Rock n Roll is often meant to be a lot of fun and some artists get it whilst others don’t. Lester comes from a hard-working background where you have to earn your stripes and boy has he earned his. With a fantastic bunch of fellow musicians and friends like Honest John Plain, Wilko Zanni, Davide Ferrario, Francesco-C  to lean on Lester always sounds like his records are the hippest party to be at and Out Of Tune Out Of Key is no different as it sways from good time barroom rock ‘n’ roll like The Boys to Some Hanoi Rocks saxophone  mixed some rollicking piano and at times its not all party party party sometimes like on ‘Until Wrong Turned Right’ his sound reminds me of early Waysted when Fin was bossing it its got elements of the classic 70’s rock of a UFO with a side order of Slade thrown in for good measure.

Songs like the uptempo hard rockin’ ‘Love Me’ would have you punching the air if you were to walk into a bar with the band playing this. Lesters modus operandi is a simple one.  Rock ‘n’ Roll hard and keep smiling but do it to the best of your ability. Don’t do anything clever unless you consider writing catchy hooks and sing-a-long choruses clever because that’s this album in a nutshell. Catchy hooks a plenty, great arrangments, knowing when to throw in a stomping guitar lick or a punky riff or the old classic one-fingered piano roll like on ‘Maybe’ but then again Lester seems to have thrown the full makonky into this one making it dangerous to listen to in confined spaces (be careful out there kids) this is seriously good rock n roll.


‘Here She Goes’ introduces some tasty Jonesy like riffola on the intro and has one foot planted into that Professionals camp whilst the other is toe-tapping to be fair that pretty much could be any song on this album. Well, not quite because the title track that sits at the end of this record has a sober opening but soon enough it builds to the big chorus that has the gang arm in arm and singing along before dropping back into the verse.  A fine way to put a full stop on a really enjoyable record. I know Its Only Rock ‘N’ Roll but damn I like it!

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Legendary Californain punk rockers THE ZEROS will play their first ever dates in the UK next month!

The band they called ‘the Mexican Ramones’ came outta Southern California in 1976. Originally a four-piece line-up that featured guitarist Javier Escovedo who also handled vocals – the middle of the three Escovedo brothers – and Robert Lopez also on guitar. The band signed a record deal to kings of the underground labels Bomp! wh released the single ‘Wimp’ – which was later covered by the Hoodoo Gurus – on the flip was ‘Don’t Push Me Around’(shown below) The band called it quits in 1980, but regrouped for another go and new album in ’95 and have been active once again since 2007. Still featuring Escovedo and drummer Baba Chenelle, RPM caught up with Javier before they hit the UK for a brief word…Photo courtesy of Jacqueline Ramirez

Firstly tell us who’s in the band currently?
The band is Javier Escovedo guitar/vocals, Baba Chenelle drums, Victor Penalosa Bass/vocals
You’re about to play the UK for the first time.  How come its taken you guys so long to get over here? 
Good question. Bomber Booking was the only agency that offered us to play there. We are glad he did. We are excited to finally play there.
What about new music?  Any plans to record?
We recently started recording again. We will put out a 7″ single soon.
Weren’t you booked to play Rebellion a couple of years ago and then you disappeared off the bill? Or have I made that up?
This is the first I’ve heard about that. We would love to play there.
 when you started back in ’77 who were your influences?
Our influences were the velvet underground, Lou Reed, Iggy and the Stooges, David Bowie, Roxy music, Doctor Feelgood, The Modern Lovers, The New York Dolls, Johnny Thunders, T Rex and many more.
What about now what or who are your influences now?
Don’t really have influences in the same way we did as teenagers. We just want to make the best music we can.
What about the future for The Zeros?
The future is not up to us. Hopefully, we will release another full-length l.p. and play some more shows. I’d like for us to play more countries we haven’t been to yet.
so what else have you planned in 2019 apart from coming to Europe?
Right now we are concentrating on recording and getting a new l.p. out.
 As you can see the lineups for these four UK shows are pretty exciting to say the least get a ticket whilst there are still some available remember snooze you lose.
1 Mar – Shacklewell Arms, London (w/ Johnny Throttle & The Speedways)
2 Mar – Temple Of Boom, Leeds (w/ The X-Ray Eyes)
3 Mar – The Chameleon, Nottingham (w/ The Eviltones)
4 Mar – Pipeline Club, Brighton (Randy Savages)

Tickets for the London gig are available here

The Hellacopters tribute pre order is live!

over a year in the making and well worth the wait ! A tribute to the Hellacopters !! Available in very limited quantities on classic Black and Red variant vinyl !! 11 tracks from some of the finest bands in the land paying homage to one of the greatest rock n roll bands ever !

