The Professionals are delighted to announce ‘The Pretty Vaccinated’ August tour, their first UK shows since playing with Billy Idol three years ago.
The 5 shows include The Stone Valley Festival on 28th August, plus 4 intimate headline shows starting in St Albans at The Horn on 25th and finishing the Boiler Room in Guilford on 29th August.
“Getting out to there to play and see you lovely people has seemed like an unrealistic fantasy for too long.
Our fingers are crossed for our album launch tour this October.
Please don’t let it go tits up again!
So, in the meantime, our marvellous agent has managed to grab us a string of gigs around a festival show on the Saturday.  Yes, they’re not our usual haunts, we had to avoid October locations, but we truly can’t wait to make some noise and get amongst the people.
We’ve been working on the new album. That’s kept us sane through mad times. You’ll get to hear it in October. Before then though, let’s get together to blow away the cobwebs of covid.”  
Tickets are available on their Website
Following 2017’s critically acclaimed album ‘What in the World’, The Professionals will be releasing their third album SNAFU later this year
Formed from the ashes of the Sex Pistols by Paul Cook and Steve Jones, The Professionals are more vital than ever and a formidable live force that needs to be experienced.

The Professionals 2021 live shows 
August  – The Pretty Vaccinated tour
25th  Wed St Albans, The Horn
26th  Thu Bridgwater, Cobblestones
27th  Fri Southend, The Cricketer’s
28th  Sat Newark, Stone Valley Festival
29th  Sun Guildford, Boiler Room
October  – SNAFU tour
13th  Wed Tunbridge Wells, Forum
14th  Thu Oxford, o2 Academy
15th   Fri Swansea, Sin City
16th  Sat Manchester, Factory
18th   Mon Glasgow, King Tuts
19th  Tue Newcastle, The Cluny
20th  Wed Nottingham, Bodega
21st Thu Birmingham, Castle Falcon
22nd Fri Liverpool, EBGB’s
24th  Sun London, The Garage
25th  Mon Bristol, The Exchange
26th  Tue Leeds, Brudenell Social
27th  Wed Milton Keynes, Craufurd Arms
28th  Thu Chester, Live Rooms

Edmonton’s Real Sickies released their newest album “Love is for Lovers” on July 9th via Stomp Records. The band serves up yet another platter full of tasty hooks and punk rock melodies, but this time around with a dash of pop that shows a leap in songwriting craft. Recorded in Edmonton at Rob Lawless’ Physics Lab Studios, the album offers songs that straddle the border between Ramones-style aggression and Strokes reminiscent vocal takes. This color-vinyl release includes everything from explosive rockers to heart-wrenching ballads. “Love is for Lovers” has the whole enchilada!


When Honesty is the best policy.  Kris had this to say about his new video.  “To be honest, I wrote it trying to write a Kurt Baker Band song. I’m pretty terrible at guitar so I have to keep it really basic. I’ve always loved Kurt’s melodies and the way Kurt and Wyatt Funderburk re-harmonize different sections.”

DANGEREENS – ‘Streets Of Doom’  (Golden Robot Records)  After recently signing a global record deal with Golden Robot Records, Montreal glitter punk outfit DANGEREENS will release their first single through the label, ‘Streets of Doom’! Out on the 26th of July, the single will be available on all digital platforms.

Dubbed the most elegantly decadent rock n’ roll unit of the 21st century, DANGEREENS’ upcoming single ‘Streets of Doom’ takes you back to the glory days of 70’s glitter rock. One listen and the influences will come pouring out and transport you back into one of the finest ever rock eras!

‘Streets of Doom’ is a contemporary, deadbeat take on a Homeresque tragedy, describing the thoughts and feelings of a hopelessly in love drug dealer. The song is built on a straight 4/4 throbbing rhythm section with syncopated accents, and features take-no-prisoner, oversaturated fuzzed-out guitars, and careless, snarly vocals.

Pre-Save/Pre-Order to ‘Streets of Doom’ HERE


Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders – ‘ You Might Be Through With The Past, But The Past Ain’t Through With You’ / ‘Ruby Baby’ (Heavy Medication Records) Another out and out rocker from the wonderful Pat Todd and his Rank Outsiders. With a howling good time harmonica from the kick-off, this is just a stomping old-time rocker with some smart solo and a Pat spitting out the words hell yeah! Flip it over and ‘Ruby Baby’ is a twelve-bar boogie it’s like Todd fronting the best of the Georgia Sats and Them Scorchers.  What’s not to like?

