Hot on the heels of the most excellent ‘Single’ album NOFX follow it up with the second half ‘Double Album’. Me I thought the last record was the best work they’ve done to date, sure that’s a big controversial statement but I thought it was their most complete album from top to bottom, and start to finish it didn’t have a single duff track on it. the band were clearly in sync and writing some really strong material.

Reuniting with punk-rock legends Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore for producer/engineering/mixing duties. With nearly 40 years in this circus, you’re going to meet people and do/see/conspire to get all the wildest shit done. Remember how one of the stipulations of the NOFX book Hepatitis Bathtub was that none of the band members could see what the other ones were writing about them? Well, this time, Mike got permission to blow up the foibles and peccadillos of people in song for maximum velocity and hilarity.

 “Fuck Day Six” is a story detailing the time Mike cleaned out (pun intended) in a rehab run by Buddhists, with plenty of name (and deuce) dropping. (“Anybody who has gotten off of opiates knows what ‘day six’ means.”) “Is It Too Soon If Time Is Relative” is a hilarious ‘n’ cruel takedown of the acclaimed author/physicist Stephen Hawking. (“I wrote that before he died,” is Mike’s mea culpa. “It’s not quite as funny anymore because he never got to hear it.”) its classic goofy punk rock American style in the worst possible taste but done oh so well.

Naturally, Mike has made a career drilling and riveting the word “self” into “self-deprecation,” and he’s sure as hell not going to stop now. With such future classics as “Darby Crashing Your Party?”, Punk Rock Cliche, the song that got dropped off the Blink album California after the band found out that Skiba co wrote it with Fatty (Although it was their favorite song. Mike also admits that the Blink version of the song was better), and the too-real, too-bittersweet, too-funny tracks “My Favorite Enemy” and “Don’t Count On Me,” he’s still ready to take a cream pie to the face, even if it has broken glass and sharpened nails in it. Its classic NOFX doing what NOFX do best. I don’t think its as strong as ‘Single’ but you might be forgiven for thinking that they know that as well as front loaded these two albums on purpose.

You have to laugh at everything,” declaired Fat Mike, “because the world is just falling apart and you have to have a good attitude and not take everything too seriously. So this is how I’ve always done it. I make people laugh every day. I usually do it in a self-deprecating way, it’s just how I go through life: I have as much fun as I can. That’s what life is—trying to find all the happiness you can. And spreading happiness. Which is what I feel like is supposed to be my job in life—spreading joy.” To be fair Fat Mike has hit the jackpot recently with Cookie solo album and ‘Single’ then ‘Double’ NOFX are in the house kids and still leading the way through all this darkness.

There is no slacking off here and fans of the band will probably love this record for all the twisted lyrics and NOFX doing NOFX.

Buy Here

The new 25-year anniversary record by “DEMONS” with guests from Mario Escovedo (The Dragons), Ken Mochikoshi-Horne (The Dragons/The Bronx), Vanja Lo Renberg (The Vanjas), Odd Ahlgren (The Robots, A-Bombs, Matching Numbers), The Hip Priests, The Boatsmen and more.

For a quarter of a century, the Swedish rockers “DEMONS” have been rolling with the punches in the underground. Described as Sweden’s dirty little secret” it’s almost criminal they aren’t playing big rooms all over the globe. They helped pave the way for Swedish rock music in the USA and have released albums, singles and compilation tracks on many labels in most territories.

It really began in the USA where the band toured relentlessly during their early period, sharing the same US label with fellow Swedes The Hives and The Hellacopters. “DEMONS” was also invited by the latter to perform on their farewell tour in Scandinavia (The Hellacopters also opened up their album Head Off with a cover of a “DEMONS song).

With roots dating back to the late 80’s in Akalla, a suburb slightly north of Stockholm three members of the future “DEMONS” started mixing Detroit style rock, 60s psychedelic punk with 70s punk rock and hardcore energy in the very early 90s. The motto was to “combine the energy of punk rock with the groove of The Stooges and MC5 and with the twin guitar assault of the New York Dolls”.

It’s a long, long story that involves everything you might expect from a band that has walked a crooked path, navigating through an unforgiving music business and dedicating their lives to play rock and roll regardless. This leads us to the tail end of 2022 and right here right now. Rock and Roll is littered with hard luck stories from The Boys record being shelved because Elvis died, and Hanoi Rocks breaking up when Razzle left us under such tragic circumstances these are the ones who got away but bands like ‘Demons’ are the survivors who have emerged from the wreckage, they can soldiering on with a pocket full of stories and a C90 full of anthems and some. From the spoken word intro of ‘Riot Salvation’ you know you are in for one hell of a ride. Powered by post-pandemic energy and some Riff-a-Rama this is a fuckin’ beast to clean the pallet of 2022 and ready us for what’s to come. What a belter of an idea this was to be fair and playing it through is the pay off.

