Wow, what a year it was for these New York Rock n Rollers. Two original albums that set the bar to be fair and then this year to follow it up so soon with album number one with a rebadge and a new set of clothes so to speak.  To make it clear this is recordings Gorden Lawrence wrote in his folk’s basement when he was 17 years old and they were recorded using one microphone on a steady diet of ‘Raw Power’ (Iggy) and ‘Exile On Main Street’ (Stones).  To be fair if you’re 17 years old and getting into music that’s about as good a starting point as any – no its a better starting point than many and if you want to have reference points then those two can only lead to good things oh and some booze, drugs, and girls for good measure. Wow, you go for it guys.

Just because it was recorded as I say using the one mic doesn’t mean it’s going to be a hipster nightmare and sound so abominable that only fools would listen (or the aforementioned hipsters) from the opening Crash, Bang Wallop, of ‘(I’m Your) Other Man’ you can instantly tell that ‘Raw Power’ and ‘Exile’ were the perfect choice to go make a cellar recording of some Rock n Roll songs you have penned with its groove  and almost hypnotic rhythm the production values don’t matter I’m sure we’ve all heard albums recorded using tens of thousands of pounds of pro tools and kit and don’t have a fraction of the heart and soul that a record like this has and that’s a fact.

I’d also throw the Dolls and VU into the mix at this point as ‘Milk’ has New Yawk Cool all over its laid back undertones but next up is the pure strut of ‘I Can’t Stop It’.  Man, they must have been mainlining the spirit of Jagger and Richards on this bad boy.  As the album progresses it swings from one influence to the other and ‘City Boy Blue’ taps up that Stooges groove as does the super fuzz wig out of ‘Genocide’ its got a tonne of fire inside the band that’s captured perfectly here no doubt about it. I’m also reminded a little of bands like The Jesus And Mary Chain here as well more with the spirit than actually sounding like them especially on ‘Don’t Walk Away’.

‘Bleach Blonde’ is the only non Lawrence penned song and is a more pop tune complete with loose chord changes and handclaps whilst ‘Run Away’ reminds me of one of those demos released by Kurt Cobain’s estate after his passing and they raided his vault.

‘Rich Cunt’ is a rapid smash and grab as you might imagine it to be.  No finesse just turn up the amps and go for it play the solo like you feel it and don’t worry about hitting any bum notes it matters not. Then to close this thing off its the albums title track with all the Noo Yawk swagger of the Dolls at full tilt which sounds magnificent and a real attitude statement and as I listened I glanced down at the sleeve notes and read that the final sentence is that they don’t regret a single thing and so they shouldn’t.  Its a piece of work as it is and had they messed with it it wouldn’t have captured that drive – that attitude – that raw emotion and inevitably wouldn’t have been half as good as what it is.  Beechwood are demanding your attention and this is only going to enhance their reputation.  Beechwood rock like fuck in the right way it is pure of heart and a band who you should be adding to your collection if you truly believe in Rock and Roll as I know you should.  Trash and Glamour two of our favourite things – Buy it!

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So everyone loves Joan Jett right? Of course they do, what’s not to like? With a reputation that seems to grow on a daily basis, Joan Jett has endured several musical climate changes and still remained cool, respected by her peers and adored by her fans.  It seemed only a matter of time that a film in her honor would be made so ‘Dogwoof’ decided to take it upon themselves to carry that torch and just get it done in a shade over ninety minutes her life is there for all to see on the silver screen or in your living room as is now the case.

So popcorn at the ready dim the lights and let’s turn on and tune out its time for ‘Bad Reputation’…Some big hitting talking heads as we go back to day one with Jett. Back in the ’70s when Jett started The Runaways I guess u blokes won’t have a clue what it would have been like for an all-girl group it must have been twice as hard and must have taken some resolve just to survive let alone thrive but Jett comes across as single-minded and driven and then punk came to town and was a real game-changer for lots of reasons.  I loved seeing the footage of early Blackhearts gigs and hearing the news from the band which was very cool. Even Joan Jett got twenty-two rejection letters from record companies even at that time they didn’t do it for the money they just wanted to get a record out there. It seemed like an industry that was and possibly still is obsessed with sexuality and Jett has had to fight against that all her career.  Some of those interviews and their banal line of questions seem so out of step today and they should have been then as well.  Footage of the early JJ&TBH playing on Sunset Strip is so raw and in your face.

