Parisian Rock and Rollers Guttercats continue on their pursuit of the Rock and Roll dream of making music they clearly love and live.

Constantly gigging in France, Guttercats released their first album “Pandora’s Box” in 2009. They took their laid-back Stonesy, Thunders gypsy-like tones around Europe living it as they played it – carefree and doing just what they wanted like fellow soul mates Kusworth, Sudden and Honest John Plain who they shared the road with. through France, Spain, Germany & Belgium.

‘Eternal Life’ was recorded in Paris & continues in the band’s vein of acoustic and electric Rock and Roll lovely dreamy balladeering and from the heart Rock n Roll.  The opener ‘Wild Animal’ begins with some atmospheric slide layered guitar fading in and out over some gentle acoustic guitars as the song builds as it ebbs and flows. adding more textures with various strings its got a cool feel to it.  


It’s fair to say the band stick to the mantra of if it’s not broken don’t fix it and plow on just writing songs they trust will carry them forwards.  The more uptempo and traditional rocker of ‘Keep The Flame’. There’s no point in taking big risks or adding textures to your music for the sake of it so do what you do but do it well has served Guttercats and its that dedication to their style that will indeed keep pushing the band forwards and it also means that they will continue to release quality records like ‘Eternal Life’.  the balladeering is and has always been excellent and tracks like the of beat and poetic ‘Farewell’ are excellent and mystical as the song wafts into the ether creating a twisted melody that is engaging and beautiful.


‘Dark Room’ is a brooding darker number with a throbbing bassline is a sidestep and a great addition to the flow of the album. ‘End Of Times’ has a romantic edge to it with the violin adding yet more texture to the record. ‘Know Your Roots’ is something of a twisted blues as the pace speeds up and falls back its a trip of a song with the screaming slide lurking in the mix rather than in your face.

As we head off into the tail end of the album ‘If I Had A Loaded Gun’ is a heaving five-plus minute epic that flys by and a real high point of the record with its layered acoustic backbone and the piano stabs and electric guitar jabbing away creating a really good song with Guts vocals making the listener lean in and hang off his every word – excellent song.


Closing the album off with the title track is another five-minute plus beast of a song. Encapsulating everything that Guttercats do to perfection like some gothic-tinged slice of ragged Rock and Roll Guttercats carry the torch forward for all the fallen like Thunders, Kusworth, Bators, Sudden.  If you want a record to accompany the late-night red wine sessions that you crave then look no further than Guttercats they still do Rock and Roll and do it very well.  ‘Eternal Life’ is a mighty fine record that deserves to be heard and loved buy it!


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Author: Dom Daley

Right, let’s start with what a box set should consist of.  Personally, I want something that’s going to wow me and have me waiting for the post in anticipation of its arrival.  Sure there are some that try to be innovative like the Keith Richards box sets with the elasticated straps and pouches but it’s called a box set for a reason and when they cost a pretty penny I want it housed in a sturdy box that will last.


I want it to look like a box, open like a box and contain extras like a nice book from the time period may be a replica laminate or some badges that type of thing and to be fair BMG deliver on the box set front and what you see is attention to detail and a quality finish for your hard-earned.  From the mini replica CD slipcases that house the disc in Japanese disco bags is a nice touch as is the tour poster but to give credit where its due is the book that’s packed with loving detail and really informative labour of love a real credit to the Sabbath catalogue and a box set well worth owning.


Originally released in 1975 (when Sabbath was worse for wear from certain substances and off the pitch wranglings so to speak), the album is so-called because the band felt the recording process was being sabotaged by their former manager Patrick Meehan. The band fired him as they felt they were being tucked up, and he sued them in turn, with lawyers serving writs to the band in the studio. The tales from all four in the band are well known, and the enclosed book expands on those stories.

The book contains very in-depth liner notes, and rare pictures, live shots and rare editions of the album. I think really helps when you can see the passion put into the release.

Then there are 4 CDs in card sleeves and the first is the original album, with its famous cover showing the band facing the same way in the mirror’s reflection. The original concept to signify sabotage was itself sabotaged (ie the black costumes not appearing before a rushed photo shoot) and it was too late to the change the idea, Bill Ward wearing his wife’s red leggings still makes me giggle as to how it makes him look and with it being on the album sleeve he must have been off his trolly.