‘Blackballed’ is like one of those old wives’ tales if you say it three times you will meet old nick down at those crossroads and sure enough, everything that’s good and great out of Scandinavia is evoked and rocks the fuck out like a ball of fury belched outta hell. you have sing-a-long anthems like this that has added Hip Priests from Shit island fuelling the fury in a Rollicking take. ‘Six Pack Of Champagne’ sing up at the back. This record is fresh and having a pair of Dragons pouring fuel on the flames is fantastic lifted form the most recent release ‘Kiss Off’ is how this wheel rolls. reconvening a bunch of old tunes works and looking at them with fresh ears is a revelation and just shows that this shit is timeless and the guest slots are exactly the shot in the arm they needed. Adding a new song is right and wedging it in the middle of the album sounds great.

Seeing it as something of a blood transfusion using all the players from some unbelievably good bands to donate their DNA is wonderful. There’s a triumphant swagger in songs like ‘Tragedy’ like they know this is working and the payoff is down the line when fans old and new will hear what they’ve done and the compliments will start to (rock and) Roll in. The saxophone is giving me the chills, what a tune and the arrangement is excellent.

Matt described it as something akin to a Peel session from back in the day and he’s right – I often loved some of those old Peel sessions more than the album versions bands did sometimes because the BBC had better equipment and know how to get the best out of the music which is what might well have happened here. what is it they say about 20/20 vision and hindsight? Who knows? What I know is this is a winner all the way from A – Z its all killer and no filler and if you glance over this without opening the hood for a look then more fool you because this is most excellent and a no-brainer. Buy IT! ‘Electrocute’ will bludgeon you into submission whereas the pop sensibilities of ‘Come A Day’ will have you dancing along to their borrowed rap lyrics from grandmaster flash. ‘Demons’ have it all Now get on down to that crossroads and sell your soul – Rock and Roll might just save your life.

Facebook / Bandcamp

Author: Dom Daley

After receiving the inevitable Fashionably late singles we had to reconvene the Singles Club and pull the virtual dust sheet off the Jukebox and spin the black circles before we shut down for the year. It’s lean but its an oh so talented bunch of bangers. Check out this lot…

IDLES – ‘WHITE PRIVILEGE’ (Partisan) Lifted from the album “Five Years of Brutalism” out from the 9th December 2022 on Partisan Records. you can pick it up here: A pretty vital and exciting performance from Idles is added to the debut album. A proper intense banger. #fuckthetories

Sister Morphine – ‘Ghost Of Heartbreak City’ (Self Release) The highly anticipated release (16th of December if you’re asking) sees Sister Morphine Axl dance through your devices and out of your speakers – a couple of decades later than it should have been released but who cares? Like a fine wine it’s been left to mature over time and now is the right time to unleash this bad boy.

Hot on the (Cuban) heels of the Gunfire Dance debut vinyl album seeing the light of day or the debut vinyl press of Demolition 23, Sister Morphine have gone one step further by going into a studio to record their old tunes (and some new tunes), to give them a modern and fresh feel and what we have here is the lead track off that album, literally hot off the press – ‘Ghost Of Heartbreak City’ is a barnstormer a real shot of energy. It’s a good time wedged into the modern world complete with howling good time guitars, rollicking piano and some great gang vocals on the chorus. Clinging onto the ethos that Rock and Roll is indeed timeless and the fact that this band went on their hiatus in the early 90s, cryogenically preserved Rock n Roll will warm your heart on a cold South Walian night. Rock ‘n’ Roll never sounded so good and up for it – Get on it kids and keep your eye peeled for the full makonkee. We’ll keep you posted on all things Sister Morphine because you deserve it. Facebook

Neil Leyton – ‘(I Got A Call From) Michael Maker’ (Self Release) My heart beats faster when I get news from someone I love listening to is making a record and one of those artists happens to be a guy called Neil Leyton some will be familiar others not so. Let me tell you if you happen to be in the dark about his past then I suggest you catch up after you put this on your playlist and work backward. The man has talent oozing from every pore and has written dozens of excellent songs and you can add this to that list. It’ll burrow into your ear and cling to your brain making everything feel right and proper for the four minutes it’s ringing out into the world. Neil Leyton releasing Rock and Roll music makes me so happy – it’s been long overdue. Available from Monday 11th December Here / Neil Leyton discography Here

Status Quo – ‘It’s Christmas time’ (earMUSIC) A Strictly Limited Collector’s Single of their festive anthem ‘It’s Christmas Time’. The song has been freshly remastered this year and will be released on earMUSIC on 16 December 2022. ‘It’s Christmas Time’ will be available in two strictly limited physical formats: Dark Green 10” Vinyl Single featuring two tracks, and a five song “Freestyle” Maxi-CD.
As well as the evergreen ‘It’s Christmas Time’ this release will also feature brand new 2022 studio versions of the band’s timeless classics ‘Caroline’, ‘Paper Plane’ & ‘Rockin’ All Over The World’. ‘It’s Christmas Time’ was originally released in 2008 and was written by the late great Rick Parfitt and Wayne Morris.

Black Star Riders – ‘Riding Out the Storm’ (Earache Records) Following the announcement of new guitarist Sam Wood, Black Star Riders, the Anglo American rockers featuring Ricky Warwick (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Robert Crane (Bass Guitar) and drummer Zak St. John, are excited to release their new single ‘Riding Out The Storm’, which is accompanied by a video, directed and produced by famed video maker Tony Aguilera (Jerry Cantrell, Killer Be Killed, Orianthi) in Los Angeles. 


