Philip John Taylor Better known as one-third of the classic Motorhead lineup and affectionately known as Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor was born on 21st September 1954.  he had two spells with the band, recording eleven studio albums and four live albums. before passing away on this day in 2015.

Northerner Taylor grew up in Leeds and joined Lemmy when the band were recording the ‘On Parole’ album and it was Taylor who introduced Fast Eddie to the line up shortly after. “Philthy Phil” also broke his neck after falling from or being dropped by a mate  who lifted him above his head in a show of strength that went wrong  but Taylor played in a neck brace but this was nothing new to the drummer as he also broke his hand punching a guy on the eve of a tour but just taped up his stick to his fist.  He first left Lemmy in 84 and had stints in Waysted with Pete Way and toured with Frankie Millar.  It wasn’t long before he returned to the fold in ’87  but it wasn’t to last as he was fired some five years later due to his lifestyle choices and as a result a lack of quality in his playing.

He did however make an appearance with Fast Eddie when Motorhead played Birmingham in 2014.  Taylor passed away on this day in 2015 after being ill.  Liver failure was recorded as cause of death he was only 61.  his bandmates paid tribute to their departed brother with Eddie saying,

“My dear friend and brother passed away last night. He had been ill for some time but that does not make it any easier when the time finally comes. I have known Phil since he was 21 and he was one hell of a character. Fortunately, we made some fantastic music together and I have many many fond memories of our time together. Rest in Peace, Phil!”

Lemmy commented,

“I’m feeling very sad at the moment, in fact devastated because one of my best friends died yesterday. I miss him already. His name was Phil Taylor, or Philthy Animal, and he was our drummer twice in our career. Now he’s died and it really pisses me off that they take somebody like him and leave George Bush alive. So muse on that. We’re still going, we’re still going strong, it’s just first Wurzel and now Philthy, it’s a shame man. I think this rock’n’roll business might be bad for the human life”.

Rest in peace Philthy.  What a force of nature the classic ‘Head were.


Tyla’s Dogs D’amour follow up their last original full length ‘In Vino Veritas’ with a twist in a different direction. The band have created an eight song album that explores several moods and styles. When this album was originally announced, it was designed to be an ode to the blues artists Tyla likes, but that changed as the Dogs began to work on this as a team and made it eight original songs. It does not feel like any Dogs D’amour album from the past but instead recalls the feel of Tyla’s own ‘Nocturnal Nomad’ with an electric bluesy approach. At the end of the day, the complaint becomes that it is not a full length album.

‘A Friend’ was originally reviewed here a few weeks back as the lead single from the album. It has a huge hook that is designed for glasses in the air and everyone singing along to the best of your ability. The lyrics here immediately hit me in the soul given my own recent life events. Similar to the other albums by these Dogs, Tyla is in fine form and seems to be discovering the fountain of youth, perhaps it is that bottle of red…. Things go a little darker for ‘Dangerous Game’ where the bass (Matty) and drums (Simon) lay down a groove to allow some nice electric guitar shading and licks by Gary. Tyla sings this one very reserved and lays down some dark lyrics. The Dogs have always had a steady blues influence, and this album really showcases that side.
Some great subtle guitar and piano help form the groove for ‘Love Will Save’ which lyrically seems to be the counterpoint to ‘Dangerous Game.’ The title helps lay down a hypnotic vocal hook that really carried the first two-thirds of the song before it explodes into a very dynamic feel where the guitar and vocals take the song up into the clouds for a great musical climax. Things slow down for the dark brooding song ‘The Killing.’ Simon’s slow marching beat allowing everyone to have plenty of space in the mix. Tyla’s vocals take on a haunting quality. As the song builds, the spoken words continue to build in intensity. In many ways, this song takes me back to the ‘Mightier than the Sword’ era of Tyla’s output but with a much easier on the ears production. I love the way the piano guides the end of the song.

Opening the back half of the album is the grooving ‘Serpent,’ which is one of my favorites here. This song has risen from the back alleys of another world. The mix allows every instrument to shine. The chorus is very subtle and really comes alive with multiple listens. ‘White Lightning’ serves as another epic at over five and a half minutes. The bluesy rock groove contains a contagious vocal hook as well as a sticky guitar riff. Musically, there are hints that go back to the likes of ‘Chiva.’ The song could have been shaved down for a bit perhaps, but I find myself getting lost in the groove each time I have that thought.

