RICKY RAT-  “She Feels Like a Good Thing” b/w “Born in Detroit  (I-94 Recordings) Ricky has teamed up with his Rat Pack members Laura Mendoza (bass) and Joe Leone (drums) for 2 new studio tracks.  The “A” side is a brand new original and the “B” side is a cover of the classic “Born in Detroit” (The Rockets). The amazing Jimmie Bones guests on piano on this barnstormer.   A good time slice of Rock and Roll sees Ricky do what he does best just cruising down this Rock and Roll freeway kicking up the dust with some punk rock n roll with a catchy chorus and gang vocals that sound like one of those memorable nights out.

The B side is worth the money for this 45 alone.  Ripping it up with some cool as fuck piano licks to give the feel good kick this bit o boogie woogie needs.  Class!

Preorders are available at I-94Recordings.com (they will ship out August 20th).


Delusions Of Grandeur –  EP (Savage Magic Records) is the result of a bunch of mates from two different countries, recording songs remotely, to help kill the boredom of Lockdown 1.0.

It is not a band, there will be no gigs. It is a one off, 4 track 7” of songs that would have otherwise been left to rot on Austin’s hard drive if Mel hadn’t suggested that they should try recording them and see what happened.

Blah blah Hip Priests, blah blah Bitch Queens. It doesn’t sound particularly like either but it’s fast, bangin’ and has loads of guitar solos!  That’s a pretty succinct press release and right on the money to be fair.  Obviously, Mel’s vocals would point to the Bitch Queens comparison but the solos are pure hear n aid bliss wig out for guitarists especially on ‘Drinking My Life Away’.  One for the collectors of these bands involved but that would be doing these tunes a disservice because they are proper bangers and that’s why you should buy this record. Respect the Rock!  

PRE-ORDERS shipping from USA! <—click here
PRE-ORDERS shipping from UK! <—click here


Chuck Norris Experiment – ‘This Will Leave A Mark’ (Transubstans Records / Ghost Highway Recordings)  is taken from the upcoming album with the same name, which will be released on September 17.   The single is released on all streaming services and download platforms! Spotify / YouTube

A clean sharp stab of high octane Action Rock from Sweden’s finest most uncompromising rockers giving fans and newcomers a nice little taster of what’s to come from Chuck and the gang.


Confused – ‘I Want A Beer’ (Confused Records)  Get the WD 40 ready for those double bass pedals and heads down wait for the starting gun and Go!  Hardcore as fuck Confused go for it.   M.O.D., Agnostic Front, D.R.I.paved the way for this to come crashing the party.  Brutal. RIOT PRE-SAVE URL:  www.tinyurl.com/getriot
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Brian McCarty & the Jen-U-Wine Faux Diamond Band “Hamtramck Jukebox” b/w “A Place in the Sun” (I-94 Recordings) Brand new single from Brian McCarty.  The “A’ side pays tribute to Lili Karwowksi and her bar Lili’s 21 which was the hangout/hometown bar for the gang back in the day.

He was the vocalist and founding member of Detroit’s glam punk Trash Brats (1987-2002) and has been consistently putting out solo releases for the last 20+ years. A wonderfully sunny rocker with a tip of the hat to Detroit rockers whilst the flip side is a bright and breezy tip of the hat to Stevie Wonder with a rocking version of the song “A Place in the Sun”.   A blast from start to finish and a real ray of sunshine and hope in difficult times.  check it out! Here



FRVITS ‘Stupid Era’ (Slovenly Recordings)  A banging six tracks spread over a 7″ EP is VFM if ever I saw it.  This debut EP from Montreal’s first and only Dot Matrix Rock’n’Roll Band FRVITS. It’s thunderous hardcore space punk (or so they say).  It is ferocious to be fair, Fronted by Shit Vicious on a radioactive vox, and featuring Wind of Change (associate of PRIORS & DUCHESS SAYS), Krispy Karl, Alexander Ortiz, and Blag Dahlia/Jesus (DWARVES) with a vocal appearance on the penultimate track “Abortion Hoops.” This one is tough, fun, and as abstract as a frvit salad served in a urinal. Head fucked!

