Coming across like a down-under Devitto era Buzzcocks meets AC/DC old Skool the Chats do anything other than getting Fucked on this their second offering of Aussie punk rock.

‘GET FUCKED’ opens with ‘6L GTR’, a takedown of a speed-crazed status-symbol driver – a critique piqued when Eamon spotted the titular license plate in an airport carpark. It’s an album that shows the band’s maturity from the off on this here 13 high-velocity punk tracks. To be fair they’ve hardly matured and started writing prog whilst playing a flute one-legged on a toadstool. This bad boy rips from start to finish, as they’d say down under. Lyrically it covers topics from panic attacks, junkies, prison breaks, the price of smokes, surf mafia, and being drunk in every pub in Brisbane amongst other heady big ticket topics.

There’s a rumor that Opener ‘6L GTR’ saw Eamon Sandwith nick a bit of Dave Lee Roth which was taken out of the tune after management got a knockback from Diamond Dave but hey ho them is the breaks they should have just done it and send double D the V sign with a sue us if you want letter. The non-PC album title came from a brainstorming session (imagine that one folks?) where Matt Boggis said imagine how funny it would be if kids go to the record store and ask for Get Fucked from the salesperson. Yeah pretty funny slinging it on yer Christmas list from your nan to pick up. But hey this isn’t Roxy Music or Genesis or some high-brow prog This is working-class Aussie punk rock yer Fuckers!

Anyway, where were we? Oh yeah, thirteen songs. The first single and album opener down The Chats have got sharper and tighter that’s for sure and all that touring has paid off for sure. Most of the album is your usual Australian HC one and a half minutes of rage then boom! but there are a couple of tracks that tickle the four-minute mark which in itself is almost Maiden-esque pro in length rather than Ron Jeremy Length in the puns and goofiness stakes. so good on ’em for that.

‘Struck By Lightening’ is a warning to take cover in storms maybe go inside and put this on the earbuds – thundering along with a rapid verse with sloppy doo wap backing vocals and a cautionary tale. the solo is majestic to be fair as the song hammers along. ‘Boggo Breakout’ is punk as fuck from the vacant riff to the snotty vocals it’s another banger and benefits from volume and multiple plays. ‘Southport Superman’ is just a heads-down race to the finish line in true punk as fuck style. ‘Panic Attack’ is more restrained from the intro with a military slap on the snare and pluck on the bass before Josh joins in with his Shelly meets Diggle meets the Undertones wall of punk rock guitars lifts the song up.

The first of the long songs is the excellent ‘ The Price Of Smokes’ which is about the economic cost of living stuff where the band thrust the cost of living to the forefront. It’s a cool bass and drum intro where they lock in and take this baby to the bridge then drop her off gently. An excellent song that asks the important questions of the day. Sidestep from the heads down crank it up that had preceded it, (See I said The Chats had moved on and matured). Oh hang on ‘Dead On Site’ is a razor-sharp riff delivering exactly what The Chats fans are clamoring for. Punchy, full throttle, punk rock mixed with some fine Angus Young inspired old school solos – magical stuff!

‘Paid Late’ is a fine slice of Smash and Grab punk rock before the let’s go to the pub banger that is ‘I’ve Been Drunk In Every Pub In Brisbane’. If I’m honest this album has added elements of Rock and old-school hard rock, even when they speed up proceedings it’s a great crossover full of energy and street punk rock n roll. Their no longer on Smoko their running the gaff. There’s no acoustic ballad but there’s lots of loud guitars. I think one of my favourite tracks is ‘Emperor Of The Beach’ with its cock sure riff that tips the hat to the daddy of tone Steve Jones and is a thumper of a track. The band signs off this second album with the punky ‘Getting Better’ and so they are. God bless these noisy cunts from down under for they’ve taught this old dog a few tricks on this album and tightened up the loose ends of the debut and thrown in a few curve balls but above all delivered a fantastic record that I’m thoroughly enjoying

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Author: Dom Daley

What a week for tip top single dropping on the RPM HQ doormat. Check out this handy bunch of tasty treats. Pour a drink sit back and make a playlist of these. Your day will be a banger…

