My first live music as a punter since March 2020 and back to the scene of the crime at Liverpool’s best DIY venue Outpost! If you aren’t acquainted with this establishment, please do check them out.

First up on tonight’s bill are the mysterious Zetra. Blending elements of Goth, Shoegaze and savage parts of Black Metal in it’s nucleus. The sound isn’t perfect at times but the riffs, the synths and the vocals certainly shine through. Sabbath throbbing guitar chops with an 80s keyboard dirge overload with an almost beautiful feedback crescendo hooking the set together. The vocals are sometimes painful, but in a good way; at times leading into a meld with the guitar effects akin to early era deftones.
The headliners of this two band lineup hit the stage with vigour. A much missed sweaty throng. 14 months of frustration, let out in an incredible force. These lads deliver an impressive performance tonight, one that will hold them in great company at Bloodstock 2021 and on European stages when given the chance. On record they showcase their love of John Carpenter esque synths, samples and b-movie love, but live, it is all about the riffs…. riff after blood curdling riff! Please make sure to check them out on their upcoming winter tour!
It’s good to be back at live gigs again, feeling hopeful about the future and this can be maintained and be safe for everyone going forward. If you can, get vaxed, get loaded and check out these bands!
Author: Dan Kasm