10th ANNIVERSARY UK TOUR IN FEBRUARY 2023 Tickets are on sale now from

Scumbag Millionaire – ‘Strike Me Down’ (Suburban Records) Swedish action punk band Scumbag Millionaire releases ‘Strike Me Down’ Ho HO Ho what a banger! A Christmas Cracker if you like. From the rumbling bassline to the howling distorted vocals these guys are delivering the goods big time. Get on it kids this is a blast! Taken from the B Sides and oddities album set for release early in 2023 entitled ‘Barely Alive!’ Get on it only available on wax! Website

Brian Ray – ‘On My Way To You’ b/w ‘The Story of Bonnie And Clyde’ (feat. Orianthi) Brian Ray is back with a brand new single.  Fresh off of a tour as guitarist/bassist with Paul McCartney, Brian is returning to releasing solo music with this single.  The b-side, The Story of Bonnie And Clyde, is a duet with Orianthi.  In addition to his solo career, Brian has also worked with Etta James, Smokey Robinson, Willy DeVille, and many more.  These experiences give him a unique style, which is evident in this new release.

Lucifer Star Machine – ‘I Wanted Everything’ (The Sign Records) The second single from Lucifer Star Machine’s forthcoming 5th studio album. A song about whether you’re living life to the fullest or you’re looking back at lost opportunities. Raw twin guitars and melodic vocals in perfect balance. Punk rock with a huge pop sensibility and great potential for radio plays. The single release is followed by tour dates in Germany, Czech Republic and the UK.

Neverland Ranch Davidians – ‘Rat Patrol’ (Heavy Medication Records) The first single from the debut album by L.A.’s Neverland Ranch Davidians, the missing link between The Blues Explosion, Suicide and Stax Records.

The first ever complete overview of Goth culture will be released in March 2023.

Finally, after a decade of work, countless interviews and immersing himself into the culture, John Robb’s definitive book is a journey deep into The Art Of Darkness. The first in-depth book on Goth is a deep dive into the enduring culture and the social, historical and political backdrop that created the space for The Art Of Darkness to thrive.

A deep dive that takes in the fall of Rome, medieval gothic architecture, dark folk tales, romantic poets, Lord Byron, Aleister Crowley and march more before accelerating through the Doors before arriving at the classic post punk period.

The book comes with interviews with the likes of Andrew Eldritch, Killing Joke, Bauhaus, The Cult, The Banshees, The Damned, Einsturzende Neubauten, Danielle Dax, Johnny Marr, Trent Reznor, Adam Ant, Laibach, The Cure, Nick Cave and many others, this is the definitive walk on the dark side and into the very heartland of Goth.

The shadow of Goth is now everywhere and The Art Of Darkness is central to these dystopian times…but where did it come from?

Every generation has got to deal with the blues – embrace the melancholy. Find a beauty in the darkness, a poetry in sex and death…

Whether it’s the Roman love of ghost stories, European macabre folk tales of the Middle Ages, Romantic poets, or the original Gothic tribes sacking the Eternal City, a walk on the dark side has always had its attractions. In the post-punk period, Generation Xerox saw music, clothes and culture come together to create one of the most enduring pop cultures of them all that still resonates to this day.

It may have been a retrospective term for a scene that was already thriving, but its back story goes back millennia. The book starts with the fall of Rome and ends with Instagram and Tik Tok influencers, taking diversions through Lord Byron, European folk tales, Indian sadhus, Gothic architecture, Romantic poets, philosophers and idealists before coalescing through the dark end of the Sixties’ youthquake, and then blooming like Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs Du Mal in the post-punk period.

Defying the broken heartland of the post-industrial cities, the semi-forgotten satellite towns and the grim real politic of the Thatcher years, this was a post-punk culture full of dark dance and a death disco. The music soundtracked the style and a Stygian obsidian soundtrack fused the many fragments of culture that had been flirted with in the post-war pop narrative; a darker culture that began to coalesce around the holy trinity of the Doors, the Velvets and the Stooges in the late Sixties before flirting with glam rock, being amplified by punk, exploding as Goth, and then splintering into electronic dance music, industrial, psychobilly and new Goth, before finally filtering through dystopian Hollywood blockbusters, modern literature and throughout the modern world.

In the late Seventies, Goth culture emerged around a clutch of bands who found a new form of beauty in the apocalyptic foreboding, as a new youth tribe took glam rock from the catwalk to the cobbles and onto their own dance floors, creating their own art of darkness.

Pre order – Here

With a healthy audience assembled for The Urban Voodoo Machine and their regular visit to Swansea sees the band was ably supported by local misfits Stickman with their funk-punk hotpot Rock sound but it was their bourbon soaked bop n stroll, blues, punk ‘n soul or whatever their strapline is. One thing for sure is I’ve seen this band many times over the years and tonight was, without doubt, the finest I’ve heard them sound since they did a Glastonbury warm-up show in a Bristol Rehearsal studio complex. From the moment they weaved through the audience and hit the stage and went straight into the fantastic ‘Plastic Cup’ Dedicating the set to the latest dearly departed Brother Wilco Johnson it was ‘Not With You’ that raise the temperature to boiling point as the band sounded in fine form.