The Young Hasselhoffs – ‘Life Got In The Way’ (Rum Bar Records) Omaha, Nebraska’s punk rock romantics open another Singles Club and another offering from the Excellent Lovers of Rock n Roll that are Rum Bar Records. This time it’s sprightly pick-me-up punk rock of The Young HAsselhoffs with ‘Life Got In The Way’ sure it’s Big Time Green Day inspired and why not? It has a tonne of energy, great production and makes me smile. Job done! Lifted from their forthcoming, brand new full length release ‘Life Got In The Way’ due out this Rocktober Check it out Here

Jesse Malin & Bruce Springsteen – ‘Broken Radio’ (Wicked Cool Records) The re-releasing of Jesse Malin’s “lost album, ‘Glitter in the Gutter’, and ‘Broken Radio ‘22’ is the lead single for the campaign.  The track features Bruce Springsteen, along with Malin, on vocals, and is about Malin’s mom’s love for music.  It is the perfect kickoff to the album campaign.  Glitter in the Gutter was originally released in 2007 on Green Day’s Adeline Records, but has been out of print for years and has never appeared digitally.  The 2022 version of Broken Radio is revamped with Malin’s current band, giving it a more modern update. Glitter was a great record mixing up Malins influences and pushing boundaries of what people expected from the D Gen frontman. Getting Springsteen in was a great idea but really underplayed at the time so lets hope this fresh kickstart and new coat of pain give it the energy and push this fantastic album deserves. pick it up Here

The Speedways – ‘Shoulda Known’ (Snap!!/Hurrah Musica & Beluga Records) Two brand new tracks lifted from the forthcoming album from The Speedways Who serve up the song of the summer. If you’ve been following their career, you’ll be unsurprised by the quality of tunes on offer here. An instant classic, catchy as hell, complete with key change. You know how 1979 was a year of amazing tunes from The Jags, Elvis Costello, The Korgis? ‘Shoulda Known’ is up there with the very best power pop. Honestly, I don’t know how they do it, but it’s an ongoing master class.

‘A Drop In The Ocean’ starts like a Kinks riff, before the verse comes in, shimmering with a beautiful, melancholy melody. Like any amateur songwriter, I know how hard it is to come up with the goods, but The Speedways can be relied on to deliver every time. What can I say? Listen and buy. The album of the summer? I wouldn’t bet against it. Buy Here

Words: Martin Chamarette

More Kicks – ‘Animal’ (Dirtnap Records (USA) and Stardumb Records (EU)) Opening with a guitar lick that says Hell yeah we love the knack and My Sherona is boss but this bad boy rolls further down that freewheeling hill towards the solo that just burns baby! A smoldering rock-n-roll tune that just gets better and better. Suli writes great tunes – that’s a given and this is more kicks which is most appropriate when describing this retro-drenched banger. If you were looking for more proof then flip this bad boy and ‘The Wind Up’ crackles and snaps its scuffed Cuban heels to the whig-out tempo and again it’s different from the A side but just as good. Then the third and final track is a whistful road song with acoustic guitar and cool lyrics. ’10 Miles High’ is simple yet superb! from the Dylan-esque strum to the swirling organ and gang BV’s layered in the background and then it’s done. Buy this record! Here

Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts – ‘Ballad Of A Misspent Youth‘ (MRG through Virgin/Universal) Man it’s been two years since ‘What Kinda Love’ and twelve Months since ‘Same Old You’ well kids after releasing the news of the new label signing the single ‘Ballad Of A Misspent Youth’ is released. It’s got A big Early Kiss Riff borrowed and some rock n roll lyrics, of course, Tuk is back in the room after a lengthy lay-off this needs to be played loud and over and over. check it out Here

Kurt Baker – ‘Electric Fire’ (Wicked Cool Records) Kurt Baker’s latest single, ‘Electric Fire’, is out August 19 on Wicked Cool Records.  Baker wrote the track with his longtime collaborator and guitarist, Geoff Palmer.  The two were inspired by their influences, such as Oasis, Elvis Presley, The Supersuckers, and more.  With this release, Baker hopes to bring a little bit of light and levity to the intense and frustrating times we’ve been living.  He says, “Let’s face it, we’ve been through a lot and the best cure is a little rock n roll for our soul.”  We’ve been longtime admirers of Baker’s music and songwriting skills so seeing him sign to Wicked Cool seemed a great fit and the quality tunes keep coming thick and fast and ‘Electric Fire’ rolls off the conveyor belt of cool tunes.

