EXCESSIVE FORCE – ‘Live Life For Idiots’ (Riot Records)  Hardcore as fuck.  Old school Agnostic Front style hardcore from down under.  To claim it is one of the more mellow songs on the album (soon to be released) it’s an ode to those fools blinded by bull*hit. This is one angry slab of old-school hardcore. What’s not to love?  It’s got a breeze block heavy guitar riff and lyrics to boot.  Get on it kids it’s a belter.






The Wildhearts – Sort Your Fucking Shit Out’ (Graphite Records)  The second single lifted from the brand new September released album from The Wildhearts is a bonafide banger.  Don’t believe me then take a listen on the youtube link.  Hookey (is that a word) as fuck from the thumping Danny bassline to Ginger’s melody to the humorous but serious message in the title and lyrics.  Everything a Wildhearts fan wants to hear.  Summery as fuck but with the heaviness like a pint of Guinness on a 27-degree day’s sunshine.  Take off your shoes and dance – indeed.  Bring on the album it’s what we all need.   To purchase / stream Sort Your Fucking Shit Out go tohttps://ffm.to/syfso  whilst your at it hit this up  to pre-order and pre save 21st Century Love Songs go to: https://ffm.to/21stcenturylovesongs


The Dirty Denims – ‘Rock and Roll All Night / Better Believe It’ (Action Rock Jukebox 45 single)(Screaming Crow Records)  A perfectly passable cover of the Kiss Klassic from The Dirty Denims.  Their original submission is an uptempo rocker ‘Better Believe It’. 

 Each band has submitted a rockin’ version of a song that would have been found on your local jukebox in the 70s & 80s backed with an original track from the band. These large-holed 45s are perfect for that old jukebox in your basement. Each single comes with a jukebox title card and a custom 45 adapter in case you don’t have one of those cool old jukeboxes. Each release will feature 100 color vinyl  and 200 black vinyl versions. The first 50 copies sold will be autographed by the band. Right now the singles will only be available on Screaming Crow’s and the bands’ websites. Once all the singles are out, Screaming Crow will compile them into one killer double LP and CD and release them through our normal retail channels.
Website /Bandcamp / Facebook 


Black Sheriff – ‘Centerfold / Johnny’s Fight’ (Action Rock Jukebox 45 single)(Screaming Crow Records) A stone cold pop rock classic gets the Sheriff treatment and in fairness its gonna be tough to beat the original but points are awarded for daring to go there and in truth pulling off a pretty impressive take on ‘Centrefold’.  


The band sounds more comfortable on their own turf kicking up a shitstorm with ‘Johnny’s Fight’. With a rumbling bassline that heads into a gang-filled chorus that’ll have the boys and girls windmilling and pogoing.

Website / Facebook



Twiggy Branches – ‘The Radiant Twist.’ (Self Release) Recorded live in the studio by Paul Kostabi (also did cover art) and is mixed by Grammy winner Carl Glanville (U2). Twiggy Branches throw the kitchen sink into ‘The Radiant Twist’ with some super cool Horns a honkin and a hook laden bonafide creppy crawler of a tune.  Another mighty fine slice of Rock and Roll on offer right here.  Fill yer digital boots kids you wont regret it.
SPOTIFY PRE-SAVE: Here / Bandcamp / Facebook
Autogramm – ‘I Am A Situation’ (Nevado Records)  Infectious power-popin post-punk rock from Autogramm as they synth n slide into your noggin via this earworm.  Coming on like an 80s rock band who fell in love with post Tubeway Army Numan and just discovered Kraftwerk.  Splendid stuff ya? The black and white video portrays a Kraftwerk-like, day in the life of actress Kim Kraczon in mid-pandemic Berlin. The video echoes the sentiment of the song’s despondent lyrics. Buy the album Here





Little Triggers – ‘YEH MAN’   (ingrooves)  With influences stretching from Humble Pie and the MC5 to The Hives, Wolfmother and QOTSA. Tom Hamilton (lead vocals & guitars) and Jay Radcliffe (drums & backing vocals) make one hell of a din for a duo.  ‘Yeah Man’  is a thumping headache the morning after with a chaotic claustrophobic sound that gets exciting after the brain fog clears.  From the rasping vocals to the distorted bass and thrashing guitars.  Very exciting times for the Liverpool-based pair.  Check em out here 





Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard – ‘Crescent Man v Demolition Man’  Those south Wales rascals are back and as barking as ever with a brand new one for your listening pleasure.