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Dirty Fences – ‘Inside Out’ (Self Release) Rapid like a Gatlin gun firing power-pop bullets all over the shop.  ‘Inside Out’ is punchy with a big sloppy chorus.  As the New Yorkers get down to business – the Buzzcocks like ‘Broken Saddle So’ lets the listener have it in spades.  This band has never released a bad track and this seven-inch is another two gems.  Check it out here







Dez Dare – ‘My My Medulla’ (Ch!mp Records)   Australian-born, Brighton-based musician (otherwise known as Darren Smallman!) has a new single out today called ‘My My Medulla’, lifted from the new album ‘Hairline Ego Trip’ out now on Ch!mp Records.  Dez can turn in a decent tune to be fair as this one deals with the autism that Darren has grown up with.

“Being Autistic I have always struggled to communicate with the people around me, feeling a physical barrier nearly like a wall of distortion in between me and the world,” explains Darren. “This song looks at the struggle to find clarity with the ones you love and the force it takes to include yourself in the world outside your mind.”  Knowing the struggle of someone on the spectrum all too well I love seeing and hearing people like Dez achieve what he’s already managed.


Clowns – ‘Sarah’ (Fat Wreck Chords)  another day another banger from Australia’s finest – Clowns.  The second track to be lifted from their new album (due later this year) this is another earworm that will burrow down and delight you when you least expect it or if you are already familiar with the band then you know what to expect.  Awesome stuff.







Hailing from Venice Italy this four-piece have managed to harness the best of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and a modern version of Jesus and Mary Chain and whilst they were at it they’ve remembered how Brown and Squires wrote melodies. From the off ‘Twin Mime’ is a brooding swirling mass of heaving guitars and tub-thumping. It’s a really good intro that fires into the stop-start of ‘Zyko’ with a really satisfying bass line that holds it all together whilst the guitars howl and rage all around.


‘Factice’ is a proper ‘Darklands’ era Mary Chain and that is a great place to plant your flag in the ground in my book with a steady droning rhythm behind the rolling riff whilst the melody swoons.  I reviewing this whilst hiding indoors as the temperature hits a staggering 31 degrees and the Gothic majesty isn’t lost on me for a second as I only stop to paint my nails a darker shade of black with ‘Begin Again’ rattling around the room. Saying that there are gothic undertones at play would be an understatement as well as the ebow on ‘Begin Again’ its reminiscent of The Mission’s influence. There is also usage of the synth drone on ‘Evil Evil’ as they build their wall of noise that is very addictive and rather enjoyable when the guitar joins in for some whiplash overdrive.

There is a brief detour as the acoustics come into focus on the majestic ‘Helluva Zoo’  (no I don’t know what it’s about either but I don’t care) its an excellent arrangement and tune there is a naivety about it that is really appealing and shades of Echo and his Bunnymen as well as other 80’s alt-rock bands that populated the charts here in the UK.  This album is a confident and reassuring collection of songs that grab the listener and demand their attention.  I might be late to the New Candys party but it’s better late than never and on the strength of this album I’m delving into their catalogue for sure there is certainly a lot to be impressed with from the arrangments to the melodies to the influences and the overall flow of the album its a winner and one I suspect will burn long into the rest of 2021 and beyond.  Always a satisfying feeling when an album has legs and just runs off with you Shoegazing psychs are coming for us all we might as well give in if it sounds as good as this.

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Author: Dom Daley


On 6th September it’s a 101 Films Black Label double bill, with two powerful early works from iconic director Penelope Spheeris (The Decline of Western Civilisation, Wayne’s World).

Title 021 on the Black Label is SUBURBIA (1983), a searing drama that is both an authentic and compassionate study of the Los Angeles punk rock scene of the early 1980s, and a bleak indictment of the American suburban experiment. Starring real-life punks rather than trained actors, and featuring live performances from punk bands D.I., T.S.O.L. and the Vandals, special features in include a brand new, 30-minute interview with director Penelope Spheeris, and two commentaries with filmmakers and cast.

Continuing the theme of suburban alienation, title 022 on our premium imprint is THE BOYS NEXT DOOR (1985), a violent and disturbing crime thriller starring Maxwell Caulfield and Charlie Sheen as a pair of handsome teenagers who embark on a sickening killing spree in Los Angeles.

While Spheeris would go on to become best known for her documentary and comedy filmmaking, this pair of uncompromising films — her first two narrative features — remain among the director’s strongest and most hard-hitting work.

Both packages include a limited edition slipcase and booklet, with new writing on the making and context of the films.