Blodkvalt – ‘Decapitation’ (Fysisk Format Records) Its no secret that we have a love of Black Metal here at RPMHQ so when Fysisk Format turn in a new tune or when Fysisk Format have a new record coming out we have to check it out on reputation and so it turns out Blodkvart are bang on the money – Bleak, dark, Black as fuck. I only hope they are ok in this searing summer heat Europe is undergoing. Oslo isn’t exempt from the chaos of this heat so grab a blackpack and yomp to this motherfuckers.

Slyder Smith & The Oblivion Kids – ‘Pleasure Victim’ (Cargo / Ray Records) The second single lifted from the magnificent debut album from former Last Great Dreamer, Slyder and the boys bang out ‘Pleasure Victim’ an exciting rush of energy that harks back to Wardour Streets Marquee and the likes of Hanoi kicking out the jams this, is a thumper in that vein.

Great rolling lick before the chug leads the way on the verse before some cool stabs and a solo that’s like a gob full of space dust as the six-string slides by. Bang and then it’s done! Banger of a tune – trust me! Pre-save it here

Automatics – ‘Wild Ride Through Wonderland’ It’s a big sweeping acoustic-driven slice of Rock n Roll with a dreamy tempo. It’s a grower of a tune that if it were on the radio you’d turn the dial up and you’d be singing along with the roof down as you zip through the winding country lanes. It features Neil Frost and it is a 2022 reworking of the song which originally featured on the ‘Star Maps Of The Underworld’ album, check it out here

Slim Jim Phantom – ‘Speed Of Sound’ (Wicked Cool Records) Wow! Slim Jim Phantom of The Stray Cats has joined the Wicked Cool Records family.  ‘Speed of Sound’ is a digital single and what a banger it is.  The track packs a punch in under two minutes and doesn’t hang about – wham bang thank you man. I wasn’t expecting this and then when it hits you – man that was a rush. Rock n Roll royalty is in the house and this is excellent. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we get an album and if it’s this strong then it’ll be a highlight make no mistake about that. Find it and turn It UP!!! Record of the week? Absolutely!!!

Ginger Wildheart & The Sinners – ‘Lately Always’ (Wicked Cool Records) A sidestep to the left for Ginger Wildheart but if his debut album for Wicked Cool was an indication of the quality we can expect and on the strength of this then the Sinners album promises to be a real contender come the end of the year. Check out the video below

The small consolation fans of The Wildhearts can take from their favourite band being such a volatile unit, is I suppose, the amount of fantastic music the resulting side projects have produced every time a member leaves or, as is the case right now, the band goes on an extended hiatus.

Honeycrack, The Yo-Yo’s, The Jellys, Jackdaw4, Mutation, Silver Ginger 5, Sorry & The Sinatras, the list of quality just goes on and on.

There is one band however, that rose from the ashes the first time The Wildhearts crashed and burned that completely passed me by at the time, and that band is Grand Theft Audio.

I’m not exactly sure why this was, as formed around the creative nucleus of Wildhearts drummer Ritch Battersby, producer Ralph Jezzard and Realtv and Vive Finito frontman Jay Butler, the band quickly signed to London Records for their debut album ‘Blame Everyone’ and then found themselves pretty much everywhere, touring the world whilst also featuring on various movie and video game soundtracks. Then, almost as quickly as they burst onto the scene they were gone, as their label dissolved and the band fell apart.

Its two decades on from that implosion with Ritch and Jay now back in the ring with their second album ‘Pass Me The Conch’ that I first get to hear them, and praise the Gods (of Rock) that I’ve finally discovered them.

Effortlessly merging elements of electronica with balls out arena rock Grand Theft Audio sound like a whirlwind of positivity in a world that once again seems to love wallowing in the negative. Inspiring tracks like the gothic ‘Ruin Your Youth’, the anthemic ’Bad Instinct’, and the monstrous ‘Bury The Day’ take the bottom end thrust of The Wildhearts and give it a 21st Century twist, full to bursting point with melody and catchier than Covid-19 in a world that is now seemingly devoid of any conscience for its continued spread.

Elsewhere, there’s the pop-tastic rock/rap lead single ‘The Gods of Rock’ that has me thinking of Manson at his finest (that’s Marilyn not Charlie) and album opener ‘Scrub Up’ could very easily have been a long-lost GUN track written at the height of their 90s MTV fame.

It’s the darker and more reflective electronic tracks like ‘Trevor’ and ‘The Load’ that are the flipside of the Grand Theft Audio dynamic, and for me, this is where they stand apart from being just another rock band.  It’s exhilarating and genre smashing stuff!  