‘You Love It’ begins with what sounds like a classic riff from 40 years or more ago. The hook is again catchy but unlike a traditional Dogs song. The band continue to benefit from having an outside producer as these performances are excellent all the way around. This was another song that hit me as an early favorite, and nothing has changed in that regard. At less than three minutes, I constantly want to hit the repeat button. Finale ‘Killer Inside’ finds Tyla going back in time to deliver a gritty blues song that sounds like it is coming through an old transistor radio. This song has really grown on me since the first several listens. It makes a very satisfying closer which I suspect will continue to grow on me with every listen.

For those that have followed Tyla over the years, there will not be as many surprises, but the band effort here really does set it apart from his past solo releases. It is easy to tell that every member is contributing here to create a band effort; I think that is the reason I like ‘Killer Inside’ being featured at the end. Dogs D’amour continues to show that old… I mean more mature dogs can learn new tricks. Heading into the winter months, put this record on late at night with your drink of choice and lose yourself in this album. You will definitely be happy you did.

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Author: Gerald Stansbury

It’s been four long years since ‘Blackout States’ was released and four long years since Michael Monroe toured the UK. But The Monroes are back on the road promoting the newly released ‘One Man Gang’ opus, and joining them on this long overdue UK jaunt are Japan’s finest exponents of shock rock ‘n’ roll, Electric Eel Shock. With a date at my favourite venue The Brudenell Social Club on a Friday night, tickets were in the bag quick sharpish. This is a good job as it sold out a few days later.

Polish rockers Chemia are a bluesy-based, classic rock sort of affair. I only caught the last couple of songs of their set, but what I heard was fairly decent. I’m very wary of any band that has a bass player with 5 strings on his instrument and Chemia fit that bill. While they are not really my cup of tea, closer ‘I Love You So Much’ is a decent slice of 80’s rock with a cool catchy chorus and they seem to go down well with the growing crowd.

I’ve witnessed the Electric Eel Shock show before. Many here haven’t, and one of the best moments of this evening’s gig was seeing the reaction to their set around me. As Black Sabbath’s ‘Iron Man’ blasts from the PA, drummer Tomoharu stands on his kit and matches the beat. He is naked apart from a sock dangling from his cock. Either side of him, guitarist Akihito and bassist Kazuto incite the gobsmacked crowd to rock and bow down to the glorious event they are about to behold.
“We are Electric Eel Shock from Japaaan!” shouts Akihito after taking his flying V out of his mouth! Kazuto’s bass is above his head and the drummer is bashing out beats with four sticks. No one knows where to look, there is so much going on.
Electric Eel Shock have been doing this for 25 years and they have it off to a fine art. They sound like Dave Mustaine singing for Quiet Riot and I mean that in a good way. “We love 80’s heavy metaaal!” shouts the diminutive singer before blasting into ‘So Much 80’s”. He pulls off Eddie Van Halen style solos, sticks plectrums to his forehead and tells one liners that match any stand up comedian.
They have some kick ass tunes as well. ‘Bastard’ is one hell of a song live. As the singer points to his bassist and shouts the refrain, then at the crowd and at himself, we all sing along to that gratifying chorus, smiling and laughing in unison.
They played to a full house tonight and I don’t recall ever seeing such a positive response to a support band before. Electric Eel Shock came, they saw and they conquered.