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23The mainstays of The DeRellas Timmy and Luca decided before Covid hit the world that the band must evolve and a shake-up of personnel was undertaken.  It was both a brave and bold move considering how well the lineup was producing the goods in the studio and on stages up and down the country but you snooze you loose and so we entered Lockdown 2020 with plans afoot for The Derellas to enter the studio to follow up the excellent High Rise Supersize single.  A successful Kickstarter campaign ensued and the band entered Perry Vale Studios with the legendary Pat Collier to begin work on the ‘Somethings Gotta Give’ album and finally, in August of 2021, it will hit the streets with a bang! Crash! & bit of a Wallop!


Right from the off it is fair to say the production is top notch and a fuller more hard edge to the songs takes DeRellas 2021 in a different direction maybe less Glam punk and more focussed punk rock sounding DeRellas.  Sure the song topics are about the down n dirty, Glam Punk staple diet of love, life, booze, one night stands and rolling from day to day enjoying life.  ‘Don’t Tell Me What I Did Last Night’ has Timmy delivering a sympathetic vocal and to be fair he does it very well and its the one or rather one of the most notable things is the vocals suit the songs very well and the Subs influenced tones sit very well on this record.


Its got a dash of early Manics very mich in evidence on songs like the sleazy ‘Underground LUV’ which is an excellent laid back ode to love L-U-V. Lucas tone and solos sit very nicely in the mix and to be fair is the shining star on the record.  Its like the DeRellas coming of age album and finally after all the line up changes have finally cracked the code for whatever it was they were searchign to destroy.  ‘Emergency 2020’ deals with the current times in a nutshell with a great Stonesy riff and melody up to the Sonic Temple like solo leaving just enough headroom for the Sweet like breakdown to take this one back to the chorus.  Great stuff.

I guess fitting in all your influences and whats in your DNA into a decent song is what every artist is searchign for and whilst this isn’t perfect its the best thing the DeRellas have naild onto tape by some considerable length.  The flow of the album in its pace of each song is well lthought and the studo shine from Mr. Collier is most complimentry and will give these songs longevity long after the dayglo spray paint has dried and the guyliner has faded.


The tip of the hat to the mid 80s glory days when every turn was a Hanoi Rocks or A Lords Of The New Church or a Dogs D’Amour slamming into a Soho Roses and a Cheap and Nasty filled the gaps its been a long time for bands to delve into the best that period had to offer and ‘Lifes Crashing’ fills that void very nicely in style and delivery. ‘Pressure Gonna Get Ya’ is another that sails on the influence of maybe a ‘Holy Bible’ era preachers and Timmys distressed vocal is perfect for this and he delivers it in spades some fo his best lyrics to boot.


If you just want snotty punk the ‘Sonic Detonator’ will get you pogoing, along with the wonderfully glamarous Jonesy chug of ‘Soho Hotel’ it’ll give you the chance to join in on the chorus and punch the air and rejoice. One of the albums best songs for me is the laid back ‘Our World Tomorrow’ and as it builds like the bastard child of Stiv and Billy Halo its something that sets this album apart from the previous albums and confirms that maybe this was indeed the right path for the band to head down.


The album isn’t front loaded as we head into the home straight and an updated version of a fantastic glam punk stomp of ‘High Rise Supersize’ signs of a really impressive album thats been well worth the wait.  I leave you in no doubt at all that if you were undecided about this then fear not because you wont have any regrets at all because as a listener nothings gotta give because ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ gives everything and more.  Get It!



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Legendary musician Bob Mould today announces a run of Solo Electric 2022 UK and Ireland tour dates beginning January 19th at Whelan’s in Dublin. The tour, perfectly timed with the incoming release of Mould’s Distortion: Live vinyl boxset, will see him perform solo versions of music from across his 40+ year career, including songs from the Distortion collection and from his landmark band Hüsker Dü, as well as from last year’s explosive and critically acclaimed Blue Hearts album. As Mould notes: “I’m looking forward to the upcoming Solo Electric shows in the UK and Ireland. I’m excited to be performing songs from 2020’s Blue Hearts, as well as revisiting the prior 40 years of my songbook.”

On top of that Mould has also shared a video in which he, along with his friend, actor, comedian and avid Mould fan Fred Armisen, open the boxes of the different vinyl volumes of Mould’s career retrospective boxset Distortion. Armisen penned the introduction to Mould’s massive 24-CD Distortion box which was released last autumn by Demon.  The vinyl volumes have been released periodically over the last year, with the fourth and final vinyl box Distortion: Live now scheduled to be released by Demon on August 6th. The 8LP set includes live recordings from Mould’s solo career as well as performances by his band, Sugar.


