2 years on from their covers opus ‘Cocaine And Other Good Stuff’, Warrior Soul return with a brand new album, the title inspired by their enigmatic singer’s past stint in the slammer.

The fact that Kory Clarke has been in trouble with the law may come as no surprise. The mouthpiece of Warrior Soul has been spitting bile for well over 30 years. A band well ahead of their time, Warrior Soul shoulda took the world by storm back in the early 90’s with their politically-charged diatribes and apocalyptical forewarnings, but sadly the world wasn’t ready for Kory’s metallic-tinged rage.

Band members have come and gone; some have sadly shifted off this mortal coil (RIP bassist Pete McClanahan) but the warrior remains…punk and belligerent to the end.

‘Out On Bail’ is a collection of 8 songs that has a running time of around 30 minutes. It has been self-produced by Kory and features a host of players in the ever-changing Warrior Soul lineup that currently includes Dennis Post on guitar and Christian Kimmett on bass. No less than 3 guitar players and a matching number of drummers (Kory even plays drums on one track) lend their talents to an album that was recorded during various lockdowns.

An atmospheric intro piece sets the cinematic vibe, before blasting into topical opener ‘We’re Alive’, a song that builds on urgent beats and that unmistakable 40-a-day gritty vocal that has certainly weathered over the years. The no-frills production suits the raw, punked-up vibe and this opener is a statement of intent for one of New York’s most outspoken sons.

‘One More For The Road’ recalls the Warrior Soul of old in both style and delivery. Road stories and past glories are all wrapped up in dirty riffage and crashing drums. It’s a hypnotic cacophony of new age noise, and we wouldn’t want it any other way, would we?

3 tracks in and ‘Hip Hip Hurray’ again takes us back to the early 90’s alt-metal sounds. A politically-themed diatribe set to crashing primal beats, sonically seductive guitars, and a trademark, anthemic Kory chorus that will remind you just how satisfying it can be to fist-punch the air along to a song! Somewhat ironically, the title track is an 80’s rock throwback. Featuring a familiar-sounding riff straight from the sunset strip, and an instantly addictive hook, it’s a song you can’t help but like. It has a ‘live in the studio’ feel and an AC/DC style finale that sits well.

Closer ‘The New Paradigm’ is Kory at his finest doing something a little bit leftfield. It builds on a stark yet hypnotic bass riff, Kory’s poetic lyric, and a guitar riff reminiscent of prime Jane’s Addiction. An atmospheric, alt-rock feel permeates throughout as the instrumentation ebbs and flows nicely, Kory’s sandpaper vocals leading us into the new world.

So, it’s pretty much business as usual for Warrior Soul in 2022. ‘Out On Bail’ is a solid, no-frills punk n’ roll album, just as you would expect it to be. A short, sharp shock to the system that is as raw, messy, and undiluted as its frontman. And while there is nothing here as exciting as my personal favourite ‘Space Age Playboys’ era of the band, it’s a satisfying listen from an artist who has weathered the storm, come out the other end fighting, and still has something to say.

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Author: Ben Hughes

Politically charged upstarts and agitators Asian Dub Foundation first showed up on my radar in the late 90s when I saw one of their videos and whilst not a huge fan of any of the genres they touched upon the whole package intrigued me and collectively it struck a chord – lyrics, the hard rock, the ragga rhymes and that trip-hop all mixed with an Indian flavour was certainly something I’d never heard before or since. although Fun Da Mental and ‘Dog Tribe’ was a genre highlight and possible pinacle but thats for another review.

‘Enemy Of The Enemy’ is an album that crosses the path of Rage Against The Machine, Apollo 440 with a bit of Massive Attack The openers, ‘Fortress Europe’ and ‘Rise To The Challenge’ bring the energy and fist-pumping rage ADF seem to have going on. Whilst ‘La Haine’ that trip-hop Massive Attack vibe. it also had fellow rager and politically charged Sinead O’Connor on ‘1000 Mirrors’

This new version features a trio of bonus cuts including one non-album cut of ‘Illegal Minds’ feat Mark Stewart.