There are not many bands that could follow that performance, and tonight’s headliners happen to be one of the few. As the lights drop and that familiar tribal intro blasts from the PA, the warmed up and sold out Brudenell crowd let out great cheers for Michael Monroe’s long awaited return to Leeds. Dressed all in black with matching ‘One Man Gang’ jackets, the Monroe cohorts face their drummer, as the legendary frontman bounds towards the microphone and leads them into the high energy tongue twister of a title track.
It’s no surprise that the band are on fire from the off. Rich Jones and Steve Conte play riffs off each other, Sami Yaffa brings the trademark low end rumble and Karl Rockfist pummels the hell out of his kit, as Finland’s very own Iggy Pop bounds about the stage like a 25 year old rock star with something to prove. This band is high energy rock ‘n’ roll personified and they sound magnificent.
Opening a set with 5 songs from your new album is a brave move, especially with the back catalogue Michael Monroe has. I guess it goes to show how strongly the band believes in the new material. And while ‘Last Train to Tokyo’ and ‘Junk Planet’ sound mighty live and get plenty of crowd reaction, no one down the front is moving. In fact it’s not until the familiar vocal drawl of ‘Ballad Of The Lower East Side’ that things really get cooking and the front erupts into a frenzy. So good, it sounds so good! The band have hit the level and the crowd are with them , then just after Conte pulls of a killer solo…boom! They blow the power!
Instant comedown…the show stops abruptly. But the livewire frontman is not going to let a simple thing like electricity stop his show, on no. So while the band shrug their shoulders and head to the bar while stage guys frantically try to fix the problem, the singer takes to the kit and does a 10 minute drum solo, entertains the front row with his spinning glowsticks and even gets his sax out for a solo, before power is thankfully restored.
The band strap on their instruments, have a quick discussion and blast back right where they left off mid-song, like nothing ever happened. Rock ‘n’ fuckin’ roll! ‘Old King’s Road’ and a punky ‘78’ follow, with Rich and Sami joining Michael with the high kick action. The band seem in their element, Rich Jones especially is animated and at the font mouthing the words to the songs.
The room erupts once more as Sami plays the classic bass riff that introduces ‘Motorvatin’. I will never tire of hearing those old Hanoi songs and neither will the majority here, judging by the response. Classic follows classic, an extended and emotive ‘Don’t You Ever Leave Me’, a killer ‘Malibu Beach’ and a frantic ‘Up Around The Bend’. The band play with the energy and attitude needed to deliver these classics to an audience that laps up every note and every melody.
A Demolition 23 double bill encore follows the dark and dramatic newbie ‘Low Life In High Places’. ‘Nothin’s Alright’ and ‘Hammersmith Palais’ are like an injection of adrenaline straight to the heart. Closing with The Stooges classic ‘I Feel Alright’ is the icing on the cake. Raw, sweaty, high energy rock ‘n’ roll, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Michael Monroe and his band are a well-oiled machine with an arsenal of some of the best rock ‘n’ roll songs you could wish for. And the legendary frontman is a performer who gives his all every show. Tonight they truly had to work for it, but technical issue were never going to halt a band of this calibre and in the live arena, they are simply untouchable. Probably the best gig I have seen at this venue.

Author: Ben Hughes

‘One Man Gang’ Album Review Here

Picture from the exceptionally talented Neil Vary Gig Photography

Men of Gwent – ‘President of Wales’ (Country mile records)

Picking up this CD only release sent a flood of memories streaming from the subconscious, I mean vocalist John Langford has to be one of the most prolific artists on the planet, (I’m happy to debate this). I mean looking back into the day all the way back to Leeds and the forming of the 3 Johns and their ongoing love affair with John Peel, they recorded six sessions!!!!! Go back even further and we’re into the formation of the Mekons and major label status, the thing both bands have in common? The quality of the output!!

Now before any Langford purists start screaming at me for missing a huge body of work I want to move forward to current times and highlight a couple of Newish collaboration’s firstly Four lost souls, this to me is pure Americana, an absolutely jaw dropping Journey across the states, well worth a listen and secondly Bad Luck Jonathan, whose first release included members of the Waco brothers, Jesus Jones, the Mekons and Whiskeytown, now this comes from the complete opposite end of the Spectrum, raw, noisy, psychedelic and as Punk as!!!!.

Finally, I want to bring in Men of Gwent with this their second release, and a damn fine LP it is too, dropping in story’s of a known/unknown Welsh history. Opener Grave Alexandra has a great Alt-Country vibe, setting the story on its way. Next up Bulmore Lido drops things back a notch Langford’s vocals telling the story as only he can evoking memories and painting a picture, of a long gone Welsh memory. Blue to Black again shifts, theirs almost a reggae skank to it, but with a gorgeous twin vocal lead support supplied by Lily Gray, as you move through the song you drift into its country underpinning seriously clever stuff.

X-Ray style is an unexpected pleasure a great re-working of the Strummer original, delivered with the right amount of sneer, at this point you begin to realize how clear the production is, then when you check out the final mastering and find Blaise Barton a long time Langford collaborator, you realize that what’s been picking at you is the fact this could have been a Mekons release, the sound and songwriting is so powerful and in tune.

