Hot on the heels of the release of their ‘Spunk Volcano Bastard BBQ Sauce’ a few months ago, (200+ bottles sold and counting!) those rock and roll freaks in Dirt Box Disco are now preparing to launch yet another hot sauce!

In association with the legendary Chilli Pepper Pete, Dirt Box Disco is proud to announce the release of their ‘Freaks Hot Green Salsa’.

Drummer Maff Fazzo says “Our Bastard BBQ Sauce was received incredibly well and I don’t think that any of us expected it to be quite so popular. The only criticism we heard was that it wasn’t hot enough, so we thought we’d best come up a hotter version. In my favourite colour green!”

Clocking in at 5/10 on the heat scale, ‘Freaks Hot Green Salsa’ is a delicious green sauce with a bit of a bite and a whole lot of zing! Perfect as a dipping sauce with nachos and vegetables, or as a salad dressing. Or just poured all over your chips! The sauce was created using all natural ingredients, is suitable for vegans and is wheat, dairy and GM-free.

The sauce was officially launched at this year’s Rebellion Festival in Blackpool and is now available to order online from the Dirt Box Disco/Spunk Volcano website.


After another awesome weekend at the Great British Alternative Music Festival and before SV & the Eruptions head out on the road with Wolfsbane Europe can catch them at these dates throughout Rocktober and the by fans for fans video for ‘My Life Is Shit’ – Enjoy!

Numanoids gather round.  BMG has got a two-disc audio recording taken from Brixton Academy and one DVD box set from the Savage tour coming out in November.  With an awesome eighteen track set list you’ve got time to save your pennies and pre-order to avoid disappointment Buy Here

It comes out the same day as he releases a three track EP entitled ‘The Fallen EP’ via Townsend Music which will be available on 12″ coloured vinyl and CD single. Townsend









Dom Daley.

A couple of Cripps and a Mogg what could possibly go wrong?  Well, nothing to be fair because this is one of the most pleasant surprises I’ve had musically all year.  Mogg on the mic now who’d have thought that?


The Brutalists sit somewhere between the Beat, Selector, and Wilco Johnson and his old pals in Dr. Feelgood and a whole host of other bands and musicians that spring to mind as I listened to the musical landscape of this self-titled debut album.


Sure its a new genre on me this ska pub rock but to be fair that’s about exactly where it sits.  It comfortably strokes the pub rock chin with some great lyrics and cheeky melodies and also has the happy go lucky charm of some decent ska like chops.


‘I Don’t Believe A Word’ is like a mid summers breeze from the choppy guitar riff-a-rama through the chilled keyboard swirls but it’s held together nicely by a great early door down the pub melody.  If that was a nice surprise then the Kinks beatnik vibe on ‘Far Away’ is excellent and that nod of appreciation is turning into a smug grin that These Brutalists might be onto something here and you’re in on it.

‘Form & Function’ is like a mid 80’s dash of Jagger and at times has some Adolescent Sex about it which is always a good thing in my book. ‘Meet Me Half Way’ is a good old knees up so crack open those jellied eels and turn up those bass bins.

The band really hit their stride by the time ‘Talk Of The Town’ bosses proceedings you’ll be bowlin’ down the street with this bad boy on your headphones a right proper jack the lad anthem.  When ‘Know Your Value’ is finished with its keyboard swirl these guys show that they’re not afraid to tread on some pop-smart tones in pursuit of a good tune before the happy go lucky ‘Nutter’ shows up for a bit of 70’s glam slam and like a first cousin once removed of Hanoi Rocks ‘Boiler’ if I might be so bold. Then they rock it up whilst dropping the C Bomb on ‘You Got It’ and to close off proceedings they simply turn in an immaculate bit of rock n roll like ending this bad boy with a huge exclamation mark.


Mick, Nigel, Kent, Charlie, and Robert know how good this album is and so do I – I only hope you’ve got the sense to follow the links and pick up a copy for yourself you can thank me laters me old chinas. Now ‘op it and do yourself a favour – you won’t regret it!

Buy Here

Fraser Munro.