The opening track Hole In The Sky is classic Sabbath, it’s a great riff, raw and heavy (something influenced by the tension in the studio caused by the legal issues). followed by the juxtaposed ‘Don’t Start’, an acoustic instrumental showcasing Iommi but something of an interlude for me and my love of instrumentals. Heavyweight ‘Symptom Of The Universe’ both in riff and quality of songwriting its classic Sabbath.

‘Megalomania’, is something of a marathon clocking in at 9 minutes. really is of its time as it ebbs and flows from piano with a progy touch, weird harmonies but always with one eye on that Sabbathcrunch and heaviness.

Having a 4 minute instrumental is also a bit dated and certainly of its time.  single is Am I Going Insane (Radio) is another swerve as it turns up the amps again before closing out on ‘The Writ’ again another lengthy number.

Possibly not as commercially accessible with some of the band’s other albums it is worthy of the expansion and maybe time will be kind to this album and people will indulge in the whole package and gaze upon this album with fresh eyes and of course ears.

Discs 2 and 3 are a live show from the 1975 ‘Sabotage’ tour of North American tour, previously unreleased in its entirety. It does have a bit of a high-quality bootleg feel to it having some of; ‘Volume 4’ tracks left in is great to hear alongside classic Sabbath tunes.

Modern rock fans might need to get their heads around having two jams that do go on a bit (13 minutes in fact)   guitar and drum solos intact and present respectively.

With no more bonus material or studio tunes that hit the cutting room floor available it only leaves disc 4 which is a replica of a Japanese single of ‘Am I Going Insane’ (Radio) / ‘Hole In The Sky’.

History is written of one of the least popular Sabbath original line up albums but with this loving upgrade it’s something that can stand shoulder to shoulder with previous lavish box sets from the Sabbath catalogue. Excellent packaging that really does justify its price tag. Hopefully, BMG will continue making the Sabbath Boxsets and seeing as there are only two more albums to cover of the original line up it would be a shame to stop now.

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Author: Dom Daley

My love for The Speedways is no secret. You should shout about the bands that you love. So, while we wait for album number three, they’ve used the time to release an EP of well-chosen cover versions.


Hanoi’s ‘11th Street Kids’ is a perfect choice, especially on the cusp of summer. It suits the band’s style and Matt’s voice. A less obvious choice, perhaps, is ABBA’s ‘S.O.S’, but it works perfectly, the change from minor chord verse and major chorus being used to full effect.


Included here are the two covers from previous singles; they pull off the rare feat of covering a Kirsty MacColl song without lowering the standard. ‘They Don’t Know’ is one of my favourite songs, and I’d be obliged to say if it didn’t work, but it’s an absolute treat. And Billy Ocean’s ‘Love Really Hurts Without You’ will get your feet bopping, it’s a belter.


I wasn’t aware of ‘Starry Eyes’ by Roky Erickson, but, to be fair, it sounds like a Speedways song, so it’s a natural choice, and will make me check out his poppier tunes. Five songs, 5 out of 5 for me, pop pickers? Nod arf! Get on it now.


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Author: Martin Chamarette




Wednesday 19th May 2021 – After an epic and well documented 45-year career that launched an era of rock n roll legends, KISS launched their final ever tour in 2019.

2019 saw sold out KISS shows across the globe with arguably the greatest KISS show ever! The initial tour announcement was met with huge fan demand for added shows, but the END OF ROAD TOUR will officially come to a close with a date and NY location yet to be named.

Unfortunately, due to world events KISS could not complete the original European dates scheduled through 2020 and 2021. But the band are delighted to announce rescheduled and new European dates for 2022. Further dates will also be added to the cities announced today

KISS will be offering VIP experiences and special KISS Army fan presales. VIP experiences may include a personal photo opportunity with the band, access to an exclusive pre-show lounge and a behind the scenes tour.  Visit for more information.

Known for their trademark larger-than-life blistering performances, KISS has proven for decades why they are hands down the most iconic live show in rock n roll.  The Rock & Roll Hall of Famers, who have sold more than 100 million albums worldwide, have said this tour is devoted to the millions of KISS Army fans.

