Even darker than the debut I hear, bleak times call for bleak, cold, dark music (Sometimes) GIS delivers on the remit in spades (probably dirty spades that have been used in woods to dig shallow graves). GIS iaren’t fucking about, and take it from me this isn’t an easy listen. But, it is a rewarding spin. It is indeed more sonically intense than their debut, taking its cues from ‘Join Hands’ era Siouxsie & The Banshees, and Crass’ ‘Christ The Album’ with a hefty measure of The Fall so get your head in that space and play on.

Fractured guitars are cold, bleak, and concrete grey, it’s intimidating, like listening to the Fall on loop for a month of Sundays but with a middle finger aloft a record recorded during tough times for tough times.

I reviewed the ‘KONSUMRAUSCH’ EP a while back and it stuck with me as a tough listen, more so than bands like Gallon Drunk at the peak of their powers but bands I love to dig in and persist with because when the penny drops they can be some of the most rewarding records and this is no exception. The lyrics are difficult as well like on the video for ‘My Husband’

Of the eleven tracks on offer I was drawn to ‘Watch with Mother’ it’s like a pissed-off Idles at times but more extreme if you can imagine it. Its a relentless album as you turn one corner into the next it doesn’t get lighter but thats not a complaint or criticism just an observation.

GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS have been doing this for over half a decade and I can imagine this being an incredible live experience in a small dark, dank club at ear-shattering volumes. The feedback is almost out of control and it sounds like riding a spitting cobra whilst off your head, exciting? hell yeah!

It was recorded amidst the uncertainty of continuous lockdowns as a result of the pandemic and all that tension comes out in the music, ‘The Rest Is Distraction’ is dark often claustrophobic but as I’ve alluded to further up rewarding when you get “it”. For a trio (all be it with s few guest appearances) it’s a big, bold-sounding record with a lot going on that will fill your head with sounds and a sense of entering another dimension musically. I’m off for a lie down in a light room. Pfew, certainly distracted me.

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Author: Dom Daley

Live dates


14/10/22 – LONDON – The Lexington 

15/10/22 – TUNBRIDGE WELLS – Sussex Arms 

19/10/22 – BRISTOL – The Louisiana 

20/10/22 – MANCHESTER – The Peer Hat 

21/10/22 – NOTTINGHAM – Bodega 

22/10/22 – BRIGHTON – Green Door Store 

1994 was a very good year for music. Everything was a bit edgy back then. Alternative was king, Grunge had killed hair metal and in turn was dying a death. Nu Metal and Industrial sounds were on the rise with Korn and NIN, Green Day and Rancid were spearheading a punk movement for the MTV generation and over in the UK Oasis were making waves, while The Wildhearts and Terrorvison were regularly seen bouncing around on Top Of The Pops.

Bands had to adapt to survive and those that did survive released arguably the best albums of their careers. From Manic Street Preachers and King’s X to Motley Crue and Warrior Soul, all with varying degrees of success but all had one thing in common and that is: those albums stand the test of time nearly 30 years on. And of course, Michael Monroe was in that mix as well with a band called Demolition 23.

Following the ill-fated Jerusalem Slim project with Steve Stevens, Michael Monroe went back to his roots, collaborated with Little Steven and wrote a punk rock album in the spirit of ‘77. Pulling in Hanoi Rocks bassist Sami Yaffa, Star Star guitar slinger Jay Hening and session drummer Jimmy Clarke, what started as a covers band jamming with friends, turned into a serious project.

Recorded in 5 days at Power Station Studios in New York City, produced and largely written by Little Steven along with Monroe and his first wife Jude Wilder, the eponymous 10 track album was a throwback to the Hanoi days and a tribute in spirit to lost friends and heroes such as Stiv Bators, Johnny Thunders and Charlie Harper.

To be honest, the production job back then was pretty spot on and you would have to play the original back-to-back with the remaster to spot the differences. But I’m pleased to say it sounds as crisp, fresh and damn right essential as it did back in 1994.

I always loved Monroe’s thought-provoking lyrics and album opener ‘Nothin’s Alright’ has always been a favourite. From the roaring, 3 chord riffage to the cool lyricism, each verse a love letter to the past 3 decades (at the time), it channeled the much-needed gap between the Sex Pistols raw energy and Hanoi’s penchant for a catchy tune.

