Its been a decade since Ming City Rockers first filtered through my speakers with a debut single that was proper mint – a real slab of modern punk rock n roll that tipped the hat to the originators and plowed on doing their own thing. A couple of albums in and a few line up changes they had their second album ‘Lemon’ produced by Steve Albini and the big time beckoned. The band seemed to stutter and splutter before seemingly disappearing off the face of the punk rock universe. Then boom during lockdown there seemed to be signs of these contenders from Immingham re-emerging from the underground with talk of a new album which we now have blasting out of our speakers entitled ‘Lime’.

This Ming City trio are back in the groove and this is what the kids would say is a right fuckin Banger! Right from the start this album isn’t messing about and the first single that was released punches you square on the eardrum with intent. ‘Jill Was An Anarchist’ might still be one it matters not but the band sound on it, tight, and focussed. Great lyrics spill out of a rapid noisy slice of cool Punk n Roll.

If Jill wasn’t enough to convince you then hold up because Jim is in da house. Speeding along on a buzzing sharp guitar this nifty ditty motors along on a cracking melody as the story of ‘Poor Old Jim’ is hacking it out of the speakers and before you know it you’ll be bopping along spilling cheap lager onto your lino and dropping ash from your fag as you get right into it. Ming City Rockers are firing on all cylinders here with some bright and sharp punk n roll. Its got a bit of Pete Shelley in its DNA one of the bands best songs to date.

Of the eleven songs on offer you hit the Ramones inspired banger ‘Desperate’ that is the sound of a band in total sync just giving it large having the best time hacking out melodic, loud punk rock. Without a care in the world and its infectious groove is paid on to the listener ten fold. Love the care free guitar break that opens up with the band locked in and killing it.

‘Nancy I’m Bitter’ is another rapid slab of harnessed chaos with a great melody sitting on top of a thunderous rhythm with a Buzzcocks one stringed guitar break adding light to the shade. The album reaches the mid point before you can really take a breath as the fuzzy stomper that is ‘Another Head’. A shift of gears and the band turn in a fantastic tune that reminded me of some Beastie Boys turned up to 11. I thin gthe band are really comfortable living in the space of music that finds ‘Void’ rumbling along with a rock steady beat and murky bass rumble with the guitars cutting in to lift this song above the ‘Void’ an excellent song on what is turning out to be an excellent album.

Sure theres nothing new going down on ‘Lime’ but there is a band who have penned some awesome tunes and put together a really punk smart album that has plenty of variety and a tonne of melodies on what will no doubt be one of the years best albums and its only January! ‘Paul’ is happy and fresh and you have to love the energy and melody it all makes for a top tune.

The pace drops for ‘The Ballad Of Sue and Steve’ as the trippy picked chords married to the clean melody works perfectly. As the fuzz lifts the chorus into the ether with a soaring departure. ‘Lollipopper’ is more of that Beasties hacking at punk rock and it works a treat. Leaving the grungy surfesque ‘Strangers’ to sign off ‘Lime’ with its brooding tempo that has some grunge in the melody and mixes up those trashy elements with some Britpop. A fitting sign off to a rather good album.

Don’t take my word for it or let this one pass you by, do check out ‘Lime’ it’ll quench your thirst for whats hot in 2023. Ming City Rockers are having it large and they ride off into the sunset with an exquisite album thats packed with top notch tunes that get better with ever play. Absolute banger!

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