When a special edition all singing all dancing live album / DVD / Blue Ray arrives there’s only one thing to do. Push the sofa against the wall turn the speakers up and start dancing like a demented chicken. Part Danish Part American psychobilly trio are celebrating their thirtieth year as a going concern and celebrate it with this here nineteen song set recorded in the Observatory Theatre, Santa Ana in California.  It wasn’t just captured with microphones but Vincente Cordero directed some blue ray cameras in the direction of the band as they slam danced through their set.

The trio entertain an excited audience with tracks from the bands nine album back catalogue and there are also extended features including interview as well as a rare photo archive.  To be fair its an impressive catalogue of an evening and the fact you get Blue Ray, DVD and audio is a bonus that just about covers all bases.

Let’s start here with the bonus features that are an interview with the band that’s over twenty minutes long a trailer of the feature and a bunch of trailers for other films like Johnny Thunders flick that came out this year, Janes addiction and a whole load of pretty irrelevant other offerings from Cleopatra.

As for the track selections you can go to any track on the discs which is cool so you don’t have to wade through the whole film if you only want to watch some of the encores.  The quality is 4K so its exceptional quality and the live sound is fantastic and the arguments within the fan circles about original line up compared to what’s on offer today doesn’t bother me as I love what they do sound-wise and as far as the gritty psychobilly sound its just as good today as it was all those years ago. Kim Nekroman is still leading the charge with his trademark homemade coffin bass and the horror slap bass anthems are still as strong as they always were I’ll keep checking them out. Oh and you Ghouls out there you can also pick this up on double slime green vinyl as well which looks awesome.

Author: Dom Daley

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