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Kris Rodgers and the Dirty Gems – Take Me To The Pilot’  (Wicked Cool Records) Kris Rodgers & The Dirty Gems’ upcoming album, Still Dirty, which was released in July on Wicked Cool Records.

THE Q-TIPS – ‘There Are Those Who Drill Violently!’ EP (Slovenly Records) Prepare your ears and numb your minds, puny humans. The Kids of the Drill Hole, known officially as Munich’s THE Q-TIPS, are here to scrub your auditory canals, getting rid of the grime and re-contaminating ‘em with their 2nd EP “There Are Those Who Drill Violently.” For their Slovenly debut, sequencer Ms. Juliette and programmer Mr. Brotzeit kick four cuts of crunchy and negative synth-punk screamers hysterically down your hear-holes. The sincerity of tracks llike “Full of Hate” and “Shut Your Face” is as real as you are stupid, but the humor never gets lost in translation.

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Indonesian Junk – ‘She Stands There’ (Rum Bar Records) Inspired choice of cover for a single. Didn’t see this one coming as the kings of sloppy loud dead boys glam-punk crowd Indonesian Junk do justice to the mighty Degeneration legacy by knocking out a blisteringly good take on this banger.
If you have to ask who Dgen were then their work here is done. Killer band does killer cover who’d have thunk it? Hooray to the Junkos you’ve done good here and we tip our hat to you guys tipping the hat to those guys.  Good times!
Ryan Hamilton – ‘Permanent Holiday’ (Wicked Cool Records)  ‘Permanent Holiday’ is the 8th track from Ryan’s 1221 project, where every 12th of the month, a new track is released, culminating in a full-length album at the end of the year.  This one is like a huge ray of sunshine the feel-good hit of the summer. A song about escapism and this never-ending pandemic or a hopeful future where the new normal rocks.  This might just be the tonic for that time.

KOMBI KILLERS – ‘ScuMo’  (Riot Records) oi oi heads down and lace up those docs. Brisbane’s old-school punk rockers KOMBI KILLERS have released their new single ‘ScuMo’ through Riot Records, and it is available on all digital platforms! blink and it’s done. no compromise and boot boy punk.  Not for the faint-hearted.

This music reviewing lark is easy when the media you get sent for review is as consistently badass as the output from Albany ne’er-do-wells, The Erotics. I’ve been throwing the longhorns in the band’s direction for the majority of its 20+ years of decibel debauchery and, happily, it seems like there is little chance of this runaway musical muscle car slowing down any time soon.


With infamous producer Don Fury (Agnostic Front, Madball, Sick Of It All) once again at the controls of an Erotics release, ‘Ride It To Death!’ is a five-track extended player that pushes every button required by fans of the band’s back catalogue whilst also managing, somehow, to up the aural ante. Just like the rat rod that graces the band photography on this new EP, this is a straightforward rock ‘n’ roll framework embellished with all manner of crypt-cool accessories, thereby fashioning something unique and dastardly desirable. That, my friends, is The Erotics.


Opening track, ‘When The Wolves Are Howlin’, is a pure Eighties throwback that circles around a surprisingly melodic riff before transforming into a typical fang-in-cheek Erotics horror-drenched stormer that is guaranteed to appear on the soundtrack to a lycanthropic B-movie before the sun rises. You won’t be surprised to read that second track, ‘Scream Like A Demon’, doesn’t stray far from the wrong side of the tracks; infectious, biting guitar work strutting around a typically dark, despicable theme.


The EP’s title track is a full-throttle, high-octane, scuzzed-up workout that is part classic KISS, part classic Aerosmith, by way of Death Race 2000. This is akin to prime Eighties stadium rock… if the stadium was created by John Carpenter circa ‘Escape From New York’. It’s the EP’s fourth track, though, that might just be the standout cut. ‘Bless Your Heart’ is a swaggering rock ‘n’ roller that echoes The Dogs D’Amour at their raucous best; Mike Trash (who is in fine voice throughout this whole EP) channelling Tyla and in doing so fronting one of the band’s finest tunes of recent times. That said, there isn’t the slightest whiff of a weak track on this five-tracker; closer ‘Can I Sit Next To You Girl’ another hook-smeared exercise in effortless, retro-fuelled sleaze rock ‘n’ roll that is as wicked as it is darkly life-affirming. Yes, we need bands like The Erotics – some people haven’t realised it yet (fuck me, they’ve had enough time!), but as long as us cool kids have then this spinning rock doesn’t seem like such a bad place to be stuck on.