As on the previously released box sets in the Distortion collection, the fourth volume sees each album being mastered by Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice at Peerless Mastering in Boston and is presented with brand new artwork designed by illustrator Simon Marchner and pressed on 140g clear vinyl with unique splatter effects. This box set includes 4 live albums: Live At The Cabaret Metro, 1989 (first time on vinyl); the Sugar album The Joke Is Always On Us, SometimesLiveDog98 (first time on vinyl), and Live at ATP 2008 (first time on vinyl). In addition, the set includes a 28-page companion booklet featuring liner notes by journalist Keith Cameron; contributions from Bully’s Alicia Bognanno; rare photographs and memorabilia, and a bonus LP Distortion Plus: Live, which features live rarities including B-Sides and stand-out tracks from the Circle of Friends concert film.



Pre-order Distortion: Live here:

UK/IE tour dates:

Jan 19th | Dublin, IE – Whelan’s
Jan 21st | Liverpool, UK – Arts Club
Jan 23rd | Cardiff, UK – The Globe
Jan 24th | Chester, UK – The Live Rooms
Jan 25th | Birmingham, UK – The Mill
Jan 27th | Stoke, UK – The Sugarmill
Jan 28th | Bristol, UK – Thekla
Jan 29th | Nottingham, UK – Rescue Rooms
Jan 31st | Glasgow, UK – Oran Mor
Feb 1st | Newcastle, UK – Riverside
Feb 3rd | Southampton, UK – Engine Rooms
Feb 4th | Brighton, UK – Concorde 2
Feb 5th | Oxford, UK – O2 Academy 2
Feb 7th | Leeds, UK – Brudenell Social Club

Tickets for all shows available Here

Bob Mould on Facebook Bob Mould on Facebook
Bob Mould on Twitter Bob Mould on Twitter
Bob Mould Website Bob Mould Website

Formed in L.A.’s South Bay in the late 70s, Descendents began as a power trio featuring bassist Tony Lombardo, drummer Bill Stevenson, and guitarist Frank Navetta (d. 2008). The band recruited vocalist Milo Aukerman in 1980 and set about acquainting themselves with the Southern California Punk movement. Over the years, the band has sustained a potent catalogue and single vision, further cementing them as US punk legends.

‘9th & Walnut’ is the location in Long Beach, Southern California, at which the band wrote their earliest music. The first release was the Fat EP back in 1981, then followed it up with the scene-defining ‘Milo Goes To College’ the following year. This much is known. What is about to unfold are the songs the group wrote before anyone had heard their name even if it’s the last thing they’ve released. (it’ll all make sense)

In 2002, the original four-piece lineup — Frank Navetta, Tony Lombardo, Bill Stevenson, and Milo Aukerman — got back into the studio to finally record their first-ever songs. The songs were written by the band before recording the ‘Fat EP’ (1981).  In a (Wal)nut shell, this is the Descendents’ earliest material, something of a “lost” until now that is.


From the band’s distinct surf-beats to the crunching guitars, it’s all here.  packed with a tonne of great melodies and harmonies. From the classic punk (“Sailor’s Choice,” “I’m Shaky”), antisocial gonzo punk (“You Make Me Sick”), Damn they even murder ‘Glad All Over’ (in a good way) marrying the harmonies with the rapid guitar attack taking ownership I guess.  It’s eighteen songs in twenty-five minutes so there’s no time to get bored or skip tracks.


Some of these songs were written when Frank was only 14 years old.” When the band reconvened to record them, it was just like the earliest days: “We just fell right into our old mode. It was so natural.” said Frank.  It’s incredible to think really and it must have been a lot of fun for the band to do, that urgency and youthful energy comes across in the recordings.  the progtastic ‘Nightage’ clocking in at a ridiculous post two minutes is just showing off. ‘Mohicans’ is almost collage pop-rock with enthusiasm and loud guitars but the melody is poptastic.


There are freshly recorded versions of  ‘Like the Way I Know,’ in all its sub-one-minute splendor. Descendents’ debut tracks “Ride the Wild” and ”It’s a Hectic World” (heard here for the first time with vocals by Milo). Considering these songs’ age (40 fuckin years) they sound as potent and fresh as the day they were written. Which is a tribute to both the band’s talent, enduring, and endearing qualities.


