Whilst Santa is hauling his huge sack around the spinning rock he managed to call in early to RPMHQ and drop off 1988s singles and a bunch of lovely jubbly EPS to get us in the mood for some Yuletide Rock and Roll.

Dead Beats – EP (Self Release) ‘Monsters prefer Blondes’ or so I’m told. This rockabilly punk n roll EP begins with a crash bang wallop! What’s not to like on this six track EP ‘Wanted: Undead Or Alive’ is an all out rocker. Infectious sing-a-long chorus and plenty of grunt but wait the whole damn EP is full to bursting with energy. ‘I Hate Humans’ creepy crawls out of the speakers with some top vocals from Johny Kopek Millionaire doing a sterling job. It might not be the seasonal lyrics that draw you in but there is a whiff of Hanoi Rocks in the melody as the track races along.

I love all six tracks to be fair ‘Zombie Party’ is spooktacular as it kicks and screams in a whirl of horror punk that’s been missing from the musical landscape for ages. Misfit fans should be all over this rumbling, growling slice of B Movie soundtrack. The band take a walk on the darkside for the misty ‘Your Last Breath’. ‘Suburban Chainsaw Action’ signs off this most enjoyable romp through the graveyard rock of the Dead Beats. I look forward to hear what these guys dish up next time but until then this will more than do – my advice, pick up a CD Now in time for the scool disco you might attend this Christmas. Buy Here

The Hip Priests – ‘Shakin Ain’t Fakin’ (The Sign Records) The Good news is incoming thick and fast as Shit Islands finest The Hip Priests release a brand new single ahead of their full-length album ‘Roden House Blues’ released early 2023 on the Sign Records. ‘Shakin Ain’t Fakin’ will come as no surprise to fans of old. Its bombastic, Loud, blurring the lines of old school hard rock some fast and furious punk n roll and a beating heart full of napalm and Garage rock. With a thunderous duel chug this bad boy is on fire! The Hip Priests sound huge and I mean huge. The chorus is pure Hip Priests and will no doubt be a firm favourite when they return to the stage in 2023. Von Cruz is in fine form on the middle eight before the solos sound like a flame thrower. the Hip Priests are about to take it to the next level and Brothers and sisters hit that pre save button to get on board. Beautiful Noise – I’m in. Facebook Pre Save Here

Faster Pussycat – ‘Like A Ghost’/’Pirate Love’ (Golden Robot Records) Winding the clock back like its 1988 Faster Pussycat release new double-A single ‘Like A Ghost’ and ‘Pirate Love’, their first on Golden Robot Records.

Like a Ghost‘ is a track about growing up in the 70’s, listening to the radio and doing what kids do and the memories it brings back. It features original Pussycat Taime Downe with his instantly distinctive vocals carrying the song through its Radio friendly big chords like a slice of winter sunshine. The production on this track is second to none with blistering guitars and the band in full force. hit em up for a 7″ copy on coloured vinyl which has on the flip side a romp through the Heartbreakers classic ‘Pirate Love‘ with its sleazy raunchy chords a song that was made for Faster Pussycat. Of course faster Pussycat walk that walk and talk the talk.

Chubby & The Gang – ‘Violent Night (A Christmas Tale)'(Partisan Records) Available as a flexi disc and download this 70s tinged stomper is Christmas Bootboy style. Chubby’s vocals aren’t Santa friendly even if his lyrics are. Handclaps and a backbeat that all crimbo parties need the only thing missing is some jingle bells but that’s cool because ‘Violent Night’ is the best seasonal tune we’ve heard all year by a country mile. Oh, wait on the solo I hear sleigh bells so that’s it every box ticked. this year’s seasonal winner is Chubby and the Gang. Banger – Stream Here

Rowsie – ‘Christmas In Soho (Self Release)Christmas In Soho’ is a story of love, loss and goat-head rings during the Christmas season, with the band delivering a solid rock’n’roll track to drive it all home… After a distinct lack of festive party anthems this is the first and pretty much the only one to grace the letterbox of RPM HQ be it physical or be it digital. Regardless its a quality mid paced tune and one we fully endorse.