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Friends of RPM STEVIE R. PEARCE AND THE HOOLIGANS will hit the road this MAY with one of today’s shining light breakthrough Bands DOOMSDAY OUTLAW and newcomers SILK ROAD.

2018 saw the rise of the HOOLIGANS with their critically acclaimed self titled Debut Album: released on Cargo Records last March, which caught the attention of Planet Rocks Hairy Bikers who instantly play listed the raucous track “BAD DAY”. All this solidified by storming performances across the UK.

The current touring ‘Jizzy Pearls Love/Hate’ Guitar Player has this to say to you: “It’s great to be going out with DOOMSDAY, right at the top of their game, I’m honoured! sonically there are some differences but it’ll make for one hell of a show- I love them dearly – I’m not predicting a blood bath as such — but i have brought a new mop just incase. It’s great to be also bringing SILK ROAD out to open every night, those upstarts are just killer. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!!!!!I”

Indy From Doomsday has this to say: “Doomsday can’t wait to get on the road with Stevie Pearce again having laid waste to the shires with him when we supported Love/Hate last year. The last time we saw him the night ended in violence and kebabs, so we’ll be keeping the legal team on retainer and seeing what happens.

Former GILLAN and OZZY OSBOURNE guitar legend Bernie Tormé has been hospitalised with double pneumonia.  RPM would like every reader to send prayers (if your that way inclined) and positive thoughts his way that he makes a speedy and full recovery.

The news of the Irish musician’s health issues was broken via his Facebook page earlier yesterday. The post: “Bernie Tormé is extremely ill in intensive care with virulent double pneumonia. We ask for your prayers.” So we’re only happy to oblige. Get well Bernie.


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Heres one for all you hopeless romantics out there.  the St Valentines Day Massacre featuring Motorhead and Girlschool Covering ‘Please Don’t Touch’ play this to your other half and tell them it’ll forever now be “your” song!

On this day in 1970, The Who appeared at Leeds University, England. The show was recorded for the bands forthcoming ‘Live At Leeds’ album.  Live at Leeds has been cited by several music critics as the best live rock recording of all time. The University of Leeds refectory has now been named a national landmark in the UK, commemorated with a blue plaque. 

It’s not all Roses and chocolates sadly. as in 1964, on this day, Rob “The Bass Thing” Jones from The Wonder Stuff was born. Sadly Rob died in New York on 31 July 1993, aged 29 due to heart problems caused by “drug-related causes” . Rob left the band after playing on ‘Hup’ and the band’s triumphant three-night stint at Aston Villa Leisure Centre.  Rob left for NYC at the tail end of ’89.  Rest In Peace Rob 29 is no age at all.  robs bass thing can be heard in all its glory on this classic off the ‘Hup’ album

After a pretty decent Friday, it was time for the main event. entering the Arena early Peters played the lucky first few hundred a sneak preview of a track off the next album and taking some questions from the audience and a few requests it was on with the show as Ryan Hamilton was up first.  Accompanied tonight by his piano player Carol Hodge Ryan sadly was without his Harlequin Ghosts which was a shame but with the audience starting to turn up and the Alarm audience being notoriously partisan some might see it as a tough crowd because lets be honest here a lot of these people are here to see one man and hear his songs which is fine but I can’t help but feel they might be kinda missing out, anyway.  There are some in tonight who were no doubt impressed by his stint on the recent Alarm tour and want to see and hear what he might have to offer stripped down to acoustic guitar and piano so after a couple of unfamiliar new tunes he tried the old trick of playing something he knew most people in here would know and like so playing ‘Desire’ by U2 was a good move which brought a few people in further to investigate. 