‘Pass Me The Conch’ is Grand Theft Audio’s statement of intent, its them taking control of their musical destiny and throughout the record’s ten tracks it sounds like they are loving every second of it.

Released on the 2nd of September with a twelve date tour starting a week later to help promote the release of the record, Grand Theft Audio will be sharing stages across the UK with CJ Wildheart and Scott Sorry and some might even be so bold as to say that a world without The Wildhearts is actually a musically much richer place to live in. ‘Pass Me The Conch’ is a leader not a follower- check it out!

Website / Instagram / Bandcamp

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Author: Johnny Hayward


“The Sunset Strip sang an irresistible siren song to young metalheads, the stretch from Tower Records west to Geffen Records headquarters. The Rainbow and Gazzarri’s were ground zero, both inside and on the sidewalks out front.” – Katherine Turman from Bound For Hell: On The Sunset Strip

Numero Group, the frequently GRAMMY-nominated,  Chicago-based label known for crafting expertly-researched collections featuring rarities, out-of-print and often forgotten musical sub-genres and artists, shine a spotlight on the halcyon days of early ‘80s Los Angeles glam metal with Bound For Hell: On The Sunset Strip.

A deep dive into the world of AquaNet and eyeliner, the 21-songs, spread across 2LPs, transport listeners, with music critic and co-author of Louder Than Hell: The Definitive Oral History of Metal, Katherine Turman, providing the road map via a 144-page, full color book. Amidst those pages, the story of how the scene unfurled, and eventually imploded, is told via first-hand testimonials, photos, and show flyers.

Artists featured include scene heavyweights Armored Saint, Black ‘N Blue and Lizzy Borden, alongside long lost tracks from Reddi Killowatt, Angeles, Max Havoc, SIN, and Romeo. Bound For Hell: On The Sunset Strip also pays particular attention to the female musicians who challenged the testosterone-laden world of the Strip, with entries and recollections from Lisa Baker, Jaded Lady, Leather Angel, Hellion, and Bitch. “We were not pop girls, we really loved the aggression and the passion of hard rock music,” explains Leather Angel and Jaded Lady’s Terry O’Leary. “As a band, and especially as an all-girl band, you know, we came to conquer.”

A stream of Max Havoc’s “Bound For Hell”, a local band formed in 1981 by Pat McKeon, and at one time included Quiet Riot’s Carlos Cavazo and W.A.S.P.’s Tony Richards, is streaming now. The track comes from the band’s long out-of-print, self-titled album.

“The infamous Sunset Strip glam metal scene of the ‘80s is one that’s been covered excessively, and for a good reason. But usually, the analysis goes too far past bands like Mötley Crüe, Poison, Quiet Riot, etc.,” explains Adam Luksetich, producer, and researcher behind the collection. “Our goal with Bound For Hell was to narrow in on the equally impressive independent or unsigned bands that thrived in that same scene but in most cases, never benefited from the major label feeding frenzy. With a bounty of unseen photos, pages and pages of flyers, and detailed liner notes, these bands get more time in the spotlight.”

The Numero Group will also be releasing several digital-only bonuses leading up to the physical release, dubbed the Bound For Hell digital series, the label previously released L.A. Rock’s single “Cocaine” and Stormer’s eight-song Claremont Village Demos in upcoming weeks.

Pre-orders, for both Bound For Hell: On The Sunset Strip box set (2LPs and the accompanying book), as well as the Sheer Savage edition featuring a CD wallet with 12-panel, double-sided poster, without the book, are available now: The Numero Group website will have an exclusive color vinyl edition of the LP-based set, limited to 500 copies, which will include a bonus cassette featuring five additional tracks from Black ‘N Blue, Lisa Baker, Stormer, Odin and Leather Angel.

There was a moment during ‘Tower Of Strength’ tonight when I took the time to look around the packed room. Confetti stuck to my sweat-drenched skin, flanked by girls on guys shoulders, there was a sea of hands in the air, smiling and singing along to one of their favourite songs. Nobody had a mobile phone out and everyone was lost in the moment, and I thought to myself …this, this is what live music is all about. This is what I have loved my entire adult life. And this sort of energy, this camaraderie at a live gig is what keeps me coming back for more.

This is the first of 3 warm up shows by The Mission in preparation for their European tour, and it will be the last dates the band play in the UK for the foreseeable future. There is no support and The Mission will play 2 sets. To my knowledge, the band have never played York before, they probably won’t again. It has been sold out for months. This could be a night to remember.