Buy the single Here
“Trajinero” music video was animated by Miguel Jara and Celestial Brizuela at Estudio Pneuma, Mexico City, 2021.
JENNY “Trajinero b/w Kids of Today” is the sophomore EP by Justin Maurer (CLOROX GIRLS, MANIAC, SUSPECT PARTS, L.A. DRUGZ) featuring a little help from his friends Jacobo Fernandez (LAS BRUSCAS, LES TRAGIQUES, DESOBEDIENTES) and Gabriel Lopez (ESPECTROPLASMA, SONIDO GALLO NEGRO) as well as his former bandmates in LA DRUGZ who play on the B-Side “Kids of Today”. “Trajinero” is JENNY’s debut Spanish language single with the B-side “Kids of Today” sung in English. “Trajinero” was conceived during Maurer’s visit to Mexico City in November 2020. Maurer, Fernandez, and his girlfriend Corey were enjoying a Sunday afternoon boat ride in the swamps of Xochimilco, Mexico City, and Maurer was fascinated by the rough and tumble trajineros who expertly manned their hand-painted gondolas in the canals.
Over a bottle of ice-cold Don Julio Blanco, Maurer and Fernandez envisioned a plot where a lovelorn working-class trajinero must commit crimes to keep his upper-middle class fresa girlfriend happy. Loosely based on the plot of Emilio “El Indio” Fernández 1943 film Maria Candelaria, our protagonist commits a crime of passion and ends up in jail. He makes a plea to himself for his own happiness and survival, a passionate cry of “Ni Carcel/Ni Ella/Ni Nerds” which translates to “Not jail, not her, not nerds.” (The Mexican Spanish equivalent of nerds, ñoños, is sung on the final word of the song.) Maurer has been a student of the Spanish language for a couple of decades with stints living and working in both Spain and Mexico. Native Spanish speaker and homegrown chilango, Fernandez, helped him with the lyrics – scrawled quickly during an acoustic rehearsal on the rooftop of his Mexico City apartment a few days before entering T-Vox Studios to record. Covid-19 was in full swing in Mexico City in November 2020 when “Trajinero” was laid down and Maurer, Fernandez, and engineer Gabriel Lopez all double masked in the studio which is attached to the Lopez family home in Aragon; near the airport where Maurer had his flight home a few hours later. He nearly missed his flight, but a stone-cold hit was recorded. Lopez’s uncle Miguel Angel was dancing around the studio throughout the session which the boys took to be a good sign. Along with engineering and mixing the single, Lopez also played lead guitar and Vox Organ. “Kids Of Today” is a catchy banger recorded by Grammy award-winning engineer Mark Rains at Stationhouse Studios Los Angeles. The up-tempo B-side features former LA DRUGZ bandmates Cezar Mora (THE BAD MACHINE, THE WAYWARD CHAPEL), James Carman (REFLECTORS, MANIAC, IMAGES), and Johnny “JD” Reyes (REFLECTORS) handily backing Maurer up. Both sides were mastered by Daniel “Hadji” Husayn (RED DONS) at North London Bomb Factory. The limited first pressing of 300 is the complete package with beautiful cover layout and design by Snake Davis.
JENNY “Trajinero b/w Kids Of Today” 300 first-pressing copies available now for pre-order. 100 on clear vinyl, 200 on black.  
Pre-Order “Trajinero b/w Kids Of Today” in North America from Dirt Cult Records: Here
Pre-Order “Trajinero b/w Kids Of Today” in Europe from Wanda Records: Here
Follow JENNY: Bandcamp:Here

SAMI YAFFA, best known for his work with New York DollsMichael Monroe Band and Hanoi Rocks has announced the release of his first solo album “The Innermost Journey to Your Outermost Mind”, out on September 3rd, 2021 via Livewire/Cargo Records.


SAMI YAFFA has had a long and unique career as a musician. He played at the tender age of 16 on the Finnish punk legends Pelle Miljoona Oy’s legendary album Moottoritie On Kuuma. As an original member of the band Hanoi Rocks (1980-85) he recorded 5 albums with the band and toured the world extensively until the tragic events that ended the flight of the pioneering band. Hanoi Rocks became a major influence on many bands that later became huge like the Guns N`Roses and Pearl Jam.

