussions as to why we couldn’t see a bill that good in the UK for a festival and it was decided there isn’t enough appetite for a fantastic jam-packed underground festival outside of what they do at Rebellion but this as a slightly different beast to be fair; even if most of these bands could cross over under the rebellion banner would it be raved about by a wider audience? It remains to be seen but I’d love to have a discussion about it with promoters in the UK. Anyway I digress, those that went agreed that Danko Jones were on fire and whilst they might not be the best band at the festival they put on the best show that weekend. Oh, apart from the little guy who came on stage during The motherfucking Dwarves set oh and the guy who set himself on fire also during the Dwarves set. Spectacular! I’m sure you’ll agree?

Whilst we’re on the live front Rpm was reporting at some superb shows like The Alarm and Ryan Hamilton & The Harlequin Ghosts in York where Ben was impressed by the performance of Peters and his levels of energy he also reported on another superb showing from The Virginmarys and Hands Off Gretel. Whilst down south Armitage got to see another exceptional performance from The Damned in Brighton

Another band covered in November was Junkyard who played Fibbers as headline act before they headed out around the rest of the country supporting Blackberry Smoke. Finally, on the live front, there was another epic performance from The UK Subs in Bristol who continue to turn in top performances and records. To cap off an amazing November Leigh went to Prague to see  Buddy Guy certainly a player and event you won’t get the chance to see every month. This is what he had to say about it..not Buddy but Leigh, “After years of waiting to see one of my guitar idols I finally got to see him in 2018. This could be the gig highlight of my entire life. I’d been waiting what felt like a lifetime to hear a bonafide blues guitar legend do this thing before my very eyes. In his 80s but with the charisma and energy of a fresh-faced 20-year-old, Buddy Guy is the man.”

The King Of Power Pop Paul Collins sat in the interview chair in November to talk about his new album and tour commitments but ti was a fantastic interview with Rich Jones letting us in on what is coming up in the Michael Monroe camp as ‘One Man Gang’ is finished and off to the manufacturers ready for a 2019 release.  We got some background on Jones and his impressive CV.

On the interview front we weren’t finished there because we only had a chat with the frontman of the finest power poppin punk rockin band on the UK live circuit bar none  Phil from Cyanide Pills  also said about the plans to release the follow up to the awesome ‘Sliced And Diced’ in 2019 which is good news for people with exquisite taste and an exceptional ear for a top tune. November wasn’t finished just yet because we also had a quick word with Sal from Electric Frankenstein who told us about his compilation releases and what EF were up to.

To wrap up  a quick foray into November I’ll leave you with Leighs feature where he talks guitars, amps and pedals this time with Mike Christie under the microscope we hope to satisfy the tech-heads amongst you as Leigh dreams about guitars – he plays em when he’s awake he even has his duvet printed with Gibson guitars and his pillowcase is Fender prints oh and he sleeps on Les Paul Jr shaped bed. I kid you not.  I’d like to add here that he’s just submitted a 7000-word tech talk interview with a legend out of New York that’s coming up on RPM but its as good a place as any to wrap up November or at least a brief glimpse into the month that gave so much and there was so much we left out.

Come back tomorrow when December or at least part of it gets nitpicked. Some of the choice picks from November are as follows

With Christmas just around the corner, this week’s Rainy Days & Mondays has been brought to you by Gerald who wanted to shine a little cheer into the darkest corners of your life.  First up he selected ‘You’re A Doll’ from Montreal’s Pale Lips.

Next up is a video from former Hardcore Superstar Thomas Silver.

Last up is Wien Austria own Reverend Backflash and their single ‘Fuckaround’.  Enjoy folks and happy holiday

Seven days in Rock and Roll can be a long time or if you like us then it’ll fly by.  With some exclusive interviews and a whole lot of records reviewed we hope we’ve at least shone a little light into a corner of the entertainment world we think houses the best of the best and having the likes of Rich Jones give an interview with some snippets about the new Michael Monroe album revealed ‘One Man Gang’ is now out of the bag and having the likes of Nasty Suicide and Captain Sensible playing on the record 2019 is shaping up nicely or as someone here at HQ said “that’s album of the year sorted for 2019”.

We also brought you Paul Collins interview who is the self declared king of power pop although I did get a call in to HQ saying that wasn’t quite true as Rags now holds that title but I’m not getting involved in that debate but we did announce that Rich Ragany is holding an album launch in London Town in January and the line up is a very impressive set of bands that shouldn’t be missed details can be found on RPM online News section.

There were live reviews from Japanese Garage legends King Brothers as well as acoustic platinum seller Eric Martin and on Friday we brought you a review of The Feelgood Band playing in London which rounded up a pretty diverse bunch from around the globe I’m sure you’ll agree?