Releasing their own records and selling out through reputation and just being good at what they do is such an inspiration even now it gives you goosebumps.and the iconic video for I Love Rock N Roll and the look was inspirational and it seemed like all of a sudden the stars aligned and the band took off.  Great moments in Rock N Roll history and all of a sudden it seemed the world had forgotten she was the frontwoman and kudos was beginning to be shown. Maybe the UK wasn’t so obsessed with what sex a singer was as much as it seemed to matter in the States and Jett took hold on this island with the likes of Bowie jumping up on stage and being taken seriously by the radio and music fans alike.  I think the movie captures this for sure and having the likes of Billie Joe, Iggy and Dave Grohl all having a say shows the huge respect she has from her peers in the industry.

I also forgot Jett tried her hand at acting I guess ultimately shes as punk as it gets from starting a rock n roll band to starting her own label to acting she did what was true to herself and was honest and comes across as sincere and a loyal ally but ultimately she will be remembered for being a rock and roller, not a bird in a Rock n Roll band or some chic with a guitar.  The movie does tell her story in 90 minutes even if it was a lot to tell shes had some amazing musicians around her her whole career and that’s no accident either it might not be the most incredible or outrageous rock n roll story but it is certainly one worth telling and makes great TV.  The only downside is the lack of extras and I guess these days it would have been easy to tag on a rare live show or one from her own archive or complete videography, bloopers who knows just a little more bang for your buck I guess.  Fans will watch it and just get it and non-fans can kiss my ass Joan Jett is da bomb and one thing I know for sure is ‘I Love Rock And Roll’ just like Joan does.