Jary got out from behind his hybrid kit and sat on his Cajon and slapped out the rhythm we were ‘Living In Fear’ which made way for ‘Johnny Foreigner’ the banter was good as Paul-Ronney Angel explained his situation post Brexshit. Wilco was toasted as the band went through a spinetingling ‘Goodnight My Dear’ where you could have heard a pin drop. The band were on fire and to be fair apart from a dodgy XLR that haulted one intro the sound was excellent and the interplay between the band was superb and like I mentioned earlier better than they’ve sounded for a long long time. ‘Rusty Water’ and ‘Orphans Lament’ now mainstays in the set were perfectly executed. there is no band better at this style than Urban Voodoo Machine. I love Gogol Bordello, Mad Juana but the way Urban Voodoo mix up some of the best parts of The Pogues and Strummer with their Gypsy Blues is majestic. In Paul-Ronney they have one of the finest frontmen around from his harmonica playing to his ringmaster work he’s a genuine talent and his band are one of the finest around anywhere and on the kind of form they are in tonight they can go toe to toe with anyone anywhere.

There were songs from the brand new album ‘Snake Oil Engine’ with ‘Little Jimmy & The Wrong Crowd’ being a thing of beauty and a song that might well become a UVM classic. As we hit home straight it was ‘Help Me Jesus, ‘While We Were All Asleep’ and finishing off with the fantastic ‘Goodbye To Another Year’. I salute The Urban Voodoo Machine and all who sail with her. Another fantastic night of entertainment with one of the finest live bands out there.

Author: Dom Daley

A glam rock n roll, pop rock mix, citing influences from Queen, Ramones, Fleetwood Mac, to the Rolling Stones & Aerosmith. No More Good News is a riff-slicked pop-hooked rock n’ roll debut. New York Dolls meet Joan Jett or Emanuela Hutter from those Hillbilly Moon Explosions channelling the spirit of Joplin. This their debut album is a slick, loud, Glam and Rockin debut.

Ten songs that manage to mould Glam/Rock n Roll/Blues together very well indeed.  It kicks right off in style with the bruising ‘My Babe’, a barroom drinking song, that literally kicks off proceedings before the title track takes over ‘No More Good News’ It’s got a warm and engaging production and some big characters vying for airtime. It’s pretty much ten tracks that ebb and flow in a very slick radio friendly fashion.

‘We’re Just Animals’ probably being the warmest anthemic slow burner that builds up is impressive. But then saying that ‘Moonchild’ also starts with a jazzy smooth intro with big vocals with hushed tones – you keep waiting for it to break out but it really doesn’t.

I guess the slower more soulful numbers are what works best with that voice and production. there is a style that can elevate the band to bigger and brighter stages and with the timing being right I can see JoJo & The Teeth going places (Even with that name). ‘Lungs’ will be bursting to be played at the more rockin parties this festive season, it’s got a party happening in the backline and the backing vocals. ‘A Hungry Love’ has enough pop rock suss to get plays with a great vocal delivery and to finish off the heartfelt ‘Oh Brother’ tucks you in after a late night and soothes your ears with a whole lot of soul.

Jojo might have some bite but I expect them to hit the stages in 2023 and read about them in magazines and see their shirts at the rock shows.

Download it here

Visit them Here

Author: Dom Daley

You could be forgiven for not knowing the name The Black Skies, as they are brand new. Formed during lockdown by two old school buddies; guitarist Luke Falkingham and singer James Handley, the York based duo were quickly picked up by Northern indie record label Bad Dog Records and taken under the wing of producer Paul Gorry. They describe their sound as a melancholy mix of rock & soul with metal influences, and follow up two previous single releases with their third single ‘Come And Get Me’.
Now bolstered to a 5-piece band, including Luke’s Pariah bandmate Tom on drums, they have amassed a small local following and refined their sound. And riding on some healthy YouTube hits, anticipation is high for their debut, hometown show.

Following the funky psychedelia of Tommy Rot, with their early Chili Peppers/surfer dude vibes and the highly entertaining rapper Keon, the room is warmed up, and it’s getting pretty full.
Following ‘Easy Lover’ blasting through the PA, the band shuffle on to great cheers. Yes, they have the backing of friends and family here tonight, but can they deliver the expectation and match the quality of their tunes in a live setting? They open proceedings with the debut single ‘Unchained’. The band are tight, all in matching black shirts, they look good, the singer sealing the deal with his trademark festival cowboy hat, and as soon as James Handley opens his mouth and those dulcet tones match those on record…all is alright in the world.

The lad has never sung in front of a crowd, so nerves are to be expected, and while his banter is minimal and his mannerisms staid, that voice overpowers the whole lot. ‘Unchained’ is the most laid back and soulful of their released material, a mix of Hozier and Shawn James. The crowd seem to know it, identify with the themes of small-town angst and as the final notes ring out, the band are drowned by the cheers and hollering from the room.

