Those purveyors of some mighty fine Rock and Roll who make no apologies about their mission in life, that’s to keep the flame of old-fashioned, R&B-greased, riff-driven rock and roll burning. They’ve served their time touring with the likes of Nazareth, The Damned, The Cult, Hanoi Rocks, Iggy Pop, and Ian Hunter as well as touring on their own steam. Diamond Dogs just plain and simply get “IT” whatever “It” might be. Sulo has a Rolodex of names as long as MR Tickles arm and has played with dozens of my heroes who all also get it! It’s been a while but the wait has been worth it as ‘Slp Bang Blue Rendezvous’ has condensed the journey this band has been on and rolled a big fat slab of Rock and Fucking Roll for everyone to enjoy. as Tomas Skogsberg put it ”This is my masterpiece, my White Album”. It’s a double album of twenty-four timeless classics from the 70s and into the twenty-first century with a dash of smudged guyliner, some red wine spilt and a honking wedge of bloody fantastic emotional roller coaster rock and roll.

From the opening riff-a-rama of ‘Alright Brutus’ its Hanoi Rocks meets the Stones meets the Faces, cmon you know the drill its Rock and Roll with handclaps, saxophone, some impeccable overdriven twelve-bar and some spectacular backing vocals all pulled into a twoand half minute explosive kick-ass slice of the coolest rock n roll anywhere.

It’s got the lot wedged in here from all-out rockers to the tear-jerking ballads and everything in between. the playing is spot on and the lyrics are always on point. ‘Everythings Fine’ is acoustic guitars rocking out like the best-uncovered Kinks meets Mott for some gentle happy-go-lucky rock.

‘Rocked Wrecked Robbed And Ruined’ is something a bit special as the band goes through the gears and adds a bit of spikey attitude with the acoustic mixed with electric for a cracking tune. ITs got a swinging set of bollocks but it’s more than that with some finely placed BV’s and a subtle piano nailing this one down and taking it somewhere special.

‘You Got A Diamond In Me’ is a shift of gears as the thoughtful acoustic guitars open the first verse before soaring into the chorus before easing back but cruising with a full band verse. The album is barely opened and already we’re weaving through flavours and rockin textures making for a varied and thoroughly enjoyable album.

There’s a confidence about this album and you get the impression the band knows it too. We’re not even halfway through and I’m feeling on top of the world. ‘Make Up Boogie’ is like something mixed up with a bit of Bowie and the chorus is fantastic with that sax lying low in the mix underneath the big jumbo acoustic strummed chords before the Hunter breakdown.

We have a few acoustic numbers at the midpoint with ‘Ghost Pain Of Your Love’ being a simple yet poignant song before ‘Golden Wheel’ grows into some huge banger but not noisy but laid back and subtle but a knockout all the same like the spirit of Bolan is set free. I must admit I do Love a Sulo ballad and he has a tremendous voice for a building ballad that looks back as on ‘Get Me Out’.

If you want a retro call to arms then look no further than ‘Rock It And Roll It’. It’s a lot of music to take in but I’d imagine if you’re still with me then you’re a fan of 70s rock n roll and a fan of Diamond Dogs which would suggest you’re pretty much clued into what I mean when I champion their fresh look back at what was a golden age of Rock and Roll and spin it on its head and dress it up for the 21st century like they’ve stumbled upon the meaning of life and want to shout it from the rooftops. In a way they have. Hell I even love the synth intro on the Townsend like ‘Common Form Of Life’ before they venture of with the space age spiders like ‘Rocket Richochet’. I couldn’t pick a favourite track it changes all the time but as a complet record its a belter. Variety galore, value for money etc, etc. One after the other this is quality of the highest standard, make no mistake about it.

Diamond Dogs unashamedly love to Rock and Roll and do it better than almost everyone else who is still in love with Rock and Roll from an age when Rock and Roll changed lives and really really mattered. Just buy it and be proud to wear the smile you’ll have when the needle drops on the groove and Hey Brutus kicks in!

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Oh Hell yeah Kids it’s Motherfuckin’ rock and Roll alright from two of rock and Roll’s thoroughbreds who bleed energy and Rock n Roll. a collaboration that had to happen at some point I guess – like some unholy collision at the crossroads or something like that anyway the album title says it all – the record kicks off in style with a rollicking slice of balls to the wall Rawk n Roll and the battle cry goes up and doesn’t stop.