Author:Dom Daley

Buy Bad Reputation Here

also, Frank, has a pre-order link available for people pre-ordering the new album (details here)
They say the third time’s the charm, and, after the breathtaking, ruthlessly efficient one-two punch of “Blossom” and “Modern Ruin”, here we are – at Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes’ album number three – at once a stadium sized declaration of intent and a deeply personal cri-de-coeur called “End of Suffering”.
Recorded in just six months over the heatwave that engulfed London last year, End Of Suffering – named after the Buddhist term for enlightenment- is the sound of a band entering an entirely new realm of the senses, a forty minute rock’n’rollercoaster of molten-hot bangers, scorched-soul ballads and grunge lullabies laced through with a lacerating lyrical honesty.
With Cam Blackwood (George Ezra / Jack Savoretti) at the helm and legendary mixer Alan Moulder (Nine Inch Nails / Queens Of The Stone Age) sprinkling sonic stardust, the resultant album sees Carter, co-songwriter Dean Richardson and co not so much spreading their wings as running and leaping headfirst into heretofore uncharted waters. Opener ‘Why A Butterfly Can’t Love A Spider’ finds Frank at full stretch, singing: “When I’m high I’m in heaven/When I’m low I’m in hell”, while the first single “Crowbar” is tauter than a highwire and relentlessly sharpened to a razor’s edge, a sonic Molotov cocktail of a track delivered with the anarchic zeal of the gilets-Jaunes rioters. “I saw an amazing bit of graffiti during the Paris riots which said: ‘We’ve cut off heads for less than this’” enthuses Frank. “I loved that attitude. People are sick of being force-fed doom and gloom.” It also comes complete with a video directed by long-time collaborator Ross Cairns (who has also directed videos for Biffy Clyro and QOTSA) and acts as a blistering clarion call to arms. 
When the fury is dialed down, however, even more, startling shades start to surface. ‘Anxiety’ is a paranoic festival anthem in waiting, while ‘Love Games’ is an absolute beauty; a distortion-heavy nod to Amy Winehouse’s finest moment destined to soundtrack the summer.   ‘Angel Wings’, meanwhile, is as bleakly poetic as Charles Bukowski. A howl of existential despair involving vodka and Vicodin induced visions of  ‘feathers made of diamond rings/dragons made of oxygen’ it’s worthy of those other harrowingly honest third albums, The Manic Street Preachers’ Holy Bible & Nirvana’s In Utero (both band favourites).
The album also features Tom Morello as a guest guitarist on ‘Tyrant Lizard King’. The two re-connected after many years at Resurrection Festival in Spain last summer, where Frank infamously sang Rage classic ‘Killing In The Name’ to a 40,000 strong crowd, finishing the track with a stage dive worthy of the rock’n’roll hall of fame. 
Indeed. In an age of say-nothing pop and codified corporate rock, End Of Suffering does what all great music should- lift the spirits and stir the soul. 
In the lead up to album release, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes will play intimate shows across the UK and Europe, bringing their trademark intensity and raucous stage presence to tiny venues and giving a first glimpse of End Of Suffering in a live setting. Tickets to these very intimate gigs will be available to fans early via an exclusive pre-sale on the website, head here.
End Of Suffering will be released on several exclusive, limited edition formats,  full info on the band’s website here.
Thursday, February 7 – The Bullingdon, Oxford
Friday, February 8 – Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth
Saturday, February 9 – Dreamland (Ballroom), Margate  
Monday, February 11 – The Old Fire Station, Bournemouth
Tuesday, February 12 – The Fleece, Bristol
Wednesday, February 13 – Sin City, Swansea   
Friday, February 15 – The Sugarmill, Stoke
Saturday, February 16 – Empire, Coventry
Monday, February 18 – Peddler, Sheffield
Tuesday, February 19 – Arts Club Theatre, Liverpool  
Thursday, February 21 – Think Tank, Newcastle
Friday, February 22 – Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh
Saturday, February 23 – Fibbers, York
Friday, March 15 – M4M Festival, Zurich – Switzerland
Saturday, March 16 – Z-Bau, Nuremberg – Germany
Monday, March 18 – Rockhal, Esch-sur-Alzette – Luxembourg
Tuesday, March 19 – La Poudriere, Belfort – France
Wednesday, March 20 – Les Docks, Lausanne – Switzerland  
Friday, March 22 – La Cooperative de Mai, Clermont Ferrand – France
Saturday, March 23 – Rockstore, Montpellier – France
Monday, March 25 – Santeria Club, Milan – Italy
Tuesday, March 26 – Locomotive Club, Bologna – Italy  
Thursday, March 28 –  Culture Factory, Zagreb – Croatia
Friday, March 29 – Simm City, Vienna – Austria
Saturday, March 30 – Akvarium Klub, Budapest – Hungary
Monday, April 1 – Hydrozagadka, Warsaw – Poland
Wednesday, April 3 – Lucerna Bar, Prague – Czech Republic
Thursday, April 4 – Bei Chez Heinz, Hannover – Germany
Friday, April 5 – Matrix Club, Bochum – Germany
Saturday, April 6 – Faster & Louder Festival– Eindhoven, Netherlands
Wednesday, May 30th – Dauwpop Festival, Hellendoorn
Saturday, June 1st – Primavera Sound, Barcelona
Friday, July 5th – Down The Rabbit Hole, Ewijk
Thursday, 20th July – Deichbrand Festival, Cuxhaven  
Tuesday, 13th August – Sziget Festival, Budapest     

Every now and then a band comes out of left field and hits you upside your head and when you’ve picked yourself off the floor and gathered your senses you’re checking out who? why? where and when. Jagger Holly did that.  Without warning, I was recommended them and loved what I heard straight away.  so they are influenced by The Ramones for sure and a bunch of catchy as fuck melodies later I’m a fan. Let me introduce Jagger Holly to you Boys and Girls or at least pull up a chair and read some words I had with frontman and songwriter Jay.  Take it away, Jay

Where did it all begin?