We move through Frankie Lodge, Hey! Rebecca and Home of the vote with no let up in Quality, the latter tipping a nod towards a bygone era of the stranglers. Bassaleg Road Earthquake, slows it down, Mark’s base leading the vocal down a very different path, reaching out to a Welsh Identity, this is probably my fave track on the LP. Before we know it my journey through a place and History I know well, is almost over and done, the LP finishes up with President of Wales and London to Llanelli line.

All in all a great LP from one of Wales most prolific sons, well worth the time and attention.

Author: Nev Brooks

Country Mile Records

Black Metal uber lords Mayhem is in the fuckin house!  Hide your bibles, guns, knives, false metal iconography and without question any Stryper albums.  Now on a more serious note the name Mayhem is probably more famous than any of their music that’s for sure and with the recent interest in the band following the movie ‘The Lords Of Chaos’ its fair to say Mayhem has been many things over the last thirty-five plus years and not all of it good but some of it great.  I’ll admit right here that I was always intrigued as an impressionable schoolboy in the whole Venom, Hellhammer first wave of Black Metal and then when I heard ‘DeathCrush’ I was blown away and for me (remember this is pre-internet) there wasn’t a great deal of information about Norway and what was going on over there it was hard to keep up and by the time I had a better idea two of them were dead they’d been through several singers (if singers is the correct term) and by the time the mid 90s had passed I was done occasionally dipping back in from time to time and usually when there was a book out covering the church burnings or a documentary  then I’d dip back in to find out what the hell happened to the likes of Bathory, Hellhammer, Venom and Mayhem.  Id’ say in the last few years I rediscovered ‘Deathcrush’ and latterly ‘De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas’ I’m afraid to say it was a gradual decline downhill for me as a lot of Black Metal had turned into some classical technical jizzfest and it had lost its spark for me.

With the exception of a few albums here and there the scene was done and then I heard a Darkthrone album and watched a few Mayhem clips on youtube and I was back in and when I read that Mayhem was recording a new album and the band had been listening to live tapes of them playing that ‘Mysteriis’ album and using the sounds to write the new album I was intrigued. Then when I heard some of the new tracks and they were a little slower and more experimental and more akin to old school Mayhem I was pleased, there is an energy about this record that hasn’t been there for a while.

It’s easy to say it’s just a rehash of that first album would be unfair It’s fair to say its more in keeping with it and maybe that’s why I’m excited to hear it. sure Attila’s vocals are an acquired taste at times terrifying and other times so guttural and indistinguishable it would be fair to say scratch some nails down a pane of glass would be more preferable.  This is the extreme end of extreme music no question about it and from the exceptional artwork you know you are in the company of the darkest shade of darkness Mayhem dance only to their own tune they do what they want when they want to do it and this album as a complete piece of work is going to make fellow black metallers sit up and pay attention ‘Daemon’ begins with ‘The Dying False King’ with no spooky intro or long winding lead up – Bosch! they’re off like a salivating three-headed dog barking like fuck until the breakdown halfway through and already this pisses over anything they’ve done for over a decade and a half – make no mistake Mayhem are on fire! ‘Agenda Ignis’ is like shit off a stick as it meanders its way out of Hell poor old Hellhammer he’s drumming like his backside is on fire but again there is a twist after about a minute but worry not you mega paradiddlers its momentary and the thunderous noise continues.

The production is suitably hellish as you’d expect and with headphones, it’s another experience altogether.  In an hour-long bombardment I think I need a lie-down but leave the lights on please I don’t want any more darkness but I do know I’m going back in for some more. ‘Malum’ twists and turns and goes from breakneck to a slower more evil tempo and back and forth we fight.

‘Falsified And Hated’ is almost six minutes of pure darkness its as bleak as the album gets oh no it isn’t ‘Aeon Daemonium’ builds up like a waking Beelzebub before the double bass sparks up I must admit that I’ll have to listen to the middle songs a lot more because currently, they’re blending into one great big dark ball of Metallic noise as Attila growls and belches out his lyrics and the songs meander back and fore in epic fashion but flow over my head a little but I feel they’re dragging me in slooooowly.