The words “Power Pop” don’t usually drag me in; I tend to think of it as the AOR equivalent of punk but this my friends is different. “Just Another Regular Summer”  is stripped down dirty pop, played with the attitude and honesty of a man living every chord and every word. Think Tom Petty playing Revolver or perhaps Johnny Thunders jamming with latter-day Monkees and that’ll only get you half way there…


Matt Julian, formerly of the rather splendid Breakdowns, is serious about his pop. Hardly a day goes by and when he’s not posting a picture of his latest record store find. This boy is serious about the 7” single. All this research has now paid off as he’s only gone and crafted a perfect pop album. A record that most bands could dream of making and he’s done it pretty much all on his tod.


Side 1 just whizzes by from Thunders-esque opener “All I want”, through to the song everybody will wish they the had written, the title track “ Just Another Regular Summer”, complete with a little Alarm-like harmonica (please don’t hate me for that one !!??!). So far, there’s nothing not to like and everything to love.


Just when you think you’ve hit the high point, “That’ll Be The Day The Earth Stood Still (Drink The Pain Away)” kicks off side 2. I had to stop there and play it again. Matt Julian take a bow you talented bastard! “Lonely Girl” is pure pop and closer “Reunion In The Rain” insists you flip the plastic over to live the last 35 minutes of your life again.


“Just Another Regular Summer” is released on October 19th via Canada’s  Gods Candy Records, but get in there quick because if you want the record there are only 50 White, 100 Solid Pink and a 100 on good old Black.



Gods Candy Records






Rock Legends KING’S X Join Golden Robot Records, Set to Release First New Album in Over a Decade in 2019
Australia’s leading international independent record label, Golden Robot Records continues to grow at an unprecedented pace. The label is absolutely thrilled to announce that globally revered, Billboard-charting rock icons KING’S X are now part of their ever-growing international roster. KING’S X recently signed a global deal with Golden Robot Records which will see their long-awaited forthcoming new album released worldwide in 2019 via Golden Robot Records’ partners in the U.S., Europe and Japan.
I’m really excited to release the next KING’S X album with Mark, Derek and the crew at Golden Robot! May the groove be with us all,” says vocalist/bassist dUg Pinnick. Guitarist Ty Tabor adds, “I’m looking forward to working with Golden Robot Records!
Drummer Jerry Gaskill adds, “It’s been a while since we’ve made a record. During that time, I’ve been thinking, when and if we make a new record, I want it to be the best we can do. I want to believe in it. I want to make it great, whatever it takes. I don’t want to just make another KING’S X record. I think and hope that we are in that place. I think and hope its time and I feel good about the team we’ll be working with at Golden Robot Records. I’m going to do my best. Let’s do this thing.
When we started to talk to KING’S X about signing with Golden Robot in the U.S. and we met dUg in LA a few times, I knew 100% that we would end up working with them. I’m loving the fact they are still the original members and I really believe this new album will be there best yet! It’s incredible how many people inside the industry – and I’m talking about very well-known musicians – love these guys and can’t wait for a new album. We are all very excited indeed,” says Mark Alexander-Erber, Group Founder and President.
“I am delighted to finally be able to work with one the most respected, creative rock bands of the past 30+ years. KING’S X is not only a superb rock band with an ardent fan base but are also a ‘musician musicians’ band. Golden Robot Records is determined to finally help KING’S X receive the worldwide recognition it fully deserves,” says Derek Shulman, Executive Chairman of Worldwide Expansion.
Since the release of their debut record, Out Of The Silent Planet, in 1988, KING’S X released a dozen albums that have seen them rightfully earn their place on the rock royalty family tree. Fusing progressive metal, funk and soul grooves with vocal arrangements rooted in blues, gospel and even the British Invasion era influences, KING’S X created a style all their own which continues to be an inspiration for bands to this day.
Featuring vocalist and bassist Doug Pinnick, guitarist Ty Tabor and drummer Jerry Gaskill, KING’S X have never changed their line-up, a rarity in the music world and a testament to the band and musicians and friends.
Critically acclaimed from the start, KING’S X are musician’s musicians, name-dropped by everyone from Anthrax and Suicidal Tendencies to Iron Maiden and Blue Murder for their instrumental prowess. Pearl Jam’s bassist Jeff Ament even declared that “KING’S X invented grunge”. They also enjoyed a long life via the David Letterman Show with their track, “We Were Born To Be Loved” (from 1990’s Faith Hope Love), also a favourite of the Paul Shaffer’s CBS Orchestra to play during commercial breaks.
In 1992, KING’S X signed to Atlantic Records/Megaforce Records, released three albums and toured with bands as diverse as Scorpions, Type O Negative and Pearl Jam. In the early 2000’s, KING’S X released three studio albums and their first official live album via Metal Blade Records. In 2005, the band signed to German-based progressive music speciality label, InsideOut Music, and released Ogre Tones, an album described as a return to the bands classic sound. KING’S X forged ahead with new albums, DVD’s and tours up until 2012 when drummer Jerry Gaskill suffered a major heart attack. The band then quickly compiled an exclusive live release from their archives entitled, Burning Down Boston. The proceeds of which went directly to assisting Gaskill with his medical expenses. They rolled on for two more years until Jerry suffered another heart attack, which resulted in him having a double bypass operation and ultimately led to the band taking an indefinite hiatus.
This break didn’t last long, as they were back on the road in mid-2015, shortly afterwards announcing they would begin work on a new studio album. This would be the band’s first since 2008’s XV. KING’S X began meetings with Golden Robot Records management in Los Angeles in early 2017, eventually signing a global deal in October 2018.
While it’s been a decade since KING’S X have released a new record, the wait has definitely been worth it! Watch this space for news on the forthcoming album in the very near future.
Golden Robot Records online:


The Stranglers
+ Ruts DC

Friday 5th July 2019
Caerphilly Castle

The Stranglers return to Wales in 2019 as part of their Back on the Tracks UK Tour, which will include a special show at the historic Caerphilly Castle, South Wales on Friday the 5th of July. Tickets will go on general sale at 10 am on Wednesday the 3rd of August through,, and

During a hectic 2018 touring the Southern Hemisphere, Europe, and the UK, which included a stellar sell-out performance at Tramshed Cardiff, The Stranglers have also been busy writing and rehearsing new material. Audiences at the famous castle can expect to experience some of these new cuts, alongside classic favourites and lesser-performed numbers drawn from their eloquent and extensive catalogue.


Leigh Fuge.

I still remember the first time I caught the Quireboys live, in Swansea’s Sin City, it was a dark, cold and (Most likely) damp December evening in 2008. I had been trying to catch the band live for a few years and low and behold, they arrive in my hometown poised and ready to rock.

They were deep in the touring cycle for 2008’s Homewreckers and Heartbreakers. I had been a fan of the band for a few years before this album’s release but hearing the Quireboys release an album of stripped back, bluesy rock with mandolins and acoustic guitars was surely something to tread carefully around. Upon first listen back in 2008 I was enamored. Here we sit, 10 years later and the band is celebrating 10 years of homewrecking and heartbreaking, and rightly so.

The band has decided to celebrate with a re-released version of the album with 5 additional live tracks. I was unable to attend the 10th Anniversary concert in September so I’ll make up for that by enjoying the re-released album.

The opening bluesy licks of “I Love This Dirty Town” still get me excited. The drums kick in and it’s party time. This is vintage Quireboys are their juke joint swinging best. Spike’s voice is timeless, is it even possible for the man to sound bad? The song was written about his beloved Newcastle, but I think most of us have our own dirty town that we love.

Track two leads to an immediate change of vibe, the mandolin has been broken out and it’s time for a heartfelt singalong titled “Mona Lisa Smiled”, this song finds its way into the bands live setlists tour after tour and deservingly so, the hook still stands strong after 10 years. Sure, it might be a departure for a band known for keeping the swagger of the blues alive, but they pull it off.

Louder” was always a favourite of mine, blistering slide guitar licks, driving drums and a chorus asking if you want it louder. That’s a recipe for rock and roll success.

Four tracks in and we take another sit down for a slower track, “Hello”. While the tempo might drop, the band still keep the licks coming. The tempo doesn’t stay down too long though, the next track “Blackwater” takes us firmly back into that swampy blues stomp that we can’t get enough of. I challenge anyone to listen to this track without nodding their head.