Hey! It all began in 2015. The band I was in “The Spastic Hearts” was coming to an end sadly and I was at a crossroads of sorts of what to do next. I wanted to tour a lot and see a lot more of the world. Up until then, I had been all over. I thought there was another step to take tho. I couldn’t quit. I mean how do you quit music? So that wasn’t going to happen. I started working on the debut record “DJ Free Europe”. Just me and an acoustic guitar hammering out the new tunes. It came together really quick. I asked Stiv and Casey to be in the band and we started playing shows. Then came time to record the stuff we had been playing live. We went into “Apreon Recorder” in Youngstown, Ohio to do Drums and later do vocals. The bulk of the record was recorded at “Space Mountain” in Youngstown, Ohio. I think it came out the way it did because we already worked out a bunch of the kinks. A lot of bands will record first and then play it out but over time find out that maybe this sounds better this way etc etc…you get my point.

So Who’s in the band with you Jay? Which ones Jagger Holly?

I play Bass and Sing. Matt from “DeeCracks” plays guitars and sings. Marco from a band called “On My Arms” plays Drums. And the USA line up is Stiv Reynolds from a band called “RADD and also the Hollywood Blondes” And Casey plays Drums who has been with me drummer since like 2004. I’m lucky to have these guys in this band. Such great players.

So where did the name come from?

All the cool names are taken. There are some terrible names out there. So what do I do?? I just took my favorite two front men and named it after them. Smart? Dumb? Either way…the name can’t be taken because they already exist!

Alright, that’s the awkward introductions out of the way who or what influences you?

The Ramones of course. Actually tho I don’t listen to anything regularly post 1970’s these days. The ’50s and ’60s had the best music to me. I just find myself in that era for some reason. Probably because it’s the best era.

When we heard ‘The Last Of The International Playboys’ we loved it. Can you fill us in on a few details about the record?  its the bands second long player right?

Thanks for the kind words about the album! Yes, it’s our second full-length LP, “The Last of The International Playboys” Was recorded in Innsbruck, Austria at a place in the middle of the city called “The Weirdo Garage” With Me/Matt/Marco and Magi our Engineer. It took maybe a year before our first session to having the record pressed and in our hands. We all live at least 5 hours apart. Venice, Vienna and Innsbruck, they aren’t so close to each other but we make it work tho!

Marco did 16 drum tracks in one day. And then we would work on it in between tours. It was done when it was done. No sense in rushing it when it already took as long as it did you know? I really love how it sounds! Out NOW on LP at Monster Zero Records in Europe…Mom’s Basement Records in the USA and on cd on OUTLOUD! Records.

On the Bandcamp page its Ohio and Innsbruck that’s some commute?

Yes it is! I have a USA line up and a Euro line up. I live in Innsbruck, Austria now. I’m born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio tho. So, I get to live here in Europe now and when I make it back to the states I make sure a tour is included.

Have you made any plans for 2019?

2019 will be a good year I think! Since we did the “Playboys” record in November we will most likely won’t release another full-length LP until 2020. This year tho we have a planned split 10” with a great band we can’t speak about just yet. Also, maybe a 7”…who knows…I always wanted to do a Christmas album as well. So, it’s anyone’s idea at this point. I know we will go to Italy in February and then Norway in April. Trying for something bigger later in the year but until it’s booked I don’t like predicting. Too many bands are gonna do this or that and it never happens. Once it’s set then we can promote it.

You covered Rod Stewart on the ‘DJ Free Europe’ album? What brought you to record that song? I love Rod always have always will not just the “cool” Faces period he still had the chops when he asked if he was sexy.  Great cover by the way Rod is the man.

Oh ya the Rod cover! A lot of people either loved it or were questioning why we were covering Rod Stewart. I mean come on…the dude is a legend. And that song. Just listen to it. If you don’t think that is a top-notch tune you are crazy. I always thought it could/should be a punk song. It’s set perfect for it.

Is it difficult juggling several bands?