The following ‘Hammersmith Palais’ again, is a retrospective look to times and places that are long gone. A theme that has continued through Monroe’s lyrics to this day. A punked up blast with an anthemic “oi-oi” chorus that is an instant earworm. It’s about as British punk as you can get, which is quite a thing considering its Finnish/USA writing heritage! 

A killer one-two as good as any album before it, and a pair of songs that remain constants in Michael Monroe’s live set to this day. Demolition 23 sound energized, fresh and vital in 2022.

As Demolition 23 was initially a covers band, it makes sense that a few of those tunes they jammed would feature. The Dead Boys ‘Ain’t Nothin’ To Do’ and UK Subs ‘Endangered Species’ are suitably raucous and filled with attitude. But its Johnny Thunders ramshackle ‘I Wanna Be Loved’ that blows the cobwebs off, even by today’s standards. Hening’s guitar tone is perfection and the vocal delivery has enough spit and venom to better the original. It’s a glorious blast that the band make their own.

‘Scum Lives On’ was originally on the Jerusalem Slim album. The Demolition 23 version is rawer and more in tune with the punk attitude. Even the dumb ass, tongue in cheek ‘Same Shit, Different Day’ sounds vital.

The emotive ‘You Crucified Me’ showcases the Van Zandt/Monroe ability to pen radio-friendly hit singles, and you probably forgot how good it was until you listen to this remaster. It sounds like it was recorded last week, not a lifetime ago.

The included demos of ‘Hammersmith Palais’, ‘Dysfunctional’ and ‘Scum Lives On’ are curiosos and don’t vary too much from the originals, but surely must be a testament to the fact that these 10 songs were the full recorded legacy of one of the greatest forgotten bands of the 90’s.

Of course, good things never last. Hening was replaced by Nasty Suicide on guitar by the time they started touring, but he left in March 1995 and the band folded soon after. Hening tragically passed away not long after and while Sami continues to play in Michael Monroe’s solo band, as far as I am aware Demolition 23 have only reformed once for Monroe’s 60th birthday bash in Helsinki recently.

With only a limited release in 1994 on CD, this is an album that has been crying out for the vinyl remaster treatment for years. It remains a lost classic and hopefully, this remaster will give it the distribution and worldwide regard that this long-lost classic album truly deserves. An essential purchase folks.

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Author: Ben Hughes

Now I have to admit when this came through from HQ I drew a deep breath, its been a while since I listened to the Pixies, I mean they formed back in 1986, introduced myself to their sound with come on Pilgrim in 1987 and then caught them live round the release of Surfer Rosa being blown away by the power and intensity, then caught them again on the Doolittle tour which was equally as powerful before? Nothing the band took a break with artistic differences and opposing attitudes ruling the roost.

I picked up the band again on Bossa Nova and Trompe le Monde before again a break was called and I just lost interest, I mean if ever there was a band that hit the self-destruct at the key times it was the Pixies.

Doing my research in prep for this release I found I’d missed a whole ten year period spanning Indie Cindy, Head Carrier and Beneath the Eyrie, before this LP Doggerel !!! Shame on me. Strictly speaking in all honesty I was expecting a Pixies all guns blazing from the early days and had missed a huge chunk of the Bands developing sound, so lets try to do this baby some Justice.

Opener Nomatterday  Slinks out of the speakers before the instantly recognisable vocals enter the fray, the narrative drawing you in the sound swirling behind, a real gothic masterpiece in waiting underpinning driving this at all time the vocals. Next up Vault of Heaven almost hints at the sisters as it starts before loosening up shaping itself into almost a Goth Indie hybrid. I think in my missed period the sound developed in a very different way, getting if anything darker and more insular, without the in-your-face intensity, more of a slow burner that begs attention. Dregs of Wine with the discussed intro around the better version of Girl you really got me (and I have to agree the Van Halen version is a bit of a stunner) has a huge big arena opener sound and you can just picture it live, I think the ghost of Jim Morrison just smiled with the vocal delivery of the ending. Next up Haunted House has almost a surf feel at times, typical 50’s Do-wop at others much lighter. While Get Simulated , is a mass of contradictions and The Lord has come back today screams out 60’s psychedelia, not what I was expecting at all again very light touch. Thunder and Lightning and There’s a Moon on just seems to drift over me again hooking into that 60’s psychedelia, surfing, Indie vein.