KISS END OF THE ROAD 2022 rescheduled and new (in red) European dates announced today are below. With more dates to be added.

Wednesday 1st June 2022             Westfalenhalle, Dortmund GERMANY
Friday 3rd June 2022                       Atlas Arena, Lodz POLAND
Monday 6th June 2022                    Sportspalais, Antwerp BELGIUM
Tuesday 7th June 2022                   Accor Arena, Paris FRANCE
Friday 10th June 2022                     Download Festival, Castle Donington, UK
Monday 13th June 2022                  Barclaycard Arena, Hamburg GERMANY
Thursday 16th June 2022               Copenhell Festival, Copenhagen, DENMARK
Saturday 18th June 2022                Tele 2 Arena, Stockholm SWEDEN
Monday 20th June 2022                  Hartwell Arena, Helsinki FINLAND
Wednesday 22nd June 2022          Scandinavian, Gothenburg SWEDEN
Friday 24th June 2022                     Festhalle, Frankfurt GERMANY
Sunday 26th June 2022                  Stadthalle, Vienna AUSTRIA
Tuesday 28th June 2022                Schleyerhalle, Stuttgart GERMANY
Thursday 30th June 2022               Festival Du Printemps De Perouges, Saint-Vulbas FRANCE
Saturday 2nd July 2022                    Rockfest, Barcelona, SPAIN
Sunday 3rd July 2022                      Wizink Arena, Madrid SPAIN
Tuesday 5th July 2022                     Festival De Nîmes, Les Arènes de Nîmes, Nîmes
Thursday 7th July 2022                   Hallenstadion, Zurich SWITZERLAND
Saturday 9th July 2022                    Zagreb Arena, Zagreb CROATIA
Monday 11th July 2022                    Arena Di Verona, Verona ITALY
Wednesday 13th July 2022             O2 Arena, Prague CZECH REPUBLIC
Thursday 14th July 2022                 Budapest Arena, Budapest HUNGARY
Saturday 16th July 2022                  Romexpo, Bucharest ROMANIA
Thursday 21st July 2022                 Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam HOLLAND

“All that we have built and all that we have conquered over the past four decades could never have happened without the millions of people worldwide who’ve filled clubs, arenas and stadiums over those years. This will be the ultimate celebration for those who’ve seen us and a last chance for those who haven’t. KISS Army, we’re saying goodbye on our final tour with our biggest show yet and we’ll go out the same way we came in… Unapologetic and Unstoppable,” said KISS on The End Of the Road tour.

Yet another killer record of well crafted fuzzy punk rock has landed in my inbox from down under. Public transport companies worldwide should take heed of the Australian alternative rock scene due it’s sheer reliability and quality service. Lining up nicely with their fellow alumni of Zombeaches, Stiff Richards and the classic go-to benchmarks of the Saints and Radio Birdman, but also showcasing their album to album growth here on record number 5.

First track proper ‘if you only knew’ storms in with the rock radio potential of Gaslight Anthem but with it’s roots still heavily in a dirty garage rock sound, demonstrating enough force to make the purists take notice.
The release continues in this vein, with the sound having formidable presence like that of an big old folk ensemble or the outnumbering force of the E Street Band. Just as track ‘too many years’ rolls around, you think the bubble has burst and the pace has relented. But after a sublime intro the band shows even more intensity, a chest thumping rhythm, excellent guitar effects all combined with an infectious sing along chorus.
The whole record maintains this same trend without sounding repetitive or predictable while keeping a strong momentum, showing great promise and well deserving in getting their name out there on the national scene. The only dismissive I can say about the album is it comes to an end too abruptly, but when you look at the groups solid output of five releases in the past five years no one could ever accuse them of phoning it in.
With a physical UK release on the cards at the end of the month and recent gigs by the band in Australia, here’s hoping that we can all look forward to a tour to promote it when the world hopefully pulls out of this nosedive.
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Author: Dan Kasm

The Nuclears fall into a strange realm for me as they can write songs that grab me in a big way while at other times I am left wondering how the production zapped everything out of a song. Their mini-album from 2019 ‘Barrage Rock’ was much the same way with me playing the crap out of the song ‘Lightspeed Getaway’ and unable to say much about the rest of the album. As an album, ‘Seasides’ is ultimately proving to be a very similar experience for me.