One complaint – five tracks just aren’t enough! In this form I want a fifteen track Erotics record – keep everything crossed for the near future. Summing up, the only people who claim to love rock ‘n’ roll yet don’t like The Erotics would have to be either allergic to truly cool bands or someone with an agenda – like a reviewer who developed a grudge against the band for pathetic reasons at some shitty festival, and, let’s be honest, who cares about their opinions anyway? Long live The Erotics!

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Author: Gaz Tidey

One of those long-awaited lockdown albums is finally upon us.  Jack and Wayne have to deal with a lineup change and lockdown mania gnawing away at their mental health it was always going to be music that could set them free and focus their attention and with the pandemic may be a chance to gather their thoughts and be where they needed to be.  So they set about creating Their next album ‘Love No Less Than A Queen’. An epic journey with an epic record.

Was it really 2017 when ‘Swansea To Hornsey’ came out? Wow, time flys I guess, fast forward four years (and the compilation ‘Pick a Pocket’), Three flaming years!

After the opener ‘Gotta Do More Gotta Be More’ has twisted your melon with its psychedelic twisted groove you know you’re in for a ride. It’s like hitting the Kingsway in a stolen punto with the Lewis boys doing 90. But rather than soaring a Cobain like acoustic drags you towards a drum loop but you’re carried on a great safe melody from Jones as the chorus hits and we’re off.


‘The Misadventures Of Lord Billy Bilo’ is sandwiched on either side of two absolute belters with ‘Oh Lover’ and ‘No Love No Kisses’ is the sound of a cheeky grin from the classroom clown who likes to play the joker card at every opportunity so as to not pin him down to what’s really going on, hell, its only Rock and Roll amigos it’s not like anyone has to die. The album has barely started and already we’ve been taken on an album masterclass of twisted beauty where pop meets rock via an indie alternative groove where Jack Jones works his poetry and lyrics as the musical backdrop ebbs and flows.


Jack does what he wants and what pleases him and I like that aspect of Trampolene the others trust him and assist in whatever way.  He’s not dancing to anyone’s tune and finding his way into any specific genre or trend. The band sways from Britpop to grunge with effortless ease.  The opener is like what Cobain would be coming up with if he hadn’t checked out.  The band operates along the same lines as a Bobby Gilespie fucks with people’s heads on Primal Scream records or Burgess does when he makes a Charlatans album.  There is also a heady dose of Velvet undergrounds and their bohemian New York scene for good measure.


‘Remember’ sees Jones veer down a Morrissey route but Morrisey never sounded this good. ‘Uncle Brians Abbertoir’ is another gentle interlude that Jones gets by with a little help from his friends and some great observations listed as a stream of conciseness.


The Single ‘Shoot The Lights’ plays with 80s pop-rock and succeeds in being a real grower with a chorus Jones will happily let the audience have lift off with live. There’s a haze around this album with moments of real clarity where you think you’ve struck pop genius and moments of utter chaos and confusion but all in a good way.  The gentle wheeze of  ‘Lighter Than Paper’ is the work of someone feeling vulnerable yet strong in the ability to pen great songs that will resonate over time and the album will get better and better on repeated listening.  An album with depth and throwaway pop in equal measures is a gift and one that will work on several levels depending on the listener’s mood


With ‘Perfect View’ there’s a triumphant knowledge that this album is rather bloody good.  Come along for the ride my friend there’s plenty of room in the back, it’s genuine quality that exudes happiness and hope. The treated lick of ‘Born Again’ is a joy as it builds into a heaving ball of volume and sweat before dropping back into the groove.


The album ends with another poem ‘Come Join Me In Life’ so much to say and saying it so well come on join us down the front and bounce around to Trampolene and their class sounds, come on while you still have a chance put on your trainers and lets join the dance.