As I start to reflect on the Lp as a whole it’s vastly different to the Pixies I knew and loved, but bear in mind that version of the pixies was 30+ years ago music changes and adapts, moves with the times as the artists explore new sounds, but the band seems to have drifted backward pulling from the 60’s, 70,s and 80,s. This is very much a mixed bag and latter tracks emphasise this disparity. As a footnote, anything with a whistling refrain really needs to sit as a B side at best, but truth be told, the more I listen, the more this LP grows on me the pedal steel guitar on Who’s more sorry now? For example, Is pretty special, but ultimately I think the Pixies have drifted past me and I wonder what they would have sounded like without the breaks? Well worth checking out, a real grower but no real standouts.

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Author: Nev Brooks

Up first is the latest video from rockers Mother Vulture who release their debut album ‘Mother Knows Best’ next month which you can pre order here Riff after mother vultureing Riff!

Next up this Tuesday is Arizona’s punk powerhouse, The Venomous Pinks who drop a video for the ‘Vita Mors’ album ripper “Cross My Heart and Hope To Die” which finds the trio performing in a rink while the Arizona Derby Dames do their thing. Enjoy Out on SBÄM Records: https://shop.sbam.rocks

The Venomous Pinks are currently on tour with The Queers and Mercy Music. Go find em on Facebook Here

Billy Idol is bringing his The Roadside Tour 2022, to the UK from 13th October. Killing Joke are delighted to be announced as special guests for the tour, after Television were forced to make a late withdrawal, alongside Billy’s other tour guest Toyah

Television are disappointed to announce: “Unfortunately due to illness, we have to cancel the forthcoming UK tour with Billy Idol. We send our deepest apologies to any fans who have bought tickets.“     

Billy will be heading out with some new music and a stack of timeless classics for his first appearances in the UK since 2018 and will play 6 Arena dates. Tickets are available from www.aegpresents.co.uk/billy-idol

“Just when you think it’s all over, I’d been missing my brothers in Killing Joke and then this opportunity came up. Looking forward to seeing everyone next week, 1 days rehearsal and a secret gig somewhere in the U.K. Lets get stuck in” Jaz Coleman, October 22” 

The ever-popular Toyah will bring an extra sense of fun to the tour. Alongside a flourishing acting career, Toyah carved out a successful musical career with three top ten UK hit singles in the 1980s and the Gold-selling album Anthem.  

We’re looking forward to having Killing Joke and Toyah join us in the UK,” said Billy. “This is going to be an epic show!” 

 “I am thrilled to be opening for Billy Idol on The Roadside Tour,” an excited Toyah commented. “Billy is an icon whose music has thrilled millions worldwide and continues to do so. Billy has created a style of rock that has gone on to inspire generation after generation. ‘Rebel Yell, ‘White Wedding’ and ‘Mony Mony’ are up there with the all-time greats.  

Billy’s touring band features his long-time guitarist and collaborator Steve Stevens along with Stephen McGrath (bass, backing vocals), Billy Morrison (guitar, backing vocals), Paul Trudeau (keyboards, backing vocals) and drummer Erik Eldenius. 

Billy Idol The Roadside Tour 2022 dates: 

Thursday 13 October Manchester AO Arena 

Monday 17 October Cardiff Motorpoint Arena  

Wednesday 19 October London The SSE Arena, Wembley 

Friday 21 October Glasgow The SSE Hydro  

Sunday 23 October Birmingham Resorts World Arena 

Tuesday 25 October Leeds First Direct Arena 

Tickets for The Roadside Tour 2022 can be purchased from www.aegpresents.co.uk/billy-idol. All existing tickets are valid for the revised dates. 

Social Media –

Facebook – BillyIdol / Instagram – @billyidol 

Facebook – Killing Joke: Official  / Twitter – @Killingjokeband / Instagram – @killingjokeband 

Facebook + @toyahofficial  / Twitter – @toyahofficial / Instagram – toyahofficial Twitter 

South Wales has always been well known for producing serious talent. If you think back to the 90s, bands like Dub War, Flyscreen, 60-foot dolls, and of course Stereophonics and the Manics put South Wales on the musical map. We then had the likes of the Blackout, the Guns, Ruby Cruiser, Kids in Glass Houses etc who were also very successful.  Now we have established acts like Bullet For My Valentine, Skindred, Phil Campbell & the Bastard Sons, and brand-new talent such as Florence Black and Those Damn Crows flying the Welsh flag around the world.