It is hot in The Crescent before the band even take to the stage at 8pm, and by the time they finish the first set of deep cuts and curiosities, I can only describe it as being akin to having a sauna, fully clothed with 250 of your best friends!

Engulfed in a cloud of dry ice, the opening ‘Black Cat Bone’ from their 2013 opus ‘The Brightest Light’, is an atmospheric, slow-burner that builds nicely. Dressed head to foot in black, the band skulk the stage as you would expect. The tribal beats of new boy Alex Baum sound powerful and Wayne Hussey’s 12 string sounds loud, way loud! The live mix ain’t the greatest it has to be said, but that’s what you get for standing a few feet from the stage and the PA, I guess! Wayne is certainly struggling with the sound, but it seems to sort itself out after a few songs.

Some great and some may say, unexpected tunes follow. The Beatles ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ sounds ace and that riff to ‘Evangeline’ is pure joy that lights the place up, a set highlight for me. The enigmatic frontman takes center stage, gesticulating to his enraptured fanbase as they sing the chorus back to him.

They mix up the old and new nicely. ‘Tyranny Of Secrets’, ‘Swoon’ and ‘Grotesque’ follow in quick succession, followed by old classics ‘And The Dance Goes On’ and ‘Into The Blue’. ‘Swan Song’ ends an hour set that dare I say it, was a bit mid-paced and lacked any big ‘hits’. But there is more to come.

A half hour break and then the band return for Set 2. This is more of a greatest hits set, consisting of the songs they will be playing on the imminent European tour. Opening with ‘Beyond the Pale’ immediately sets the scene for how a gig should be. The energy levels are off the scale, in complete contrast to the first set, where it seemed the crowd were hesitant to go for it. No such problem now, as fists punch the air in unison to the anthemic chorus and a circle pit of sorts forms sending arms and legs flailing into the unsuspecting masses.

The ebb & flow of this set seems perfect. Classics such as ‘Serpent’s Kiss’, ‘Garden Of Delight’ and a magnificent ‘Severina’ keep the energy levels high, the crowd are in fine voice and the sweat is literally dripping from every pore.

The gentle ballad ‘Butterfly On A Wheel is a welcome respite from the goth-tinged anthems and gives the more energetic amongst us a breather and a chance to get a drink. Wayne sips from a bottle of red and gets us to sing the chorus to him as he surveys the scene and smiles.

And then there’s confetti in the air… boom! ‘Wasteland’, hello my old friend! A heartbeat of a bassline from Craig Adams, effect-ridden guitars from Hussey & Simon Hinkler and that anthemic chorus. The song is jammed out with harmonics and feedback, as the frontman takes us on an extended trip, before bringing the hook back in again for a crescendo. Magnificent stuff.

Reinvigorated with its recent re-recording and release as a charity single, I guess ‘Tower Of Strength’ still stands tall as one of Wayne Hussey’s finest moments. Certainly, in this live setting it has the power to unite and enthrall in equal measures. The message in the lyrics is something we can all relate to during recent events and it stands tall as a testament to that more than anything.

They end the second set with ‘Deliverance’. I mean, c’mon, what a tune! If you aren’t making shapes with your hands through that verse and punching the air for the chorus, then what sort of a music fan are you anyway? Wayne keeps the chorus refrain going as Alex beats that bass drum, the guitarist and bassist exit stage left, leaving all eyes and ears on their band leader ending the song.

Shit, I need a drink of water and a change of t shirt, but they ain’t done yet. An encore is in order, and Wayne removes his 12 string for the first time tonight, takes to the mic and apologises for any mistakes they may make as they haven’t played the quite fitting ‘Heat’ for a long time. ‘Hungry As The Hunter’ follows and sees the band gift one last hurrah for a 2-set treat that no other show will provide on this run.

Combining the energy and bombast of an arena show, the atmosphere and intimacy of a small club show and the heat of a thousand suns, The Mission delivered a one-off performance I will remember for years to come. My ears are ringing, my clothes are drenched and my faith in live music is fully restored. If you are still under the illusion that goth rock is dreary and miserable, go see The Mission live and prepare to get the cobwebs blown away for good.