I know they’re never going to write a love song or play a soft ballad nor would I want them to but at times the intensity is too much right up to the kettle drums on ‘Invoke the Oath’ along with the military snare beats it’s like a call to satanic arms and the dead are rising to the call.  Cramming so much into five minutes is like ‘At War With Satan’ on double speed but I don’t know what the fucks going on here.


There are bonus tracks but they’re long and repetitive and complex-sounding but saying that the final one ‘Black Glass Communion’ sounds fuckin’ thunderous on the headphones a real sonic kick to the temple. ‘Daemon’ is the blackest shade of Black and if anyone tells you that Black Metal is long done then throw this on the stereo and tell them to fuck off.  Mayhem is black metal and ‘Daemon’ is Mayhem job done!


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Author:Dom ‘Daemon’ Daley

Ska-punk titans Reel Big Fish are currently on tour in the UK with support from Lightyear and Spunge. Dates run through November 21.

General admission tickets for all shows are on sale now.

As one of the key mid-90’s ska-punk bands to emerge out of Southern California’s third wave ska scene, along with acts like No Doubt and Sublime, Reel Big Fish’s popularity hasn’t faltered over the years. Distinguished by their hyperkinetic stage shows, sarcastic humor, ironic covers of new wave pop songs, and metallic shards of ska, the group continues to tour the world playing shows to a hardcore fanbase that’s as devoted as ever. The band’s 9th studio LP, ‘Life Sucks…Let’s Dance’ was released in late- 2018 and has garnered some of the best reviews of their lengthy career.

Stream Reel Big Fish’s latest LP ‘Life Sucks…Let’s Dance’  Here on itunes and  Here on Spotify.

NOV 7 Concord 2- Brighton, United Kingdom

NOV 9 The De La Warr Pavilion- Bexhill, United Kingdom

NOV 10 O2 Ritz Manchester- Manchester, United Kingdom

NOV 11 UTC- Glasgow, United Kingdom

NOV 12 O2 Institute Birmingham- Birmingham, United Kingdom

NOV 13 O2 Academy Leicester- Leicester, United Kingdom

NOV 16 Roadmender (SOLD OUT)– Northampton, United Kingdom

NOV 17 O2 Academy Islington (SOLD OUT)– London, United Kingdom

NOV 18 O2 Academy Islington- London, United Kingdom

NOV 20 Epic Studios- Norwich, United Kingdom

NOV 21 Dreamland Margate- Margate, United Kingdom

Reel Big Fish Socials:

After their incredible performance at the London Palladium last month, Levellers have now announced UK and European tour dates for 2020.

Still going strong after 30 years in the game, they have long been, and still are, one of the best live bands around and they will be returning next year with a brand new studio album, alongside an extensive tour taking in double nights at some of their favourite towns and cities.

Over the years, Brighton folk-rock band Levellers have worn many masks; most self-made, some imposed upon them. But while their status has evolved over the decades, the basic humanity underpinning their music has remained constant.

Tickets on sale 8th November at 10am and will be available HERE.

12        Bury St Edmunds, The Apex
13        Bury St Edmunds, The Apex
14        Falmouth, Princess Pavilion
15        Falmouth, Princess Pavillion
26        Brecon, Theatre Brycheiniog
27        Port Talbot, Princess Theatre
28        Blackwood, Miners Institute
29        Llandudno, Venue Cymru

01        Liverpool, Grand Central
19        Guildford, G Live
20        Norwich, Uea
21        Margate, Dreamland

29        Sheffield, Leadmill
30        Coventry, Empire

01        Holmfirth, Picturedrome
02        Holmfirth, Picturedrome
13        Hastings, White Rock Theatre
14        Frome, Cheese & Grain
15        Aylesbury, Waterside Theatre
16        Southampton, O2 Guildhall

07        Eindhoven, Effenaar (Nl)
08        Amsterdam, Paradiso (Nl)
09        Koln Gloria, (De)
10        St Niklaas, Casino (Be)
11        Depot, Leuven (Be)

04        York, Barbican
05        Dundee, Fat Sams
06        Stirling, Albert Halls
07        Edinburgh, Liquid Rooms
08        Aberdeen, Lemon Tree
18        St Albans, Arena
19        Scunthorpe, The Baths Hall
20        Manchester, Albert Hall
21        Manchester, Albert Hall

03        Lancaster, Town Hall
04        Nottingham, Rock City
05        Nottingham, Rock City

A few years ago Sonny Vincent’s family were the victims of a terrible life-changing accident. Sonny at the time was living in Europe and plying his trade playing Rock and Roll for a living.  The former Testors frontman dropped everything to be by his family’s side and care for his loved ones.