Get some of that Sweet boogie-woogie with a dash of 70s glam rock n roll and ‘I Think It sucks’ comes bowling out of the traps. It’s got swagger kids and you know it. I’m loving the breaks and that retro vocal duet going on. Hell, they’re ripping it up on the Malcolm Young inspired runaway train that is ‘Knock My Teeth Out’.

It can’t all be unbridled Rock you know, so when they kick back on the dark ‘Top Shelf Shame’ it’s cool and sleazy as it shuffles between the dim-lit backstreets of Rock n Roll with some very nicely placed solos that whip you around the head before falling back into the dark night.

The duo bravely takes on the classic ‘My Sherona’ and to be fair they do a pretty stellar job of it as well with just the required amount of energy and a dash of their own X-Factor that adds some punch – Good job guys.

the album retains its consistency throughout and never really leans on the Super Suckers nor The Streetwalking Cheetahs but lays somewhere between occasionally delving into the genepool of rock n roll for some inspiration. there’s a dash of Bowie I detect in ‘Heartache’ but more in the melody and feel rather than the style. They even veer well of piste like the country honk of ‘You Can’t Take It Back’ which is fingerpicking delightfulness and all of that.

Choosing to end the record with ‘Barroom Brawl’ which does what it says on the tin as the boys just cut loose with some Stray Cat boogie and knock it outta the park.

Overall I’d say this album and collaboration does everything you’d want it to, its got a heart and soul that beating fast and strong and a really strong set of tunes that get better with each play. More please guys it’s a winning formula – You rock!

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Author: Dom Daley

With the sold-out sign on the door, expectations were building and something special was in the air. Bottlekids, Riskee & The Ridicule, and Bar Stool Preachers is an excellent three-band lineup by anyone’s standard.

The last band I was lucky enough to see pre-pandemic was in Rough Trade Bristol and just happened to be tonight’s headliners. To be fair they were building up a good head of steam ahead of the release of their third album. With the world at their feet, big things were anticipated and expected. Then you know what happened, time virtually stood still as we all retreated to behind our doors. I did a zoom call with Bungle Preacher and that seems such a long time ago now so tonight was a line in the sand hopefully and the start of something new to build on. Lets have it!

To be fair, the creative types might have benefitted from forced isolation and having time to create new music but without human contact, none of us knew what was going to pan out once we were released. Sure as night follows day those Bar Stool Preachers did the only thing they know, and that was to get in the van, throw caution to the wind and get out there and play some live Punk Rock shows to some lovely people (and some not so, probably). Tonight was the turn of South Wales and the awesome venue that is Le Pub. Drawing in openers Bottlekids with their spikey melodic punk-rock driven by a huge bass sound they did a sterling job of setting the mood. I wasn’t familiar with their songs but I have heard them before and I was pleasantly surprised with the songs and with the really good live mix they had it has to be said. With a new album already done and set for a 2022 release, they punched through and it was an impressive set from a band I will definitely be hearing more of.

Riskee & The Ridicule were up next, playing to a full house the band delivered an impressive set featuring some cracking songs. ‘Blue Jacket’, ‘Molotov Cocktail’ and ‘Kaboom!’ went down really well as did their excellent interpretation Of the Lana Del Rey song ‘Young And Beautiful’. The band sounded up for it and were winning new friends with their anthemic and down-to-earth songs, delivered with passion and conviction. Newport has always been a great litmus test for bands from TJ’s to Le Pub they can sniff out an honest band and will payback with mutual respect and love and tonight RATR were feeling the love.

If the Bar Stool Preachers ever needed a band to give them a kick up the arse and a follow that message then tonight the Brighton Boys were going to have to bring their A-game with Bells and whistles.

As the band took the stage in front of a sweaty Le Pub to open up the intro for ‘One Fool Down’ which was the perfect opener to let people know it was showtime and to get ready for the next hour and some to go in full tilt and as Tom took the stage the crowd was already all in.

The band was the last band I saw before the original lockdown (as I said earlier) but the months slipped away and what seemed like years ago disappeared as I put my lockdown fitness routine to the test and got me Adidas Munich working out my legs as I moved to the monster sounds of a tight and up for it band. ‘8.6 Days’, ‘Choose My Friends’, ‘Trickle Down’ and ‘State Of Emergency’ all flew by as the band got a sweat on, constantly moving and living life in the moment and a glance around it seemed as if it was the tonic everyone needed. The band created a massive positive energy that the audience was feeding off and in turn, the band fed off that back. The sound was top-notch and for a sweaty club showed just how good the songs are with a clarity you don’t always get.