Facebook / Website

Author: Ben Hughes

Hitting the road with Role Models and the biggest crew of amazing bands and friends across three shows starting on Aug 19th in London… gonna celebrate the rock n roll family and raise a bit of cash for St. Judes in the name of our much loved and missed friend Roger Segal ❤️🖤

Every band on all 3 bills are wonderful loved friends… all had respect and love for Roger Segal… There are MANY people over here in the U.K. that do… It just felt good and right in the heart to get the band back together now… and share the stage with members of our rock n roll family.

All done with respect to his family and loved ones stateside. Proceeds are being given to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital… which it has been shared by those very close to him is a charity he felt strongly about… Now we added The Idol Dead in Huddersfield and PowderKeg in Edinburgh!!!

Come see the Role Models with…

AUGUST 19 LONDON – The Black Heart – Tickets Here Support from – The City Kids – The Empty Page – Billy Liar

August 20 HUDDERSFIELD – The Parish -Tickets Here Support from – The Idol Dead – Mr Shiraz – The Empty Page – Billy Liar

August 21 EDINBURGH – Bannernan’s – Tickets Here Support from – PowderKeg – Billy Liar – The Empty Page

Come AAAWWWN! See you all out there

One thing that comes from even just the first listen of this eagerly awaited debut album is that you really feel like you are listening to something special.

Hailing from the Rhondda valley, Puzzle Tree are a quintet specialising in a brand of rock that manages to mix a whole host of genres ranging from Prog, Symphonic and Alternative rock and metal that sounds familiar yet fresh all at the same time.

From the opening track ‘Embers’ and its stop start riffage to the angelic vocals of Rachel Thomas, the song opens the album in such a way that you can not help be drawn into the lush melodies followed by the ultimate riff and glorious fluid soloing.

As mentioned above the sound of the album is absolutely crystal clear and fantastic. The second track ‘Oceans’ opens yet again with another killer cutting riff and you honestly feel that you shouldn’t be listening to something great as this easily surpasses anything that each of the band have previously done before.

If you are fans of Welsh heavy rock, then the line-up should be of no surprise to you. Featuring the likes of Matthew Alexander Powell on vocals and guitar, Matt John on guitars, keys and vocals, Jamie Roberts on bass and the powerhouse drummer Rhys Jones.

The collective wealth each member brings to the band is evident from the first note. 

For example, in the third song ‘The Burning Lands’, one second the lush vocals of Rachel leads into a glorious guitar solo from the formidable duo of John and Powell.

Every Broken Floor is clearly the work of a band that knows exactly what they are doing and they do so in a fashion that isn’t bragging but confident of how good they really are as a unit.

For me, the stand out songs are ‘Hollow’ and the single ‘Fearless’.

With the album being self recorded and produced by Powell and Lee Howells and mixed by Howells – you know that it will sound the best it ever could be.

This is an album that begs to be played loud and one can only imagine what these songs sound like in a live setting and I for one can not wait to see and hear the full Puzzle Tree experience

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Author: Dave Prince

Beat-Man started his musical career in 1986 (Bern,Switzerland) with his band “The Monsters”, then founded “Lightning Beat- Man One Man Band” and changed his name to “Reverend Beat-Man” in 1999, he tours like a madman through the world – Europe , Australia, North and South America, Asia, Japan, Africa Israel etc, won several prizes for his work which brings us to the here and now.

REVEREND BEAT-MAN & THE UNDERGROUND is a collaboration work between the PALP Festival and Reverend Beat-Man, staying one week in Bruson (Valais, western Switzerland) with white wine and raclette and creating music, he then contacted his favourite musicians: Milan Slick on the keys, . Skinny Jim Tennessee’s Benjamin Glaus is one of Bern’s most underrated rockabilly performers, what we hear on this record is a process, a finding of music, among other things, a Doom Blues version of ‘Jesus Christ Twist’ or the amorous cuddly rock number ‘It’s a matter of time’. Most of the songs were written in lockdown where the Reverend and Benjamin Glaus played acoustic music ‘slave to the phone’ or ‘banned from the internet’ are 2 of them.

The poorly heated rehearsal room was above a sheep farm where they rehearsed all day and recorded everything, these are all 1 take recordings.. no overdubs.. everything is recorded live. and mixed a few weeks later by Matteo Bordin at Outside Inside Studio call it doom blues or no-wave rock ‘n’ roll from the Swiss mountains but take the time and give this musical head fuck your full attention because they payback is there scratching at your ear canal worming its way inside. Sure some of it is straight-up rock n roll rockabilly style but some of it will fuck you up like ‘Mongolian Talks To alien’ which is a blast and probably best not to get into what the fuck it is all about. Then to follow it up with the charming and quite beautiful It’s ‘A Matter Of Time’ is a wonderful thing.