Yaffa’s career continued after the break-up of Hanoi and ended up playing with Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, the legendary New York Dolls, the Swedish RnR machine The Hellacopters and many more artists. Sami began playing with the Hanoi Rocks lead singer Michael Monroe again in 2010, the collaboration with Michael continues to this day.

But now it’s time to put out an album under his own name. “The idea for the solo album started to take shape a few years back. I had written music for the New York Dolls and the Michael Monroe Band, but a lot of the songs and ideas were starting to sound more like me than the other bands.

Recording lineup:

Rich Jones (MICHAEL MONROE) – Guitar
Christian Martucci (STONE SOUR) – Guitar
Rane Raitsikka (SMACK) – Guitar
Janne Haavisto – Drums

What kind of music does Yaffa then release under his own name? Versatile. “I’ve always loved the music of the bands like The Clash and The Rolling Stones. They can play country, funk, reggae and rock`n`roll, and still sound like themselves. I wanted the same kind of versatility for my own album. ” The album has influences on a fairly wide scale, but it hardly surprises those who have followed Yaffa’s career: in addition to his own music career, he has been seen getting to know the musical cultures of different parts of the world as a host of the Sami Yaffa: Soundtracker TV series. However, the beating heart of the album is in rock`n`roll and punk, I don’t shy away from that.

Even though it’s a solo album, Yaffa mentions a few of names without whom the album wouldn’t have been completed. One being the drummer Janne Haavisto, with whom Sami played already as a teenager. And the other being his Michael Monroe Bands band mate Rich Jones who co-wrote a bulk of the songs with Sami. Also the Stone Sour guitarist Christian Martucci and Smack guitarist Rane played an important role in the creation of the album.

SAMI YAFFA is ready to hit the road after the release of the album with a line up of Janne Haavisto on drums, Linde Lindström (HIM) on guitar and Burton (HIM) on keyboards.




HITS 25 – Celebrating 25 Years since Holidays In The Sun…



Despite Rebellion Festival being postponed again this year due to the ongoing restrictions with the Covid pandemic, one point that became clear to the dedicated organisers early on was that, festival or no festival, punks from all over the country were still going to head to Blackpool. Previously due to take place August 5th – 8th at the famous Winter Gardens, one of the things that makes Rebellion Festival different to many other music festivals is the undeniable fact that the audience, bands, promoters and everyone involved are all one big family. Long established as the world’s largest punk festival, the fact that so many regular attendees were still prepared to come to Blackpool and support the city that has always welcomed them, and spend time with their extended punk family, without the festival even being on, meant that if it was possible to host at least some kind of gig for the people heading down, Rebellion would.

So, when news came that covid restrictions were going to be lifted on July 19th, Team Rebellion went into overdrive and have successfully pulled together in record time ‘Hits 25 – Celebrating 25 years since Holidays In The Sun’, the event from which Rebellion Festival was originally born.

To be held in the Empress Ballroom and an acoustic stage in the Pavilion on Saturday August 7th, Cock Sparrer, Cockney Rejects, UK Subs, GBH, The Barstool Preachers, Dirt Box Disco, Maid Of Ace, Gimp Fist, Fire Exit, Death Trails, Mille Manders and the Shutup are all confirmed to perform, whilst the acoustic stage in the Pavilion will see TV Smith, Atilla The Stockbroker, Carol Hodge and more provide a more relaxed soundtrack.

It’s testament to the goodwill that the bands and audience have for the festival and with thanks to the Winter Gardens and Blackpool Council that they’ve been able to bring together such a strong line-up in such short time, for the incredible value of only £21.50 on the door, or online in advance with booking fee.

Rebellion Festival tickets have nothing to do with this gig. Rebellion 2020 and 2021 tickets remain rolled over to 2022. It’s only a one stage main gig, so capacity is limited and therefore there obviously won’t be as many tickets available as usual.

The Winter Gardens, however, will have FREE ENTRY for Thursday / Friday and Sunday, giving everyone a place to meet up and hang out on those days.

Tickets are available from: https://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/event/1F005AE5C06D6E89

HITS25 is an All-Ages show with under 14s getting in free of charge. Everyone under 18 needs to be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Rebellion Festival 2022 is already well underway, and the promoters are rebooking many of the headline bands from the cancelled 2020/21 events and have also booked three bands that were not due to play either of those years. English rock legends The Stranglers and first-wave Los Angeles punks The Dickies are now confirmed to return to the festival in 2022 and are joined by Brighton folk-rock maestros The Levellers, who play the festival for the very first time.  The Levellers are still one of the most popular independent bands in the UK, and headlined Glastonbury Festival in 1994, where they performed to a record-breaking crowd of 300,000 people! Their anthemic, uplifting set is sure to be a highlight of Rebellion Festival in 2022.

