NEW SINGLE ‘HOW THE BEAUTIFUL FALL’ Out Today & Debut Album ‘TROUBLE’ Out Fri 12th May

The Balladmongrels are a raucous new band featuring Dogs D’Amour frontman Tyla J. Pallas and Northern Irish singer-songwriter Matty James Cassidy. Their glorious mix of raw guitars, dark romantic lyrics, beautiful melodies and rousing choruses will implant themselves in your brain, heart and soul and never let go.

Following their first two singles; the rollicking and crashing ‘Ballad of the Knucklemen’ and the anthemic title track of their forthcoming debut album ‘Trouble’ , The Balladmongrels third single ‘How the BeautifulFall’ is a perfect example of how Tyla and Matty approached developing the record. Having had an idea for a song inspired by the Oscar Wilde character Dorian Gray, Tyla shared this with Matty who contributed the music and some additional lyrics. The result is a mid-paced, guitar-driven, sing-out-loud, hauntingly beautiful ballad. Fans of their respective solo work will be aware of it’s occasional gothic leanings, manifested through dark lyrical content that’s offset by uplifting melodies. This continues here – “Long may you rest in that kingdom of hell, Your beauty fades away like Dorian Gray”.

The accompanying atmospheric video for ‘How the Beautiful Fall’ was aptly filmed on location near Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh in Northern Ireland, in an ancient graveyard not far from the school attended by Oscar Wilde and Matty himself. It was shot by local videographer and photographer Ronan McGrade in late July 2022 when Tyla and Matty were across playing a gig in Belfast and made a trip down to Matty’s hometown. They also played an impromptu session that evening in Blake’s of the Hollow – a local pub famous for it’s traditional Irish music and fantastic pints of Guinness which were dutifully and copiously consumed. The revelry was captured in the previously released ‘Ballad of the Knucklemen’ video.

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Towards the end of the UK’s 2nd lockdown, Tyla and Matty discussed releasing a 7” single with one of their own songs on each side. After a few drinks they decided instead to write some new songs and record an entire album. After a few more drinks (red wine & Guinness if you’re interested) they further developed the idea into an all new transient band with their co-written songs at it’s core.

Initially they thought about calling themselves The Balladmongers. A name taken from Tyla’s first solo album (The Life& Times of a Balladmonger) to reflect both Tyla’s career – in which he has variously been described as a balladeer and street poet – and Matty treading a similar, but different musical path. Matty suggested “mongrels” might be a better fit..

Speaking about the name and concept, Tyla said, “I loved the idea of two songwriters from different generations collaborating – taking one of my ballads and getting a younger mongrel, like Matty, to give it some bollocks

”Matty added, “We also liked the juxtaposition of having “ballad” in the name, as most of the album is full-tilt rock n’ roll. People may have seen us playing together acoustic and expect the album to be the same… it’s not”

Describing how things came together, Matty said, “Maybe it’s because we’ve worked together for so long we find it natural to get on the same song-writing wavelength. Tyla would write a verse, then I’d write one. It just became really easy to work up the songs. We started off with a couple of ideas and ended up with an album. It was so much fun it’d be a shame not to do another one and keep it going. If you like anything either of us has done in the past you’ll definitely find something in this record ”

Also speaking about the process, Tyla said, “I like to start writing most songs acoustic. With ‘Knucklemen’ Matty spruced it up, but with ‘Trouble’ he completely re-wrote it into something different. His vocals are higher in the mix and he leads on most songs. That’s deliberate, as otherwise it would turn into another Dogs’ album if it was centred around me. Music’s got to evolve and change.

”As an album, Trouble has much to offer fans of The Dogs D’Amour and Tyla’s and Matty’s solo material. It presents the meeting of their distinct songwriting styles as they share and take turns on vocal duties, complementing each otherwhile bringing in a range of their wider musical influences from Thin Lizzy to The Pogues.

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