Even darker than the debut I hear, bleak times call for bleak, cold, dark music (Sometimes) GIS delivers on the remit in spades (probably dirty spades that have been used in woods to dig shallow graves). GIS iaren’t fucking about, and take it from me this isn’t an easy listen. But, it is a rewarding spin. It is indeed more sonically intense than their debut, taking its cues from ‘Join Hands’ era Siouxsie & The Banshees, and Crass’ ‘Christ The Album’ with a hefty measure of The Fall so get your head in that space and play on.

Fractured guitars are cold, bleak, and concrete grey, it’s intimidating, like listening to the Fall on loop for a month of Sundays but with a middle finger aloft a record recorded during tough times for tough times.

I reviewed the ‘KONSUMRAUSCH’ EP a while back and it stuck with me as a tough listen, more so than bands like Gallon Drunk at the peak of their powers but bands I love to dig in and persist with because when the penny drops they can be some of the most rewarding records and this is no exception. The lyrics are difficult as well like on the video for ‘My Husband’

Of the eleven tracks on offer I was drawn to ‘Watch with Mother’ it’s like a pissed-off Idles at times but more extreme if you can imagine it. Its a relentless album as you turn one corner into the next it doesn’t get lighter but thats not a complaint or criticism just an observation.

GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS have been doing this for over half a decade and I can imagine this being an incredible live experience in a small dark, dank club at ear-shattering volumes. The feedback is almost out of control and it sounds like riding a spitting cobra whilst off your head, exciting? hell yeah!

It was recorded amidst the uncertainty of continuous lockdowns as a result of the pandemic and all that tension comes out in the music, ‘The Rest Is Distraction’ is dark often claustrophobic but as I’ve alluded to further up rewarding when you get “it”. For a trio (all be it with s few guest appearances) it’s a big, bold-sounding record with a lot going on that will fill your head with sounds and a sense of entering another dimension musically. I’m off for a lie down in a light room. Pfew, certainly distracted me.

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Author: Dom Daley

Live dates


14/10/22 – LONDON – The Lexington 

15/10/22 – TUNBRIDGE WELLS – Sussex Arms 

19/10/22 – BRISTOL – The Louisiana 

20/10/22 – MANCHESTER – The Peer Hat 

21/10/22 – NOTTINGHAM – Bodega 

22/10/22 – BRIGHTON – Green Door Store