These join returning and rebooked artists such as Circle Jerks, Bad Religion, The Undertones, Tom Robinson and Stiff Little Fingers, Ruts DC, Sham 69 and many more.

Rebellion Festival in 2022 will also see the welcome return of an outdoor stage, the council have agreed for the festival to have the area of the promenade right in front of Blackpool Tower (Tower Headland, on the ‘comedy carpet’). This is an amazing space for an outdoor stage. A straight walk down from the Winter Gardens. Rebellion can double the capacity with this area and have some fantastic plans to make both sites amazing.

For those who don’t have tickets rolling over from 2020/21, tickets for Rebellion 2022 will be available from August 5th.

Head to www.rebellionfestivals.com for more information.


Twitter: @rebellionfest 

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/RebellionPunkMuskFestival

With the swagger of Jagger they share a ciggy with Iggy and the bluster of Bowie these Cats from Chicago have got it happening baby I this record will stand up against the good and the great of the Ragged Rock and Roll genre from the jagger claps on ‘Satans Potion’ through the mid-seventies Stones riff-a-rama that’s clashing with a switched on Mc5 swinging it with cats like Gunfire Dance.  It’s all going off in my ears like a fuckin guy Fawkes night to end all as harmonicas honk and snares shuffle along with some subtle hip resting handclaps.


It’s a real triumph to hear a record that as it unfolds it’s everything and more of what you want to hear coming out of your stereo.  It’s loud it’s antisocial it’s happening.  With one speaker firmly planted in the past that is dripping with traditional outlaw Rockers from Keith Richards to Lux.  Some David Johansen running with Chuck Berry The Yowl tick all the motherfuckin boxes.


Hell, they’re smashing it on the snotty ‘Dum Diddy Dum’ with a growling bassline that’s leading the tune through some concrete jungle off its tits on some substance but with a wild night ringing in its ears.  It’s nothing short of sensational.


There is respite in the sound of some Cramp’s stomping delta blues as ‘Killed The Sun’ shuffles in like it’s discovering new territories on a lame pit pony but hell they’re forging on anyway.  It’s like a trip through time in widescreen as ‘Quitter’ could have fallen from the stars like an American Gunfire Dance but wait because ‘I Want Some’ is like a streetwise Hives looking for a party. and it seems the party has been found on ‘Looks And Personality’.  stands tall with some splendid guitar licks that will brighten up anyone’s day.


If this is the future of Garage Rock in America then I’m all in offering up a cavalcade of top tunes from the opener to the closing ring of the six-string thing it’s a beautiful thing. It’s unoriginal, it’s got an arrogant swagger that is everything in convincing me that these guys are the real deal and this is just the beginning of a beautiful thing. ‘Gonna Get You’ has a wonderful tone and some quality lyrics but I could say the same for the fuzzed-up romp of ‘Lips Of The Apocolypse’ and as we head into the home straight they dish up the tub-thumping ‘Money Power War’.

If they wanted to they could probably break your heart with a neatly placed ballad but there’s no time here for that nonsense its rockers all the way with ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ throwing up some cool gang vocals that are peppered with some of the albums finest guitar licks that spill out of the amps spraying shrapnel everywhere. ‘Vacation’ is a howling good time and it has me thinking I need to see these boys live right now.  Can this pandemic fuck off please and can someone book The Yowl for a UK showdown asap.  One of the finest albums I’ve had spinning on the RPM deathdecks in a long long time.  I suggest you get the beers in turn up the stereo tune in and drop out and treat you ears to this bad boy it’s a fuckin belter.


Buy it Here


Author: Dom Daley

You want some hard rockin boogie-woogie from London Ontario,  from anywhere but particularly Ontario?  Hell yeah! I hear the kids shout which is right about where Good As Gone ride into town.

That’s their name baby and I guess why not as they marry some nifty boogie ZZ Top style with some of that sweet Thin Lizzy harmonious guitar twiddling like on ‘Tall In The Saddle’.  There’s no stink of bullshit here kids just good time Rock n Roll with duelling guitars and a rock-solid backbeat.