You can cut loose and just enjoy ‘Banned From The Internet’ for exactly what it is. Traditional and thumping good fun. There is a lot of wonderful tones going on here and the dark ‘Back In Hell’ is exactly that. Then to close the project off with the reflective and joyous ‘You’re On Top’ is a beautiful thing. I can imagine off my tits late at night with a bottle of absinth for company and this record blasting out would be some experience but all in a good way. A wonderful accompanying album for the new Urban Voodoo Machine or god forbid a new Gallon Drunk album (imagine that?) if you fancy going deeper and darker than what Nick Cave dishes up these days this is for you a wonderful multi-layered experience that just wins every time the needle drops. Top album

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It’s that early Green Day punk Rock that’s fast, no make that rapid plenty of bounce a tonne of melody, and a whole bunch of goofing around. Pulled together from a bunch of demos, and an EP that never got released until now obviously. It’s been fermenting for over two decades but it doesn’t sound dated or left behind ‘The Screw’ being an absolutely thunderous tune. That is as tight as a drum and rapid as fuck. The punk kids will love ‘Janeane Hates Herself’ as it rattles along. NOFX rings out on ‘On Top’ but I do like the riff on ‘The Cut’ a great low-end rumble and a rigid middle digit.

The ten tracks on offer aren’t all crash bang wallop with the closing track being quite a laid-back tempo ‘City Of Lost Children’ maybe this genre has seen its zenith but there are still plenty of bands out there cutting the mustard and doing it well. Often it’s finding out who, where and when in the digital age there is so much music it’s often a full-time job trying to keep up with bands you’ve always loved without bands pulling up trees behind the first waves.

That’s the beauty of this here internet it’s made the world a whole lot smaller and easier to discover bands and albums from the other side of the spinning rock the only problem I get is there aren’t enough hours in the day or days in the week and this is a decent example of a solid record making a welcome debut many moons after the recordings were made. Punk as fuck! Pick it up here

Lee Love Affair – EP (Lux Noise Records) A man that doesn’t need any introduction other than to say Brother Lee Love has gone Rogue on those Hip Priests and knocked up a four-track EP and got Lux Noise to snap it up and release the bad boy.

Like an explosion of Garage Rock and Roll through the medium of Northern Soul as the guitars then bass line kicks in on ‘Hold Me Down’ a big rumbling hip swinging foot twisting slab of is kicking through my speakers. It’s Detroit Baby but UK Style. What a choon this is. Of course, it isn’t a wall of noise like the day job but it’s got swing and a catchy chorus and weighs in like equal measures of International Noise Conspiracy and some of that 80s alternative underground post-punk rock n roll courtesy of the likes of 60 ft Dolls. ‘Better Man’ has a choppy dry electric guitar riff that is a straight-down-the-line Rock n Rolla heading to the chorus with some sweet guitar licks along the way – excellent stuff.

‘Real Cool Time’ is of course self-explanatory the clue is in the title garage rock, it’s got the beating heart of Ann Arbour and a honking rhythm of Detroit. Wrapping up this four-track dalliance is ‘AAA’ which has some “Greebo” scene going on with yet another strong melody and some wicked playing, all that’s missing is some honking horns and that one-finger piano roll and this would be perfect. EP of the month? Fucking right it is

The Penetrators – ‘Skateboard Girl’ (code 213 records) Another fantastic 7″ this time from New Yorks The Penetrators. With a laid back New York Groove thats handed down from Lou Reed and David Johannsen this single has it going on from the NYC licks to the sweet handclaps The Penetrators have penned a super summer seven inch. Claiming to be the kings of Basement Rock wont be too far away from the truth if they keep releasign records this good. Check out the dynamic duo on Facebook

Scumbag Millionaires – ‘So Long’ (Screaming Crow Records) From Gothenburg, Sweden, Scumbag Millionaire have offered up a killer track for Screaming Crow Records Action Rock Jukebox 45 series. These dirty bastards took ABBA’s 70’s hit “So Long” and injected it with a whole heap of Scumbag Rock n Fuckin’ Roll and a little attitude and a heap of swing. It’s given a make under not over and sounds terrific. The B side is their own “Gluehead!” which just about makes this the record of the week in my eyes. A fantastic slab of wax and just what a 45 should be. What a killer 45rpm, it’s even a large holed 7″ pressed on regular black vinyl and limited orange vinyl with a custom 45 adapter,  sticker, and jukebox title card. YES, these are made to go on a 45 playing jukebox!. Beautiful workScumbags and those at Screaming Crow – Top of the class!