The American health system is what it is meant that Sonny has had to graft and fight for every single bandage and rubber glove since that fateful night.  Unable to do what he does Sonny has been by his family’s side since and through the kindness of others has kept his head above water and there was a compilation album released where the proceeds went to Sonny and his family’s medical costs and now after taking pre-orders it was a no brainer to part with a small donation and get a double CD in return of 32 covers of Testors songs from all over the globe.  Many will be unknown to most some will be known to many so without further delay lets dig in.

Now out of the 32 tracks on offer the only gripe I have which is a minor gripe but did half a dozen bands have to record ‘Bad Attitude’ and another few recorded ‘Zooed Out’ or ‘Together’.  Picky I know but maybe it might have been better for them to toss in an original song influenced by Testors I dunno, oh stop moaning I know I know.

First up on disc one is The Enders ripping through ‘Madras Prison’ and it sort of sets the tone for what’s to come and that’s a full force compilation album of dedicated punk rock and rollas doing what they do best and helping a brother when he needs a hand. Take a deep breath because this is a rocket-fuelled ride – hold on to your undercrackers because Baby Shitters own ‘Tracy McPrichtease’ and the solo rips and I’m sure when Sonny heard this he raised an eyebrow at least.

I actually own the Black Cat Rebellion album so I’m aware of these guys and their contribution is quality and sleazy. Another I’m up to speed with is Zodiac Panthers and their take is caustic and fired up and ‘Primitive’.  I ain’t ever heard of the Electric Tool City Boys but they blast through ‘Bad Attitude’ and give it some of their own attitude as they take it, strip it back and kick it around for a while before  doing it all again faster and harder this is turning out to be one hell of a compilation album with bands I’ve never heard of really impressing me.  I’ll be honest there isn’t a bad track on offer here and the bands chosen deserve so much credit as does whoever put this together because I bow down to their superior knowledge of underground punk n roll n trash rock n roll because there are so many awesome bands on this CD its insane.

It’s not really until the tenth track when Frank Makak kicks back and plays ‘Rainy Night’ at less than full tilt and I needed the breather and when it’s as good as this I just smile. things do pick up again mind as you’d expect.  the first disc is brought to a close with Les Lullies knocking out a rampant ‘Bad Attitude’ aaaaand breath, hell, go for a lie-down CD two is coming up.

Not a name I was expecting to see on this punk tribute was that of Scandinavian Black Metal legends Darkthrone but fuck me sideways ‘Bad Attitude’ is apt and theirs is a punk as fuck version even if its not that much of a stretch from Black Metal to punk  its great to hear them pay their dues and do it so well.  you also have Simon Chainsaw rockin’ up with his offering of ‘You Don’t Break My Heart’. After Flesh Rag tip up with the third interpretation of ‘Bad Attitude’ as well as it’s delivered maybe there should have been a limit to what you could record.

A band several of us rave over is Londons Los Pepes who offer up ‘Together’ in their own style and with their harmonies its the obvious choice and exceptionally delivered. Clockwork Boys from Lisboa deliver ‘Morte’ (Its Only Death) and jolly good it is too (as you’d expect).

You do get four versions back to back of ‘Together’ with the Psychotic Turnbuckles delivering a live version that sounds like an old school bootleg played in a bucket of water but hey it’s punk rock yeah? Hell yeah! and to be fair it’s a world away from Lester Greenowski’s take on the same track all smokey and late-night an excellent take on a classic. But wait Billy The Kidd has done the last version and its a sparse piano ballad, not something I saw coming thats for sure so lumping these same songs together is fine as the interpretations are magnificent making this one hell of a tribute album leaing just Cheap Damage to play ‘Scary’ with strings n all making it very seductive indeed. Closing off the whole shebang is The DC Spectres with ‘Sonny Vincent Knows’ and what a splendid way to end this CD.  Some garage punk played by people who give a shit and care about their brothers and sisters on the other side of the pond.