The banter was good but kept to a minimum as the band let the music do the talking. We were even treated to some new songs and the lockdown single ‘When The World Ends’ was very apt. The energy and joy emanating from the stage was infectious as we moved towards an encore. What encore? The encore was binned to save the pretense and to carry on the energy that has been building throughout the evening. As we reached the final shot of the anthemic knees-up that is ‘Bar Stool Preacher’ we all had a sing-song and the world was put to rights.

We left the venue having been treated to a proper punk rock show that celebrated community and all that is good about live music. The Bar Stool Preachers didn’t muck about when restrictions were lifted and got straight back on it giving their all every night one would suspect and apart from Tom falling into the drum kit in the first song after reaching blast off levels of energy and then spilling a beer on his pedal it was a most excellent night of punk rock (not that I ever doubted it anyway).

If you’re looking for a night out with top music then put these boys on the top of your wish list, get out there, and support them because they’re not just diamond geezers, they’re packing some of the best tunes out there. Treasure these moments, because it won’t be long before playing small venues will be a thing of the past for The Bar Stool Preachers and we’ll all remember saying we were there. Three excellent bands for the price of a few pints in a sweaty club is just what the Doc ordered. Brilliant!

Author: Dom Daley

HeWhoCannotBeNamed (The Dwarves) Releases Kids Concept Album w/ Milo Aukerman (Descendents), Spike Slawson (Me First and the Gimme Gimmes) and Chris Barrows (Pink Lincolns, Chris Barrows band)

Laptop Punk Records has unveiled the new LP from HeWhoCannontBeNamed of the Dwarves!

Here’s a special gift for the holiday season: HeWhoCannotBeNamed has enlisted the help of family and allies to create an ambitious themed musical that harkens back to the classic works Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein. All original songs, all composed and performed by HeWhoCannotBeNamed with the assistance of some very special guests including: Spike Slawson of Me First and the Gimme GimmesChris Barrows of Pink Lincolns and Chris Barrows Band and, Milo Aukerman of Descendents, and many more!
Laptop Punk Records was formed by Grim Deeds in 2020 as an outlet for friends and underground punk artists to release singles and albums digitally, and to release a compilation series in the spirit of Lookout! and Fat Wreck Chords. Laptop Punk emphasizes DIY and encourages home recording projects, and also celebrates side-projects and one-offs from both obscure and well-known artists. Lisa Marr of Cub, Kim Warnick of The Fastbacks, and John Jughead Pierson of Screeching Weasel are among the artists who’ve contributed songs, as well as many obscure and new artists with exciting ideas and talent to offer. Laptop Punk’s mission is to promote inspired songwriting from across the globe, and there are already great releases from international (Japanese, Indonesian, Ukrainian, Russian) artists in the catalog. With new releases launching every month, the pace is set to continue strong into 2022 and a new compilation cd is on the way. Laptop Punk Records Compilation Volume 1 is now available and features 29 hits from a wide variety of artists. 
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Fast Eddy was born out of the miasma of Denver’s Rock n Roll, and independent music scene in 2014. Formed from members of some notable Denver bands as Dirty Few, and Itchy O, their vision started on a late-night ramble. Somewhat of a side project, without much of a direction, the band named their project after their old drug dealer and took to writing songs about the heartache and challenges that come along with the hedonistic rampage that it can mean to pursue music unabashed.

As the band became more of a genuine article, each member brought their own pieces to the table and started writing more genuine, anthem-esque powerpop rock n roll. Micah Morris on guitar and lead vocals, Devon Francy on bass, Arj Narayan on drums, and Lisandro Gutierrez on guitar, had stepped up their game and worked their way into a bigger more encompassing world of rock n roll.

After selling their personal belongings, and almost dying from van malfunctions in transit to simply make their first Atlanta recordings, it’s been one bold leap after the other. but their sacrifice hasn’t come in vain, and they’ve simply come too far to turn back now.

Look for “Take A Look” at record stores and wherever fine MP3s are sold on January 21st, 2022.
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Written and recorded around the pandemic period, System Reset’s first recording since guitarist Shovel (he of Trigger McPoopshute notoriety) and drummer Sturdy joined the fold, sees them rip out seven tracks which put many of society’s ills under the microscope. Mini LP or bulging EP it matters not, what does matter is the quality of the material and once again System Reset hit the nail squarely on the noggin with a well-produced slab of molten punk rock. From the opening ‘March’ tackles the subjects of the day with a UK Government set on making the divide wider and taking away fundamental rights you and I have and crushing them without so much as a whimper as the media ignores what is going on under our noses whilst the clowns in power divert and divide System Reset have their eyes on what’s going on and they let rip.