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Fresh from collaborating on an opera about Colonel Gadaffi (they did) alongside the English National Opera, The Asian Dub Foundation followed up ‘Enemy Of My Enemy’ with 2005s ‘Tank’ another altogether darker more menacing opus (if that’s even possible).

Asian Dub Foundation‘s certainly turned up the darkness on this album easy listening it isn’t, uncomfortable listening (if you happened to be a fan of George W Bush) – sure. Right from the off the opening riff of ‘Flyover’, a real crossover of ragga vocals and wild drums, it’s got more than a whiff of Killing Joke going on for good measure. in as much as its political – interesting and innovative.

ADF makes no apologies for their musical stance and being one of the most political music acts around they certainly did challenge the listener and the establishment. ‘Tank’ is their fifth album and by now had really found themselves and where they fitted in or where they didn’t fit in more like. Probably culminating in their most confident record thus far. Even if you didn’t want to engage on a political level the energy they create is intense and powerful something you can’t help but be impressed with. Hell, these are the guys who’ve collaborated with the one and only Chuck D what’s not to like?

They target Home Secretaries, on ‘Round Up’ Presidents on ‘Oil’ they collaborate with Mad Mike on ‘Powerlines’ and also include a collaboration with Perry Farrell on ‘Easy Man’ It’s an intense album named after the American soldier’s vehicle of choice as they blasted Metal through speakers as they drove through Iraq. The dub bass is infectious and the arrangements captivating.

In a world that just keeps on giving these albums are as relevant now as they were almost twenty years ago when they first came out. Have we learned anything? If anything politicians are the people who just keep giving and serving themselves up on a silver platter for bands as articulate as ADF. Not an album I want to listen to every day that would make me sad but an album I’m glad I have in my collection and can dip into every now and then when I want to rage against the machine.

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Philly-based hardcore band Soul Glo signed for Epitaph Records were always going to be challenging and thought-provoking and politically charged, it was a no brainer. with lines like: “Ain’t nothin’ as ugly as a balance in the red / I want bands on every politician’s head” and opening your record with the strained scream of ‘Gold Chain Punk (Whogonnabeatmyass?)’ has got my attention.

Moving straight into the raging screamer ‘Coming Correct Is Cheaper’ hasn’t just got my attention but I’m sat bolt upright looking for the volume control to turn this fucker up! Uncompromising – relentless – breathless and with a pulse going through the roof. Soul Glo are in da house! Fusing hip-hop, hardcore, and punk, the Philly outfit are fearless and brutal in their delivery. Taking no prisoners and most definitely no fucks given! Soul Glo aren’t looking for hipsters but people who want to jump on board ‘Thumbsucker’ mixes it up with some horn (I Think) and melody before diving back into the bearpit with their collective backside on fire for ‘Fucked Up If True’.

This is getting addictive as ‘Jump’ is outta control like a low flying drone with a saw blade attached taking no prisoners. To be fair once you lock into the vocals and a few repeated plays it makes perfect sense and the screaming is deffo addictive.

The artwork will give you an insight into what the album sounds like if that makes sense, But it won’t apologise for taking your mind on a headfucked journey into some bleak territory but the rewards are multiple. The bass on ‘The Thangs I Carry’ is filthy and reminds me of a more extreme Cerebral Ballzy clearly influenced by old school Bad Brains which is always a welcome sight for modern bands that they get where this scenes roots are. Soul Glo are blowing up and rightly so, the record is an explosion of sounds and ideas it’s harnessing those vital triggers and using them in a way people get it. It won’t be for everyone that’s how extreme music goes but given half a chance and this one can fly!

Check out Soul Glo if you dare but don’t blame me if you find yourself in a circle pit at the bus stop or moshing at the supermarket. Hardcore is here and it’s not always a bed of roses!

