Hailing from Venice Italy this four-piece have managed to harness the best of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and a modern version of Jesus and Mary Chain and whilst they were at it they’ve remembered how Brown and Squires wrote melodies. From the off ‘Twin Mime’ is a brooding swirling mass of heaving guitars and tub-thumping. It’s a really good intro that fires into the stop-start of ‘Zyko’ with a really satisfying bass line that holds it all together whilst the guitars howl and rage all around.


‘Factice’ is a proper ‘Darklands’ era Mary Chain and that is a great place to plant your flag in the ground in my book with a steady droning rhythm behind the rolling riff whilst the melody swoons.  I reviewing this whilst hiding indoors as the temperature hits a staggering 31 degrees and the Gothic majesty isn’t lost on me for a second as I only stop to paint my nails a darker shade of black with ‘Begin Again’ rattling around the room. Saying that there are gothic undertones at play would be an understatement as well as the ebow on ‘Begin Again’ its reminiscent of The Mission’s influence. There is also usage of the synth drone on ‘Evil Evil’ as they build their wall of noise that is very addictive and rather enjoyable when the guitar joins in for some whiplash overdrive.

There is a brief detour as the acoustics come into focus on the majestic ‘Helluva Zoo’  (no I don’t know what it’s about either but I don’t care) its an excellent arrangement and tune there is a naivety about it that is really appealing and shades of Echo and his Bunnymen as well as other 80’s alt-rock bands that populated the charts here in the UK.  This album is a confident and reassuring collection of songs that grab the listener and demand their attention.  I might be late to the New Candys party but it’s better late than never and on the strength of this album I’m delving into their catalogue for sure there is certainly a lot to be impressed with from the arrangments to the melodies to the influences and the overall flow of the album its a winner and one I suspect will burn long into the rest of 2021 and beyond.  Always a satisfying feeling when an album has legs and just runs off with you Shoegazing psychs are coming for us all we might as well give in if it sounds as good as this.

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Author: Dom Daley