Big Hearted bands help because they care about Sonny and his family now dig deep people and share the love and in return, you’ll get your hands on a mighty fine compilation CD with some great playing of some great Testors tunes.  Now don’t hang about get on it! Now!!!


Author: Dom Daley

Order now!!- TESTORS ‘COVERS’ Double CD Benefit ALBUM !!
$15 USA
$22 Europe
includes shipping!

or go to directly to Sonnys PayPal address and send as gift for family/friend.
His PayPal is-
(Include your mailing address in the PayPal note!)

You can also contact him on facebook about sending a check and other ways to order this Album!!

Screamers brand new video ‘Out of the Dark’ taken from the band fourth album ‘Highway of Heroes’. The video is produced by Max Ljungberg. Expect Fire, Heavy Metal and an 80´s feeling. Screamer just started their European tour






06.11.19 CZ – Prague, Club007
07.11.19 AT – Wien, Escape
08.11.19 AT – Linz, Kapu
09.11.19 AT – Dornbirn, Schlachthaus
10.11.19 DE – Göppingen, Zille
11.11.19 BE – Bree, Ragnarock
12.11.19 DE – Saarbrücken, Studio 30
14.11.19 DE – Münster, Rare Guitar
15.11.19 DE – Mannheim, MS Connection
16.11.19 DE – Koblenz, Florinsmarkt

23.11.19 SE – Gislaved, Crash Course Club
29.11.19 SE – Göteborg, The Abyss
30.11.19 SE – Örebro, Watt
more live dates to be announced….

Screamer never strays far from the proven sound of roaring guitars and pounding drums that work equally well in the war pit in front of the stage as when blasting through your stereo. In Screamer’s music, you can hear the classic foundations laid down by the hard-rocking heroes of old. With a combination of straight-forward choruses of the likes of Dio, guitar works in the style of ‘Maiden or ‘Lizzy on speed and the pounding beat of Judas Priest, Screamer has carved out their very own essence of heavy metal that stands the test of time.  


Highway of Heroes is the fourth studio album from the Swedish heavy metal band. Produced by Gustav Hjortsjö from Bullet. Recorded by Ulf Blomberg in The End Studio. Mixed by Tomas Skogsberg in the legendary Sunlight Studio. Mastered by Patrik W. Engel in Temple Of Disharmony. The album holds nine tracks plus a CD/Vinyl exclusive intro. Screamer is set to tour Europe in November following the release of the Highway of Heroes album.

Order the album on 180g Vinyl or CD in Digipack

Orders are available here:

Screamer on Facebook:

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When a special edition all singing all dancing live album / DVD / Blue Ray arrives there’s only one thing to do. Push the sofa against the wall turn the speakers up and start dancing like a demented chicken. Part Danish Part American psychobilly trio are celebrating their thirtieth year as a going concern and celebrate it with this here nineteen song set recorded in the Observatory Theatre, Santa Ana in California.  It wasn’t just captured with microphones but Vincente Cordero directed some blue ray cameras in the direction of the band as they slam danced through their set.

The trio entertain an excited audience with tracks from the bands nine album back catalogue and there are also extended features including interview as well as a rare photo archive.  To be fair its an impressive catalogue of an evening and the fact you get Blue Ray, DVD and audio is a bonus that just about covers all bases.

Let’s start here with the bonus features that are an interview with the band that’s over twenty minutes long a trailer of the feature and a bunch of trailers for other films like Johnny Thunders flick that came out this year, Janes addiction and a whole load of pretty irrelevant other offerings from Cleopatra.

As for the track selections you can go to any track on the discs which is cool so you don’t have to wade through the whole film if you only want to watch some of the encores.  The quality is 4K so its exceptional quality and the live sound is fantastic and the arguments within the fan circles about original line up compared to what’s on offer today doesn’t bother me as I love what they do sound-wise and as far as the gritty psychobilly sound its just as good today as it was all those years ago. Kim Nekroman is still leading the charge with his trademark homemade coffin bass and the horror slap bass anthems are still as strong as they always were I’ll keep checking them out. Oh and you Ghouls out there you can also pick this up on double slime green vinyl as well which looks awesome.

Author: Dom Daley

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