Steve Vincent – ‘Poison Heart’ (Bombshell Records) When recording his long awaited album ‘Recovering from my past’ Steve did a few of his favourite covers and released it to fans as RE-Covered from my past, (I like it) He’s also added the Ramones classic ‘Poison Heart’. He knew releasing music under his own name had its advantages- with nobody to convince but himself he made a great choice because the likes of Stiv Bator and Tyla have also taken on this classic Ramones tune so he’s in great revered company.

Not content with covering Da Bruthers he’s delved back into the 70s for some classic B-A-Y City Rollers for a suitably trashy stab at ‘Saturday Night’ Having a ball Vincent gives it a fresh lick of paint and the trashy BV’s give it some welly. Another well trodden path for Rock and Rollers is the classic Stones late night anthem ‘Dead Flowers’ again well worn but also well delivered and the passion and love shines through on this presentation of the Mick n Keith classic. To be honest the real gems on this here EP are the two acoustic songs – Stripped bare from his solo album work really well. No effects, no guest slots, no studio trickery, just a voice and guitar laid bare works a treat. Just in time for Santa to deliver some extra time from Mr Vincent get yourself some sleazy rock n roll from Steve Vincent he walks the walk. Buy Here

The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs – ‘Know Your Product’ (Rum Bar Records) Oh Hell Yeah! If you can’t get the Saints then the next best thing is get Frank and da Boys round to take good care of the finest tunes from down under bar none. We raved about this covers album when it came out and if it keeps rolling by drip feeding the globe with videos lifted from it then we’re gonna get behind it 100%. Put simply – Banging tune covered by a banging band on a banging label – Bosh! go get some

West Coast December 2022 LIVE Dates, catch The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs doing what they do best before the year is up:

Fri Dec 9th @ Permanent Records Roadhouse in Los Angeles with The Ravagers at 8pm – Facebook Event Page

Sat Dec 10th @ The Dollhut in Anaheim, Orangewood Childrens Home benefit show with The Anti-Virals, Change Today feat Joe Wood, Tastee Nuggz, Anxious Annie, Splntr at 8pm

The Courettes – ‘Daydream’ (Damaged Goods Records) Anyone up for a cheeky multilingual pre-order? A Japanese language 7″ from this dynamic duo, it features two versions of ‘Daydream’. The A-side is sung in Japanese with the flipside in English! Set to be released at the final knockings of January 23 pre orders are up for grabs now! They’ve been heralded as the hardest working band currently anywhere on this spinning ball and with dates in the UK for April and this single coming out that claim might be well founded but their talent knows no boundaries with their multilingual skills to the max on this record. Buy Here

The Shang Hi Los ‘Takes One To Know One’ (Rum Bar Records) Taken from the forthcoming 1/20/2023 full length album release: Aces Eights & Heartbreaks. ‘Takes One To Know One’ cranks up a great mix of garage rock and highly produced polish. Walking that old Blondie line… a little punk, a little glam, a little disco, a little girl group, all Shang Hi Los. Love the outro where they just get the job done. One to wet the tastebuds for the album when it comes early 2023. Enjoy!

Dealing With Damage – ‘John’s Gone’ (Little Rocket Records) This’ll shake off any cobwebs you might have after over indulging this festive season. Lifted from the album ‘Use The Daylight’ that’ll be out at the end of January You can get in on it early doors by pre ordering from Bandcamp Here If the rest of the album is as good as this glimpse behind the curtain then bring it on ‘Johns Gone’ more fool john he’s missing out – this is a banger!

The Balladmongrels – ‘Ballad Of The Knucklemen’ (King Outlaw) Well, I didn’t see this coming. What a banger! When under lockdown the pair of Tyla J Pallas & Matty James Cassidy spoke about putting out a 7″ single with a song from either on either side – (Sounds fair) Then they decided after a few shandy’s to take it further and maybe write a whole new album of material together and the idea was born.