The latest of the Welsh dragons climbing the ladder are Valhalla Awaits. The band consists of ex members of The Blackout, Revoker, and the considerable vocal talents of Buffalo Summer frontman Andrew Hunt.

They have been gracing the stages of the summer festivals in recent months and they really are a force to be reckoned with live. After seeing the guys open proceedings at this year’s Steelhouse festival, I can confirm that Valhalla Awaits are the real deal. No egos or drama or fancy stage shows, just full-on heads down, stripped back riffage with a wonderful sense of melody that sets them apart from many of their contemporaries.

The guys are ready to drop their second EP Reckoning on an unprepared audience. I really hope you are ready to immerse yourself in the experience of this short, sharp collection of crushing tunes. Grab a cuppa, maybe a round of toast, put your headphones on and crank it up. The EP opens up with the first single Skin & Bone, a grungy, greasy, groovy number with a Machine Head tinged riff. Drummer ‘Snoz’ Lawrence plays a blinder here with some tasteful fills and he grooves along like a freight train.

Next up we have Rolling Thunder which is a more up-tempo affair with a massive chorus, I get a definite Alter Bridge vibe from this track. Some tasty guitar work helps to build the song along with Hunt’s velvety tones. The songs are more than heavy enough to satisfy the most hardened headbanger while never compromising melody. Where Do We Go? has an Alice In Chains feel to the vocal arrangement with another ear worm of a chorus. Guitarists Rhys Carter and Chris Green work incredibly well together, and there’s an air of confidence within the band that manifests strongly in the material found here on this EP.

The final of the four tracks Inside the Sun is my favourite by far, more crunchy riffs and superb soaring vocals melt into an extremely catchy chorus. The songs are well crafted, and the production is superb. The only downside is that there are only four tracks! Hurry up with an album boys!

If you haven’t already, check out Valhalla Awaits. If you’re a fan of any of the bands that I’ve mentioned above, you won’t be disappointed.

Reckoning is available on all streaming services on October 28th. You know what to do!



Author: Kenny Kendrick

Jim Jones All Stars feat Nikki Hill – ‘It’s Your Voodoo Working’ (Ako Lite Records) Can I get an Amen brothers and sisters for the time has come to testify that Brother Jim Jones has released the first song from his All Stars line up and its a horn honking piano tonking slice of bloooze from outta the delta that features the enigmatic Nikki Hill which seems like a perfect fit for the All Stars just in case you were gonna ask. What a slice of smoldering rock n roll this is. Brother Jim is howling with the fever and on this one track alone is worthy of being the single of the month for the whole of this spooktacular Rocktober. Check it out Here

The Empty Page – ‘Dry Ice’ (Self Release) The band released a bunch of 7-inch singles in 2019 including the breakout track ‘When The Cloud Explodes’. they found themselves being spun on BBC 6 Music, chosen by Chvrches singer Lauren Mayberry from the BBC Introducing archives for airplay on BBC Radio 1 and stayed near the top of Spotify’s Punk List for months. this is the first dive into what’s to come from the band as Dry Ice is the first single to be released from The Empty Page’s as-yet-untitled (and long-awaited) second album, due in spring 2023. this is a weird mix of cold angular post-punk yet a warmth from Kels vocals the song grows like a shadow as it builds and falls back into the verse with some sweet guitar howls as Giz rinses his instrument of all it can give. The longer the song goes on the more is given up and soundscapes are happening – unfolding. It’s Epic, sweet, alluring, dark, light, things that shouldn’t work but most certainly do. An excellent introduction as to what is coming from The Empty Page – Bring it on! There is a video coming around the time of release in mid-November, so, we’ll be back with more Empty Pages to fill. Socials: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | TikTok

Polute – ‘Polute’ (Legless Records) If Lemmy had joined the Stooges then this is what it would have sounded like. Cheap whizz and some horrific homebrew results in this 100% proof fireball of a Rock and Roll record. Relentless and fucked up just the way rock and roll should be.

It even comes in a Sunday piss coloured vinyl. C.O.F.F.I.N, STIFF RICHARDS & CUTTERS combine to kick fuck out of your ear drums. single of the week and the fuckin month – Done! Buy Here

Key of Caustic’s – ‘Pretty Little Suicide’ (Code 213 Records) They’ve been referred to as sounding like Green Day fronted by the singer from Boston which is a stretch for most of us but once you hear em you can see where that comparison comes from I think. anyway hit the video up and decide for yourself.