I only play in one band. So for me, it is easy haha. We have to work around DeeCracks schedule sometimes. And sometimes they work around Jagger’s. It hasn’t been an issue at all tho really. We love those dudes. Matt stepped in on a Euro tour when we needed a guitar player a few years ago. I’ve known him forever but we never played together in a band. It was so smooth and fun. We met Marco on that tour playing with his band “On My Arms”. I talked to him after the show and asked if he is ever looking to tour just let me know. We stayed in touch and now he’s in the band and we’ve been to Japan and Brazil and Europe all together. It’s been a wild ride! And my USA guys I grew up with. So I’ve known them for longer than I’ve been in music. All these guys are pros.

As for the UK… I would love to play there!  At Rebellion would be great. Doing a tour there would be very nice as well!  If anyone can make this happen then you know how to get a hold of me? Thanks so much RPM for the interview!



Buy Jagger Holly Here

Legendary British rock & roll band The Godfathers confirm they are releasing a live album entitled ‘This Is War! – The Godfathers Live!’ on Monday 21st January. This CD is an exclusive, limited edition item that will only be available direct from The Godfathers’ official outlets & not available in record stores. The live album features 15 storming tracks recorded in Germany & Sweden from across their career right up to their most recent, critically acclaimed ‘A Big Bad Beautiful Noise’ release. ‘This Is War! – The Godfathers Live!’ was produced & mixed by Godfathers’ guitarist Steve Crittall & will only be available on limited edition CD exclusively from The Godfathers’ official website  & from the merch stall at any of their concerts.& on digital download sites like iTunes etc.

‘This Is War! – The Godfathers Live!’ track listing:
This Is War/Cause I Said So/A Big Bad Beautiful Noise/Till My Heart Stops Beating/One Good Reason/Walking Talking Johnny Cash Blues/How Low Is Low/Unreal World/Defibrillator/When Am I Coming Down/She Gives Me Love/Just Because You’re Not Paranoid Doesn’t Mean To Say They’re Not Going To Get You/I Want Everything/This Damn Nation/Birth School Work Death

The Godfathers will play 4 UK gigs in February (including a Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre concert at London’s iconic 100 Club) followed by European dates & festivals.The London band are currently writing material for a new studio album to be released in 2020 to coincide with the 35th anniversary since their formation.

8/02 – MIDDLESBROUGH – Westgarth Social Club…/…/westgarth-social-club/1298154
14/02 – HEBDEN BRIDGE – Trades Club
15/02 – NORWICH – The Waterfront
16/02 LONDON – 100 Club

It’s a Sunday night and The Globe in Cardiff is the place to be although the good people of this city don’t seem to have gotten the memo. Every night is Friday night isn’t it?

Oh well their loss as Guildford Blackwaters take the stage and for the next thirty minutes(ish) they entertain those who bothered to turn up early with a most excellent set of post-punk, Sure the frontman has more than a shade of Ian Curtis about him as he bounces around the stage as their spikey set was warmly appreciated by the sparse audience.

With bands like idles dominating column inches, these young upstarts mich like Cabbage have the chops to go toe to toe with Idles and Slaves who are playing decent size venues or should that be selling out and it can only be a matter of time before these too start to cut their way through the press and pick up a good following as they hit the road and play around the country.  ‘Fuck Yeah’ and ‘Let The Good Times Roll’ sounded excellent as did ‘People Street’.  Its a shame they didn’t play longer and we didn’t get to hear ‘Moon On A Stick’ but there is always next time and on the strength of this time I can guarantee there will be a next time.  Excellent appetizer. A tonne of energy and a bunch of quality tunes will see bands like this succeed.


Onto tonights top turn Radkey. As a few more people shuffle through the doors on this Sunday night the band amble on stage but waste no time in delivering their tight rock meets punk sound and over the next sixty minutes proceed to deliver a set that just flew by and the similarities to the sound not a million miles away from Danzig era Misfits wouldn’t be far off the mark.  ‘Sons Of Solomon’ kicked off proceedings and a set that was pretty evenly split between ‘Dark Black Makeup’ and not off the LP was almost 50/50 new song ‘Rock N Roll Homeschool’ sounded great.  When I say sounded great the band sounded great even if the mix was a little muddy and the drums didn’t sound as if they were even mic’d up but that might just be me being a little picky.