Next up, we have a trio of downtempo songs, kicking off with “Fear Within the Lie”. The swirly, mellotron-esque keys instantly remind me of Zeppelin’s “No Quarter” coupled with that Quireboys backbeat swagger. Spike’s voice sounding particularly vulnerable and fragile here, gripping the listen and making you hang on his every word. He means everything he’s singing and you can feel it. “One For The Road” is a piano and acoustic led ode to the good times, which retains the stripped back vibe of this section of the album it creates a sense of fun, the sentiment being the older we get, things get harder but there’s always time to have one for the road.  The trio of downtempo tracks is rounded off by the tenderly sung “Late Nite Saturday Call”, there are plenty of meanings someone could apply to a song like this. Spike and the boys have kept the subject matter deeply personal, yet open to interpretation. One of the reasons why I believe that after four decades, their songs are still powerful and poignant.

Hall of Shame” shifts the gears back up and we’re off to a slide guitar fuelled, bluesy smasher. This is a song that I’ve always wished the band would drop into a live show, and perhaps they have, but all the times I’ve seen them live this song has not made the cut. For me, this was always one of the highlights of the album. It has all the elements that I expect from a band like The Quireboys, all the things that evoke the energy I felt when I first heard the band in 2005.

I am a sucker for a pretty guitar intro and “Take a Look At Yourself” delivers just that. There’s a definite 60s vibe to this with a touch of American West Coast smoothness. A heartfelt, mid-tempo tribute to getting it wrong and living as two people, perhaps something many of us have been guilty of over the years.

It would be rude to not go out with a bang, “Josephine” picks the energy back up for the final bow. The band is firing on all cylinders now, as Spike said rightfully in 2001 “This IS Rock and Roll”. High octane, head nodding, foot stomping rock and roll at that. When I first got turned onto bands that originated in the 80s, one of the early songs that turned me onto this was “Cathouse” by Faster Pussycat. When I hear “Josephine”, it reminds of me of that exact feeling of hearing that fast-paced, 12 bar blues attack. Half my life later, hearing that kind of music still gets me ready to rock. Clocking in at less than 3 minutes, the band deliver the goods and cut to the chase. What a way to end an album.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary, we are also treated to 5 live tracks spanning the bands career, “Too Much of a Good Thing”, “Homewreckers and Heartbreakers” (Which is interestingly not on this album, it was on 2013s “Beautiful Curse”), “Mona Lisa Smiled”, “Mother Mary” and “I Love This Dirty Town”. These tracks showcase how electric the band sound live. I particularly loved the live take on Mona Lisa, with some added punch to the guitars. If you have not seen this band live, I urge you to do so. These live tracks will give you a taste, but you really need to get to a show and let your ears give you the fix that you need.

10 years of Homewreckers and Heartbreakers done and dusted. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for 20.


Buy Here

Gerald Stansbury.

Shanda & the Howlers released a killer debut album (‘Trouble’) last year that ended up in my top 20 albums of the year. This new album snuck out on me at the beginning of the summer and finds the band steering clear of the sophomore slump by playing to their strengths. Shanda’s vocals were immediately identifiable on the debut and seem to be a little higher in the mix on this one as the band plays a 60’s style Stax influenced rhythm and blues style that packs some attitude.

Luke Metz bass gets the album started and brings ‘Hold On’ to life. Shanda immediately reminds us that she is a star waiting to be discovered by the mainstream. The call and response vocals on the chorus sound amazing, and the quick rhythm gets us moving from the first moments of the album. ‘Baby, You’re the One’ carries the momentum forward with another up-tempo beat combined with a strong hook. Shanda again asserts her identity on ‘Good Morning Heartache’ with its retro rockabilly feel compelling me to move.

‘Crying Over Nothing’ shines with its gentle horn touches adding some low-end texture to the methodical beat. Shanda has plenty of room here to be the focal point with each word she sings. The band’s ups the tempo with the fun ‘Wait and See’ that should see the dancefloor become a whirl of activity. The whole band is on fire with the rhythm section keeping the beat moving underneath the guitar hooks and awesome horn play. Sandra largely sings in a higher tone here guaranteed to make the hairs on your arm raise, and this sounds like a massive hit from back in the day. ‘Hand in Hand’ slides in on a slow pulsating groove. Trevor Johnson’s guitar solo takes the spotlight as everything fades away as he slowly takes the song to another level. ‘The Girl’s No Good’ makes for a rocking blues good time with a beat that would be at home on some early George Thorogood albums. Shanda has an awesome throaty low tone that commands a performance.