Covering other powerful topics such as domestic abuse (Crack My Head) is one of the standout tracks on offer. whilst its a difficult lyrical topic to get your head around the soundtrack is brutal but riveting and draws you to the lyrics., mental health gets covered with (Anxiety and Fail-Safe), the rise of the right-wing (Cut The Ties) with a filthy spirit of 82 punk rock bass line that isn’t so much a tap on the shoulder but a thump to the back of the head. work/life imbalance is dialed in on ‘Dead On Your Feet’. Big business gets a poke in the eye courtesy of, well, ‘Big Business’. The EP is a word in your ear put to some fantastic punk rock and it’s a frank soundtrack to a fucked up, post-pandemic world. The more I play it the better it gets which is always a good sign of a quality release.

With current and ex-members of Da Capo, Four Letter Word, Trigger McPoopshute, Red Riot and drawing on a myriad of influences it’s a record that covers many musical bases and has a great flow.

The EP will have a CD and limited 7” of the tracks ‘Fail Safe’ and ‘Big Business’ coming in early 2022 but for now it’s digital only.

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Author: Dom Daley

The explosive new project from the warped musical mind of rock’n’roll evangelist Jim Jones is here!

Open your ears, arms and hearts to welcome The Jim Jones All Stars into your lives! Fronted by legendary testifier Jim Jones – formerly of Thee HypnoticsBlack MosesThe Jim Jones Revue and Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind – his latest project sees him swan dive into not only his primordial influences and his own classic-packed back catalogue, but also into a spicy gumbo of hot, new sounds.

Joined by former Jim Jones Revue members Gavin Jay (bass) and Elliot Mortimer (piano and keyboards), The Jim Jones All Stars are augmented guitarist Carlton Mounsher, singer Ali Jones, drummer Chris Ellul and the three-way sax attack of Stuart DaceChuchi Malapersona and Tom Hodges.

Born out of necessity, born out of wedlock and simply born to boogie, The Jim Jones All Stars are an unholy trinity of birth.

“The whole COVID/Brexit problem just made it impossible to continue with The Righteous Mind,” says Jim Jones, “but with various live offers and opportunities still coming in I had to come up with something, or else just go insane.

“Necessity, being the mother of invention, surprised us all when she delivered a healthy, heavyweight, blue-eyed amalgam of incendiary ramalama soul.”

Speaking of the new line-up, Jim Jones has a wicked glint in his eye when he says: “It’s a pleasure to have that much horn going on, as it allows me to plunge into the succulent, dark meat of the low-down, greasy, chitlin’ groove – that’s where all the flavour is!”

Warming to the theme, Jim Jones adds: “There’s a whole new planet of killer songs and I’m landing on it now and preparing to plant my freak flag. And on top of that, we’re going to be deep-frying à la carte from my entire back catalogue.

“This is the gig you’ve been waiting for!”



25 – London, The Lexington

26 – Hebden Bridge, Trades Club

27 – Leighton Buzzard, The Crooked Crow


12 – Bedford, Esquires

More dates to follow…

After a 15-year absence Carl Barât, Anthony Rossomando and Gary Powell, aka Dirty Pretty Things, are dusting off their instruments to celebrate the 15th anniversary (a Covid year late) of their debut album ‘Waterloo To Anywhere,’ at the Electric Ballroom in Camden (North London) on Thursday 24th March.
Tickets for the show go on sale at 10am on Thursday 16th December and are available from: Here

Carl Barat: “We decided last year, to reunite for the 15th birthday of ‘Waterloo To Anywhere’, but the global pandemic scuppered that. Not wanting to let Covid rob us of this opportunity, we decided to put on a show this coming March, to celebrate a band and time that means the world to us.”

Gary Powell: “It’s great to be back performing music that was born out of friendship and the opportunity to create and express, at a time when it would’ve been easier for us not to. We are looking forward to reengaging with old friends and making some new ones.”

Anthony Rossomando: “The spirit of DPT will always coarse through my veins. I’ve been anticipating this moment for years! Let’s gooo.”