For our bread and butter album reviews, we had some old new um very old and one turkey so a festive collection of records were covered by a crack team of scribes.  We previewed Black Friday RSD must own – Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers ‘DTK’ as well as newcomers Estrons that went down extremely well here.  We took a trip to New York for Palmyra Delran and her doppelgangers and whilst we were there Beechwood were heading out the door to Europe for a tour but left us their new long player which is also an impressive second album this year from the three-piece.  The Turkey well we couldn’t sit Idol let Billy off without mentioning his revisited best-of collection that has been given the dance remix treatment which could have worked but cutting edge it isn’t.  90’s dated Ibiza dance off it might have been but disappointing is what it is and we can only bring you the truth here at RPM even though we love William Broad we’re excited for Generation Sex but not his new collection of remixes. There were the likes of the excellent Bitterlicks and Dave Kusworth records reviewed before they hit the shops as well as Thomas Silvers much anticipated solo album.


Not wanting to finish on a downer we look forward to the coming week where you have to keep it RPM online because we’re bringing you The Hip Priests and He Who Cannot Be Named live and where else are you getting that and Junkyard bookending Cowboy Junkies?  Nowhere that’s where. Also, we have albums from Honest John Plain, Australians Civic, New York Sick OF It All and Europeans like Youth Avoiders and Fertile Hump.  So remember to keep it RPM online and as Lux would say Stay Sick.



Leigh Fuge.

2018 is the year that a new Gospel is bestowed upon the world, ‘The Gospel According to Thomas’. This is the long-awaited full length from Thomas Silver. You may recognise that name from his days delivering the riffs with Swedish sleaze gods Hardcore Superstar. Thomas parted ways with the band in 2007 after the awesome Dreamin’ in a Casket album. Over the last 11 years, he has teased new music a few times but finally, the news drops that it’s time for an album. Silver is back, and he’s got some preaching to do.

Hardcore Superstar was one of my biggest influences growing up as a musician and a person. I always loved Silver’s playing and I’ve certainly been hoping for years that one day he would come crashing back onto the stage. Time to strap in, it’s time to listen to the sermon.

‘Caught Between Worlds’ kicks off proceedings. The guitar tone, the rhythmic and bouncy riffs… I’m back in 2005 and I am loving it. This song feels like a natural place to pick up from an 11-year break. This is vintage Hardcore Superstar, but with a more mature edge. Big choruses, big riffs, and big hooks, what a way to start an album.

‘Public Eye’ is track number two and there’s certainly no resting just yet. We’re straight in with a big, head bobbing verse before launching into quite possibly the best chorus hook I’ve heard in 2018. There was a feeling that Silver’s playing created inside me when I spent countless hours trying to learn riffs from their self-titled album and its follow up Dreamin’ In A Casket, two tracks in and this album has transported me to that moment again.

‘Minor Swing’ keeps the tempo up with it’s short, stabbing groove and huge backing vocals. You cannot help but nod your head to this. This banger is short and sweet, before we drop the tempo into D-Day, with it’s clean, sparkling guitars coupled with moody vocals which instantly remind me of the 69 Eyes. The chorus is full of that bombastic, Helskini gothic groove that the 69 Eyes pioneered but with the streetwise attitude of Gothenburg. The mid-section even bears a slight resemblance to an Iron Maiden style section with some driving riffs, soaring solos and harmonized guitars.

‘Coming In, Going Under’ kicks things back into gear with its driving punk riffs and infectious melodies. I’m a sucker for a dramatic pause in any song, this song has plenty to keep me happy. ‘Time Stands Still’ has anthem written all over it. This is the type of song that just demands a room full of people waving their arms and singing along. I’d be lying if I didn’t say the number of guitar harmonies on this album hadn’t been exciting me and we’re only halfway through!

‘Bury The Past’ is a song that anyone who has closely followed Silver’s career over the last decade should be familiar with. It was released as a single back in October 2015. Upon hearing this for the first time three years ago, I was extremely excited, was this marking the comeback of Silver? Unfortunately, at that time, the album didn’t materialize, but as they say, good things come to those who wait. We’ve waited, and Thomas has delivered.

Then we launch into ‘On A Night Like This’, but what’s that? Horns? I always think rock and roll musicians should be more receptive to experimenting with other instruments. The horns perfectly outline the 80’s rock swagger of the songs main riff and chorus.

‘Mean Town’ makes me think of some tracks Silver wrote with HCSS over their first few albums. A combination of pop sensibilities, cleaner guitars and big choruses. For me, the song really takes off when the guitar solo kicks in. The next track, ‘Not Invited’, follows suit with its cleaner guitars and catchy hooks. I’m getting a slight Hanoi Rocks vibe from this track which is certainly nothing to turn your nose up at.

‘All Those Crazy Dreams’ brings the album to a close, the first verse has only just begun, and I know this is going to be a fist in the air, anthemic singalong. It references dreaming about being a rock and roll star, we’ve all been there. The song chronicles the rise of a band from a teenage dream to the big stage. What a ride and what a story.

11 years of waiting has provided 11 tracks of pure gold. I for one have missed the sound of Silver’s guitar playing. Was it worth the wait? You bet it was. If this is the gospel, I’ve seen the light. Let’s hope the next gospel isn’t far behind. It’s time to rejoice.

Released 23/11 & 21/11 in Japan

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