Forgotten Sons – ‘Flipside’ (Self Release) Pop punk from this Shetland Isle trio in the mold of Gaslight Anthem and Hot Water Music this is a well-produced stab at pop punk or whatever label it goes under these days. It’s a sprightly mid-paced tune that isn’t a bad effort at all. It all sounds like they’ve kept the stabilisers on or just dipped their toes in rather than cutting loose and giving it some oomph. That I’m sure will come further down the line but for a debut its a step in the right direction.

Facebook / Instagram

Billy Idol – ‘The Cage’ EP (Dark Horse Records) To coincide with his return to the UK stages Idol releases this EP and lead track ‘Running From The Ghost’ with its melancholy intro before the guitars crash in and that sneering vocal fires up. Very polished and slick and accompanied by his long time comrade Steve Stevens Idol does what Idol does best. Radio friendly Rock is the name of the game and selling it to the masses is what he does. Listen Here

The Courettes – ‘Bye Bye Mon Amour’ (Damaged Goods Records) What you have here is a French version of the ‘Want You! Like a Cigarette’ which features in its English language version on the B Side. It’s been a fantastic time for this dynamic duo with rave review after rave review for both live and studio performances and it shows no sign of relenting. retro Rock n roll or whatever you fancy calling it. They do it pretty much better than anyone else out there. Flavio had this to say on the single –

“We are big fans of ’60s French pop – Gainsbourg, Sylvie Vartan, Jacques Dutronc, France Gall and many more. We love the versions made in France of the British and American hits back them, like Marie Laforet’s version of Stones’ ‘Paint it Black’ (‘Marie Douceur’) and Petula Clark’s version of The Kinks’ ‘A Well Respected Man’ (‘A Jeune Homme Bien’). So we decided to have our own Frenchy pop hit! Please welcome ‘Bye Bye, mon amour’! Because nous desirons les francophone fans comme a un cigarette! Hope the French, the Canadians, the English, the Danes, the Brazilian, the whole planet, the whole galaxy enjoy it. Turn up your volume and allez-y!” It’s available now on Pink 7″ Website

Saxon – Black Is The Night’ (BMG) What Saxon release a new single and RPM aren’t having it. Biff and the gang are back, firing on all cylinders ahead of their tour to support their recent album. There is nobody more metal than Biff and to hear his pipes billowing out is a warm reassuring thing and he’s still got it.

Power Grab is the ninth studio album from terrace rock legends the Cockney Rejects. Pre Order Here Bosh!

Having created the ‘Street punk’ phenomenon with their EMI released debut album ‘Greatest Hits Volume One’ in 1979 and its eponymous follow up, ‘Greatest Hits Volume Two’ in 1980, the band shifted direction to their preferred hard rock leanings with the Pete Way produced ‘The Wild Ones’ in 1982, to much critical acclaim. After the ‘Lethal’ album in 1990 the band called it a day, exhausted by the ‘Hooligan Rock’ accusations and the lack of live work. In 1999 they enlisted new bass player Tony ‘Van’ Frater and drummer Andrew Laing, and now a touring tour de force they played to ecstatic audiences all over the world and released several albums right until Tony’s untimely death in 2015.

After much soul searching, the band recruited former bass player Vinny Riordan (from the band’s classic first line-up) and powerhouse drummer Joe Perry Sansome (from Reigning Days) and the boys hit the road again, to even more rabid response than before. Then came covid, and like many thousands of bands the world over, they reluctantly had to down tools. Never a band to rest on their laurels, Mick and Jeff began to write, and the band spent long weekends in the studio with producer Kevin Poree creating their finest, and possibly last, studio album, ‘Power Grab.’

And what an album it is. It’s the culmination of 43 years on the road and in the studio (“it’s a microcosm of everything we have learned and loved since 1979,” says guitarist Mick Geggus) resulting in the most cohesive work they have ever done. From their fledgling Punk days to their Rock heyday, it’s all here; the hooks, heartfelt lyrics, searing guitar work and thunderous rhythm section, all in one package. From the gentle, acoustic intro to the blistering Punk snarl of the opener, ‘We were never bothered’ through the mighty title track, to the closer ‘MUG’, there isn’t any filler here- in fact the band jettisoned some six songs to make this collection the most vibrant and vital thing they have ever created.