With the nerves and anxiety subsiding, the singer’s confidence grows with the help of the guys around him who have the live experience. The rhythm section is tight and the guitars of Luke and Benny shine through. In fact, the guitar duo seems to be having the time of their lives up there, smiling and going for it.

The unreleased ‘Astronaut’ follows. With a proper ear worm of a chorus refrain, it must surely be a future single, it has commercial appeal and by the reaction of the audience down the front, it is an instant tune.

Of course, when you’re a new band with unfamiliar material you gotta stick a couple of covers in there and The Black Skies have chosen well. I’ve seen a good few bands do Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good’ live, never have I seen it done this well and not with the reaction these boys got. Fair play, what confidence they have! They build it nicely, rip some solos, bring it down, creating a good ebb and flow like seasoned pros. Yet, a side glance from the guitarists shows their surprise and approval, as their singer hits those notes.
The Black Skies songs are a contemporary mix of soulful rock, blues and hints of country. There are grungy undertones that emanate more so in this live setting, in fact I am getting full on Alice In Chains vibes off of these lads. In part this is due to James. The contrast of the animated band going for it and his stick-thin torso just stood there, clutching a mic stand as if it is the only thing holding him up, just works. They look like a band, they sound like a band and above all they have the songs to match.
‘Save My Soul’ is a six minute plus bluesy workout with Slash inspired wah-wah solos and a great live groove, it sounds great. Set closer and latest single ‘Come And Get Me’ has the ability to work the crowd into an almost metal band frenzy. They even created a circle pit in The Crescent tonight. James teases and bribes the crowd with signed set list posters if they pre-order the song on iTunes. And guess what? It must’ve worked as they charted at number 8 on the iTunes rock charts the next day!

They encore with a punky and raw version of Nirvana’s ‘Lounge Act’. While it may not be ideal fit for James’ voice, it still goes down a treat with those moshing at the front.

Times are tougher than ever for small bands; venues are closing and bands are folding as they simply cannot afford to tour or even record. The future may look grim for live music, but quality live artists are still out there fighting for your attention and I’m happy to say The Black Skies are one such band.
It’s rare to be impressed by a brand new band live and even rarer for it to be a local one. The Black Skies have something good going on with a sound that crosses genres and has mass appeal, and I look forward to seeing them gain momentum, and make friends and influence people next year. This could be just the beginning of something special.


Author: Ben Hughes

Photo credit Suzi Harrison


Motörhead, the iconic Godfathers of heavy metal, released their 23rd (and final) studio album Bad Magic in 2015. Instantly hailed as one of the best the beloved trio had recorded in many years, Bad Magic: SERIOUSLY BAD MAGIC enjoys a bonus-packed refresh, adding two previously unreleased tracks from those furious sessions:
Bullet in Your Brain” and “Greedy Bastards” as well as a snarling, fangs-out live performance from that subsequent tour at the giant Mt Fuji Festival in Japan in 2015. Fans will also get “War, Love, Death and Injustice”, an audio interview with Lemmy conducted by Motörhead expert Robert Kiewik during the tour, and should the desire to have a chat with Lem or anyone beyond this mortal coil arise, the box-set will exclusively contain a MURDER ONE ouija board (complete with the Ace of Spades planchette to spell out the conversation). 
A new video for “Bullet In Your Brain”, featuring exclusive, never before seen footage of Motörhead in the studio for the Bad Magic sessions, is available right now. A foot-down, fist-pumping, Lemmy-bass-driven stomper with a deliciously dirty Campbell riff, and Dee-driven dynamics, both the song and footage are a tremendous treat for fans who have craved new Motörmaterial.

At the time of its release back in 2015, Bad Magic arrived as a massive kick in the teeth for anyone who believed Motörhead were going to amble along into a peaceful little pasture containing fluffy little lambs, folk music and perhaps the odd medieval lute here and there. Big-rig head crushers such as “Thunder & Lightning” and “Teach Them How To Bleed” brought such people to their knees begging for forgiveness, as the album unfurled into their toughest, leanest, meanest and most uncompromising album in aeons. Much of this came down to long-time producer Cameron Webb getting the band to record live at NRG North Hollywood, Maple Studios and Grandmaster in California together for the first time in the Kilmister/Campbell/Dee era, and from the crackling punk energy of “Electricity” to Brian May of Queen’s scintillating guest-appearance on “The Devil”, a vast wealth of aggression, attitude, and excellent songwriting was cultivated in that furious working environment. Phil Campbell didn’t just record possibly his finest guitars, he threw down most certainly his best solos for decades, while Mikkey Dee’s drumming found new tribal resonance with the Motörhead sound he had helped nurture. There was also one of Lemmy‘s rawest lyrical life reflections on “Till The End”, and a cover of TheRolling Stones’ “Sympathy For The Devil” which made the song feel like one of their own. One of the hidden gold-dust additions to Bad Magic: SERIOUSLY BAD MAGICis Motörhead’s famous, and internationally acclaimed, version of David Bowie’s classic “Heroes. Originally slated for inclusion on the last release only to be withdrawn at the last minute, it was a cover version which Lemmy had a great affection for, and as such its inclusion here is both fitting and just.