Lead song ‘Siamese Connection’ provides a bit of a microcosm of the record for me as I don’t find myself drawn in by the rock n roll guitar riffs or lyrics for the most part. The guitar solo saves it for me though, and I enjoy the remaining bit of the song even if the chorus doesn’t move me. I enjoy the piano bouncing through the song as well. ‘Steer You Wrong’ is one of the songs that will be a long-term golden nugget here for me with Briana Layon providing lead vocals to this one. Musically, I am reminded of Shanda & the Howlers with their rocking take on soul and R & B. The band then launches into ‘Make the First Move’ which just doesn’t connect with me at all. The song just kind of fades by for me, and each time I play the album I find my mind drifting. The production here feels a bit dull as I think this song would hit me much different in a live setting. On the record, this one is missing its fangs.

Up next, the band find themselves playing ‘Small Talk’ and again I don’t find myself connecting with what seems like a good song. This is another example where the production has neutered the song as this could fare much better for me. I will likely try to work this one into some playlists, but it could have been so much better. ‘Mystery Slinger’ wraps up the first half of the album and carries a lot more bite in the production. If the whole album had this sense of urgency and excitement, this review would be much different. I do admit I am a bigger fan of Layon’s vocals and wish she sang lead on all the songs. That is not specific to this album as I have always been more drawn by her vocals than the vocals of both Mike Dudolevitch and Brian Dudolevitch.

The second half of the album continues the preferred production with ‘Bow to the Queen,’ even if it is not my favorite song here. The guitar work by Mike and Brian is extremely well done all the way through. I really enjoy the riff that moves across the top of the verse. ‘I Just Wanna Have Nothin to Do’ recalls a catchy 60’s rock song and is another of my favorites from the album. The band sound like they are having a blast here. The repeat on the chorus to end the song almost runs the risk of going on too long. The band keep some momentum going with ‘Doin the Same Thing Too’ carrying a sense of urgency and maintaining the listener’s attention. This one falls in the middle half of the album for me, and it leaves me wondering with each listen how good this could have been as an EP.

Wrapping up the album, I find myself constantly drifting off again as ‘Slash Run’ just doesn’t hit like it could. This is a prime example where the band needed a rawer, cutting production. It just feels a bit safe to my ears. The band transition in the song to an amended version of KISS classic ‘Strutter,’ which just feels pointless to me. I have heard the original a million times, and, no matter how well done it is, I just don’t get it being on the album. The production level here though would have lifted some of the other songs. Wrapping up the album is rocker ‘Flat & Nasty’ which again falls short largely due to the production. There is a really good song here which just reinforces how frustrating this album is for me.

Musically, the connection to Rum Bar Records lets listeners know that there will be some classic sounding rock n roll on offer. This album falls short for my tastes in that parts of it feel too safe, like the switchblades have been dulled down to round edges for the most part. I have no doubt that I would feel much differently if I walked into a bar and heard these live. There are some great moments here which I will sadly end up cherry picking from the record for the most part as opposed to enjoying the whole record.

‘Seasides’ is out now.  Buy Here


Author: Gerald Stansbury




New garage punk blitz, “Flaunt It” along with a lyric video. This is a fan-only single.  The lyric video commemorates the band’s 25th Anniversary and comes off of their upcoming album Power Trio out August 27th via Mate In Germany. Album pre-orders are available HERE!

Photo by Dustin Rabin

“Power Trio” sees Danko Jones delivering each engine-revving riff, soul-shaking stomp, and shout-it-loud hook with a sniper’s precision. It’s such a simple, self-evident title, but one loaded with significance, as it speaks to the special triangular alchemy Danko shares with his trusty bass-slinging accomplice JC and drummer Rich Knox. It also stakes out the band’s place on a storied lineage of three-piece titans Jimi Hendrix Experience, ZZ Top, Rush, Motörhead, Venom, Dinosaur Jr., and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, to name a few.