Anyway, what we have here is the first song to come from this project with Matty & Tyla handling the vocals ‘Ballad Of The Knucklemen’ is quite far removed from actually being a ballad in fact when you get far enough away keep going this tune rocks! an absolute banger. It’s got a swinging pair of bollocks and plenty of windmilling in the melody. Its piraty good fun with raw guitars, dark romantic lyrics, a beautiful melody and a rousing chorus to boot. Once you play it – it’ll be on repeat, and the earworm will have burrowed itself into your brain and you’ll be singing the chorus over and over. If the rest of the LP is half as good as this then 2023 has just got really exciting! Get on it! Pre Save it Here / Facebook

Sunday Morning – ‘Explain The World/Junkie Don’t Care’ ( ) Covid purchased synth, Bruce Wilson decided to learn the Art Bergmann song “Junky Don’t Care” as a musical experiment trying to weld the tune into a Nick Cave meets Suicide style song. It features Shawn Mrazek from the excellent band Flash Bastard on the wonkier alt rock of ‘Explain The World’. Its dark and brooding and rather good from the melody which is a bit goth and dark its like The Bunnymen from the 80s brought into the here and now kicking and screaming. Violinist Emily Bach brought some X factor to the darkness of the Art Bergmann track ‘Junkie Don’t Care’. It’s certainly got the I’ve got a synth and I’m gonna use it. Marc Almond meets Cave style at times he reminded me of Michael Hutchens in his softer Inxs times. sparse crooning on what is an excellent cover on an excellent single.

Stream Here

Iselder – ‘Cynefin’ (UKEM Records) Iselder is a one-man black metal band from Wales, formed in 2015 by sole member Gofid. Since then, he has gone on to write a handful of EPS, as well as three full length albums. The newest of which is titled “Cynefin”.

Cynefin is the Welsh word for habitat, but it can also be used to describe the elements of our situation
and personal history that influence our thoughts and decisions in ways we don’t understand. Shying
away from his usual message of Welsh nationalism, Gofid instead has opted to write lyrics about his
personal mental health struggles throughout the years, with the music being as ferocious and as
depressive to match the experiences he has gone through because of it. Its a heaving sludgy slice of Black Metal perfect for this season of being jolly n all that. It’s got that classic Norwegian True Black Metal production and the Sabbath sludge on the guitar along with Hell ripper the UK has certainly upped its game recently. Go Gofid we’ve got your back and who doesn’t love a bit of the Blackest Metal in their soul? Top tune.

Cynefin releases February 17th, and is available on CD and Cassette via UKEM Records. Pre Order Here

The Black Skies – ‘Come And Get Me’ (Bad Dog Records) Third single from Northerners The Black Skies sees their slick modern Rock get a very polished big production. the original duo have expanded the band to a five piece and have entered the studio to record their debut album. Its dark, brooding part Rock part Grunge or indie – its got a big global feel to it as the band gears up to take on the world as they ask if you’ll ‘Come And Get Me’ -Exciting times ahead for the Black Skies. Website

Penny Rich – ‘Last Meal’ ( Self Release) Hailing from Cardiff south Wales Penny Rich make a pretty decent racket. Loud – thoughtful – post punk – hardcore, Grunge its all in there. Call it what you like but ‘Last Meal’ is decent.

With a full meaty sound – sharp choppy guitars and a full bodied raging rhythm section this is excellent introduction to the three piece and a great introduction to what else they might have to offer. Buy Here

Beyond the Lamplight – ‘Shelter’ (Feat. Frank Turner) (Flail Records) Harmonies – Banjos – Frank Turner helping out on the vocals will see Beyond The Lamplight reach a much wider audience with their latest single ‘Shelter’.  A song about loving another who has created a guarded existence from the outside world. A story about coaxing someone out of their shell that they hide inside of. Sharing your own strength with that person in hopes to bring them out of their shelter; their shield against the anxieties and stresses of life. Trying to show them the beauty of not only the world but also the beauty in themselves.