The band really hit their stride by the time ‘The Basement’ was aired and by the time they hit ‘Glore’ they were on fire. Knocking out about seventeen songs in their set lasting just about an hour was superb and if the new track ‘Spiders’ is anything to go by the future sounds bright and hopefully it won’t be too long before they come back and next time Cardiff will be ready and a place like the Globe will be packed for such a talented power trio.


Although power trio doesn’t really do them justice but saying that there are just three of them and they certainly do have power but ‘Dark Black Makeup’ was a fine way to go into the end of the set and ‘Romance Dawn’ was great as the closing number as it builds to its frantic crescendo making sure the band leaves nothing behind and every ounce they had to give was certainly given.  until next time Radkey came – saw and rocked like fuck – Thanks!


BlackWaters Facebook

Radkey Facebook

Buy Radkey Here

Author:Dom Daley

Terence Dale “Buffin” Griffin (24 October 1948 – 17 January 2016) Buffin was a founder member of Mott The Hoople and also famed producer of bands on the John Peel show between 81 and 94. Most famously he produced sessions for Nirvana, Pulp and the smashing pumpkins and also in his own right he noticeably produced Hanoi Rocks album ‘Back To Mystery City’.

As a founder member of Mott The Hoople Dale managed to attend the Hammersmith reunion shows back in 2009 but had been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers so only played on the encores of the shows which were extended from three to five after an incredible demand although he didn’t feature at all in the warm-up shows the band did near Rockfield studios prior to the London gigs. his place was taken by Martin Chambers. Diagnosed at 58 he sadly passed away in his sleep back in 2016 at the young age of 67.

Rest In Peace Buffin   24 October 1948 – 17 January 2016

On a brighter note on this day in history, The Rolling Stones released their first EP, which included, ‘You Better Move On’, ‘Poison Ivy’, ‘Bye Bye Johnny’ and ‘Money’. It peaked at No.15 on the UK chart. Also by some coincidence, Happy Birthday today to Mick Taylor, Mick joined The Stones in 1969 (aged 20), replacing Brian and left the Stones in 1974. He has appeared on some of the Stones’ classic albums and widely regarded as their finest period of songwriting including Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers and Exile on Main St. Taylor has also worked with Bob Dylan, Mike Oldfield, Jack Bruce and Ronnie Wood.

Richards gave Taylor this fine appraisal when recording Its Only Rock And Roll’  during the Munich sessions, Richards confronted him and said, “Oi! Taylor! You’re playing too fuckin’ loud. I mean, you’re really good live, man, but you’re fucking useless in the studio. Lay out, play later, whatever.” Richards erased some of the tapes where Taylor had recorded guitar parts too.

Taylor responded by saying “I was a bit peeved about not getting credit for a couple of songs, but that wasn’t the whole reason [I left the band]. I guess I just felt like I had enough” Yeah right so you just leave The Stones and that’s it? He later said of his time in the band – “We used to fight and argue all the time. And one of the things I got angry about was that Mick had promised to give me some credit for some of the songs – and he didn’t. I believed I’d contributed enough. Let’s put it this way – without my contribution, those songs would not have existed. There’s not many but enough, things like “Sway” and “Moonlight Mile” on Sticky Fingers and a couple of others” Oh well your contribution was recognised by the fans for sure and with the power of hindsight I doubt the band would have existed had Mick Taylor not joined the band.

They must have made their peace because Taylor has joined the band on stage many times since so Happy Birthday Mick aged 70 Today!

The time has arrived… it’s taken exactly one year and we are super-proud to honour our friend Peter from P. Trash Records and present the ‘TRASH ON!!!’ tribute set.

OUT NOW!!!TRASH ON!!! January 16th, 2019 marks the one year anniversary of the untimely death of Peter Eichhorn the man behind P.Trash records.

After this tragic loss,  No Front Teeth Records and FDH Records began working alongside a close family friend on behalf of P.Trash to release a tribute to Peter and the label. This massive project collects 104 bands from the P.Trash family, well over half of it being unreleased or rare material.