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Author: Dom Daley







Billy Idol is set to release ‘The Roadside’ EP, his first new material in nearly seven years, on 17th September via Dark Horse Records. Produced by Butch Walker (Green Day, Weezer) and featuring Idol’s longtime lead guitarist and co-writer Steve Stevens, ‘The Roadside’ was conceived, recorded and mixed almost entirely under the shadow of the pandemic. The lead single ‘Bitter Taste’ and accompanying video directed by Steven Sebring (Patti Smith, Jack White) can be seen and heard below.





Fans can pre-order ‘The Roadside’ HERE


The lead single ‘Bitter Taste’ features some of Idol’s most introspective and confessional lyrics ever, as he confronts death, rebirth and his personal growth in the thirty-one years since his near-fatal 1990 motorcycle accident. “I think everyone has been feeling more reflective (during the pandemic). So, it seemed quite logical and natural to write something about my motorcycle accident,” Idol explains. “Certainly, the motorcycle accident was the catharsis, the wake-up moment. A little bit of me got left on that roadside. But it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing in the end; it was a wake-up call. Maybe on that roadside I left behind the irreverent youthful Billy and opened the door for a more attentive father and a more sensitive musician.”
To celebrate the forthcoming release, Idol is planning a run of 2021 tour dates. The shows include headline performances at New York’s Capitol Theatre and Las Vegas’ Cosmopolitan, as well as an appearance at the Sea.Hear.Now Festival in Asbury Park, NJ. Just recently, Idol appeared alongside Miley Cyrus during her headlining performance at Lollapalooza. See below for the full tour schedule.
For forty-five years, Billy Idol has been one of the faces and voices of rock’n’roll, with an artistic resumé to match the brilliant light of the image. As the camera-ready frontman for Generation X Idol emerged with three albums that made positivity, emotional depth, and high pop synonymous with punk rock. In 1982, Idol embarked on a remarkable transatlantic/trans-genre solo career that integrated clubland throb, wide-screen depth and drama, rockabilly desperation, the bold and simple lines of punk, and rock’n’roll decadence.
‘The Roadside’ is Idol’s first release on the newly relaunched Dark Horse Records, a label initially created in 1974 by George Harrison and now led by Dhani Harrison and David Zonshine. Other artists currently on Dark Horse include George Harrison himself, Joe Strummer and Ravi Shankar. “I couldn’t be more excited to welcome Billy Idol to the Dark Horse Records family. Billy is a legend and his music couldn’t fit the Dark Horse persona any better. I’ve loved his music throughout my whole life so to be able to give this new music a home on our historic label is a massive honour,” says Dhani Harrison.
August 12––Airway Heights, WA––Northern Quest Resort
August 15––Tulalip, WA–– Tulalip Resort Casino
August 17––Manson, WA––Deep Water Amphitheater
August 19––Saratoga, CA––Mountain Winery
August 21––Napa, CA––Oxbow Riverstage
September 4––Palmer, AK––Alaska Sate Fair
September 18––West Springfield, MA––The Big E
September 19––Asbury Park, NJ––Sea.Hear.Now Festival
September 22––Post Chester, NY––The Capitol Theatre
September 24––Roanoke, VA––Elmwood Park
September 25––Charles Town, WV––Hollywood Casino
October 16-17––Las Vegas, NV––The Cosmopolitan
October 22-23––Las Vegas, NV––The Cosmopolitan
October 26––Playa Mujeres, MX––The Sands Festival

“Nuthin’ To Me is a classic “fuck you” song about running into an ex-lover and realizing that they no longer hold a place in your heart. In fact, you can’t remember why you fell in love with them in the first place. It is one of those tunes that wrote itself in 10 minutes, the words & melody came pouring out of me. The chorus was so direct & straight to the point that I felt like there was no reason to add extra lyrics. I said what I needed to say. Repeating the hook over and over again continues to be a cathartic and empowering mantra,” says Moon.

The video, which once again showcases Moon’s directorial and editing chops, highlights her love for old B horror movies & weird burlesque videos from the 60s. “Visually, I knew I wanted a black & white video to reflect the mood of the song. I definitely see a story in there, others may see something completely different. It’s up for interpretation! I hope that viewers enjoy the weird, wild ride,” Moon adds.