“It’s 40+ years rolled into one. It’s the culmination of evolution. Everything is on this album” states drummer Joe Sansome.

At the end of 2023 the Cockney Rejects will be retiring from the touring scene. They will leave behind a legacy matched by very few of their contemporaries. Catch them while you still can. And listen to ‘Power Grab’- It’s what Rock ‘N ’Roll SHOULD sound like. The caged beast. And something so alive it hurts. If this indeed is going to be their swansong, they couldn’t go out on a bigger high.

Find the Cockney Rejects Here Bosh!

The explosive new project from the warped musical mind of rock’n’roll evangelist Jim Jones kicks up several gears!

Following their rapturously received shows across the UK and EuropeJim Jones All Stars have announced details of their debut single and live dates including a special Halloween hometown gig.

‘It’s Your Voodoo Working’ – originally recorded by Charles Sheffield – is released on 7th October via Ako-Lite Records and will be available via all major download and streaming services. Recorded earlier this year at Memphis Magnetic Studios in Memphis, Tennessee, this thick slice of greasy R’n’B is fuelled by grinding rhythms, rude horns and augmented by guest vocalist Nicki Hill.

Says Jim Jones: “Exciting times! This will be first blood for both Jim Jones All Stars and Ako-Lite Records – and ‘It’s Your Voodoo Working’ is the perfect addition to any Halloween playlist.”

To celebrate the release of ‘It’s Your Voodoo Working’Jim Jones All Stars will play a special Halloween show at the Walthamstow Trades Hall in London on Saturday, 29th October. This is the band’s first indoor London headline show since February. With a license extension and after party until 1amJim Jones All Stars will be joined by variety of special guests. The full line up will be announced soon.

Speaking of the gig, Jim Jones says: “It feels great to be back on home turf. The last London show sold out well in advance, so this time we’ve got a bigger venue. It’s a Saturday night and with buses and tubes running well after closing, this is going to be one hell of a Halloween!

“This is the one you’ve been waiting for!”

Jim Jones All Stars also play The Golden Lion in Bristol on 14th October.

October dates

14 – Bristol, The Golden Lion


29 – London, Walthamstow Trades Hall


We all know about Skid Row’s past. I’m not going over old roads that’s been run over a million times because there are way too many potholes to avoid. All we need to focus on is the fact that Skid Row have put out their strongest album since the Slave to the Grind days. New vocalist Erik Gronwall has stamped himself all over the album and this means that there is a huge step up in quality. I really can’t emphasise enough how good he is.

This new opus is called The Gang’s All Here and the album cover with the five band members sporting matching stars and stripes leather jackets, shows a united front (well, back actually) and it really feels that Skid Row will at last lose the Sebastian Bach shaped shadow that has loomed over them for so long. The current line up of Dave Sabo, Rachel Bolan, Scotti Hill, Gronwall, and drummer Rob Hammersmith really are a juggernaut of classic metal. The album really gels as a whole and the crystal-clear production from Nick Raskulinecz ensures that the songs leap from the speakers with a newfound energy that the other incarnations of Skid Row have struggled to achieve.

The album opens with Hell or Highwater, it’s a perfect introduction with ex H.E.A.T. man Gronwall spitting out the lyrics and hitting some incredible high notes. The band really seem to have a new lease of life, there are crunchy, heavy riffs everywhere with more hooks than Leatherface’s butchering room. The title track gives a cheeky nod to Tricky Little Vicky who first appeared in the band’s 1989 song Rattlesnake Shake. Not Dead Yet is an up-tempo affair with another ear worm of a chorus, the band sound like they are having the time of their lives here, a real highlight of the album. I can imagine beaming smiles all round during the recording process.

Time Bomb is a down tuned monster with an absolute beast of a riff that Iommi would be proud of. Resurrected sounds like a band that have been just that. They really have been born again with this line up, strong songs, superb performances, and a real throwback to when the band were at their best. Nowhere Fast is another barnstormer with some great guitar work from Sabo and Hill. The album closes with World on Fire which is no doubt a hint to the last few years we have all experienced, as well as the environmental disasters that seem to be more and more frequent.

I really think that this incarnation of the band will be the most successful since the Bach heydays. Miss this album at your peril. The band are touring the UK and Europe from Oct 19th and judging by a few YouTube punters videos that I checked out before sitting down to review this album, they will be a force to be reckoned with live.

Sebastian who?

Buy Here

Author: Kenny Kendrick