As the title says, this is Motörhead delivering some SERIOUSLY BAD MAGIC.

Bad Magic: SERIOUSLY BAD MAGIC will be released on Double 12” Vinyl, CD Digipak with Bonus Disc, Limited Edition Boxset, Digital Download and Streaming. The Limited Edition Boxset will contain the CD Digipak with Bonus Disc, Double 12” Vinyl, exclusive Lemmy War, Love, Death and Injustice audio interview on 12” vinyl and exclusive edition Motörhead – MURDER ONE Ouija Board and Planchette. Pre-order all formats Here

Those Northern herberts The City Kids are back with a new album under their collective studded bullet belts, and you best believe they mean business this time around. With Covid putting the brakes on any promotion and touring of their debut long player ‘Things That Never Were’, the four-piece punk n’ rollers (led by former Main Grains guitar slinger JJ Watt), avoided becoming ‘the band that never were’ by battening down the hatches during lockdown and planning their sophomore album remotely.

Whereas the debut City Kids album was a collection of songs that frontman JJ had already written and arranged himself, the resulting follow up album ‘Filth’ is a collaborative effort and a step up both sonically, creatively and artistically.

Berty Burton’s bass rumble on the opening title track, paired with Dave Sanders urgent beats ensure the listener is paying attention from the off. JJ’s unmistakable growl has the grit of a 40 a day habit and the stench of last night’s rum & coke session still on his breath, while the metallic licks of former Warrior Soul man Dennis Post seal the deal. ‘Filth’ is…. well, it’s downright filthy from the word go!

Next, the upbeat ‘Alone’ rides along on a glorious melody and some killer guitar work, its over before you’ve had time to sink another drink. Things are certainly cooking in the world of The City Kids two tracks deep.

The overall sound is raw and ramshackle, but with the guidance of a certain Dave Draper overseeing JJ and Andy Brook in the production and mixing department, it is also a bit of a monster. The delivery is cool and collected and the songs are as memorable as the heroes the band aim to channel. Their punk n’ roll sound is a mash of Social Distortion and The Yo-Yo’s with hints of JJ’s previous band to the fore. As with the debut, melody is prevalent and the hooks are there for all to savour.

The gritty, high energy single ‘It Should Have Been You’ is as much fun as you can have with your clothes on and the punchy, Wildhearts-esque ‘You Wanna?’ is an early stand out that sinks its teeth into the subconscious and stays there for good. There’s something overly familiar in the pop-tastic melodies of ‘Scars’ that sits well, and the pub rock goodness of ‘Self-Righteous’ will have you coming back for more time and time again.

Is it me, or have JJ’s vocals got rawer over the past few years? Maybe the dude’s been chewing glass over lockdown to get that authentic Lemmy / Mike Ness rasp! Shout out to the backing vocal department on this album, the likes of ‘Something Faster’ and ‘Ghosts’ have a quality you don’t hear every day. Full band vocals and memorable choruses go a long way to elevate the tunes to anthemic sing-a-longs.

Ten tracks of no-frills filth, job done!

If you like your music with dirt under the fingernails and grease in the hair, if you dig no frills rock n’ roll with 3 chords and tons of attitude then The City Kids could be right up your street. ‘Filth’ is a step in the right direction for JJ and the boys and is available now to purchase on a shiny spinning disc with a cool cover. I suggest you click on the link below and add it to your collection. Hell, buy a few for Xmas pressies, RPM Santa insists!

Buy Here

Author: Ben Hughes

Whilst Santa is hauling his huge sack around the spinning rock he managed to call in early to RPMHQ and drop off 1988s singles and a bunch of lovely jubbly EPS to get us in the mood for some Yuletide Rock and Roll.

Dead Beats – EP (Self Release) ‘Monsters prefer Blondes’ or so I’m told. This rockabilly punk n roll EP begins with a crash bang wallop! What’s not to like on this six track EP ‘Wanted: Undead Or Alive’ is an all out rocker. Infectious sing-a-long chorus and plenty of grunt but wait the whole damn EP is full to bursting with energy. ‘I Hate Humans’ creepy crawls out of the speakers with some top vocals from Johny Kopek Millionaire doing a sterling job. It might not be the seasonal lyrics that draw you in but there is a whiff of Hanoi Rocks in the melody as the track races along.

I love all six tracks to be fair ‘Zombie Party’ is spooktacular as it kicks and screams in a whirl of horror punk that’s been missing from the musical landscape for ages. Misfit fans should be all over this rumbling, growling slice of B Movie soundtrack. The band take a walk on the darkside for the misty ‘Your Last Breath’. ‘Suburban Chainsaw Action’ signs off this most enjoyable romp through the graveyard rock of the Dead Beats. I look forward to hear what these guys dish up next time but until then this will more than do – my advice, pick up a CD Now in time for the scool disco you might attend this Christmas. Buy Here