Since the release of her debut EP to rave reviews, Moon is finally getting ready to hit the road. Moon and her crew will be playing songs from her EP plus a few more surprises!

Catch SUZI MOON live:
09/09/2021 – Philadelphia, PA – The Fire
09/10/2021 – Brooklyn, NY – Our Wicked Lady
09/11/2021 – Artemas, PA – Four Quarters – Camp Punksylvania


Find SUZI MOON online:




Originally formed in Christchurch, New Zealand all the way back in 1981 (and hence the NZ part of their name), this 2021 version of Desperate Measures is much more London-centric with singer Eugene Butcher the only band member remaining from those formative years. With an interchangeable UK lineup allowing the band to play live over the years since Eugene relocated to Blighty, he has now assembled the band’s definitive line up, boasting ex-Glitterati and current Rich Ragany & The Digressions guitarist Gaff, ex-Done Lying Down and current Dealing With Damage drummer James Sherry along with ex-UK Subs bassist Ricky McGuire with which to write and record this six track mini-album.


The beefy chug of Gaff’s guitar heralds the arrival of opener ‘Scars & Memories’ a song very much honed by the post-Pistols sonic attack of The Professionals (a band they will soon be touring the UK with) and I must admit this is incendiary stuff from the Measures where you can almost feel Butcher’s breath on your face as his gravely Tyla-esque voice spits out the breakdown mid song.


Lead track, and one of the best “Fuck The System” terrace anthems you’ll hear anywhere this year, ‘The Rich-Tual’ is up next and this for me is the band’s defining moment to date, Gaff’s bandmate (and renowned producer) Andy Brook really capturing the Measures balls-out approach to songwriting, and trust me when I say you’ll be screaming the “Woah Oh” outro hook to this one long after your first listen.


After that initial ferocious hook laden opening 1-2 ‘Flowers At Your Door’ slows things down ever so slightly and features some magnificent vocal harmonies plus synth string swells that really give the song a kind of Steve Jones fronting the Lords Of The New Church vibe. So, if that sounds like your kind of thing you really do need to pre-order a copy of this mini album now via the link at the end of this review.


Of the two versions of ‘Lost Angels’ that feature on ‘Rinsed’ the 1988 demo version sits very much sits in the same sleazy back alley as early Dogs D’Amour or in fact the LOTNC whilst the 2021 ‘live in the studio’ reboot thrashes away like the band have been fuelled by 4 bottles of silver label Merrydown, relentlessly driven on by the tight as hell rhythm section of Sherry and McGuire, and whilst being the same song seems a world away from the original demo.


Finishing things off there’s a ‘live in the studio’ run-through of ‘Don’t Gimme No Lip Child’ (shortened here to ‘No Lip’) a 1964 R&B song initially covered as a B side by Dave Berry and then suitably ripped to shreds by the Sex Pistols and included on ‘The Great Rock N Roll Swindle’ album. Here the Measures cover that latter version of the song and in spite of it missing the explosive mid-section of the Pistols version (where Fatty Jones’ guitar literally explodes) it’s still a boisterous homage to Rotten and Co.


‘Rinsed’ is available on CD and 10” vinyl from Easy Action Records and is recommended for anyone who likes their punk rock delivered like a boot to the privates. “This really is great stuff!” (Said with a very squeaky voice after repeated listens.)



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Author: Johnny Hayward




I’m kicking off with this bad boy because I’ve heard the whole album and if there’s a better LP released in 2021 then I need to hear it.  But, I think you’ll be forgiven for the error of your ways because ‘The Innermost Journey to Your Outermost Mind’ is an absolute banger and the best album of 2021.

Steve Conte also has a new album dontch know.  Check out this little bit o boogie then pre-order the new album at this link – https://orcd.co/dogdaysofsummer



Californian rock band Switchfoot have announced their new album interrobang that will be released on August 20th, 2021 via Fantasy Records.

It’s the bands 12th album and is brimming with great songs that mix classic and alternative rock influences with a 60s pop sense of melody and big pop hooks.