Keeping the toes tapping and the hips shaking, ‘Scurry Like a Rat’ sizzles out of the speakers with moments where every instrument hits the mix hard at one time and sounds like pure magic. This song swings hard on the beat. I really have to say that the sax work by Micah Lapping-Carr is incredible throughout this album. The title track introduces harmonica and acoustic guitars to a gritty vocal by Shanda. I think the best compliment I can really give this album is it makes me want to hear the whole album in a live setting in some dive bar with condensation sliding down the wood walls. ‘Blue-Eyed Trouble’ has been a grower on the album with a groove that builds onto its frame as the song goes. Johnson shines on the guitar here again, especially as the song reaches its final stretch. Finale ‘Close Your Eyes’ has an initial guitar lick that immediately made me think of ‘May This Be Love’ by Jimi Hendrix but immediately moves into more of Temple of the Dog’s ‘All Night Thing’ kind of musical vibe. It doesn’t quite hit the pinnacle that ‘You’re Gonna Cry’ hit on their debut, but it does close this album in style.

Shanda & the Howlers are two for two in releasing high-quality albums that take musical inspiration from the past and make it feel fresh, vital, fun, and powerful. Shanda will see her star rise in the years to come with her awesome vocals, especially with the dynamic, excellent musicians who make this a complete band and not a one lady show. Don’t let this album slide under your radar as you owe it to yourself to enter the world of Shanda & the Howlers.

‘Hurt For Me’ is available now



How about every Monday morning RPM brings you some of our favourite videos, call it Three of the best. Banish those weekend blues and back to the daily grind as we bring you classics – New videos – exclusives and just ones we love.


We won’t waffle on but let the music do the talking. First up this killer Demolition 23 live performance of ‘Hammersmith Palais’

If that didn’t put a smile on your face then get a load of this old classic from Steve Marriott and his beat combo The Small Faces with ‘Tin Soldiers’

Why not wrap this up with a much maligned period of the band but not in my book.  with two of the businesses finest barnets Keif and Ronnie were peerless but Mick was and still is the man.  Star fuckers indeed.  Happy Monday folks!

“a spiral scratch
gave me my life back
a vinyl solution
ended my confusion
I heard a voice in the noise pollution” – Mike Peters

Since the beginning of Rock and Roll, the 45 has been an integral part of a bands arsenal. Maybe in 2018, it’s not quite the marketing tool it once was back in the 50’s, 60’s and beyond and bands no longer sell hundreds of thousands of the beautiful seven-inch plastic circles.  There are however many different ways of letting people know you have a few new tunes available or you might (like me) still be in love with the vinyl single. Here at RPM, we’re going to celebrate the little beggars and let you know what is available in our regular roundup and what’s been on rotation on our deathdecks.

What better place to start than with a good friend and his debut 7″.

Craggy Collyde – Sorry Now (Self Released)

With a two-track release being the format of choice Craggy gets down to business with a pair of fantastic slices of power pop that are infectious and memorable.  ‘Sorry Now’ is also featured in the video link below and can be ordered off the Bandcamp site. The lead track is a measured catchy number that has a great power pop feel with some indie undertones sort of Buffalo Tom territory whilst the more sprightly B-side ‘Go Ahead And Break Me’ is a song with a foot in the cowpunk of the Supersuckers but more pop savvy and Craggy manages to rinse out a great guitar break as well.  Very infectious and well worth checking out.




Lana Loveland – Strange Charms (Hound Gawd!)

Fuzztones – Garage Rock – psychedelic retro freak out we fuckin’ love it here at RPM.Lana Loveland has the credentials and chops worthy of joining our little club of seven-inch plastic lovers. Being Organist with The Fuzztones as well as being a member of the Music Machine and fronting her own band Loveland certainly keeps her busy and out of mischief ‘Strange Charms’ is the A-Side whilst ‘Web Of Sound’ back things up on the flip side.