The Hip Priests – ‘Shakin Ain’t Fakin’ (The Sign Records) The Good news is incoming thick and fast as Shit Islands finest The Hip Priests release a brand new single ahead of their full-length album ‘Roden House Blues’ released early 2023 on the Sign Records. ‘Shakin Ain’t Fakin’ will come as no surprise to fans of old. Its bombastic, Loud, blurring the lines of old school hard rock some fast and furious punk n roll and a beating heart full of napalm and Garage rock. With a thunderous duel chug this bad boy is on fire! The Hip Priests sound huge and I mean huge. The chorus is pure Hip Priests and will no doubt be a firm favourite when they return to the stage in 2023. Von Cruz is in fine form on the middle eight before the solos sound like a flame thrower. the Hip Priests are about to take it to the next level and Brothers and sisters hit that pre save button to get on board. Beautiful Noise – I’m in. Facebook Pre Save Here

Faster Pussycat – ‘Like A Ghost’/’Pirate Love’ (Golden Robot Records) Winding the clock back like its 1988 Faster Pussycat release new double-A single ‘Like A Ghost’ and ‘Pirate Love’, their first on Golden Robot Records.

Like a Ghost‘ is a track about growing up in the 70’s, listening to the radio and doing what kids do and the memories it brings back. It features original Pussycat Taime Downe with his instantly distinctive vocals carrying the song through its Radio friendly big chords like a slice of winter sunshine. The production on this track is second to none with blistering guitars and the band in full force. hit em up for a 7″ copy on coloured vinyl which has on the flip side a romp through the Heartbreakers classic ‘Pirate Love‘ with its sleazy raunchy chords a song that was made for Faster Pussycat. Of course faster Pussycat walk that walk and talk the talk.

Chubby & The Gang – ‘Violent Night (A Christmas Tale)'(Partisan Records) Available as a flexi disc and download this 70s tinged stomper is Christmas Bootboy style. Chubby’s vocals aren’t Santa friendly even if his lyrics are. Handclaps and a backbeat that all crimbo parties need the only thing missing is some jingle bells but that’s cool because ‘Violent Night’ is the best seasonal tune we’ve heard all year by a country mile. Oh, wait on the solo I hear sleigh bells so that’s it every box ticked. this year’s seasonal winner is Chubby and the Gang. Banger – Stream Here

Rowsie – ‘Christmas In Soho (Self Release)Christmas In Soho’ is a story of love, loss and goat-head rings during the Christmas season, with the band delivering a solid rock’n’roll track to drive it all home… After a distinct lack of festive party anthems this is the first and pretty much the only one to grace the letterbox of RPM HQ be it physical or be it digital. Regardless its a quality mid paced tune and one we fully endorse.

Steve Vincent – ‘Poison Heart’ (Bombshell Records) When recording his long awaited album ‘Recovering from my past’ Steve did a few of his favourite covers and released it to fans as RE-Covered from my past, (I like it) He’s also added the Ramones classic ‘Poison Heart’. He knew releasing music under his own name had its advantages- with nobody to convince but himself he made a great choice because the likes of Stiv Bator and Tyla have also taken on this classic Ramones tune so he’s in great revered company.

Not content with covering Da Bruthers he’s delved back into the 70s for some classic B-A-Y City Rollers for a suitably trashy stab at ‘Saturday Night’ Having a ball Vincent gives it a fresh lick of paint and the trashy BV’s give it some welly. Another well trodden path for Rock and Rollers is the classic Stones late night anthem ‘Dead Flowers’ again well worn but also well delivered and the passion and love shines through on this presentation of the Mick n Keith classic. To be honest the real gems on this here EP are the two acoustic songs – Stripped bare from his solo album work really well. No effects, no guest slots, no studio trickery, just a voice and guitar laid bare works a treat. Just in time for Santa to deliver some extra time from Mr Vincent get yourself some sleazy rock n roll from Steve Vincent he walks the walk. Buy Here

The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs – ‘Know Your Product’ (Rum Bar Records) Oh Hell Yeah! If you can’t get the Saints then the next best thing is get Frank and da Boys round to take good care of the finest tunes from down under bar none. We raved about this covers album when it came out and if it keeps rolling by drip feeding the globe with videos lifted from it then we’re gonna get behind it 100%. Put simply – Banging tune covered by a banging band on a banging label – Bosh! go get some

West Coast December 2022 LIVE Dates, catch The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs doing what they do best before the year is up:

Fri Dec 9th @ Permanent Records Roadhouse in Los Angeles with The Ravagers at 8pm – Facebook Event Page

Sat Dec 10th @ The Dollhut in Anaheim, Orangewood Childrens Home benefit show with The Anti-Virals, Change Today feat Joe Wood, Tastee Nuggz, Anxious Annie, Splntr at 8pm

The Courettes – ‘Daydream’ (Damaged Goods Records) Anyone up for a cheeky multilingual pre-order? A Japanese language 7″ from this dynamic duo, it features two versions of ‘Daydream’. The A-side is sung in Japanese with the flipside in English! Set to be released at the final knockings of January 23 pre orders are up for grabs now! They’ve been heralded as the hardest working band currently anywhere on this spinning ball and with dates in the UK for April and this single coming out that claim might be well founded but their talent knows no boundaries with their multilingual skills to the max on this record. Buy Here

The Shang Hi Los ‘Takes One To Know One’ (Rum Bar Records) Taken from the forthcoming 1/20/2023 full length album release: Aces Eights & Heartbreaks. ‘Takes One To Know One’ cranks up a great mix of garage rock and highly produced polish. Walking that old Blondie line… a little punk, a little glam, a little disco, a little girl group, all Shang Hi Los. Love the outro where they just get the job done. One to wet the tastebuds for the album when it comes early 2023. Enjoy!