Californian punk bands are a much-maligned bunch and the ones who crashed and burnt tend to have the fondest regards looking back but to be fair and give credit where it’s due.  Sure X, Germs and Fear delivered some seminal moments but it’s the bands who lasted the course that should get the biggest pat on the back and accolades like the Adolescents, Bad Religion and of course The Descendents.  Cherish it and play it loud.  Whilst it might not get the credit their latter releases get (which is fair) but it will make a very nice addition to a lot of people’s record collection mine included.

Pre-order ‘9th & Walnut’ HERE:

Descendents are vocalist Milo Aukerman, bassist Tony Lombardo, late guitarist Frank Navetta, and drummer Bill Stevenson.


Author: Dom Daley

brand-new song off their upcoming double A-side 7, ‘Does It Matter?’ Out November 19th and is available for pre-order.

2020 was going to be a colossal year for CLOWNS. The Melbourne, Australian five-piece was locked into worldwide touring to support their 2019 full-length and FAT debut, Nature/Nurture. The album included 11 blistering songs that veered from frantic punk to slower, more nuanced, and psychedelic-tinged rock. However, before the band could really roll out their epic touring plans, that nettlesome global pandemic hit, and the world was shut down.


Luckily, CLOWNS are not one to rest on their laurels and harnessed their solitude to write music. The pause on being an active band allowed the group to record a batch of new songs, with two standing out as their favorites. Out November 11th, you’ll get a healthy dose of quarantine-blues curing melody in the form of their double A-side single Does It Matter?


“Does It Matter?” was the first single to be released in May of 2020 and is about breaking the law, says CLOWNS vocalist Stevie Williams. “We all do it sometimes-and if you say you don’t, then chances are you are a liar or a coward. Musically, we wrote this song during lockdown as the world was melting around us.” The single is a hook-heavy raucous number that demonstrates the prowess of their current lineup. Now completed by drummer and founding member Jake Laderman, vocalist Stevie Williams, bassist/vocalist Hanny J and guitarists Rod Goon and Cam Rust.


The second A-side single, “Sarah,” completes the release with the kind of sound that you’ve come to expect from Clowns:  blazing guitars, huge vocals, and infectious melodies. Vocalist Stevie Williams expands, “Sarah explores the idea of how love can be like a drug. Dizzying highs and soul-destroying lows. It can elevate your life to heights you never knew were possible, but can at the same time, be life-crushingly addictive.” The song was recorded at Red Door studio with producer Wood Annison (The Living End) and co-wrote the tune with Matt Squire (One DirectionPanic! At The Disco).


Additionally, in 2019, CLOWNS started a record label/booking agency called Damaged who’ll release Does it Matter?, in Australia, with FAT distributing the release everywhere else. What’s next for CLOWNS? Vocalist Stevie Williams shares, “While we feel happy to be living a relatively normal life after our COVID episode, we are still unable to leave Australia and tour. We’re using this time as wisely as possible, writing all kinds of new music and playing shows where we can. Expect lots of new tunes until it’s legal for us come to you!”


What comes to mind when you think of Denmark? Bacon? Carlsberg? Pretty Maids? Lars Ulrich? Lego? The Little Mermaid? It’s pretty much that for me (no bacon for this vegan scribe though!). The country isn’t really known for its musical exports but that may be about to change with the release of Black Swamp Water’s third long player ‘Awakening’. The band have built up a solid following and their track ‘Bitter Harvest’ from their second album ‘Distant Thunder’ has over two million streams on Spotify…. impressive.

For their latest work the band have used producer Tue Madsen (Moonspell, Artillery, Dark Tranquillity) and the result is a crystal clear, punchy mix. A sound that ranges from Down style Southern sludge to traditional heavy metal with a touch of thrash thrown in shows that these boys don’t like to be pigeonholed. This proves to be problematic as I’ll discuss later in this review.

There are some great riffs thrown around and the first single released from the album ‘Endless War’ has a great drum intro (it sounds a bit like ‘Painkiller’) from Kim Langkjær Jensen who really showcases his ability. There’s a great horror-themed video to accompany it too. The only criticism from me is that there isn’t any coherence or continuity with the songs. I get that they are trying to be diverse, but I think the heavier, thrashier tunes suit the band more. The ballad ‘Send Me Away’ really feels out of place and doesn’t work in my opinion. A well-played but pointless cover of Sabbath’s ‘Children of the Grave’ doesn’t need to be here at all, we want more of your own material guys!!

Overall, it’s a decent effort with some solid heavy metal. The band needs to concentrate on what kind of metal band they are though. The guys are great musicians and work well as a unit, and hopefully, they will find their own niche soon. More THRASH, please!

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Author: Kenny Kendrick