When you choose to start a power trio, you’re not simply forming a band, you’re entering a blood pact—a tacit acknowledgement that all three members need to carry their equal share of the weight lest the whole enterprise collapse. There’s nowhere to hide in a power trio—no second guitarist to cover your mistakes, no keyboard player to smooth things over, no horn section to distract the crowd. If you fuck up, the whole band fucks up. Everybody needs to be on their A-game at all times.

“Power Trio” follows the band’s electrifying, world charting album, “A Rock Supreme” released in 2019. It also sees the band once again tapping into the production prowess of Eric Ratz, who previously amped up the bone-breaking boogie of 2017’s full-throttle rocker “Wild Cat” and 2015’s bloodlusty “Fire Music”.

Album Pre-order: Here


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Phoenix thrash legends Flotsam & Jetsam return with their fourteenth studio album Blood in the Water, and what a barnstormer it is. The band has been around a long time, they were initially formed back in 1981 under different guises before settling on the Flotsam & Jetsam moniker in 1984. There have been many line-up changes in the band over the years, the one that most metal fans will be aware of is former bassist Jason Newsted leaving to replace Cliff Burton in Metallica. F & J enjoyed moderate success in the mid to late 80s with albums such as the classics, Doomsday for the Deceiver (the only album ever to get a 6K review in Kerrang!) and No Place for Disgrace, and they went on to build up a strong following as a live act. The band never really transcended any higher unfortunately but continued to record and tour.


This latest record continues hot on the heels of their 2019 release The End of Chaos the line-up is largely unchanged apart from new bass player Bill Bodily. The sound of the band has evolved into a more prog metal sound over the years, that said, there are some moments of sheer thrash brilliance on this album. The first single and video to be released from the album Burn the Sky features some blistering riffs and astounding drumming from legendary drummer Ken K Mary (one of my all-time favourite drummers). Vocalist AK Knutson still hits those high notes with ease and the guitar duo of Steve Conley and Michael Gilbert shred insanely.


More highlights include the frenetic Brace for Impact, Too Many Lives with its Painkiller era Judas Priest feel, and the superb Grey Dragon with more insane musicianship and full-on metal lyrics about a ‘metal creature flying through the air’. You really can feel that the band has channeled all their anger, frustration, and unspent energy from the last twelve months or so that has rendered most musicians helpless and unable to do the thing they love most.


A fantastic album that shows that aggressive metal written and played well is very much alive and thrashing!

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Author: Kenny Kendrick

Does It Matter? of course not.  Clowns are in the house with the first track off their post ‘Nature Nurture’ album.


Austrian punks DeeCRACKS have released their video game-style music video for “Don’t Throw It Away,” the latest video from the band’s new record Serious Issues. It is available now for purchase from the Pirates Press Records webstore.


Finally For Fans Of: Drive Like Jehu, Jawbox, Hot Snakes, Jawbreaker, Adolescents.  Totally Slow release the first track of their third album, ‘Dead Skater’

A Bit Of What You Fancy 2 to Hit Stores 2nd July as Fans Get Behind The Quireboys to Make National Top 10!

It’s the news we’ve all been waiting for – The Quireboys’ A Bit of What You Fancy Anniversary Edition is confirmed to land on 2nd July initially with the CDs, and then Blue Vinyls 6 weeks after that.

In addition, the lead single, 7 O’Clock, is set to be released on 18th June as a double A-Side, featuring both the brand new studio version and a superb live version recorded at London’s prestigious O2 Forum, Kentish Town. A brand new video will accompany the single too.

This studio re-recording of their iconic first album will reflect the current Gypsy Rock n Roll sound of The Quireboys, and prove to be powerful, inspirational and full of all the quality of a modern-day recording.

Over the next few days and weeks, we will be spreading the word once more about this stunning album, with the aim to get the lads into the charts where they deserve to be – with the aim to make the release hit the national top 10

This is a must for all Quireboys fans worldwide and will be available on CD & Vinyl, both on limited runs, with a new modern cover and a couple of live bonus tracks on the CD – “Man on the Loose” and “Mayfair” – while the Vinyl Collector’s version will be restricted to a run of 750 copies only in Blue Vinyl.


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