Its fair to say Ryan can talk and when time is of the essence there is a balance to strike and I think Ryan was acutely aware of this as he referred to the very same problem but having banter is great and endearing but I want to hear what you’ve got sir so ‘Smarter’ sounded great as did ‘Karaoke With No Crowd’ now we were getting somewhere Hamilton has clearly enjoyed his time hanging with Team Alarm and it was great to see him perform at the Gathering maybe next time come back and bring those other three with you and rock the house because the set was brief and by the time ‘Raise Your Hands’ was played we were just warming up.

Ok also on the bill tonight was 80’s pop-rock combo Then Jerico or as they were called Mark Shaws Then Jerico.  Now I’ll hold my hands up and admit that growing up through the 80’s  I was obviously aware of who Then Jerico was and I believe one of my siblings did indeed own ‘Big Area’ but I never investigated their music and they weren’t my thing at all.  Shaw had a lot of energy on stage much like he did in the ’80s and to be fair he didn’t look like the years have been unkind to him and yes, of course, they played ‘The Motive’ and saved ‘Big Area’ til the end and no doubt some ladies seemed jolly pleased they played and got the chance to ‘Mam Dance’ a little.

right onto the main event and tonight, the stage is decked out in tin foil. Why? I have no idea but it was all shiny and when the band took the stage in matching jackets they must have been chuffed when the house lights tried to cook them at what must have seemed 190 without being fan assisted. 

With the line up of Smiley on the drums, James on Bass and occasional guitar and mikes wife Jules playing keyboards the main bulk of the stage was Peters as he ran from left to right singing into the three microphones on the front of the stage. Now I’ve seen this line up perform at Cardiff University and felt underwhelmed but then a short while later they played the Thekla in Bristol same line up different set and were bloody superb so I didn’t have a clue what to expect again tonight maybe it would be down to what the setlist was as to how my mood would change.  I do think I’d got used to James playing the guitar which to be fair he does superbly on old and new alarm track and I always loved Craig Adams style and his bass thump was thunderous and really added energy to any live show not to say James isn’t good (am I digging a hole here I can’t climb out of?) anyway maybe I feel there are talents not being 100% utilised here maybe that’s my take on things but like I said this line up has also turned in some fantastic shows hell last years Saturday night was one of the best in twenty-seven years. Anyway, I do enjoy hearing both classics and new material whereas there are always a lot of attendees who just want to hear the classics and some even after all these years crave the original line up and turn up in the hope that this year will be the year it happens, haha. sadly not this year again ‘Coming Backwards’ sounds good and I do like ‘Peace Now’.  From the last album ’13, Dead Raindeers’ was one of my favourites and it’s a nice riff.  ‘Sold Me Down the River’ is up next and then its in the round for Peters who leaves the main stage to play ‘a few off ‘Declaration’ in the shape of ‘white Cross’ and ‘the Deceiver’ he then just about manages to knock out ‘Cenotaph’ before the gremlin get into the PA but not for the only time they rear their head.

The front of house sound decides it’s going to down tools.  Anyway, Peters  loves a challenge and tonight he decides to go out into the audience with his guitar and voice and move from side to side climbing into the seated area and sing ‘One Guitar’ or at least get the audience around him to sing it because only those near could hear.  Still no sign of the PA coming back on as people begin to rummage round for coins for the meter to hopefully get the PA back on anyway being the resourceful sort PEters then rolls out a rendition of ‘Merry Christmas (War Is Over)’ yup a weird one on me too considering its February but hey why not.

With the impromptu break in proceedings, it means the band has to once again build up a head of steam so what better way than to break into ‘Spirit Of 76’ and we’re into the home straight but not before ‘Beautiful’ is aired from the excellent ‘Viral Black’ album. the band cruise into my favourite Alarm song ‘Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke’ to give it it’s  full title or ‘WWYHWTSB’ as my notes say. which leaves 68 Guns and off they go.