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Author: Dom Daley

It’s been a while since The Hellacopters put out a new album and in some quarters the anticipation has reached fever pitch. Sure they’re not the band that got down to business all those years ago with the sonic headfuck of ‘Super Shitty To The Max’ Christ that was ’96 they’re a lot older and as for wiser? Fuck knows I do know a lot of water has gone under the bridge since then and not all of it has been good. ISE had their moments but the sound had evolved for sure like a lot of bands where the lineup has changed and careers moved left and right nobody would want them to stand still so trying to avoid the hype train and the fanboys can be an impossible task in the 21st century but here we are. April 2022 and it has arrived.

I find giving the records of Nicke Andersson time to breathe is best for me and dipping in or having them in a mix tends to grab me and the same has to be said about modern Hellacopters. I like that there are ten tracks and each one is almost perfect single in length and it didn’t become something of a ‘Chinese Democracy’ and whilst I wasn’t expecting ‘Action Now’ to rip out of my speakers I was pleasantly surprised with the howls of feedback ringing out of my speakers as the band kick out the jams with a strong opener. Big dirty riffs thumping low end and the Stooges piano tonking away in the background.

Andersson has a very distinctive vocal style and layers of vocals ring out on ‘Can It Wait’ and so many guitars scream out of the speakers in all directions courtesy of Dregen and Anders Lindstrom as well as Andersson Platow. It conjures up an image in my mind of a pirate galleon with Nicke in the crow’s nest moving through choppy waters with his pirate crew blasting out below him as they own the seas. It’s confident and punchy so far.

I was worried that this record was going to be Sweden’s answer to 38 Special but so far I’m delighted with what I’m hearing. The final dramatic refrain of the bluesy Ballad that is ‘So Sorry I Could Die’ which has an excellent performance from the frontman.

The title track is what I would say is comfortable Hellacopters territory and a track that brings up the bands arena Rock side. It’s a little like ‘Sonic Temple’ era Cult – One I’m hoping is a grower. I do however love the old school sleeve and with 180gm vinyl being the choice of the day the card sleeve must be at least 180gms as well which is nice.

Now ‘Plow And A Doctor’ is something I connected with right away. Reminds me of the modern Alice Cooper garage rock rather than the Stooges Garage that can be so alluring. the Piano is great and the overall production from Chips Kiesbye is spot on and just enough Kiss-like polish but a decent dose of rough assed distorted guitars n grit which really suits these songs none more so than this one.

‘Tin Foil Soldier’ veers into a bit of glam stomping territory and some Sweet (Pun intended) Slade like stomping. The breakdown is showaddy waddy on steroids and no filter cigarettes – I like it. ‘Beguiled’ is another 70s inspired rocker with hints of Lizzy in the lick and that’s always a winner.

As we race into the home straight I’m happy with what I’ve heard thus far and not having had a great deal of time to familiarise myself with these songs I’m impressed, and the acoustic rocker that is ‘The PRessures On’ is certainly not a ballad but more a late balmy night rolling through deserted streets in a big fat Cadillac with the top down and the stereo on loving life, it’s been that sort of journey. Leaving just ‘Try Me Tonight’ to take this bad boy home. With a cool lick the song stutters and jerks to life and hits that chorus in the sweet spot and we all join in on the chorus. Great song to close this off. I’m heading back to the beginning and going in again I think this might just be a grower. Get on it now and fill yer ears with ‘Eyes Of Oblivion’ it’s a bit tasty!

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Author: Dom Daley

G’DAY: introducing ‘Comfort To Me’ Expanded Edition, a double-disc vinyl 


DISC 2: The audio from Live at Williamstown, a concert film recorded in September 2021 by PHC Films, featuring a live performance of ‘Comfort To Me’ played start to finish on the Williamstown Docks, with a bonus track ‘Crave’.

