Oh Hell yeah Kids it’s Motherfuckin’ rock and Roll alright from two of rock and Roll’s thoroughbreds who bleed energy and Rock n Roll. a collaboration that had to happen at some point I guess – like some unholy collision at the crossroads or something like that anyway the album title says it all – the record kicks off in style with a rollicking slice of balls to the wall Rawk n Roll and the battle cry goes up and doesn’t stop.

Get some of that Sweet boogie-woogie with a dash of 70s glam rock n roll and ‘I Think It sucks’ comes bowling out of the traps. It’s got swagger kids and you know it. I’m loving the breaks and that retro vocal duet going on. Hell, they’re ripping it up on the Malcolm Young inspired runaway train that is ‘Knock My Teeth Out’.

It can’t all be unbridled Rock you know, so when they kick back on the dark ‘Top Shelf Shame’ it’s cool and sleazy as it shuffles between the dim-lit backstreets of Rock n Roll with some very nicely placed solos that whip you around the head before falling back into the dark night.

The duo bravely takes on the classic ‘My Sherona’ and to be fair they do a pretty stellar job of it as well with just the required amount of energy and a dash of their own X-Factor that adds some punch – Good job guys.

the album retains its consistency throughout and never really leans on the Super Suckers nor The Streetwalking Cheetahs but lays somewhere between occasionally delving into the genepool of rock n roll for some inspiration. there’s a dash of Bowie I detect in ‘Heartache’ but more in the melody and feel rather than the style. They even veer well of piste like the country honk of ‘You Can’t Take It Back’ which is fingerpicking delightfulness and all of that.

Choosing to end the record with ‘Barroom Brawl’ which does what it says on the tin as the boys just cut loose with some Stray Cat boogie and knock it outta the park.

Overall I’d say this album and collaboration does everything you’d want it to, its got a heart and soul that beating fast and strong and a really strong set of tunes that get better with each play. More please guys it’s a winning formula – You rock!

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Author: Dom Daley