I had no clue as to how long tonight’s encore might last I mean it could have been longer than the main set who knows nothing would surprise me at a Gathering. So I was surprised to be fair as this year there was no Craig Adams and the encore was a lean four songs ‘Neutral’, followed by ‘Strength’ then ‘Two Rivers’ then it was everyone on stage for a romp through ‘Get Down And Get With It’ oh and did I mention there was another power out? Oh well shit happens and the good ones don’t get phased by it they roll with the punches and that’s exactly what Peters did and once again it was a memorable Saturday night partly down to how they coped with adversity and partly because there are so many great songs to chose from I’m glad Mike writes new material and mixes up old with new and also is happy to play around with classic arrangments but not for the sake of it is why I keep going back,  its always about the music – the music comes first and throughout my adult life the Gathering has been a constant good thing and I always  look forward to the next one, as we debate what might go on and who will be there Its such a special Gathering for one of the hardest working musicians in the  business whos taken the knocks and always got up and delivered. sure there have been off nights but who hasn’t one thing you always get with The Alarm is 100% and considering I’ve been privileged to see them play well into the three figures and I’ve heard ’68 Guns’ more times than should be legal I’ll be sat by the computer the second Gathering 2020 tickets go up for sale.  Bring it on its yet again been a pleasure and never a chore.

Website for Gathering tickets and music: Here


Author: Dom Daley

Having a pop at metal behemoths Metallica in 2019 really is like shooting fish in a barrel, just one look at the ticket prices for their upcoming UK dates and the fact that their manager Peter Mensch basically told the fans prior to the tour that he was pushing prices as high as he could should be as easy a starting point as any.

This aside though just over 2 years ago I last witnessed the band live playing an 850 capacity underground venue in London where the ticket price was a donation to a local charity that helped homeless children to get off the streets. They raised £15,000 that night as well as a hell of a lot of pairs of horns. So, kudos to the band for that.

‘Helping Hands… Live & Acoustic At The Masonic’ very much continues this theme as it is Metallica’s all-new limited edition double live vinyl album that supports the band’s All Within My Hands Foundation, a multi-cause platform set up to support society’s most vulnerable – you can check out the website linked below for more information.

Getting back this album and the online presale meant you had to be quick out the blocks to get one of these double 140gm blue vinyl beauties as they sold out almost overnight. So, I guess you’re probably wondering, why all the fuss?

Well, this 12 track set recorded at the Helping Hands Concert and Auction back in November of last year really is Metallica like you’ve never heard them before. I was immediately hooked after seeing the video for ‘All Within My Hands’, a deep cut from the ‘St Anger’ album that here, devoid of Lars’ awful cod reggae snare sound and now resplendent with pedal steel guitar, sounds like a completely new song. Likewise, the versions of ‘Disposable Heroes’ and ‘Enter Sandman’ that were also video leaked sound almost unrecognisable here, and I can’t help thinking of the ‘Unledded’ Page and Plant album, albeit forget the Far Eastern influences and instead get ready for Metallica goes Deep South.

With this in mind the (almost) played straight versions of ‘Nothing Else Matters’, and ‘The Unforgiven’ actually come as something of a disappointment, however, the acoustic thrash versions of ‘The Four Horsemen’ and ‘Hardwired’ that bring the 71 minutes set to a crashing close really do sound like the band having the most fun they’ve had in years.

The rest of the track listing is basically made up of covers of songs by the likes of Blue Oyster Cult, Deep Purple, Bob Seger and Nazareth, and again if I’m being totally honest here, I’d much rather have heard a few more of the band’s own deeper cuts being given the acoustic reinvention treatment. However what’s that old adage again about keeping them wanting more? Ha, well Metallica has certainly done that with ‘Helping Hands… Live & Acoustic At The Masonic’.

There appear to still be some retail copies of this LP set to hit the shelves (it looks like March) so if you do your search engine homework you can still possibly pre-order copies of this LP on the interweb without having to pay a flipper a Discogs King’s ransom, and trust me when I say it really is worth every penny of the donation you’ll be making to the All Within My Hands Foundation.

Author: Johnny Hayward

All Within My Hands