‘Comfort To Me’ Expanded Edition is out on 13th May all over the world but you can buy here

We have also released the footage from the live performance of ‘Maggot’ at said Dock, which has not been seen since September 2021.

oh, what a night. This one had been on the to-do list for quite some time some months. Fingers and toes were crossed that this would actually happen as the country opened up.

Tonight Le Pub was bouncing with anticipation for what was promising to be an explosion of energy and rock and roll that had been pent up for oh so long. Deathtraps are south Wales finest exponents of noisy Rock and fucking Roll, Nottinghams finest The Motherfucking Hip Priests and Supersuckers the self professed Greatest Rock and Roll band in the world. This motherfucker is trippin’ on what’s to come.

Deathtraps were first up and we saw Fraser sporting a rather fetching piece of headgear to rival Eddie’s cowboy hat and the band was on a mission to cram in as much music as possible in their tight thirty-minute set. The band went for it from the off delivering a thuggish set with some new tunes that showed they weren’t sitting idle during the past few years’ hibernation and got to write some more decent songs. ‘She Said’ was particularly striking and the set was wound up with a tribute to the departed Hank Von Hell with a frantic cover of ‘Denim Demon’ which went down very well to finish off a most pleasing set.

The Hip Priests have been on the whole tour around plague island with Supersuckers and hit that sweet spot where everything sounded tight and they were in their groove right from the off. Opening with ‘Black Denim Blitz’ ‘Survival OF The Shittest’ a fitting tune that signaled the avalanche of venom from the twin guitar attack of Austin and Ben as they bookend the sonic explosions that is Von Cruz, a man who can’t stand still for a split second whilst Brother Lee Love holds the bottom end that holds these tunes together along with Des the rhythmic pair sound like a carpet bombing of hard rockin punk attitude.

Supporting in a venue they often headline at saw the slimmed-down set bolstered with the sound of no less than four new songs that sounded exciting and if they’re anything to go by the new album is gonna burn. They’re about to finish off what will be a career-high and see this ten-legged groove machine burn a path to glory. By the time they hit ‘Zero Fucks Given’ they were on fire and exploding a stick of dynamite that Eddie and the boys have to try and follow.

Taking the Newport stage to the strains of EVH mr spaghetti is Looking well in his trademark cowboy hat and shades. Eddie Spaghetti was about to get down to business and shake the shit out of one of the best music venues around and show the good people present that Rock and fucking Roll was alive and kicking and in rude health. Taking in songs from all quarters of the band’s catalogue and shaking up the set from previous nights and therefore keeping it fresh my only complaint to the management would be this, With so many great songs of their own why three covers in a tight – compact set? Sure I love me some Michael Monroe and Thin Lizzys ‘Cowboy Song’ is a banger as is their tribute to ZZ Top but I think I’d have loved to hear a bunch of other classic Supersuckers tunes, just saying.

Whinge aside tonight the band was loud and proud and didn’t substitute any subtleties from the melodies with volume and Eddie was in great spirits with his banter. The Supersuckers love a cliche and why not? Rock and Roll is a celebration and not something everyone can do and do this well. They have songs with Rock and Roll in the title (and more besides) they love to let people know they are in the company of the Best band in the world and Metal Marty Chandler has the tone ringing through his les paul that would surely meet the approval of Jonesy whilst Christopher Von Streicher holds a tight ship in the engine room making it sound so effortless sure does make for a great band who sounded in fine form road worn and battle-ready. Tonight the Supersuckers have the Evil Powers of Rock and Roll well and truly harnessed and delivered the good.

It has been probably ten years since the last time I saw them live bar Eddie acoustic and whilst I regret not seeing the Evil Powers album in the full set this was a pretty damn perfect cross-section. Whilst there can and will be debating what is the perfect set there can be no debatin that when Supersuckers are on it they burn a hellbound trail and I’m always on board with that. Until next time hombres it was indeed a pleasure and not a second of a chore – three bands for less than £20 is an absolute bargain especially when they’ve been this damn good.

Author: Dom Daley