They do kickback on ‘Oh Lenore’ (it might be in tribute to the fabric softener sold here in the UK) it’s a little Black Crowes like but not as in keeping with the previous offerings but that fine because ‘Foolish Pursuit’ is a cocksure struttin number with a shufflin’ backbeat and packs more of a punch.


Some members of the band have been cutting tracks for over two decades together and when they lock in you can hear how well they complement each other.  There is a tendency for the band to settle down into a comfortable pace and tempo of songs and when the melody is right and the playing locks in its a great thing to behold like on the record’s highlight ‘Dangler’  (I dunno what it’s about either) but the distorted slide and slow groove is ‘Amorica’ era Crowes and these guys do it well.


‘Other Voices’ being an epic seven plus minutes of brooding building roots rock n roll as it meanders showcasing what the band has to offer and doing it very nicely.


Buy Here

Author: Dom Daley


ROSE TATTOO has always been a major player in Australian rock, and has been at the helm of the music scene for decades, reaching a cult status here and overseas. Blood Brothers is a rock ‘n’ roll album that mixes traditional and modern styles and is a tribute to previous band members no longer with us. Originally released in 2007, the album was re-issued with bonus tracks on CD in 2018 via Golden Robot Records.

This Blood Red Double Vinyl LP features 17 tracks, including the original 11 on LP 1 and 6 live tracks on LP 2, and will be released by Golden Robot Records on August 20th.

In the category of ‘cult bands’, Rose Tattoo has been at the top of the pile since 1976. Their raw style of blues rock that the Australians manage to create out of a hot mix of slide guitars, pounding hooks with a sharp and tight rhythm, along with the unmistakable voice of their front man, Angry Anderson, is what gives the fans a welcome feast in what is today a fast pace orientated music business built around TV shows. They have influenced some of the biggest rock bands around including Guns ‘N Roses and L.A. Guns, and are still going strong after 40+ years! Their sound is hard rock mixed with blues rock influences, with songs including ‘Bad Boy for Love’, ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Outlaw’, ‘Nice Boys’, ‘We Can’t Be Beaten’ and ‘Scarred for Life’. ROSE TATTOO are one of the all time greatest Australian bands.

Australian rock music historian Ian McFarlane comments that ROSE TATTOO are “one of the most revered bands of all time. The Tatts played peerless, street-level heavy blues with the emphasis on slide guitar and strident lyric statements”.

Pre-order the limited edition blood-red vinyl Blood Brothers:
The Golden Robot Records Store
JB Hi-Fi

UK rockers, STEVIE R. PEARCE AND THE HOOLIGANS, have announced the release date for “MAJOR LEAGUE SON OF A BITCH”, out on August 28th via Heavy Rocka/Cargo Records. The album sees the introduction of Carl Donoghue and Lance Skybaby to the all new 13 tracks.

Having sat on the Hooligans 2nd album for over a year, rescheduling twice. The release date has been announced as August 28th to co-incide with the Bands debut performance at Hard Rock Hell Sleaze in Sheffield. A short Teaser video of the album has also been released showcasing the new material on the Album. It will be released on all the usual digital platforms, CD and Vinyl- which will follow on after the release date due to delays in the Vinyl manufacturing industry.



Aug 27th – Melbourne Rock Club, Mofest
Aug 28th – Hard Rock Hell Sleaze, Sheffield
Aug 29th – Crazy Cowboy Festival 6
Sep 02nd – Trillians, Newcastle
Sep 03rd – Nightrain, Bradford
Sep 04th – Bannermans, Edinburgh
Sep 10th – The Waterloo, Blackpool
Sep 11th – The Facebar, Reading
Sep 17th – The Patriot, Crumlin, Wales
Okt 01st – The Old Salutation Inn, Nottingham
Okt 02nd – Mogstock, Record Junkee, Sheffield


Stevie R. Pearce says of the new album: “I really wanted to go a lot further sonically, vocally and with intent with album 2- as a group. You are only as good as your last album which was ages ago now..- and mine was very well received but I’m not complacent and I’m not worried to throw some curveballs…and I think too many seem to be playing it safe…so I’ve doubled the bite for Major League. It’s not nicey-nicey rock by numbers which I’m seeing a lot of at the moment… it’s eclectic. it’s also all true.. no fictional stories. I have light and dark and I’ve some surprises on it that people probably won’t know what to do with. Dave Draper has also put his heart and soul into this record.. so I’m already winning”.