Dealing With Damage – ‘John’s Gone’ (Little Rocket Records) This’ll shake off any cobwebs you might have after over indulging this festive season. Lifted from the album ‘Use The Daylight’ that’ll be out at the end of January You can get in on it early doors by pre ordering from Bandcamp Here If the rest of the album is as good as this glimpse behind the curtain then bring it on ‘Johns Gone’ more fool john he’s missing out – this is a banger!

The Balladmongrels – ‘Ballad Of The Knucklemen’ (King Outlaw) Well, I didn’t see this coming. What a banger! When under lockdown the pair of Tyla J Pallas & Matty James Cassidy spoke about putting out a 7″ single with a song from either on either side – (Sounds fair) Then they decided after a few shandy’s to take it further and maybe write a whole new album of material together and the idea was born.

Anyway, what we have here is the first song to come from this project with Matty & Tyla handling the vocals ‘Ballad Of The Knucklemen’ is quite far removed from actually being a ballad in fact when you get far enough away keep going this tune rocks! an absolute banger. It’s got a swinging pair of bollocks and plenty of windmilling in the melody. Its piraty good fun with raw guitars, dark romantic lyrics, a beautiful melody and a rousing chorus to boot. Once you play it – it’ll be on repeat, and the earworm will have burrowed itself into your brain and you’ll be singing the chorus over and over. If the rest of the LP is half as good as this then 2023 has just got really exciting! Get on it! Pre Save it Here / Facebook

Sunday Morning – ‘Explain The World/Junkie Don’t Care’ ( ) Covid purchased synth, Bruce Wilson decided to learn the Art Bergmann song “Junky Don’t Care” as a musical experiment trying to weld the tune into a Nick Cave meets Suicide style song. It features Shawn Mrazek from the excellent band Flash Bastard on the wonkier alt rock of ‘Explain The World’. Its dark and brooding and rather good from the melody which is a bit goth and dark its like The Bunnymen from the 80s brought into the here and now kicking and screaming. Violinist Emily Bach brought some X factor to the darkness of the Art Bergmann track ‘Junkie Don’t Care’. It’s certainly got the I’ve got a synth and I’m gonna use it. Marc Almond meets Cave style at times he reminded me of Michael Hutchens in his softer Inxs times. sparse crooning on what is an excellent cover on an excellent single.

Stream Here

Iselder – ‘Cynefin’ (UKEM Records) Iselder is a one-man black metal band from Wales, formed in 2015 by sole member Gofid. Since then, he has gone on to write a handful of EPS, as well as three full length albums. The newest of which is titled “Cynefin”.

Cynefin is the Welsh word for habitat, but it can also be used to describe the elements of our situation
and personal history that influence our thoughts and decisions in ways we don’t understand. Shying
away from his usual message of Welsh nationalism, Gofid instead has opted to write lyrics about his
personal mental health struggles throughout the years, with the music being as ferocious and as
depressive to match the experiences he has gone through because of it. Its a heaving sludgy slice of Black Metal perfect for this season of being jolly n all that. It’s got that classic Norwegian True Black Metal production and the Sabbath sludge on the guitar along with Hell ripper the UK has certainly upped its game recently. Go Gofid we’ve got your back and who doesn’t love a bit of the Blackest Metal in their soul? Top tune.

Cynefin releases February 17th, and is available on CD and Cassette via UKEM Records. Pre Order Here

The Black Skies – ‘Come And Get Me’ (Bad Dog Records) Third single from Northerners The Black Skies sees their slick modern Rock get a very polished big production. the original duo have expanded the band to a five piece and have entered the studio to record their debut album. Its dark, brooding part Rock part Grunge or indie – its got a big global feel to it as the band gears up to take on the world as they ask if you’ll ‘Come And Get Me’ -Exciting times ahead for the Black Skies. Website

Penny Rich – ‘Last Meal’ ( Self Release) Hailing from Cardiff south Wales Penny Rich make a pretty decent racket. Loud – thoughtful – post punk – hardcore, Grunge its all in there. Call it what you like but ‘Last Meal’ is decent.

With a full meaty sound – sharp choppy guitars and a full bodied raging rhythm section this is excellent introduction to the three piece and a great introduction to what else they might have to offer. Buy Here

Beyond the Lamplight – ‘Shelter’ (Feat. Frank Turner) (Flail Records) Harmonies – Banjos – Frank Turner helping out on the vocals will see Beyond The Lamplight reach a much wider audience with their latest single ‘Shelter’.  A song about loving another who has created a guarded existence from the outside world. A story about coaxing someone out of their shell that they hide inside of. Sharing your own strength with that person in hopes to bring them out of their shelter; their shield against the anxieties and stresses of life. Trying to show them the beauty of not only the world but also the beauty in themselves.