“fluorescent” is from the new Switchfoot album, “interrobang” pre-order “interrobang”  Here

Follow Switchfoot: Facebook /Twitter / Instagram

1990 was a great year for the Quireboys. After years of slogging away on the UK club circuit, the dawn of a new decade saw the band not only make the leap to headlining theatres and delivering show stealing festival/support slots but also saw them release a gold-selling album that boasted 4 hit singles, and with ‘A Bit Of What You Fancy’ mainstream success appeared just a top five single away for Spike and the ‘boys.


Of course, hindsight is always a wonderful thing, and the veritable tsunami of “what ifs” that followed for the band could form the basis of multiple RPM features all of their own, but 30 years on when the 21st Century version of The Quireboys decided to re-record their debut it was never really about looking back but all about giving the dozen songs that make up the record a Gypsy Rock ‘N’ Roll makeover to capture how the band sounds right now.


So, for those of you who have always longed for the loose energy of those early Survival released singles and the Reading Festival bootlegs that were essential listening for those of us in the know in the late 80s, this could be your chance to finally get the debut album you so yearned for. For me though, I’ve always loved what the band along with George Tutko and Jim Cregan did with ‘A Bit Of What You Fancy’ first time around (‘Seven O’Clock’ shoehorned chorus aside that is), so let’s see what a Gypsy Rock ‘N’ Roll makeover has added to proceedings shall we?


Sequenced in its original running order the 30th Anniversary party version of ‘A Bit Of What You Fancy’ kicks of as it should with their honky tonk Top 40 smash ‘Seven O’Clock’ and yes the chorus is still very much where it has been for the past 30 years, but you know what, after all these years I wouldn’t want it any other way. This is the perfect album opener and wonderfully raucous stuff!


‘Man On the Loose’ is where things truly step up a gear as this tune is given a cowbell driven rocket up its arse, complete with soaring gospel backing vocals and some glorious two-handed piano work (if you know you know) from the always excellent Keith Weir. The Willie Dowling cowrite ‘Whippin’ Boy’ sounds positively reborn here too and given room to breathe the guitars of Guy Griffin and Paul Guerin smoulder.


Overdriven backing vocals aside ‘Sex Party’ will always be err a beast of a party tune, whilst one of my favourite tracks from the original album ‘Sweet Mary Anne’ has never sounded more like the track that would make the Quireboys the Rod Stewart & The Faces of my generation. And talking of Rod if he had recorded ‘I Don’t Love You Anymore’ on one of his albums I’m sure that Spike and the boys would now be living some kind of Brian Tatler royalty enriched highlife. That this song never went top 5 when released is still one of life’s great mysteries.


Virtually flipping the album over for what would have been side 2, ‘Hey You’ (the band’s biggest hit back in the day, charting at number 14) stays pretty damn close to the original version, and acoustic intro aside so does the swaggering giant that is ‘Misled’. ‘Long Time Comin’ meanwhile still struts and boogies hard, and thirty years ago it was Quireboys tunes like this that really opened the door for The Black Crowes to come steaming in and steal the band’s limelight whilst they were off trying to record album number two in the US.


‘Roses And Rings’ is yet another song that has The Faces influence written through it like a stick of seaside rock, and here with added fiddle I can just see John Peel kicking a football around to it on Top Of The Pops. ‘There She Goes Again’ and a wonderfully reworked ‘Take Me Home’ close the 30th Anniversary version of ‘A Bit Of What You Fancy’ out in true style, and if you have purchased the CD version of the album you’ll also have live versions of ‘Man On The Loose’ and ‘Mayfair’ left to enjoy. My one small gripe here is there is no place for ‘How Do You Feel?’ or ‘Pretty Girls’, two tracks that not only featured on the Japanese version of the 1990 album but also deserve a Gypsy Rock ‘N’ Roll makeover…ah well, you can always dream I suppose.


Available on CD right now and later this month on limited edition double 10” blue vinyl, The Quireboys aim to get back in the top ten with this 30th anniversary edition of ‘A Bit Of What You Fancy’ and I for one wish the ‘boys every success with the campaign.  Get your copy now from the links below and make The Quireboys dreams come true.…


Facebook / Website

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Author: Johnny Hayward