This massive (one-time pressing if 500) 6-LP collection is AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW physically and digitally. The physical set is $75 and the digital is $25. PROFITS GO DIRECTLY TO PETERS FAMILY!

All orders must be made through FDH Records Bandcamp and all orders ship from NFT in the UK so shipping will be kept as low as possible.


Alive Records Natural Sound Recording Artist James Leg has announced dates for an Extensive Eastern European Tour. Leg who has been described as the Jerry Lee meets Lemmy is a phenomenal live experience and is out supporting his latest album ‘Blood On The Keys’ catch him at the dates below.

January 23 @ Hard Place — Zagreb, HR
January 24 @ Punk Rock Cafe — Smedereveska Palanka, RS
January 25 @ Kuglaš — Beograd, RS
January 26 @ Mojo — Senta, RS
January 27 @ Foxtrot — Novi Sad, RS
January 28 @ Hombre — Požarevac, RS
January 30 @ Soho Bar — Kosovska Mitovica, XK (Kosovo)
January 30 @ Rover Bar — Thessaloniki, GR
February 1 @ Stage Club — Larissa, GR
February 2 @ Hoxton — Athens, GR
February 3 @ Aigli — Serres, GR
February 4 @ Basement Bar — Kruševac, RS
February 5 @ Feedback — Niš, RS
February 6 @ MKNŽ — Ilirska Bistrica, SI
February 7 @ Cox — Milan, IT
February 8 @ Emce Plac — Velenje, SI
February 9 @ Gala Hala — Ljubljana, SI
February 10 @ Matinee show — Beograde, RS
February 12 @ Trafik — Pécs, HU
February 14 @ Pitcher — Düsseldorf, DE
February 15 @ Trompete — Bochum, DE
February 16 @ Pop Bar — Haldern, DE
February 17 @ Nochtwache — Hamburg, DE
June 27 @ Mod — St. Petersburg, RU
June 28 @ Wild Mint Festival — Moscow, RU
June 29 @ 16 Tons — Moscow, RU

Since the internet truly took off music has never before been so global and within a minute you can be chatting with some like-minded  punk rocker from the other side of this Globe (it’s not fuckin flat its a globe) it still freaks me out a little but as far as hearing music goes its the dogs danglies. I mean, how else was I going to be acquainted with Swiss loons Bad Mojo and their ‘Pass Out City’? When I first heard that bad boy I loved it.  Fast forward a couple of years and these masked/balaclaved up yobs are back in the house and living it large on nicked booze and other substances.

Whilst you’re waiting for The wonderfully titled long player (cough cough) to drop rub your peepers and read a fistful of this as I try to convince you its a good thing to send some money digitally through your computer and in exchange they’ll send you either a lovely big record or a small shiny CD I’m sure of it.  Anyway, You still might be wondering what these – listen now – Masked, scruffy, punks are up to. well, its only punk rock apparently and these three aren’t afraid to use it.

It begins with a howl of feedback and as the drumsticks count us in it’s off like a rocket.  there are no fineries here its punk rock in its most aggressive, pogotastic, fuck it and fuck you way. Bad Mojos opening four songs on the album sort of set the tone – ‘Diggin My Own Grave’, ‘Baby I’m Doomed’, I Wanna Be Dead’ and ‘I Hate’ so you go figure.  Its fast furious but it has melody in the same way the Ramones did. the songs are short sharp and fly straight to the part of your brain that controls toe tapping and head bobbing.


there is nothing not to like here its rough as fuck and at times sounds like it was recorded on an old school tape recorder that was carefully placed near a speaker and record and play were pressed and away you go. The title track has more than a hint of the UK Subs ‘Party In Paris’ about it and that’s fine by me and the next song ‘Too Drunk’ has a fuzzed out guitar that The Stooges had.  To close this fantastic offering off there is the catchy ‘Everybody Hates Me’ that is fucked up pop music if ever I heard it. Ten songs in fifteen minutes crash bang wallop fuckin’ have it! Adios, I out of here – go buy it!

Buy it Here

Author: Dom Daley