Maybe leaving a seven-year gap is quite some time between releases but some things are worth waiting for.  Fuzzed out guitars and 60’s pop being the main ingredients here what’s not to like? Over on the other side its hammer time (no not the rapper in the daft trousers but Hammer Horror)  its a spooky garage rock mash up and with a modern twist its great to hear someone doing something new with something they have had for years. Anyways Hound Gawd Don’t do bad records we know that much so go investigate and get some fantastic new music in your head just click the link.



Muck & The Mires – Hashtag Loneliness (Rum Bar Records) 

Muck and the Mires’ official video for ‘#Loneliness’ from the EP MUCKUS MAXIMUS, available on Rumbar Records: Its power poppin’ baby but has the honking Hammond as well as the classic Rickenbacker twang.  You don’t need me to tell you about Rum Bar Records bands and how good they are and Muck are no exception. For latest Muck and the Mires tour dates, go to Website

Poison Boys – Poppin’ Eyes (Bandcamp)

Oh Boy, you just knew that this was going to rock and fucking roll right outta the speakers and sure enough within the first bar I know that I’m having this bad boy.  Poison Boys are mainlining Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers and some Chuck Berry and a whole bunch of other golden oldies and along with their brothers from another mother in Crazy Squeeze and countless other great bands they are just nailing it on ‘Bustin Out’ and they shine up the brass knuckles on the altogether more bruising ‘Run And Hide’ that taps into Stiv and his Dead Boys for some down and dirty punk rock and I love it.  don’t walk on by brothers and sisters this is the bomb! Now get on with an album before it ends in tears –  Poison Boys are killing it – again! Facebook

Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam – ‘Meatloaf To The Camera’ (By The Time It Gets Dark Records)

(pre-order here) The second single from the soon to be released album ‘Black Cowboy’ its all loud guitars and chiming melody like a collision between Teenage Fanclub and The Lemonheads SFL have amassed over a hundred songs and show no sign of stopping just yet so until November 9th this will more than do to pass the time. You can catch the band around the UK  in November 02 Nov – The Lanes – Bristol
03 Nov – Sunflower Lounge – Birmingham
04 Nov – The Castle – Manchester
05 Nov – Wharf Chambers – Leeds
08 Nov – The Portland Arms – Cambridge
09 Nov – Rough Trade – Nottingham
11 Nov – Old Blue Last, London

Gino And the Goons ‘She Was Crushed’ (Slovenly Records)

A heady mix of The Ramones and some Lo-Fi  X-Ray Spex this has some great loose saxophone playing whilst ‘Got Messed Up’ is a thrash around whilst pissed out of your head kinda tune.  There’s no autotune and no overdubs. ‘Wrong Side Of The Cigarette’ is all hocked up on late 70’s lower east side smash and grab punk rock and we love it and so would a youthful Richard Hell. Finishing up with ‘Early Retirement’ just about kicks over the toms and bass drum and takes out the mic stand as well before running off down the street before the cops turn up.  Rock and fucking roll alright! Awesome ‘n snotty – Buy It




Les Lullies – ‘7 am’ (Slovenly Records) Oh boy oh boy, it’s like Jerry Lee hooking up with Chuck Berry and snorting two tonnes of amphetamines before laying down this barnstormer.  Flip it over and you’ve got the cocksure swagger of ‘Dog Food’ that’s like the Dolls rockin’ out with Angus with a healthy amount of Iggy attitude. Doing France proud and doing it fuckin’ loud!  What a great 45. Here






The Cavemen -Burn Out For Love (Dirty Water Records/Mandinga Records)  Oh fuck if having an album released in 2018 isn’t enough and some sporadic live action the purveyors of filthy low down and wild ‘n’ dirty garage punk are back in the house with a 7″ slab of frantic rock ‘n’ roll in the shape of ‘Burn Out For Love’ the b side is no hiding place for a shrinking violet because if anything the craziness is turned up a notch on ‘Dancing On The Razors Edge’ and what a beautiful racket it is too.  Click the link to sample these exotic fruits and then pick up a copy its a banger!



Well, folks, there’s got to be something in there for everyone unless Black Metal is your thing? Worry not we’ll regularly round up singles here and if a black metal band has something to offer then we’ll cover it.  Forty-Five RPM indeed.