Carl Barât, Gary Powell and Anthony Rossomando formed Dirty Pretty Things after the Libertines tour came to an end in 2004. They recruited Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe-winning American songwriter Anthony Rossomando, who had toured with the Libertines as the second guitarist, and on bass was Didz Hammond from The Cooper Temple Clause. As time stands still for no man Didz Hammond is unfortunately not able to fulfil his role, being bass player/backing vocalist for the up and coming show, which is unfortunate – but leaves the role to be filled by the Klaxons very own Jamie Reynolds, who has had a long-standing relationship with the band and has performed with them previously at Glastonbury.

Dirty Pretty Things signed to Universal’s Vertigo label and recorded their debut album ‘Waterloo To Anywhere’ in LA with Dave Sardy (Oasis, Jet) and in Glasgow with Tony Doogan (Belle & Sebastian, Mogwai). Their first single ‘Bang Bang You’re Dead’ went top 5. Their second single ‘Deadwood’ was also a hit and ‘Waterloo To Anywhere’ entered the UK album charts at No 3 in August ‘06. Their second album ‘Romance At Short Notice’ followed in 2008. Universal will reissue ‘Waterloo To Anywhere’ on vinyl in June 2022. 

Carl Barât and Gary Powell have released three albums with the Libertines: ‘Up The Bracket’ (’02), ‘The Libertines’ (’04) and ‘Anthems For Doomed Youth’ (’15); two with Dirty Pretty Things: ‘Waterloo To Anywhere’ (’06) and ‘Romance At Short Notice’ (’08). Carl Barât released a self titled solo album (’10) and one with his new band The Jackals ‘Let It Reign’ (’15). 

As previously announced CarlBarât will also be playing eleven UK shows on the ‘Live Revive Tour’ in January 2022. Details Here

Three years can be a mighty long time in the music industry with styles and tastes changing with the ‘next big thing’ and bands going out of fashion almost overnight. However, in the three years since south Wales punks Social Experiment unleased their brutal (and totally unfashionable) ‘Rumours Of Our Demise Are Not Greatly Exaggerated’ debut, the planet on which we reside has become one of intense and constant upheaval, with the next big thing (musically at least) being the last thing on anyone’s minds.

What Social Experiment skilfully do with ‘Everything Is Connected to Everything Else’ (their long overdue second long player) is take those things and use them to shape the soundtrack to our seemingly never-ending apocalypse by delivering a dozen razor-sharp missives that would be guaranteed to have Daily Mail readers instantly up in arms.

From the UK’s escalating homelessness problem courtesy of ‘System Failure’ to the political corruption of ‘Social Experiment’ via the illegal breeding of designer dogs, castigated by ‘Fashion Accessory’, nothing is seemingly off limits, with even that mate you had who has now become a bit of racist cunt due to the fallout from Brexit even getting a mention during ‘I Don’t Like Your Attitude’. Puddle (vocals), Newt (bass), Nicky (drums) and Paul (guitar) literally blaze through their set in a little over thirty two minutes and at times they make me wonder is this what an early Discharge jamming with Slayer might sound like? There’s even time for some levity at the end of it all via the Dirtbox Disco-esque ‘Drinking After The Bell’. It’s not all doom and gloom you know.

Anger might very well be an energy but when it’s used positively and comes all wrapped up in a glorious production/mixing job courtesy of Danny Guy and Jason Livermore, you can’t help but feel inspired by the likes of ‘Thank You – Fuck You’, ‘Destitution’ (complete with a spoken word intro courtesy of ole toad face Farage) and perhaps the band’s most commercial track to date, the excellent ‘Same Shit, Different Day’.

As I sat down to write this review, the rock world was waking up to the tragic news that the Angelic Upstarts’ legendary frontman Thomas ‘Mensi’ Mensforth had lost his battle with Covid. Now you may be wondering why I mention this here in summing up? Well in Social Experiment the legacy of Mensi’s work, in not just music but also his fight and spirit, is very much still alive, and I couldn’t help but smile as ‘System Failure’ came blasting out the speakers angry as fuck, it actually had me thinking “this one’s for Mensi.”

And who knows, maybe, just maybe, Leonardo DaVinci really was onto something when he said ‘Everything Is Connected to Everything Else’ all those years ago – even when it comes to punk rock.

To find out for yourselves if the Italian polymath really was indeed correct, click on the following link and go order your copy of the album on LP or CD.

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Author: Johnny Hayward