RMBLR – ‘Breakin’ It Off’ (Self Release) RMBLR are one of those bands that have pedigree and history that dictates that it’s impossible to release a bad record. This new track was released without fanfare via Bandcamp and just oozes quality. What else can I say? It’s a banger of a Rock and Roll tune and RMBLR just get “IT” whatever “IT” is.

You’ll be singing along before the end of the first chorus and fist punching the air in your cut-off battle jacket wondering where the party is. It’s only Rock and Roll and I like it RMBLR just delivers…again Check it out Here

Andy McCoy – ‘Take Me I’m Yours’ (Cleopatra Records) Lifted from his brand new covers album Andy takes on this classic Squeeze track and being one of the finer tracks off the album, He nails it McCoy style. It maintains the original groove and melody but Andy gives it the McCoy treatment and twists it before draping it as only he can. It’s a grower of a tune and discarding the video that is a bit bizarre but so McCoy it’s well worth checking out ‘Jukebox Junkies’ is exactly that full of mystery, intrigue, and quality from one of the undergrounds greatest ever talents

Tropical Fuck Storm – ‘Ann’ (Joyful Noise Rexcordings) What a twisted take on The Stooges but the video is pure genius. Lifted from the EP. Bassist Fiona Kitschin steps up to the microphone on a cover that swaps Ron Asheton‘s scorching guitar part for a deranged sound collage of guitar freakouts, siren noises, and electronics. The EP also has a Talking Heads cover to twist your mellon. Will the EP be up their with their satanic slumber party who knows but covering the Stooges is a great starting point.

Wolf Rd – ‘Burn All Of Your Bridges’ Noisy shouty kids mixing up melodic metal and hardcore sludgy riffs. Might be good in a tiny club at ear shattering volume but in my liounge on a laptop it just doesn’t cut through to be fair its got tones of Chester Benningtons Linkin Park tip but its not for everyone but it does have an energy. Make your own mind up. Chicago noise bringers can be found on Facebook Here

Belushi Speed Ball – ‘Magic Conch’ (sonaBlast Records) Great name for a band and releasing it on Nintendo 64 sort of tells you where this arty goofy combo are coming from with their super fast punk rock with full on goofyness and wacko solos from the Berkley school of music speed licks – check out the video and it should all make sense or not either way its made the cut

THE GASÖLINES – ‘Rum Runner 500’ (Speed Club Records) described as high octane rockers is just about on the money. Loud guitars oily injection fueled Rock n Roll. The song is well constructed and I’m sure the guy live it like they love it and walk the walk. If they have some variety in the songwriting then they could be onto a winner with it. I look forward to what they serve up on this evidence.

As a follow up to their debut album ‘Rum Runner 500’ is the perfect take on Cars, booze and hellraising whats not to like? Facebook

Gun – ‘Word Up’ (Cherry Red Records) Glaswegian rockers GUN are back with their latest release from the forthcoming album, ‘The Calton Songs’ and finally it’s the turn of ‘Word Up’ TODAY, 28 July. So tell all the boys and girls, Tell your brother, your sister, And mama too…  This massive track was originally covered by GUN in 1994, winning an MTV Europe Music Award for Best Cover and featuring on the Top 5 album ‘Swagger’. The song itself is of course a retooled version of the evergreen Cameo hit from 1986, but now in 2022 it has been reimagined and revived and sounds amazing. This new version is a totally different beast to the one that the fans know. The track now also boasts the vocal talents of  Beverley Skeete & The Sisterhood [ Noel Gallagher, The Chemical Brothers, Mick Jagger] and The Selecter provide some phenomenal Brass. The band are describing it as the ‘Word Up Summer Jam’ and it has all the energy that implies!

Dead City Ruins – ‘The Sorcerer’ (AFM Records) Melbourne’s DEAD CITY RUINS new single & video ‘The Sorcerer’, lifted from their new album ‘Shockwave’ out on 19th August. Its a big phat slice of Rock hailing back to the likes of Zepplin and Sabbath influences with big grooves and musicianship.