This album is my first time hearing a full album by the band as I have heard some songs here and there over the years. Stylistically, this falls right into my punk n roll wheelhouse and has grown on me a bit with each listen. It has not done enough to consistently keep me coming back to it. Other albums in this style have generally connected with me more than this one, but there are moments here I do enjoy. I don’t think I will be the only one that is a bit hit and miss with this one.

Opener ‘No No No’ has some cool backing vocals and guitar parts through the chorus but otherwise leaves me a little flat. There is a sense of urgency present, but it doesn’t ever really grab me. The guitar solo is cool, but I catch my attention drifting. ‘Love Exorcist’ has a cool riff and groove but suffers as it needs to be up front in the mix for me. Again, the guitar solo hits the spot, and the chorus has a nice shouty hook.


‘Diane’ is a surprise cover and perhaps should have been placed later on the album as it distracts from their originals and competes in my brain between the original and Therapy?’s haunting cover from the 90’s. While this is an alright version, I much prefer the two previous versions. It does not help that it comes before ‘Supersonic’ which is a burner with a huge hook and a catchy guitar riff for reinforcement. This is a hit single in some other dimension. This also would have been my first song on the album. Glen Clarke’s vocals perfectly fit the song, and Robin Schafer’s guitar riffs leap out of the speakers. ‘Dance Dance Dance’ continues to hit the mark as a slow build to some amped up rock n roll akin to a train thundering down the tracks with no let up in sight. The addition of Ross the Boss on lead guitar will likely bring the band some added listeners.


The band change gears with a slower tempo in ‘Generator.’ I really like that they are mixing things up here, and my feelings on this song have really depended on my mood. I wish there was more to the chorus, or it was used less. Acoustic guitar opens our side one instrumental closer ‘Gismo.’


Side two opens with the Supersuckers sounding ‘Drinkin Out Loud.’ I like the song but also realize I would rather just put on a Supersuckers song which is unfortunate. The little breakdown with the crowd noise in the background is a nice touch though. ‘Get Drunk with Me’ follows which in terms of the song titles I find appropriate. Schafer again lays down a nice riff that serves as a hook in itself. The rest of the song though doesn’t really establish its own identity. If I heard this playing in a bar, I would likely tune it out midway through the first verse and randomly come back to it throughout the song. They highlight that intro riff again at the end which does give the song extra life for my ears.


The band changes things up again with the more power pop feel of ‘One You Love’ and is another of my favorites from the album. Adding vocals by Lisa Kekaula again provides another shot of something different over the course of the album. I wish there was more power in the mix of the album, and I have a feeling this song will move at a slightly faster tempo live. Ross the Boss makes another appearance on ‘Killslayer Bob’ with a guitar intro that is really cool. The Beach Boys style backing vocals in the chorus are awesome here. It is the songs that I like that make this whole thing frustrating at the moment as I am quite sure there is an album by Black Sheriff that I would absolutely love if the stars aligned.


Coming to the end of the album, ‘Happy Camper’ brings in some Johnny Cash at the beginning, but this one just completely loses me. To reference the Supersuckers comparison again, when they go country, it feels very genuine as another side of the band. This just comes across to me as unnecessary filler. ‘Black Angel’ returns to the rocking vibe of the album, and it really suffers because of the previous track. I may isolate this song onto some of my own playlists to let it stand on its own as I like the chorus and the extended part near the end. I just check out after ‘Happy Camper’ when I listen to the whole album.


Black Sheriff have created an uneven 5th album for me which frustrates me as I can see them doing a lot of songs I enjoy. This will likely be one where I eliminate some songs from my listening to see if it holds my attention better that way. Songs like ‘Supersonic’ and ‘Killslayer Bob’ will have to be able to serve as the ones to keep me listening. At the end of the day for me right now, I’m just left feeling meh…

‘Time to Burn’ is available now.




Author: Gerald Stansbury





Pre-order or pre-save the new album ‘Comfort To Me’ here: https://amylats.ffm.to/comforttome


“The Big Drag,” is lifted off NOFX’s latest full-length, ‘Single Album’ available via www.fatwreck.com


Off! are back in the game.  Amen to that.  All profits from this song go to Metallica’s All Within My Hands Foundation and Indian Youth